Sunday, March 29, 2015

Condom Break

Memphis—February, 2015

February is all about business travel for me.  I go to the same cities each year.  Memphis was first, and while I was there for five days, I managed to hook up all of once.

“you lookin?”

I had just arrived.  Of course the first thing I did was to get online and see who would want to come to my downtown hotel.  I clicked on his profile.  Ass shot—A+.  Round and hairy with a shot that showed it off to great advantage.  Chest shot—very nice.  Black fur on a Hispanic skin tone.  Face shot—quite handsome.  Age given as 38.  I guessed a little higher.

“Yes,” I typed back.  “Here for the long weekend.”

“want to cum tongight.”  (sic)

“Good.  I can play longer and start earlier.”

We set the time early that evening.  I felt confident enough to give him the hotel and room number.
Then another message.

“u bb?”

“Yes.  I don’t use condoms anymore.”


And that was that.

A knock.  He’s on time.  He’s racking up the points in my grading scale.  I let him in.  He immediately starts to strip.  His pictures are accurate.  He dumps his clothes on the floor.  I toss mine on the bed nearest the windows.  I’ve turned down the other one—ready for his hot ass.  He walks to where I stand between the beds.  I think he wants to kiss.  He drops to his knees and takes me hungrily into his mouth.  His tongue action makes my travel weary cock stand up.  He can’t deep throat—but I don’t care.  I’m already thinking about rimming.

“Get up on the bed.”

He does, right on the edge of the bed.  He can read my mind.  I kneel and bury my face into the hairy crack of his ass.  He tastes wonderful.  He has his poppers out and is grinding his butt back onto my prodding tongue.  I spit on my cock and stand up.  I swipe the cock head down his now wet crack.  It prods against his hole.

He falls to his chest and turns to me.  “Condom.”

“I don’t have any.  I told you I don’t use them.”

He gets up and goes to where he left his jeans in a pile on the floor.  He pulls out the oldest, most crumpled foil packet I have ever seen.  But at least it’s a Magnum.  I think about telling him not to bother.  But that ass…it looks so damn good. 

He hands it to me and gets back on all fours.  I eat him some more.  I lube my dick as I eat.  I rip open the package as I tongue him, just like I did thousands of time when I was the King of Safer Sex.  I roll it on with practiced precision.

I stand up.  He does that reach-back-to-check-it’s-on thing.  I enter his hot ass.

I feel next to nothing.

I fuck dutifully. 

He likes it. 

My cock is beginning to rebel.

And then it happens.

The condom rips.  Right along the ring at the base.  I can feel it and see it.  For a fleeting moment I think about continuing to fuck him and losing the sheath inside of him.  It would be so easy to seed him after all.

But I do the honorable thing.  Never mind that he didn’t.

I pull out and tell him it’s ripped.

It’s over.

No offers are exchanged to get each other off another way. 

He dresses and leaves.  Fast.

I get off watching the nastiest German porn in my collection.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

An Ass-centric Party

Hey, Guys!

I hope you are still all on board for a fuck and fist party.  Right now there are the four of us.

2pm on Saturday, January 31.

You all know the address.  It’s fine to park in front of the house until 2am.

xxx-xxx-xxx—give me a text as you leave home, perhaps?

I will have the sling, bed and fuck bench ready.

It might be wise to bring a towel—I have quite a few, but once I use them under the equipment, I might run short.

Remember I don’t have a hose in the shower.  I do have a bulb for touch-ups.

Bring your favorite lube—though I will have a Crisco container for each bottom.  And the lube I use to fuck…

I will have water and maybe a hot, mulled cranberry juice.  BYOB after that.

What have I forgotten?

See you soon!!

This was the invite I sent to three fist players: a top, a versatile and a vers/bottom.  My guests have all been mentioned in these posts before.  Leather Top has played at my house and with our friends on the west side of the state.  He is a handsome man in his early 60’s.  He’s a former leather title holder and a very experienced man with his hands.  Roger is the versatile man I wrote about in His First Fist.  And I was indeed the first man to get my hand in the ass of this in-demand fisting top.  He is about my age, with a matching shaved head.  As it worked out, this day, he was all bottom.  The vers/bottom was the host of the party where I met Roger.  Daron is a bear of a man with a thatch of ginger hair on his head and a great pelt of it on his chest.  I know he can top for fisting, I have just never seen him do it.

This party was not like my usual fuck gatherings.  A fisting party, in my experience, is a much more laid back affair.  You can play for hours.  (We played 3 and a half.)  It’s not about getting off in the usual sense of fuck and release—though hopefully you are giving the man you are fisting sensations that are actually more amazing than a traditional orgasm.

“So how shall we decide?”  Leather Top asked me.   Roger had gotten on the fuck bench.  Daron was in the sling.  “Want to flip for it?”

I nodded.  LT flipped a quarter and said “Heads you do Roger, Tails you do Daron.”  The coin was caught and smacked on his thick, hairy wrist.  “Heads it is.”

I moved behind Roger’s pale white ass.  The moment I touched him he began telling me to fuck him good first.  I did what I almost always do; I fell to my knees and stuck my tongue into his hole.  As I rimmed, Roger huffed his first whiff of poppers.  Tonguing ass gets me hard.  I find it hard to just start to fuck with no kind of warm up.

Leather Top’s approach was the exact opposite.  He had two Crisco-ed fingers going into Daron as I started rimming.  I inserted my dick into Roger when I was ready.  LT smoothly inserted the rest of his hand into Daron.  I fucked Roger as deeply as I could and began inserting a finger into him along with my cock.  It was the act of getting his entire fist into Daron that erected LT’s cock and to use it occasionally as well.  I pulled out and began the slow stretch to start the process of getting my hand into him.  LT was now fucking Daron hard.  Opposites indeed.

