Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Ann Arbor—September, 2016

We thought we were going to meet last fall, but he had a stomach bug which stopped that plan.  It took another year for us to get together.  However, since that time, we’ve met once a month.  Here are some highlights…

He meets me on the front porch of his beautiful, large house.  I bring in my bag of leathers.  Then we go outside in the fading late afternoon light to see his massive garden.  It is a work of art.  It’s late fall—I can only imagine what it must look like in the spring or summer. 

I let him lead the way.  He’s worn his leathers—but we are in such a secluded place, the city feels far away.  His eyes come alive as he talks about his plants.  (I soon learn that having sex causes that same spark.)  He has a mischievous smile.  A shaved head.  I stand next to him—I size him up at about 5’ 10”.  He’s very slim and fit from all the yoga.  And once we are inside (having grabbed my rimseat from the car) he shows me the intricate tattoo on his back.  It is of two coiled snakes—one with his mouth right at his ass.  He explains (and I know I’ll get this wrong as I write it here) about how his meditation and yoga work has released all the coiled primal energy at the base of his spine.  The symbol for that force is the serpent.  He is deeply in touch with that energy—and warns me he usually has explosive anal orgasms.

We end up in the uppermost level of the house.  One area has a Fort Troff sling hanging on its red frame.  The other area has a large double bed.  I get into my leathers as we talk some more.  I learn he’s on PrEP.  He asks about why I chose FelchingPisser as a screen name and tells me it conjures up so many great images.  He wonders aloud about what his name might be.  We come up with SpiritHole.

He is on his knees before me, getting my dick hard.  We don’t spend too long there, I can’t wait to sample his ass.  I bend SpiritHole over on the bed—his feet spread wide on the floor, his chest to the mattress.  I kneel between his splayed legs and sample the pucker highlighted by the snake’s open mouth and forked tongue.  I connect for the first time.  I go deep.   His hole flowers open.  I spit and massage it.  I stand up and enter.  He begins shaking as I bottom out.  I fuck him with slow, deliberate strokes.  I begin a build to a good fuck tempo.  He shudders and mumbles encouragement into the bed coverings.

I flip him over.  I want to see his eyes as I enter him.  I am not disappointed—our eyes lock as I push into him.  But they roll up into the top of his head as I build to a hard fuck. My hips slap his upturned ass and are the only sound in the room besides his guttural exclamations of pleasure.


We’ve moved to the sling.  I am eating his fucked out hole.  SH is a great self luber.  His ass is awash with the juices that make my dick drip. 

I rim. 

I swallow. 

I insert. 

I fuck.

We take pictures.


I get him on the rim seat—a new experience, I think, for SH.  He literally drips ass jizz into my open mouth.

We are there a long time.  Until I have to get up and breed him.

My Playroom—October, 2016

We start on the fuckbench.  I always seem to start there…but the ass is spread so perfectly for my tongue.  I wash his ass crack with piss (his first experience—at least with me.)  I kneel and clean him up.  

We fuck—with plenty of ass to mouth as I bring my cock, fresh from his hole, to his mouth.
And back again.



In the sling now.  And I’m fucking.

“I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to piss up my ass.”

I stop drilling him.  “You mean like this?”  The warmth of my piss is spreading through his gut.  His eyes glitter and, as I start to pump, still spurting, they do the roll up into his head.  “Take every drop.”  I pick up the tempo.  I am splashing piss out on the back stroke, soaking the towel beneath us.  I churn my piss for a few minutes before I slow, pull out and taste the mix of piss and ass jizz. 
He’s so damn wet…But I don’t get the mouthful I expect.  I dig deeper.


Later that session, I unwrap a wintergreen Star Brite candy and fuck into his wet ass.  “Now, let’s get you out of the sling.  I want you on the rimseat so you can feed me that out of your hole.”  I get under.  He sits.  I tongue him.  He’s wide open.  But his ass is so wet and hot, he’s already melted the Star Brite.  I eat out his newly flavored hole. 

I eat him—until I need to breed him.

Ann Arbor—November, 2016

We play on the bed.

We fuck in the sling.

“This time,” SH tells me, “I want to eat your ass on the rimseat.”

I have gotten in the sling for him to spear me with his tongue each session we’ve met.  (And he’s offered to fuck me with his uncut cock each time.)  SH gets under the seat—another first for him.  I sit.  My hole spreads.  Both of us are very happy to be there for a long time.


We are on the bed.  I tie a bandana over my eyes.  I work my cock ring off—he wants to lick me everywhere.  I open my legs and get my hands under the back of my head.  He’s on top of me, then to my side, then between my legs.  He licks my cock, suckles my balls, licks my pits and spends a long time with his mouth plastered to my nipples and my mouth.

SH rolls me on my side and bends my legs.  His body is pressed to my back as his tongue invades my ass yet again.  I am warmed by his whole body. 

And I don’t feel like moving at all…


  1. Holy crap, now that's a good fuck bud!

    1. Yes. Though he winters in a warmer climate--so I won't be seeing as much of him.

    2. DAMN FelchingPisser - You've Just Opened Me Up So Wide with You're Eloquent Writing... I'm Seriously Dripping 👅👅 Thanx MAN!!

    3. Thank YOU for taking the time to write. I appreciate it! Dripping is good!!