Monday, August 24, 2015

Meeting (and Filling) Derrick's Boy

West Michigan—June, 2015

Our schedules had meshed easier and faster than I thought possible.  I was back at the huge house in the woods to meet Derrick’s boy.  Derrick, all 6’7” of him, let me in and took me into a glass alcove in the great room on the main floor.  We sat—he opened a foreign beer while I sipped my bottle of water.  We chatted. The boy, I’m told, is nervous.

In no time Jacob, more otter than cub, entered fresh from the shower and nestled at Derrick’s feet.  It was a great mix of love and submission in a single gesture.  He’s a good deal shorter than either of us.  He is hairy and sports one of the fullest, most perfectly trimmed beards I’ve ever seen.  I instantly wanted to kiss him.  Instead, we talked.  Talked and laughed.  And in no time Jacob decided we should proceed to their incredibly well stocked playroom.

I change into my leathers out in the hall.  I walk into the playroom and find my hosts side by side on the couch, wrapped in each other.  Kissing.  Beard on beard.  Just watching them makes my jock pouch swell.

Derrick pulls out of the kiss.  “Make him feel welcome,” he whispers to Jacob.

Jacob stands and we kiss for the first time.  It’s a mix of hot and sweet—just like the younger man.  All too soon for me, he is on his knees:  pulling back the pouch, wondering at the size, taking almost all of it into his warm mouth.  With the tiniest thrust into him, my pubes are grinding against that magnificent beard.

Jacob pulls off me, breathless.  I bring him up to his feet to kiss him again.  Derrick stands and joins us.  Three mouths, three constantly moving tongues.  My cock spits out a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I wipe it up with my finger and feed it to Jacob.  He licks my finger, and better, shares it with the both of us. 

“I want to taste his ass,” I mutter to Derrick.

“Hear that, boy?” Derrick says, nuzzling Jacob’s ear.  “Get on the couch and let him taste your hole.”
Jacob is there, on all fours, arms on the back of the couch.  David sits beside him and spreads Jacob’s cheeks even farther apart for me with his massive hands.  I dive in—savoring my first taste of his warm, moist boy hole.  Jacob groans into his arms.  He has flowered opened.  I can go as deep as my tongue will let me.

“You like his tongue?”  Derrick asks him, softly.

“Ohhhh….” He groans into his arms on the back of the sofa.

Derrick lets go of his ass.  I actually like the fact I have to work harder to get into him.  I hear Derrick start to jerk to the sight of me ravaging his boy.  I rock back onto my heels, my dick shiny and red.  Derrick swings around.  He begins to fuck Jacob.  Jacob, surprised, lets out a hiss of air.  I get on my back and work between Derrick’s legs.  My head is right under the action—my tongue all over Derrick’s cock on the back stroke.  And on Jacob’s taint.  Both men let me know vocally I’m right where they want me. 

My cock is dripping.  I can’t get enough of the taste of Jacob’s ass juice all over Derrick’s cock.  I slurp loudly.  The vulgar noise only enhances the moment for all of us.

And then Derrick and I are kissing.  He wants to taste it, too.  “You want to fuck him?”

I nod, but say “Not here. In the sling.”

We both help the boy up and get him comfortable in the sling, with his legs in the stirrups.   Derrick leans over him from the side and kisses him.  I let loose a spray of piss from my crimson dick head.  It covers the hairy ass crack of the boy and drips onto the tarp beneath.  He gasps into Derrick’s mouth, but I am rimming and cleaning him up before he can say anything.  I lick and spit.  I lube my dick as I eat him out.  I am able to stand up and slide right into him.  I move in slowly, but he takes me easily—he’s so wet from the previous play.  Derrick moves to chewing the boy’s nipples.   
Jacob’s eyes lock on mine.  I stop—half way into him.  His eyes tell me when to move again.  And to keep going until I bottom out—grinding my pubes against his furry ass cheeks.

“Fuck me,” he croons, grabbing his dick and jerking it.

Derrick will have none of that.  He grabs Jacob’s wrists and secures them to the sling support chains.
I fuck him.  Noisily.  Rattling chains.  Wet pelvis smacking wet butt cheeks.

Derrick and I trade off. I kiss Jacob while he fucks.  I piss on the boy’s pits and lick them clean.  I chew on his nipples.  I kiss him again.

And fuck him again.

A break is called.  When we return, I fuck Derrick—with Jacob working Derrick’s upper body.

Then it’s back to Jacob in the sling.

Me fucking first.

Then Derrick.

I move around.  A little more piss on his crack.

“No one has ever done that to me,” grunts Jacob as I lick him clean.

I stand up and enter him.

“Are you going to cum in me?”

I look at Derrick for guidance.

“Do you want him to seed you?” he asks the boy.

“Fuck, yes.”  His answer makes me fuck faster—and erects the boy’s dick again.  Derrick is jerking his cock.  He aims it at his boy’s dick.  He fires—coating it in dripping jism.  With two or three jerks of his cum coated rod, Jacob fires off.  I am still buried in him.  I scoop up the mixture of loads from the boy’s crotch and smear them on my dick.

“Here, I’m fucking both loads into you.”


I enter, gliding with the mixture of jizz, all the way into him.  I lean forward to kiss Jacob, but I’m shooting a third load deep in his gut before our lips connect.

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