These two men seem to get off more on girth than depth.  I know men where I can crawl into them up to my elbow and beyond, but these two were about that feeling of something wider than a cock popping through that sphincter.  I started to add fingers around my dick.  I added all four on my right hand.  When I was no longer using my cock as much, I had eight fingers, 4 from each hand, doing a lateral stretch of his hole.  This seems to be the move that shows me he is ready for my full hand.  My right, the slightly larger hand, went in first.  It was slow, steady pressure with a slight twist of my hand and wrist that gets it in there.  The punch fisting of so much fisting porn was nowhere to be seen in the playroom that day. 

I love fisting for it is an incredibly intimate act.  His life is truly in my hands.  The level of trust a fisting bottom places in me is pretty staggering.  The slow stretch.  The slower crawl into him.  How hot and wet and tight it feels.  The snap of the sphincter around my wrist after the heel of my palm enters.   Amazing.  The merest movement by me, so deep inside, sends off waves of sensation in the man I’ve entered.  I can stroke his prostrate—not with my dick—but literally.

I need to talk about holes.  I’m sure that there are men who play with big toys constantly who have the stereotypical gaping canyons gay men joke about.  Not these men.  They are muscle holes.  They Kegel regularly.  They have more control over their insides than some cum dump who is ass up in the motel room.  In other posts, I talk about how Marco can relax one moment to allow me in, and in the next moment squeeze down and force my hand out of his ass.  Daron can do the same.  Roger is getting there.  And if they can do that with my hand—and make it feel exciting—imagine what it feels like when they grip down on my cock. 

The first time I stuck my hand up an ass was in 1991 or 92.  I was at Man’s Country in Chicago.  I walked into the only sling room that they had back then.  A fucking hot muscle man was in it.  He liked my dick but asked for more.  I was willing, but a novice.  I was afraid I’d hurt him.  I instinctively inserted a couple of fingers carefully with a slight twist—no jabbing.  He groaned in pleasure and asked for the rest.  I added two more with the same twisting motion.  He reached down and pulled the rest of my hand into him as he relaxed his hole.  The closure of his anus snapping around my wrist hooked me on the spot.

Wanting to learn properly I spent a weekend at a gay resort where a fisting club had taken over the play area.  They had “hands on” demos.  I was declared a natural by the club president.  They couldn’t believe I had never bottomed.  I had a naturally empathetic feel for what was happening in the ass I was invading. 

I have found that most fistees are excellent teachers if they need to be.  They can help a partner through his first time.  Listen to them.  Watch their eyes, their faces.  Move slower than you might think.  Don’t jab.  And file your nails…

And back on that final day of January we took a break, drank some hot, mulled cranberry/pomegranate juice and switched partners to do it all again.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Celebrating Ass

I hoped to write a post today, but work exploded and I have a three way tonight.

It’s a post about a party—a party celebrating ass.

So, the best I can do today is post a picture.

And, surprisingly, it is a picture of my ass…

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bookstore Free-For-All

Lansing—January, 2015

After the rather ho-hum motel party which I talked about in the last post, I was ready by the next night to play in a different area of the state.  I advertised that I would be headed to Lansing.  Two favorites from that area said they would try to make it.  We were to meet at the bookstore which has a major play area behind the video sitting room.

There had been changes to the play area—some good, some not.  Many of the booths that you could step into with a partner now had some curtains for a little more privacy.  There was a cage added in a back corner up on a platform (love the idea, but I don’t see it being useful in how the room is currently used.)  There was a contraption for your partner to sit on that would spread his legs wide open—we used it to support a bent over partner as I fucked him.  And they had hung a sling in a brightly lit area.  It was no more than a series of straps the bottom but under his knees and there was one to support his back.  It was hung so high, I had to stand on tiptoe to use it.  And the bottom was terrifically uncomfortable.  (I have heard a proper sling is now at the venue—but I don’t know where they hung it.)  There was still a slurp ramp and many alcoves to lead a willing quarry. 

“Ooh, it’s going to be a hot night tonight.”  The fey clerk gives me a once over and finally takes my money.  “Go get ‘em, honey,” he tells me, handing me my change.

I grin and go back into the play area.  I walk through the video lounge.  Two men watch the screens, motionless and uninterested.  I walk past the couch in a sitting area and into the back room.  No one is there.  At all.  No, I hear a blow job being given behind a drawn curtain covering the alcove nearest me.  I walk around the slurp ramp.  And behind it.  I piss in the bathroom in the back corner.  When I emerge seven or eight people are milling in the half light. 

They need a catalyst.  Me.

One of the men is a good friend—and the tallest man I regularly bend over.  He is good looking, an inch or two taller than me, but you’d never know it as he drops to his knees as I unbutton my jeans.  I pull my cock out of the pouch of the jock.  The Tall One inhales and takes me into his mouth to get hard. 

It works.  Men surround us—but keep their distance.  More arrive.  I see my other f-bud who I have played with here before.  I nod.  He gropes himself as the Tall One pulls off my now hardened cock.  He’s showing it off to the crowd—with a “look what I got” expression on his face.

Another face I know emerges from the shadows.  He a top, with a cock that is long and thick.  The top stands at my side.  We hug.  He unzips and strokes himself to hardness.  The Tall One moves over to sample the new cock.  A younger otter falls to his knees and takes me down to the root.  Other men unzip.  Others kneel.  The room is suddenly awash with cock sucking.  The men in front of the two of us trade off on our cocks.  Soon, I sink to my knees.  I get to suck all three dicks.  The tall one and the other top force both their thick heads into my mouth at the same time.  I can’t take that much.  I gag—a sound that just increases the flurry of activity in the shadowy room.

Partners begin to change.  I stand up and am fellated by a young red head.  The angry red of my cock head looks brighter against his pale skin.  I watch one man making a pig of himself in front of us.  He stands, pushes his open trousers down to the floor and inserts the spit drenched cock he had in his mouth into his ass.  He bends lower and gets another man in his mouth.  I move toward him.  I want some of either end of him.  The other top is undoing the belt of the otter.  The otter bends willing and takes the Tall One into his mouth. 

