Friday, August 14, 2015

Flooding the Pump and Dump

Kalamazoo—June, 2015

The picture of his butt was gorgeous:  milky white with a tan line, hairless and full.  There were just enough other pictures in his profile to prove he was for real, though no face picture anywhere.  He said he was a visitor to the area and wanted a pump and dump.  And he was doing the work of gathering the men—none of this “you must have so many top friends” nonsense.  It was actually on an afternoon I could duck out early from work and go. 

So, of course, I did.  At exactly the given time, I found the motel door with his number.  A wadded up face towel propped open his door, just as he’d said he would leave it.  I pushed into the dark room—wondering if I’d be the first one there.  Not by a long shot.  Three men were there and working that hot butt over.  I stumbled towards a couch to get out of my clothes in the half-light glinting from the cracked bathroom door.  One man was fucking that hot ass.  Another was in his mouth and the third was licking the ass of the top who was fucking the pig.  It was only as my eyes got used to the lack of light, and as I was slipping my boots back on, that I realized I knew all the men working over the out of towner.  The man in the hot looking ass was a tall, thin, sandy haired guy of about my age who has appeared sporadically in these pages—usually for scenes just like this.  The man in the pig’s mouth was the sandy haired guy’s younger partner—a thin, Hispanic versatile bottom who I’d only ever seen top.   The man eating ass was a true versatile I hadn’t seen since I started writing this blog.  He’s about my age—maybe slightly younger—with cropped dark hair and decently put together.  And a total pig.  This VersFucker is as big a felcher, fister, cum addict and piss player as I am…

The Hispanic pulls out of the Pig’s mouth and drops to his knees in front of me to get me fully hard.

“You’ll love this ass,” the Sandy Haired Top tells me.  “He has two loads in it.”

“Am I late?”

“Some guys needed to come early,” pants the Pig. 

I pull out of the Hispanic’s mouth and stick my now hard dick in the Pig’s mouth.  He is not as good with his tongue as my fluffer.  I hope his ass is better.  I look down at his face contorted with my big cock, poppers and a rough fuck happening.  I ruefully admit that I now understand why he didn’t have a face pic in his profile.  It doesn’t matter, I tell myself.  You’re here to load his butt…not paint his portrait. 

SandyHairedTop pulls out of the Pig‘s ass.  VersFucker pulls him into his mouth to clean the accumulated cum off his long, thin dick.  I move around to inspect the ass.  It has a single drop of cum on the pucker. 

“Eat that hole,” VersFucker mumbles around the cock still in his mouth.

I don’t need an invitation.  I lick and swallow the mix of the unknown men’s seed.   

The Pig groans into the bedspread.  “Eat my fucked up hole.”

I do—leaving copious amounts of spit and even some of the cum my tongue pulls out.  I stand up and enter him.  He’s had five dicks in him—but he still winces with mine.  As I hold still to let him get used to it, the door opens and an older Black man walks in.  He strips, never taking his eyes off my fucking.  I love the sloppy ‘splat’ of each stroke into his ass.

I give way to SHTop to go back up his hole.  My dick is cleaned by VersFucker.  The Hispanic is blowing the black.  VersFucker keeps all the juices from off my cock on his tongue and spits them into the Pig’s open mouth.  Then VF face fucks the Pig. 

The Hispanic is next up the Pig’s ass.  Then VF fucks the Pig as the Black man, with an underwhelming endowment, is fellated by the cum dump.  The Black is next up the hole.  And he shoots, all but on the first stroke.  VF dives into it before I can.  He licks the ass clean, all but smacking his lips.  The Hispanic wants to fuck in the fresh load.  He does, and it sends him over the edge, too.  Four loads and counting. 

SHTop and I take turns on the Pig.   VersFucker is more than content to eat the hole of whoever is fucking at the moment. 

I lay down on the floor.  “Ride me.”  The Pig gets off the bed for the first time.  He sits on my dick.  It’s easier for him this way.  I love the extra loads in there, smoothing the way.  SHTop straddles my chest and fucks the face of the bouncing Pig.  VersFucker is snorting into my balls while he licks up all the cum that gravity is bringing out of the ass of the Pig as he impales himself on me.

I think about cumming…but hold off.  I want to be last.

“I want to shoot in his butt.”  SHTop helps the Pig off my cock and gets him slightly bent on the bed.  He enters him and shoots his load between the swollen ass lips of the Pig.

“Fuck, yes,” the Pig grinds out.

VersFucker is whispering in my ear.  “Will you?  He says he likes it.”

I nod.  I look at the men ringing the bed who have shot their loads, then turn to the Pig.  “This fucker wants me to piss your ass.  You good with that?”

“Can you?”

I don’t deign to answer, I just manhandle him into the bathroom.  I bend him over the counter.  VersFucker squirms between the bottom’s legs, his face right below the hole I’m about to enter.  I jerk, take another swig of Gator-Ade and insert my cock.  VF licks it as it goes in—and on the backstroke as I begin to fuck.  I do a dozen or so strokes and then hold deep in his hole.  I can feel the piss sluicing through my gut.  It erupts into the Pig’s gut.  More and more—I can’t stop pissing.  Some escapes around my dick—VF is right there lapping it up, not letting any hit the tiled floor.  Finally I stop.  I begin fucking very slowly.  I begin to churn that mixture of piss and five loads of cum.  Some sloshes out of his hole.  VF snorts and laps—in his own personal pig heaven.  The guys who’ve shot are all watching crowded in the door.  I love the great mix of envy, disbelief and lust on their faces.

“You ready?” I bark out to VF.

He grunts, licking some piss off my balls.  I pull my cock out.  Piss and cum sluice out onto VF’s chest—but only for a moment--his mouth is right there, clamped to the hole to swallow it all. 

“Push it into his mouth,” I instruct the Pig.  He does.  We all watch VF swallow.  I have rarely seen a man with a dick so hard. His crimson cock is ready to explode with each gulp of ass piss.

I step back in.  I need to shoot myself.  I get VF’s face out of the way and fill the Pig’s ass with my drooling penis.  Three strokes and I explode.  I marinate for a moment, then pull out.  I step to the side and push VF’s face into my cock slime leaking out of the puffy, used hole.

VF shoots.  But keeps eating.

The Pig groans contentedly into the counter top.

And, all inside of an hour, we are dressed and gone.  


  1. That is one hot time! It is the exact type of piggy action I love. Lucky you!

    1. Yes, you would have been right at home with this group of men...