Friday, December 2, 2016

"Cumdump In Local Hotel"

My Hometown—September, 2016

I was on the vanilla hook up site while I was cooking dinner.  I often use that time to chat with f-buds who I know or others wanting to join that club.  I basted the chicken breast in the oven and came back to the computer.  A new message was flashing:

Cumdump in local hotel.  On all fours after 8pm.  Tonight only.

My tiny town rarely has men in the local hotels.  I answered. 

Pictures were exchanged.

I told him that if he was the type of cumdump who wanted a top to shoot the moment he started to fuck, I was not the right guy.

I liked his answer:  “You can fuck me all night.”

I assured him that if other men showed up, I’d be fine with that.

He told me no one else had answered him.  (Not a surprise in this area, though he was a handsome man.  All those cheating husbands around here can’t get out at night.)

We set a time in a couple of hours so I could eat and digest and he could clean up…

I text him:  “In the parking lot.”

Two words come back.  “Door ajar.”

I walk into the deserted lobby.  There is no one behind the desk to be impressed by my walking in as if I own the place.  I take the elevator up to the second floor, taking a healthy swig from my water bottle.  I turn right.  His room is right there.  There is a tennis shoe stuck in the door.  I push it open and enter, letting it lock behind me.

There are two double beds.  He’s on the far one.  Naked.  Lying on his stomach.  Looking over his shoulder at me.  He’s early 40’s, short and thin, with dark blond hair.  It’s his ass I can’t stop looking at:  small, but beautifully rounded.

He smiles at me.  And turns off the bedside light.  Only the lamp on the desk, across the room, is now illuminated.  It gives me enough light to see him move onto all fours—his ass pointing right at me.
I strip, but put my boots back on.  I kneel behind him.  I sink my face into his ass.  He’s still warm and damp from the shower.  His crack is lightly haired.  The hole itself is pink.  And he’s slightly pre-lubed it.  I use the sheet to wipe it off.  I want to taste him—not petroleum products.  I grind my tongue into his hole.

He groans.  “Eat me out.  I haven’t had a tongue in my ass for months.”

I spit into it.  He groans again.  I dig into his now open hole.  His hole is juicing all on its own.  I stand up.  My cock head prods him.

He spins around.  “Jeez—that thing is bigger than it looks in your pics.”  He spits on it and turns back, wiggling his hole.  I ease the head in.  “Damn!”  He grabs a pillow and clutches it.  “Just push it in!”

I do.  I don’t stop until I have my full length in him.  I hold a moment.  Then I start the slow withdrawal.  I begin to fuck.  He is pounding a fist against the mattress.  He buries his face in the pillow.  Panting. 

And suddenly his ass opens.  He arches out of the pillow and begins fucking himself on my dick.  
“Fuck yeah.  That is one hot dick, stud.  Fuck me.”

I do. 

Hard and fast. 

Slow and long.

I pull out.  He’s spotless.  And he knows it.  He swivels around and cleans my dick.  He takes me to the root.  He pulls off me.  “Ass to mouth is so fuckin’ hot,” he pants. 

I nod.  He suckles me down again.  When he pulls off me, he has left globs of spit to fuck into his butt.  He turns and I shove it into him.  And fuck some more.

He cleans my cock.  I suck the precum off his dripping dick and spit it into his hole.  This causes him to groan again.  I push his precum into his ass.  “That is so nasty.”  I push his face into the pillow and hold him in place as I fuck him hard.

More cock cleaning.

I flip him over on his back.  I eat his well fuck hole.  I push back into him.   I lean down and kiss him, letting him taste the mix of juices I just tasted in his ass. All the time we kiss, I am undulating in his hole—never quite keeping still.  He latches onto my tongue.  And sucks it hard.  I fuck.  The hardest yet.

We break.  I flop on the bed beside him.  I take a swig from my water bottle.

“Sit on my face.”  My unknown man scrambles up and sits his juicy ass right on my mouth.  He grinds down on my tongue.  I know he is watching himself in the mirror across the room.

I tongue fuck him with the same ferocity as with my dick.  He bounces and grinds down on me, snorting poppers.

He flops off of me.  “Fuck me.”

“Where do you want my cum?”

“Up me, man.  As deep as you can shove it.”

I get him on all fours again, right at the edge of the bed.  I’m standing there, stroking my dick, just looking at his round butt.  And the pink, now slightly puffy, hole.

“Breed me, man.”

I plow into him.  Rather roughly.  It’s about me at this moment.  I want to load him.  Now.

I pump.  It takes very few strokes.

I explode in his hole.  I collapse on his back and hold on.  He whips his hand over his growing dick and shoots into the sheets.  His ass clenches around my still imbedded cock with each cum shot.

I get dressed and leave him lying in his own cum—and with mine leaking out of his ass…


  1. I wonder if he kept your load inside him all night for the cheating husbands to use as lube the next morning on the commute to work...

  2. Love hotel sex with strangers! Nothing like getting piggy with someone who rarely gets to let loose unless they are out of town.

    1. Agreed. He did mention, as I was dressing, that this is a regular route for him. I'm hoping he'll be back...