The man in the new pig’s mouth leaves.  I step up to his face.  The man fucking the pig pushes the pig’s head down on my cock.  I feel the strength of the fuck slamming him into me and making him take me to the root with each stroke.  Suddenly the top has had enough he pulls out.  The pig is a pig.  He quickly spins around to taste his ass on the retreating man.  And I shove my spit soaked pecker into the well fucked ass in front of me.

“Argh!” he grunts around the ass flavored dick in his mouth.  It’s my turn to bounce him onto the cock in front of him.

Partners change in the oral that is happening on the outskirts.  A hot Black man arrives and interested parties shift to see what he has to offer.  I stay in the freshly fucked ass.  The Black man only has eyes for the man I’m fucking.  He comes over and sticks a fairly average sized dick in the pig’s mouth.  He grins at me—“How’s that ass?”

“You should find out.”  I pull out and turn him, knowing the pig will want this cock.  He does.  And to spit shine mine.

Behind me I hear my top friend shoot into the otter.  I know where my cock is headed next.  I leave the pig to the Black man and shove my cock into the creamy remains of my friend.

I fuck him hard.

Just as suddenly as it started, the cluster of men melts away.  My cum filled bottom wants a breather.  My top friend goes home—inviting me to stay once I’ve had my fill here.

I find the other man who said he’d come to play with me.  We fuck in a corner where there is a platform at the right height for him to grab onto. 

I fuck him twice more during the night.

I get the Tall One into the poor excuse for a sling.  We fuck the best we can, but soon retreat to the same corner I used before.

I fuck the Tall One twice more, too.

But I save my load for the cum-filled otter.  Not by choice but the other men have had to leave.  I bend him over the spreader seat.  I think I am going to load him quickly—but the waves subside and we add another man to the mix instead.  We happily take turns in both the otter’s holes.


I have been sucking cock in the back corner for a change of pace.  I know it’s time for me to get out of there.  I find the otter relaxing on one of the couches.

“You want a load?”

He doesn’t even answer; he just follows me to the convenient corner.  He bends, I insert.  I swear that I can still feel my friend’s load deep inside him.  Whether it’s there or in my mind doesn’t matter.  It sends me over the edge—pounding my own load out into his willing hole…

Thursday, March 19, 2015

So Good on Paper

Northern Indiana—January, 2015

Cam had hosted two great motel parties in November.  I guess we were bound to come in with at least one that was, well, not bad, but just sort of blah.  (You can read about the two good ones here and here.)  I wrote up the second one just as this one was forming up.  The Big Black Cock, who had fucked the bottom du jour so thoroughly while I was up the ass of BBC, was coming.  He’d even asked if I’d be there.

BBC arrived when there were about 10 people in the room.  He couldn’t get near me.  And he didn’t like the group.  He scowled at the men who were there the entire time.  He allowed his massive cock to be sucked by someone—but then took off.  I have no idea if he shot a load.

I spent almost the entire time with one man.  I fucked a couple of guys before he got there but then I was pretty much on the bed letting him suck my cock while I ate his ass.  He was tall, at least 6’ 2”.  It was odd to play with someone my own size.  He also had a very similar build to me:  tall, thin and hairy below the waist.  One difference was that he had a very small penis.  But it was kept in a jock all the time and I rarely saw it. And another was his full beard.  It felt amazing as that beard was all over my balls as he sucked me.  It felt even better in my ass crack when he rimmed me.
We loved to share the taste of our asses on each other’s tongues.  It all sounds good as I type this—and it was—except he wanted me to fuck him with a condom.  Oh, I did it a few times, but my cock would rebel after a little bit.  We’d do more oral and be fine…and finally, I left it as just oral. 
I think he got off with it all, after playing for a long time.  I never did.  And by that point, no one else was left to take my load.

Not bad.  Just eh…

The next night I made up for it with a smoking trip to the bookstore.  But that’s the next post.

My Playroom—January, 2015

He hadn’t talked to me in ages.  He’s young, still, though not as young as when I’d first met him BB.  (That’s Before Blog.)  He wanted a Gang Bang.  I was new to throwing them back then.  He sent me pictures of his downy young ass.  I sent them to “all my top friends” as he instructed me.  They got the guys excited.  His pictures were hot:  a college kid taking seed.  We had a good time.  And then I rarely heard from him.  Never saw him.  But now he wanted to drive out to my house to play.

Of course he wanted others.  I said I would ask one:  my buddy Stan who has barely made an appearance in these pages—but those with long memories will remember him from Two Tops and a Rimseat.

But the boy wouldn’t leave it alone.  He invited another “top.”  Well that’s about all I need to write about him.  This “Top” was fairly worthless the entire time we played.  Nervous, he said.   It was no nerves.  He wanted to be the man in the sling.

It started going bad almost immediately.  The three of us ringing the boy on his knees told the story of who wouldn’t get hard all afternoon.  I suggested we get the boy on the fuck bench and taste his hole, thinking a more active activity might wake up the “Tops” cock.  He pulled the cheeks of the boy apart and dove in.

“Wait a minute,” the Boy got up off the bench. “I am going to teach you tops something.  Why do you pull the cheeks apart?  I like guys who just burrow in there.  It hurts when you pull them apart.  If we do nothing else today, I’m going to have at least taught you guys this lesson.  Just stick your tongue up there don’t pull.  I will stop you any time you decide to pull them apart.  Got it?”

Really?  If I had a dollar for every time I’d spread open an ass I wouldn’t worry about my IRA. 

We all just stood there staring at him.  We ate his hole.  Careful not to touch him with our hands.  We all fucked him on the bench…even the “Top” managed to fold it into his hole.  I went last.  The boy began to whine that I was too big.  Stan stuffed his cock in the Boy’s mouth to shut him up and that worked for a time.

