Thursday, August 27, 2015

A House Full of Men

Northwest Indiana—June, 2015

The only other non-bookstore sex I had in June was at a house party.  These are the parties I’ve reported on in the past, which are held once a month in the summer and early autumn.  The last entry I wrote about this group set the scene quite well:  “I am back at the house party where the host lets men play all over his home.  He has various couches and sofa beds scattered around the house.  A guest room bed is available upstairs.  Downstairs in the finished basement is a bar, two gloryholes tucked under the stairway, and a dark area.  Porn is playing in two locations.  One is on the lower level where it is projected on a wall in a room crowded with oversized couches.  The other is on the living room television which sits in front of a good sofa swathed in old towels to protect it.”

This was the first gathering of the year.  He can get anywhere from 30 to 100 men.  I was expecting big crowds. 

I am just zipping my clothes into my gym bag, when Ryan—my friend and fellow blogger—appears from around the corner to the upstairs bedrooms.  He reports nothing is happening upstairs yet.  We head down to the dark room—catching up on our sexual escapades as we go.  We pass a tall, long-haired man wearing a white jock.  His tanned ass juts out as he leans over at the bar, waiting to get his drink.  Ryan assures me the ass is as great as it looks—he’s a regular at a bookstore near Ryan’s home.  We watch the porn projected on the wall—life size.  It’s a TIM gangbang.  A few other men are there, stroking to it.  It certainly makes my cock swell, as I watch some pig in the movie licking up the load running out of the chosen bottom’s hole.

We move to the dark room.  One guy is there.  And on his knees.  I can’t see who it is—and I don’t care—I just want him to get me hard.  I push my mound of jockstrapped cock into his face.  He grunts in pleasure and I’m soon in his mouth.  Ryan is stroking, watching the man blow me.

And in walks the longhaired man in the white jock.  He and Ryan connect instantly.  One minute I’m holding on to the head of my cocksucker as I scull fuck him, and when I next look back over at Ryan, he has the man on all fours on the floor.  Ryan is fucking him hard and deep.  The long haired one is panting as if he is running a hard mile.  I look back at my partner.  I can now see the man who is sucking me.  He’s young and cubbish—and I’m soon to learn—the boy of Harley.

Harley comes into the dark room.  He’s a top I’ve shared a lot of ass with in this room.  He is likely in his early 40’s, stocky, with a scraggly goatee and a couple of random tattoos—a man who looks like he has just parked his bike outside.

“I see you’ve met my boy,” he says to me.   He slaps his smaller dick on the bridge of the nose of the man sucking me.  He instantly leaves me behind and sucks his Master.  I stay where I am, but watch Ryan fuck.  Soon the Cub is back on my cock.  Harley and I take turns with his mouth—then Harley moves around and fucks him.  We spit roast him until Ryan stops fucking.  Harley pulls out of his boy and shoves his cock into the longhaired man who hasn’t moved off the floor.

“You fuck my Cub,” Harley tells me.  I don’t wait to be told twice.  I move around, lick at the well fucked hole and then push my wet dick into him.

“Oh, fuck,” the longhaired guy moans.  “I want you to all fuck me.”

Ryan goes back up him when Harley pulls out.

To my surprise, the Cub fucks the longhaired guy next.

And then me.

“Fuck,” he mutters into the carpet as I bottom out in him.  I fuck for a moment—but know almost instantly I have gone deeper than any of the others—and with the predictable results.  Yup.  I whisper to him what’s up and go to the bathroom to wash—as he does the same upstairs.  (He must not have been able to get clean—for we never see the pig again…)

When I get out of the bathroom, the dark room is empty.  I make the grand tour and settle down for some cock sucking of a Daddy watching porn in the living room.


A young Latino top is on his knees in the back bathroom.  I have let him close the door.  He doesn’t want anyone to know he loves to suck big cock.  I have been on his big, uncut dick, but he can’t stay hard when I’m sucking.  He needs to be on the floor and groveling in front of me.  I have watched him fuck two different men—a hot tatted boy with a condom and the Cub bare.  But after I was done with the tatted myself—he pulled me into this secluded spot.

I wish he was a better sucker—but knowing this is not something he does often, it makes it hot enough for me to put up with an occasional tooth scraping.  I hold his head still. I fuck his mouth.  He chokes a little, but doesn’t pull away.

Then I hear why—the splat of his load all over my boot.  I pull him up, kneel and clean the cum underneath his foreskin.  He lets me.  Just.  The moment I let go of his dick, he bolts.

I go back to the bed room and fuck the cute tatted boy again.  Squeezing into a Magnum.


An hour or so later.  Ryan has left---I have no idea if he got off.  I find Harley and his boy in the dark area.  Harley has him bent over and is fucking him again.

“You want some of this?” Harley asks me.

I nod.

He pulls out and I insert.  He’s wet and sloppy now.

“Ok for me to load him?”

“Do you want his load, boy?”

“Yes, sir.  If you want me to take it.”

“I do.  I want to fuck in it.”

With that exchange, I thrust harder.  It doesn’t take me long to give him the load that has been building for three hours.


  1. We need to get an invite to this party! - Jack & Joey

    1. Yes, you'd be very welcome. I'll write you with the would be perfect for you two!

    2. It would be great to see Jack and Joey at the party as well. They would certainly be an asset to it and would certainly get their holes filled.

    3. I agree. I sent them the info. I hope they can make it to the next one.

  2. And I'd probably be one of those guys that sheepishly corner you in a private room and beg to sub out for you. :-)

    1. Anytime, Bruce...I would love to do to you what you do to others....