Friday, August 7, 2015

“You Know I Like ‘em Young”

Northwest Indiana—May, 2015

My friend Cam was hosting another motel fuck party.  He invited 31 of his favorites from previous gatherings.  At least 17 men showed up—though not all at one time.  A guy would shoot and leave and another would arrive.  At the peak, we had about 13 men packed into the cheap motel room.  But both double beds were always full

I am about the fourth or fifth to arrive.   Two guys are lazily sucking cock on the bed right inside the door.  I strip at the back of the room.  I want to piss, but the door is closed to the bathroom.  Cam is letting a grey haired man suck him on the back bed.  I thrust my hardening cock towards the man licking Cam’s cock, so he can fellate both of us.  Almost immediately the door to the bathroom opens.  A very young man walks out.  Cam makes a bee line to him.  He must be the featured bottom for this morning.  He looks about 5’7”, thin with just enough chest definition to show he does some exercise.  His hair is a reddish brown, cut asymmetrically.  There is a swath of a magenta dye from the part to where the bangs hit just over his eyes.  I decide he’s been watching too much European Twink porn.  I watch Cam kiss and fuck him while I keep busy with many new arrivals.  But I never take my eyes totally off this young one.  I watch him take on every top man in the room.  He loves raw Daddy dick in his ass.

“You know I like ‘em young,” Cam whispers to me at some point.

“But legal?

“Believe it or not, I know he’s in college down here.  He’s not 15— he just looks like it.”

I leave him to go eat out the lanky Hippie who likes to be fucked with a Magnum. 


I am keeping track now.  Cam has shot his load in the young one and left me and the Hippie in charge of the room.  The young man has been on all fours for a silver haired top of about 60 who fucks but chooses not to shoot.  Then a young Black man with a dick an inch longer than mine, but thinner—he does not shoot either.  Up next is a grey haired versatile gentleman with a fat dick, who loads the boy.  A tall Black man tries to fuck him next.  His dick isn’t that big, but he can never find the right angle—and ends up shooting down someone else’s throat. 

And then it is my turn with the boy.

He is on all fours.  My face is plastered to his sticky ass cheeks which are awash with lube and cum.  The boy is riding a popper high.  His nose is rarely out of the bottle.  He gurgles happily as my tongue strokes his well fucked hole.

I stand up.  My cock slaps his wet ass crack.  It pokes at his gaping pucker.    His sphincter is loose, but he’s tight and wet as I inch into him.

“Oh, Jesus,” he mumbles into the cheap satin bedspread.  “Cam told me you were huge.”  I bottom out.  I hold.  I can feel the remnants of the two loads in him slide all over my cock.  I begin a slow fuck.  Inching out.  Inching back in.  The popper vapor is everywhere.  A bottom clambers up on the bed, trying to feed his dick to the boy—but he’s ignored—the boy is lost in the sensations happening in his ass.

I pick up speed.  I would love to load him, too, and get on home.  I buck into him once too hard and he pulls off me like I have shoved a red hot poker up his ass. 

“I need a break.”  And he takes one, sucking cock in a 69 with the Hippie.

A hot man of my age, (gym built with buzzed hair) has been watching.  He instantly is on my cock, cleaning me with his tongue and somehow knowing I want to kiss him after he gets a good mouthful.  When our mouths come up for air, he sits on my cock and rides me.  Hard and fast.  Grinding my shoulders into the mattress with his meaty hands.

I think I am going to shoot into him—but he beats me to it.  A perfect arc of cum shoots onto my face.  I get some in my mouth—but most is in my beard.  But the pig riding me makes sure his tongue cleans me up—and delivers the rest of the load into my mouth.


We are all getting off and going home.

The long Black top unloads down my throat.  So deep I can barely taste it.

The Silver haired top shoots in my mouth, too.

The young one says his ass can’t take anymore.  I suggest he sits on my face.

“Yes!  Which way around?”

I tell him he should watch my dick—for it’s bound to explode with that used ass on my face and tongue.

“You don’t have to do anything.  Just ride my ton—.” I never get the word out.  His sticky ass has sealed itself around my mouth.  I can’t breathe.  Nor do I want to.  I can taste the loads, slowly seeping down onto my tongue.  He is moaning and huffing the poppers again. 

And then I feel it.  He shoots across my chest and abs.

My cum joins his.  It’s a huge puddle which he mixes with his left hand.

And just in time his ass lifts off my face and I gasp some fresh air into my lungs…

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