“I want to sit on your cock,” the Boy told Stan when we stopped for a breather.  I watched the guys fuck on the bed.  Well, after I saw the “Top” to the door—he’d suddenly remember a pressing engagement.  I got back in the playroom to see and hear Stan shoot off into the Boy’s ass. 

The Boy wanted the sling.  But not my cock.  The moment I pressed into the cummy mess in his ass he howled.  “I guess I’m out of practice, I can’t take you.”  At this moment I had the head of dick in him—nothing else.  We tried again.  I ate him some—enjoying the seed in there.  I stood up and tried to enter him.

“You are so big.  I can’t take it now.  I am done.”

I turned on my heel and went downstairs to the bathroom without saying a word and washed up.
I made myself go back upstairs.  The boy was sprawled on Stan.

“Try again,” Stan told me.

I licked at his hole.  The Boy started to say something.

“Hush,” I heard Stan whisper. And Stan reached back and spread the Boy’s cheeks apart with his hands.

I stood up.  I inserted.  I fucked a few strokes.

“No!” Stan said, holding him more firmly as the Boy squirmed and started to speak again.

I held for a moment, thinking about Marco’s muscle hole and willed myself to shoot. 

I did.

I just wanted him gone.

Stan wrote me later.  “Cute kid, but a bossy bottom.  I gave him a good talking to when you were downstairs about how sometimes you just need to shut up.”

Yes, indeed.  And maybe let the host invite the guests…

Monday, March 16, 2015

Easy Convert

My Playroom—January, 2015

Myles was coming to the playroom.  I wrote about his “audition” at the bookstore to see if we clicked.  We did.  He wanted to get kinkier—and, frankly, more comfortable than being bent over a chair in the gay cinema.  Myles is around my age and perhaps 5’9 or 10.”  He’s trim—with a real waist, a true swimmer’s build.  His graying hair is slightly long and rather curly.

“Oh, jeez.”  Myles is huffing poppers and mumbling.  He’s astride the fuck bench.  I have been tongue probing his ass.  “Stick that big dick in me.  I want it…”

I stand up.  I start to piss—just a small pool at the top of his ass cheeks.  It creates a pale yellow cataract down his ass crack.  I kneel again and lick him clean. 

Myles babbles his pleasure.

I rise up and stick my cock in him.  I grab some of the graying hair and pull his head up.  “Look in the mirror.  Watch me fuck you.”

“Yessssssss…”  The word is a drawn out, rising and falling with the thrust of my cock entering him.  He can’t take his eyes off himself in the mirror that is directly in front of him.

It’s pig test time.  I pull out and bring it towards his mouth.  Not even an instant of hesitation.  He is cleaning it, licking it, crooning contentedly to himself as he bathes the cock that was just in his ass.  I pull it out of his mouth and shove it back in his butt.  He likes this, too, and tells me so.  This time when he huffs the poppers, you can hear nothing but my hips slapping his ass.

“Can I ride it?”

“Sure.”  I pull out and get on the bed.

Myles crawls between my splayed legs and cleans up my cock again without my asking.  Then, facing me, he positions himself on my cock.  I let him be in control.  He prods himself a couple of times with the head of my dick before he lets go and sinks all the way down on it.

“Yessssssss….” he sighs again.

“Look at yourself,” I tell him again.  I have the very large mirror of an old chest of drawers running almost the length of the double bed.  Better than any bathhouse. 

“Oh, yeah!”  Myles watches my cock pierce his ass.  He sees his contorted face after another hit of poppers.  He watches his thigh muscles strain as he bounces.  He shows off for himself.  He slams down on my dick.  He pulls off a little farther each time.  Until it’s finally too far and I fall out.  He focuses his attention away from the mirror and on me.  “That was incredible.  I’ve never watched myself get fucked.”

“Good,” I tell him.  “Time for me to taste your ass again.  Over there.”  I point to the rimseat in the corner.

“Yes, Sir!” he says with good humor—no sub leanings here.

I get under.  He lowers the seat and sits, rather gingerly, not sure if he is going to be comfortable with this.  The moment I press my tongue into his puffy, well-fucked hole he melts.  “God, you can go so deep.”

I grunt my assent.  I lick and spit.  His hole is super wet with large amounts of ass lube, pre-cum a little piss and my spit.  I eat him out until my jaw hurts.  Only then, do I tap the underside of his thighs to get him to stand up.


We are in the sling.  I’m fucking him.  Long deep strokes.  I am standing stock still and pulling the sling and his ass onto my rigid erection.  Then pushing him away and off of me.  Myles is looking into a mirror again.  This one is above him.  He can see himself being impaled.  He has gotten tremendously hard.  He is beating a nice piece of meat.  I pause the fucking and bend over and take the head of his cock into my mouth.

“Better not do that…” he cautions.

I nod, my tongue loaded with his pre-cum.  I kneel and stick it into his ass.

“Oh, yeah….I can see your tongue...”

Actually, it’s buried so deep in him, he can’t possibly, but I let it pass.

I rear up.  I am back up his wet hole.

I fuck him hard.  No fancy fucking now.  My hips are in rut—slamming against him.  I have to piss.  In one movement, I pull out and the piss erupts across his chest.  Myles open his mouth and the first blast actually reaches it.  The rest pools on his chest in a steamy pool.  I thrust my cock back up him.  And start fucking again.

Myles jerks…scooping up some of the piss to use on his cock.    “I’m cumming…”  And he does.  All over himself.   Mixing his cum with my piss.  “Feed me.  Please, let me taste you!”

I pull out, slip around the side of the sling and spray down his face.  Most of my cum landing on his extended tongue.  He swallows me down.


“Good?”  I ask, after we have mopped up a little, but still before a shower.

“Oh, yeah.  My first piss in the mouth.  That’s so hot.  And the first time I’ve seen myself get fucked.”

