Sunday, May 22, 2016

Working the Back Room

Near home—May, 2016

The very next night after my “no fuck” cumshot I went to the club that is sort of a cross between a bookstore and a bathhouse.  It’s farther away, but I was up for the drive.  I was to meet a couple of regulars there. 

I needed to do better. 

And I did.

I am meeting the Tall One.  He’s the 6’6” versatile guy I have often mentioned when I’m here.  He is dark and handsome, with an ass increasingly needing more attention than his dick.  I know I will be paying attention to his butt tonight.  On top of that, a mutual friend is also bringing a young butt boy for us all to share. 

I am the first to arrive.  The store has increased the price—up another $5.00.  I roam around the almost empty space.  (When will they learn?—Get the guys in with lower prices—they’ll have fun and come back more often.)  The space has changed again.  The good sling is now in a private room you can rent for even more money.  The fuck bench has been moved into a place where it might actually get used.  The two cages are gone.  More screens playing different types of porn are scattered around the place.

I sit next to a daddy stroking as he watches porn.  We are the only people in this part of the lounge.  I have seen only one other man waiting by one of the glory holes.  I sit near the daddy in a chair.  He pats the couch cushion next to him.

We are soon trading blow jobs.  I far prefer his mouth to his rough, calloused hands.  He asks me to shoot.  I mention I am meeting some guys—and if he likes to fuck, I know at least two men who will like his thick, foreskinned dick. 

All the time we’ve been playing, the door buzzer has been sounding, letting more guys into the place.  I excuse myself and go off to check out the new recruits.  Four or five men are milling around.  One stands in front of the big screen monitor in the corner where a cage once sat.  He is young and thin.  His eyes are riveted to the screen where a man is being fucked in a sling.  He does not touch the front of his jeans, but you can tell the movie has hardened his cock.  I move around to a dark corner on the left side of the screen.  I sit on the platform.  I can watch the video through a gloryhole.  I take my dick out.

Well, suddenly the movie isn’t as riveting.  The young man moves towards me.

“May I touch it?” he asks.  “Sir,” he adds as an afterthought. 

I nod. 

He falls to his knees and hefts my cock.  His eyes shine.  He lowers his head down on my dripping dick.  He’s good.  He groans as my cock goes deep.  He can’t take it all but he has a good two thirds of me down his throat.

He alternates between taking me deep and swirling his tongue around my cock head.   He only pauses once so he can unzip his fly.  He goes deeper on my dick once he’s jerking himself.

I look up.  There is the Tall One and my friend who loves to share his boys.  They unzip and stroke as they watch me feed this college kid.  My friend moves closer.  I pull the boy off my cock and push him onto my friend.  The Tall One moves in—he wants some too.  I pull the sucker off my friend and onto the new hard dick.  The sucker hesitates.  I can see it in his face —“This is what sluts do.”  I put slight pressure on his neck.  I watch him relax—it’s no longer his decision.  I have “forced” him.
Round and round he goes under my guidance.  Big.  Bigger. Biggest. 

And back again.  The other men take turns grabbing him by the ears and fucking his face.  When it’s my turn, I do the same.  And I get almost my entire cock down his throat.

He pulls off me.  “I need to take a break,” he pants.  “Catch my breath.” 

I nod—but I know he won’t be back.  The floor is covered in his cum.


I wander.  At a glory hole, I suck one of the smallest dicks imaginable for a few moments.  Neither of us is happy.   It can barely poke through the thin wood partition.  

I leave the booth when I hear the unmistakable sounds of fucking.  I round the corner of the glory hole booths.  The Tall One is standing in a booth—fucking the boy our friend brought.  The boy is late 20’s, maybe older.  It’s hard to tell in the dim light and since he’s bent over, holding on to the door frame of the booth.  He’s tall, too, and beefy, in a good way.  My friend moves in and sticks his cock in the boy’s mouth.

As if a bell went off, everyone in the place comes in to watch the fuck.  My friend steps back and lets me into his boy’s mouth.  I look across the boy’s back at the Tall One.  He smiles—and the next minute he is pumping his load into the upturned ass.  He pulls out.  The boy must have been told the drill.  He offers his dripping hole to me.

“Eat me out, Daddy.” 

I fall to my knees and tongue his hole, swallow some of the load dripping from him.  But not all.  I want to fuck in it.  I stand and insert.  I fuck.  My friend pushes into the boy’s mouth.  I notice the Daddy I’d played with earlier.  He’s stroking up a storm as he watches us use the boy.  I wordlessly offer him the ass.  He shakes his head and shoots a mega load on the floor.  I direct the boy to turn and take my friend.  He fucks for a bit as the boy cleans my cock of the Tall One’s load and his own ass juices.

I fuck him again.

One other man in the crowd shoots on the floor.

And the rest of the men melt away—back to the televisions…


We did play more.  My friend was allowed to use the private room for free.  I fucked the boy for a long time in the sling.  But my friend was getting a headache.  The Tall One went home.  And we could not interest anyone else to fuck him.

I finally shot.  I thanked him and left him cruising for more dick.

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