Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Bookstore Summer: Surprises

Near Home—June, 2015

In the summer, my work takes precedence over sex.  I need to pack up the playroom and pretty much put my dick in mothballs.  I do occasionally find time to go do something, but since I can’t play at home and as the guys I might play with are never online when I have a spare moment, I am often relegated to the bookstore.  It’s close enough to not waste a lot of time driving, but you never know who you will find there.  I was able to escape rather regularly in early June.  This first night there was decidedly the best…

I buy my ticket.  I make my way through the brightly lit displays of dildos and bachelorette party games to the bathroom.  I piss and get my cock ring in place.  My cock plumps slightly in anticipation.  I push open the door to the straight theatre.  Five or six men are there watching a nervous straight couple.  They are younger than usual.  She nervously fondles his denim covered bulge; his hand in on her fully clothed breast.  All eyes are on them.  I sit on the couch at the back.  Soon the sexual tension in the room is thick enough to cut with a knife.  But instead of pulling her Boyfriend’s dick out—they flee.

The remaining men eye each other and the movie—a point of view blowjob movie that is extremely dull.  It’s the same damned dick in every scene.

The door opens.  A large woman bursts in laughing with her equally large husband/BF.  They sit in the chairs left vacant by the other couple.  Within moments she removes her top.  I revise my thinking—she’s not large, she’s fat.  She unzips her man and gives him noisy head.  He must have a short fuse.  In moments he pulls out of her ovaled lips, still dripping.

“Who wants her mouth?” he asks the room.

This hot biker dude with a shaved head wants to make use of her.  The men exchange chairs.  The Biker stands to unzip.  He’s hung.  We all watch her attack his dick.

I get my first surprise.  A business type is standing against the wall next to where I am sitting on the end of the couch.  He pulls out his dick and asks for head from me.  This is amazing.  There is NEVER guy on guy action with a lady present.  But if he doesn’t care, neither do I. 

I suck his slightly better than average cock.  He unloads in my mouth in mere moments.

Only then do I notice the mousey guy next to me—his eyes agog watching me suck a dick.

“Honey, it’s time,” says the husband/BF.  She reluctantly gives up on the Biker.  They dress and leave.  There is a mass exodus.  The mousy man scrunches himself into the far corner of the sofa as the Biker walks toward us. Surprise Two:  The Biker sits between us.

I wait until we are the only three left in the room. 

Then wait a little more. 

Then I say “Was she any good?”

“Nope,” is his instant reply.  “She can’t suck big dick.”

Silence.  I keep jerking to the movie.  Suddenly the Biker’s dick is out again.  He strokes just the big helmet head of his dick.  The mousey man now unzips.

No sound but three fists sliding over wet flesh.

The Biker eyes my bigger cock out of the corner of his eye.

We stroke.  Harder.  The Biker is stroking full length now.

I want the mousey guy to leave.  I think how hot it would be to be between the Biker’s legs and showing him how a man services another.

“You got anything to huff?”  The Biker’s voice is loud in the quiet room.  I jerk my mind back to reality and say ‘No,’ while the mousey man stops playing with himself all together.

Dammit.  So close.  With a fucking hit of Jungle Juice, I’m now sure I’d have his dick.  Why didn’t I get it out of the freezer and bring it?

We all stroke in silence.

He eyes me once more.  I’m on the edge of asking if he needs assistance, when the Biker stands up, zips up and takes off.

His departure leads to Surprise Three.  Mr. Mouse stands up and goes all Dom.  “I saw you.  You wanted his dick, you cock sucker.  Take mine.”  He moves in front of me and starts skull fucking my face.  I am so surprised I just oval and let him do it.  His patter is right out of some poorly written porn, but it’s working for him, and as he continues to push my face into his crotch, it’s beginning to work for me.

And then the door opens.  He leaps away from me like I’ve been electrified.  I never see him again.
The man who comes in is a Black man I’ve never seen here.  Footballer build.  Huge shoulders, massive rib cage.  Maybe 30.  He sits in a chair that is facing me more than the screen.  He kneads himself the moment he sees my dick.  And the next Surprise—he actually asks for a blow job as he unzips.  I kneel in front of him, no other words spoken.  And I get Surprise Number Five.  He has one of the tiniest dicks I’ve ever seen—especially on this mammoth man.  It doesn’t stop me—I put him as deep into my mouth as I can—feeling the wiry hair of his crotch on my lips.

But I get another surprise.  A huge load.  Immense.  I have to work to keep it all in my mouth.  It just won’t stop.  I manage, though.  And he’s great about letting me suck every drop off his softening dick.

And then nothing.  In either theatre. 

I am about to leave.  A burly, trucker type walks into the straight side.  That stops me.  He hauls out a thick dick—a traffic cone—not much of a head, but it keeps getting thicker and thicker as it disappears into a forest of pubes.  He opens his shirt on this hot June night and starts squeezing his huge nips with the hand that is not working his cock.

In moments, and with no words, I’m chewing on his leathery nips and sucking the cock.  It has a scar from a removed PA.  I tongue it often. 

He sucks me, too.  Aggressively.   

He groans and precums if we kiss right after one of us comes off a dick.

We know just how to take care of each other. 

And we do. 

With no surprises.

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