“And in three positions,” I remind him.

“Yeah,” he says, his eyes getting rather dreamy.   “I am going to have to buy me a rimseat.”

I nod. 


Friday, March 13, 2015

Shadows in the Dark Room

Indianapolis—January, 2015

I was glowing from the morning fisting with Marco as I went south to my business appointment.  The meeting ran long.  It extended into dinner.  I had always guessed I would get a hotel, but now it was mandatory. 

But I was horned.  My cock would not relax.  I was in a tiny town.  If I stayed, I was never going to score off some hook up site.  The moment I was done with work—I jumped on the expressway and drove to the bigger of the two bathhouses in Indianapolis.  I could play for a few hours, sleep for a few more and hit the road with my balls lighter.

I am standing pressed against the hot, water-beaded wall of the steam room.  One man is on his knees, stroking the pouch of my distended jock.  One to my right is leaning in and flicking his tongue over my nipple.  A shadowy man on my left alternates between squeezing my left nipple and pushing the face of the man on the floor into my jock pouch.  I am watching a very young man riding a daddy cock.  The older man is stretched out on the upper seating area.  The young man is astride him.  Through the rising steam, I can just make out the thick, bare cock splitting in two his beautifully rounded butt.

I want some of that.  I move away from the three men who try to detain me.  As I get closer, the daddy grunts out his cum shot.  The boy is up and off him, grabbing his towel to cover his tiny dick as he leaves.  I never see him, or the daddy, again.  The entire steam room empties as if a signal has been given.  I sit on the lower level bench.  I spread my legs wide and lean against the upper seat and close my eyes.

The door swooshes open—sucking steam away from me.  The temp drops enough for the generator to kick in.  It is gushing out of the vent before me.  I adjust my leg so it is not getting the full of force of it.  Suddenly I am aware there is a man between my legs.  I think about opening my eyes to see who it is…but I just don’t care.  With great gentleness he gets my cock out of the pouch and swallows me down.

He sucks me for a long time.  He knows how to do it.  The door opens again.  He stops at the sound and scurries away, leaving my wet, red meat jutting straight out and drooling.


Eventually, I rinse under the shower and dry off in the sauna—interrupting two Hispanic guys from feeling each other up.  I make a tour of the rooms with opened doors:  ass up, ass up, shut but noisy, ass up, cock up, empty needing to be cleaned, ass up.  I like the look of all the butts in the air, but I don’t want to just choose one and close a door.  I want to play in a group tonight.  I go downstairs to the dark room.

I pass a television playing porn, then feel my way past the curtain and into the space.  I move around the entire circumference of the room—one hand on the wall.  It’s empty.  I sigh.  And sit.  I push back against the wall, close my eyes and wait.

Not for long.  Men come in from either entrance.  There is someone sitting next to me.  He reaches out.  I want to open my eyes, but it really wouldn’t do much good as it’s so dark.  The man next to me kneads my jock pouch.  Soon he’s slipping to the floor between my spread legs.  He’s not as good as the steam room sucker, but just fine.  I feel another man arrive.  I open my eyes.  A hulking shadow is there at my right leg.  I reach to where his towel should be.  I find a big, hard cock unencumbered by terry cloth.  My hand encircles it as the sucker picks up speed.  I jerk him slightly.  There is loose skin.  I lean forward and take the uncut dick deep into my throat.

It’s all it takes.  Three men having sex brings the whole bathhouse into the room.  Soon you can barely move.  Men are leaning against the wall being sucked by a row of men on their knees.  My cocksucker has pulled off me.  I share the uncut dick in my mouth with him, switching to the sweaty balls on the shadowy hulk.  A new mouth is on me.  He doesn’t stay for long; there are too many other cocks to sample.  I slither off the bench and move around behind the hulk.  I pull apart his butt cheeks and start licking his ass crack.  This causes him to grunt in appreciation and thrust his ass back at me.  The sucker is inconvenienced and moves away.  I rim the hulk for a long time.  Some guy figures out how I’m kneeling and finds a way to squirm his way to my cock down there.  I concentrate on the hairy ass on my tongue.  The hulk finally turns to me, pulls me to standing position.  He sucks my tongue the way the guy has been sucking my cock—like it’s the last one on earth.  I know he is reveling in the taste of his ass on my tongue—his cock leaves pre-cum all over my stomach.

When we break the kiss, he moves to a man leaning against the wall his ass thrust out.  My hulk spits in his hand and rubs it down the man’s crack and, I assume, into his hole.  He mounts him in one swift thrust of his uncut meat into the waiting receptacle.  I move closer.  For the first time the hulking guy reaches out and touches my bigger cock.

“You need to fuck this guy,” he whispers in my ear.  He pummels him a few more times and pulls out.  I move a little and slide into the wet ass.  Neither of us has seen who this guy is—he’s just the first man there offering his hole for us to fuck.

And we share hole for the next thirty minutes.  When we pull out of one man, another is right there, bent and ready for us to enter.  We fuck a lot.  After the fourth or fifth ass, the room has cleared a little.  I can hunker down now and taste the ass juice on the Hulk’s cock when he pulls out.  When he realizes it’s me he grabs my ears and holds me in place and face fucks me.  He pulls it out of my mouth abruptly.  I gasp for air, as he pulls me up and mashes his mouth against mine.

“You dirty fucker,” he hisses into my ear as we break the kiss.  “Now fuck this one with that big cock.”

I do just that.


We meet and up and repeat this about three times over the night.  I don’t find a room I want to play in.  The steam room and sauna are dead.  But the two of us make the dark area the place to be.
I notice a man who has been watching us most of the night.  I can’t tell much about him, but he’s been jerking to us fucking others for quite a while.  I pull him towards me.

“You looking to get fucked?”

He nods.

The hulk is back up one of the guys we’ve had before.  I lead the shy bottom over.  He leans up against the wall right next to the bottom getting plowed.  I slip up him.  It’s a great ass.  Responsive.  Warm.  Talented on the backstroke.  The Hulk and I match each other’s rhythm.  Soon the bottoms have turned and are holding on to each other chest to chest.   They kiss—our thrusts forcing their mouths against each other…


It’s late.  I’ve napped but now I really want to get off so I can sleep soundly.  I go back into the dark room. 

No one is there.

Wait, that’s not true.  The shy guy is.  I ask if he wants my load.  He agrees.

I don’t have to fuck him for long.   I unload a huge buildup of cum into his ass.


We talk.  I find out he’s from St. Louis.  My next trip.  I tell him about the orgy my friend throws for me each year when I’m there.  I promise I’ll ask if he can attend.

I fall asleep—my mind still full of the shadowy men in the dark room…and I’m asleep before I know it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Marco's Surprise

Columbus—January, 2015

I had to be in southern Ohio on business.  I mapped it and realized I was less than an hour away from Marco, my muscle holed, IML roomie.  A quick email later, I had an invite for the night before my appointment farther south.

I reminded him of a promise. 

He told me he had it waiting for me…

He’s in his sling before me.  I look at him for a long moment.  Short and hairy—clad in only an old blue jock.  I shiver.  It’s not from the cold.  His basement is warmer than when I was last there.  I kneel.  Hot, moist air is rising from his hairy thighs, the cheeks of his ass and the even hairier valley between them.  I bury my face in the fresh from the shower mounds.

“Damn that feels good,” Marco mutters.

My tongue is already deep into him.  I do my usual lick and spit until is hole is sopping.

“You want it?”  I am standing and looking down into his eyes.

“Fuck, yes. Fuck me.”

I easily push into his hole—but only because he allows me to enter.  When I am fully in, he clamps down on my cock so hard I gasp.  He grins, eases up and lets me start to fuck.  I build and build.  My hips slap his thighs.  Over and over.  Marco pulls his dick out of the jock pouch and jerks it. 

I slow down.

I stop and pull out.

I grind my face into the freshly fucked hole.

“Fuck, eat me out.”  The entire texture of his hole has changed.  My constant assault had made his ass lube itself for protection.  I swallow it down.  “It’s on the table up here if you want it.”

I pull my face out of his hole.  There is a full condom, sitting in a small margarine tub.  It’s still frozen—but only just.  “Is this all one guy?” I ask, hefting the sack of cum.

“Yeah, but from several trips over here to seed me,” Marco smiles.  “He’s a skinny 24 year old top.”
“Nice…” I am kneeling now and undoing the knot in the condom.  I push the icy cum-sicle into Marco’s ass.  I hold onto the elastic opening and push my finger in—turning the condom inside out.  I want every drop back in Marco’s ass.

“That’s cold…”  Marco leaves it unfinished for at that moment, I’m pulling out the turned out condom and pushing my tongue into the cummy mess.

I groan.  I love this moment.  Tasting semen in an ass still drives me crazy—even after all these years.  I slurp some out and spit it back into Marco.  I don’t want to swallow it yet.  I stand up and push my dick into him.  I can feel the cold nub of frozen cum against my piss slit.  It melts almost immediately.

I spend the next three quarters of an hour alternating between fucking in this unknown boy’s cum and eating it out of Marco.

I catch my breath for a moment by greasing my hands with J-lube.  I kneel and begin a slow crawl into Marco’s gut with my left hand.  Damn.  My partner’s ring is still on my finger.  I slip it off and tuck it into the top of the sock protruding from my combat boot.

I know my way now.  I enter him easily.  I go into a crouch.  I place my cheek against Marco’s hairy abs.  All those layers beneath, I can feel my hand ever so slowly invading him. 

I know the spots to hit to make Marco shake with a full body orgasm.  I give him three.  This last one makes my dick stand back up as his hole is spasming around my wrist.  I slide it into Marco—right along my wrist.

“Oh, fuck,” Marco whimpers, “jerk off in my ass.”

My fingers open from being a fist just enough for my cock to push into them. 

I’m there.  Cock in fist inside him. My cock is smeared with that boy’s jism.  I find so much more of it inside Marco when I’m this deep.

I only have to move my fingers slightly over the head of my cock.  I am so ready.

“You want me to shoot like this?”

Marco takes a huge hit of poppers.  “Yes.  Give it to me.”

I move my hand ever so slightly over my cockhead, so deep and tight in Marco. 

I explode.

Mixing the cum loads deep in his muscle ass.


The next morning we have a farewell fist fuck, too.  I don’t add my cock to my fist in his ass this time.  For the first time with Marco, I add my other fist to the first one.  My fingers can actually intertwine…

Marco's glorious ass from a visit to my playroom.  
Why post it now?  
Because I can....

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Back to Bare Basics

Kalamazoo—January, 2015

He wrote me out of the blue.  We’d never spoken online before:  “Great dick.  You like to fuck bare?”


I looked at his opened pictures while waiting for his response.  Tall, (just a hair shorter than my 6 foot, three) thin, moderately hairy, no ass pic.  A waist thinner than mine.  Stated age was 33 and looked it.

The header flashed and I clicked back to the new message.  “You travel?”

“Yes.  Or I can host in my playroom.”

“Come here” and his address followed, with a time of 90 minutes from now.

Simple.  Direct.  And perfectly timed as I was out of the office for the month.  I mapped his address, threw my lube and a towel into a gym bag and went out into the cold and snowy day.

Roy is on the hard wood floor of his tiny bedroom.  A queen sized bed fills the space.  It’s covered in a worn blanket that is obvious a fuck cover.  A dresser is behind me and I am thrusting my cock down the throat of the man kneeling in the tight space between the two.  He has shucked his terry cloth bathrobe on the floor and is kneeling on it to protect his knees.  He is naked now and my hard dick, sticking out of my jeans and into his mouth, is giving him wood.  Big wood.  He’s stroking a good 8 inches down there.

Roy pulls off my cock and flops down on the bed.  “That’s a nice dick.”

“My pictures don’t lie,” I tell him as I get my pants and underwear off.  I toss them on my bag.  “You have a great cock yourself.”

He looks down at it, then back up at me.  “Guys always want me to top when they see it.  I just want to get fucked.”

I don’t answer I simply roll him over and stick my tongue in his ass.

“Argh…”  The sound is deep in the back of his throat.  I pull his thin, taut cheeks apart.  He is still damp from the shower, the water clinging to the hair in his ass crack.  I pull him up so he’s on all fours.  Now I can really attack his hole.  My tongue is going in deeper with each thrust.  I wipe my drooling cock head down his wet ass crack.  I poke my pre-cum into him.

I push my cock head against his loosened pucker, but he clamps it shut.  I do it again.  I get just my head past his tight sphincter. 

“Oh, God.  Go slow.”

But I don’t.  I pull it out and spit in it.  I work my head into him again.  This time he sighs in satisfaction.  I slowly push into him until half my dick is buried in his butt.  I pull it out and spit in his enlarged hole.

“Let me taste my ass.”  Without waiting for a reply, he spins around and deep throats my cock.  I stay on my knees, spit on my fingers and idly play with his hole as he licks every inch of my cock. 

“Leave lots of spit on it.”

He does as he’s told.  He turns, presenting his ass to me.  He looks over his shoulder.  “Now fuck me.”

I push in to the hilt.  He takes it like a man. A very happy man.  He is stroking his big dick really hard.  I am tempted to knock his hand away, but I don’t.  I concentrate on changing the tempo of my fucking.  Of making my dick push upwards on each stroke, and then on making it push downwards.  I build until my hips are really smacking the hell out of his upturned butt.

“Please…” he pants and pulls off of me.  He’s right there to clean my cock.  I let him go at it.  I actually stretch out on the bed and let him deep throat my cock. 

“Balls,” I tell him.  His busy tongue laps at them.  He doesn’t try to suck them off my body, just to make them wet and slippery.  “Now sit on my face.”  Roy leaves my sack alone and positions himself to lower his wet hole onto my waiting mouth.  “Don’t feel like you need to lean forward and suck me.  This is about you.”

He sits.  Heaven.  I rim and suck.  Part of me wants my rimseat so I can eat him longer, but part of me likes having his weight on my face.  I can really feel the hair of his crack grind against my lips and on the hair of my goatee.  I rim him until he decides he wants to ride me.  He gets up and turns so we can watch each other’s faces as he settles down on my cock.

“Oh, yeah,” Roy all but croons as he settles his wet chute on my dripping cock.  I let him do all the work.  He rides me until his legs start to cramp.

“On the edge of the bed,” I direct.  It’s my turn to kneel on the hardwood floor.  I grind my face into his hole.

I fuck him with him on all fours and me standing up.

I fuck him with him on his back and me standing up.  We both like this.  He likes beating his cock and I like to watch his eyes—as they tell me how my fucking feels.  For a moment I really want my sling.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had legs resting on my shoulders, pushing me out.  We are back to the bare basics, no fancy playroom furniture, just two sexual animals on a big bed.

“Aw, shit.”  I know he’s about to cum.  “My hole can’t take much more.”  I will myself to get off first. 

And I do.  I erupt deep into his bowels.  I lurch forward and catch myself—arms out to either side of him. 

“Don’t pull out,” pants Ray as he flogs his dick.  I hump into him twice—and he shoots his load all over himself. 

I bend down.  I want to taste his cum. 

But I’m good.  For a first time.

I kiss him instead.


He must have like it. 

We were back on the same bed, having an almost identical fuck during the last week of January.

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Chicago—January, 2015

It was piss party time again.  So just 10 days after the New Year’s Eve trip, Ryan and I went back to Chicago.   It was a smaller, drier event what with the cold, cold weather in the Windy City.  But it made the men who braved the elements all that much more playful.  And there was an out of state leather group in town—many of whom showed up and got to indulge in play that is growing increasingly hard to find…

I am standing in the shadows, behind one of the screens that give the back corner a hint of privacy.  I look down the side wall where a dozen men are undressing to get ready to play.  They are shucking jeans, adjusting jocks, adding arm or wrist bands (or both), tucking poppers into a sock or into the deep cut of their Neoprene singlet. 

At the end of the line of men is a familiar figure.  He is undressing next to his partner (a tall, once buff, construction worker type).  Nick is thinner, defined and retains enough of the beauty of his youth to still make heads turn.  He gives incredible head.  I have to watch myself with him—he’s so good.   And he has an ass I love to get lost in.

He is also the first man I ever fucked at the piss party.

I don’t know how long ago that was, now.  Maybe 10 years.  I know I was still fucking with Magnums.  I know it was back when the former group organizer didn’t want anal sex to happen during the wet event.  It did, of course.  You can’t put 50 to 80 mostly naked men together having wet oral sex and not have it lead to more.  But it was usually hidden away in the back corners.  And it was all bareback.

And Nick was always in the middle of it.  His partner brought him to be used by as many cocks as he could take.  He would suck me until he made himself gag and turn around, begging me to shove my big, dripping cock into his ass.  I would eat him out instead and grab another willing dick and direct it up his hole.

But the night of the cage the fucking moved center stage…oh, fuck, that cage…

The cage sat in the middle of the room back then.  One party, towards the end, Nick was put in the cage by his boyfriend.  It was about a three by three by three square of bars and with a wooden floor.  It was supported by legs that raised it to about three feet off the ground.  I was guessing Nick would be curled up in it for us all to piss on him.  I was only half right.  Nick maneuvered around so he was lying on his back on the floor of the cage, his ass half out the door.  His toes were hooked into the bars above him.  Hi ass was at the perfect level for guys to come up and fuck him.  Immediately, three guys lined up to enter him once Nick’s partner was done with him.  Others saw what was happening and ringed the cage, sticking their cocks through the bars.  And they began pissing on him. 

Nick’s partner pulled out.  The next man stuck his bare cock up Nick.  I watched mesmerized.  I wanted to be next up his ass—but I’d followed the rules and not even brought condoms.  Instead, though he was ringed with pissers, I saw where I was needed.  I scrambled up until I was standing on the top of the cage, six feet in the air.  My feet were spread the width of the bars—Nick saw me.  He stopped suckling on the cock to his side and looked right at me.  He opened his mouth.  It was a direct hit.  Piss poured out of my hard cock directly into his mouth from above.  The sight of the piss waterfall caused the man fucking Nick to shoot his load.

I didn’t fuck him that day—but I made sure I had condoms for the next party.  But while I didn’t fuck raw yet, I was very comfortable with felching.  I got down and sucked the loads out his ass before we let him get out of the cage.

“Helloooo.”  It’s Nick, bringing me back to the present.  He’s totally naked but for some ancient tennis shoes on his feet.  We hug.  He kneels and digs my cock out of my yellow jock.  With his tongue and teeth.  Nick is the perfect way to get the party started.  I am hard and face fucking him just moments later.

“Stick it in my ass…”

Nick gets up and leans against the barrel in the back corner.  I hose his hole.  I kneel and lick it clean—poking some of it into his ass with my tongue.  I add my cock.  I am the first guy fucking—what a surprise.  I do attract some of the visitors over to watch us rut.  I direct Nick’s head to the biggest hardon being stroked.  His mouth replaces the man’s hand.  Both of them grunt their satisfaction.  When I tire of fucking Nick, I beckon the guy in his mouth to move around to his ass.  He does, sticking a fat, foreskinned cock into the wet hole I just left.

I slap Nick on the ass and go to refill my water bottle.  I fuck him three or four more times in the next few hours.


“Can I sit on your cock?”  I turn around.  It’s the dark red-haired bottom—a regular here.  “I want to warm my hole up.”

I nod and we go off to find a spot along the ledge.  He kneels between my splayed legs and gets my cock good and wet.  He fingers some of his own saliva into his hole while he’s sucking me.  When my cock is wet with excess spit, he stands up, turns his back to me and impales himself on my cock ever so slowly.  It is an exquisite torture.  I am so ready to fuck as he finally settles all the way down, grinding himself against my wooly pubes.

He holds that for a moment.  A squeeze.  And he starts fucking himself.  Slowly.  Pulling himself off me until just my head is left in his clenching hole.  Then sitting back down. 

But faster now. 

I can feel his ass flower open.  He does, too.  He is really bouncing on me.  I am thrusting up into him ever so slightly—matching the pounding down of his hairless butt.

From our left, someone decides we need to be pissed on.  A heavy stream splashes onto my boy’s thick cock, his chest and my stomach, crotch and thigh.  It’s a hot stream.  I buck up into him harder and harder.

But moments later, the piss turns cool and we stop to dry ourselves off.

We meet a few more times over the four hours—and I get to watch him top one of the hot visitors—something I rarely get to see.


I am being kissed by the man with the dragon tattoo.  It covers his entire back and the tail and legs reach around onto his thighs and over his shoulder.  He is an excellent kisser.  Especially if your mouth happens to be filled with piss.  There is an uncut bear of a man on his knees between us.  He leaves off sucking me and I hear him slobber over the Dragon’s hard cock.  The Bear puts our two cock heads tip to tip and licks at both of them.  I will myself to piss.  I can’ get much out—but it’s enough to send the Bear into a frenzy of sucking and licking.  It makes the Dragon squirm out of my embrace.  He joins the Bear on his knees and they yellowball my piss back and forth.   The Bear ends up with some in his mouth.  He stands and brings it up to me.  I swallow—completing the circle. 

Time stops when I am with these two.  We all get lost in each other’s mouths, our cocks, our asses.  Everything is open to be licked and shared.  I kiss the Bear hungrily.  I soon move to his arm pit, pulling his left arm up into the air.  The Dragon stands up and does the same for the right.  We lick and clean the fresh sweat off him.  The Dragon and I kiss.  We both love the rather acrid taste on our tongues.  When we finally break it off, it’s only so the Dragon and the Bear can taste my pits.  First one and then the other bring the taste of them to my own mouth.  First the Bear.  He spits it into me and sinks to my drooling cock.  The Dragon takes his time.  He cleans every millimeter of skin with his tongue.  We kiss, our tongues fighting to see who can get deeper down the other’s throat.

“I have to piss.”  The Bear stands up.  The Dragon and I sink to our knees.   He gets most of it, straight from that thick, uncut cock.  But I know he will share.   He does.  I can’t believe how much is in his mouth and being given to me.  I try hard not to swallow.  I finally have to gulp some of it.   I hold just enough to stand and yellowball it to the Bear.

As he and I kiss, the Dragon stands and pisses on my ass crack.  I am locked in the Bear’s embrace.  I can’t move.  And I don’t want to.  I know what’s coming.  The Dragon’s long tongue is licking off every drop—from my ass crack and on my furry cheeks.  His tongue is drilling into me.  The Bear grinds himself against me.  I am awash with sensation.  And suddenly, more piss from the Bear covers my jock and cock. 

Others are watching.  I have been unaware of them until two of them start to piss on me.  One on my ass where the Dragon is still eating me out.  Another aims for where my cock is grinding against the Bear.  For the next few minutes I am nothing but a piss rag as the men cover me.  The Bear has joined the Dragon on the floor.  They lick every drop from me.  They lick the precum from my dripping cock. 

And I get to taste it all.  We join in a communal kiss, closing our circle to others and swap fluids in and out of each other’s mouths.