Monday, December 12, 2016


 I had a trio of good play dates.  They made up for the last two…

My Playroom—October, 2016

Ross returned to the playroom.  Tall, blond and tanned.  If you saw him on the street, you’d never guess he was such pig.  He’s everything I want in a play partner.

I love working him over.  (His last session in the playroom is detailed here.  I am not writing it up in detail, as our play was very, very similar.)  Just like the last time, we did a little of all sorts of things:  piss, toys, fist, ass to mouth, cock and toys in ass, the speculums, etc.  We did it sometimes in the sling, sometimes on the fuck bench or the bed.  The rimseat is always used with that hot ass.

I came for the first time in a week—deep in his guts.  I knelt and Ross pushed out his cummy rosebud into my mouth. Heaven.

I only wished he lived closer…

Chicago—October, 2016

The piss party for October was a small affair.  My cute otter from the coat check was not there. 
There were a few new faces—always a good thing—and I made sure that my big dick welcomed them to the group, one way or another.  I had a fun, wet time—though it proved to be all mutual drinking and mutual oral.

I believe I shot my load when I was eating a newbie’s ass—and an old reliable bud pissed down that ass crack as I was tongue fucking it.

Near Home—October, 2016

Kurt, the man who has taken my arm up his ass and who proved to be such a pig at the bookstore the last time we met, wanted to go back to the scene of the crime.  It wasn’t as wild—but I got to see him in a slightly different light.

I am on the straight side, waiting for Kurt to arrive.  I am stroking, watching the porn and watching the two men looking at the big screen TV. It’s a weekday afternoon, the crowd is definitely older.  The man on the couch is one of those who can’t find his dick for the sagging stomach.  I pay more attention to the man who sits directly across from me.  He’s about my age, short, shaved head, wiry—and is stroking a short, fat cock.

Kurt comes in.  He nods at me.  He stands by the door and gets his own sizable dick out.  He watches me watching the man across from me.  I can see him get the idea.  He walks to the man.  “Suck my dick,” he says.  It’s not a question.  It’s a command.  Fat Cock leans forward and takes him to the root.  Kurt grabs his ears and face fucks him.

I am liking this—I rarely see him in this role.

“Get on your knees and do it right.”

The man slides out of the chair and to the floor, never letting Kurt’s dick out of his mouth.  He is stroking his own at top speed.  Kurt holds his head again.  The face fuck looks brutal, but Fat Cock doesn’t let out a murmur. 

“You want me to fuck you?” Kurt asks him, in as voice that fills the room.

Fat Cock nods. 

“Over there.”  Kurt points to chair next to me.  Fat Cock drops his pants and kneels on the seat of the chair.  Which puts his head in my direction.  “Suck my friends cock.”

I stand and stick my dick into Fat Cock’s mouth.  It’s velvety and he has great tongue work.  Kurt spits on FC’s pucker.  I watch as Kurt lubes his dick.  He beats it against the up turned ass and shoves it into Fat Cock’s waiting hole.

FC groans around my cock.

“He has a great hole,” Kurt tells me.  “You gonna let my buddy fuck you with his bigger dick?”

FC grunts assent.

Kurt pounds into his ass.  I think he’s showing off for me.  Fat Cock is loving it.  The sounds of fucking fill the room.  The other man is stroking wildly, watching us, not the movie.

Kurt pulls out.  “Change.” 

We do.  Kurt shoves into his mouth, not waiting to see if the man will suck on a cock pulled from his ass.  FC is totally turned on by being used.  I push into his butt.  It’s juicy enough that for a millisecond I wonder if Kurt has loaded him.  I fuck him—giving him every inch.

We trade again.  I bring my cock to his mouth.  He cleans it.  I pull out of his mouth and watch Kurt fuck his hole.  I go behind Kurt and stick my cock into him.  He grunts and tells Fat Cock that he’s now being fucked by me.  I stand still and let Kurt do the work.  He fucks into FC on the thrust and impales himself on me with the backstroke.

It can’t go on long.  It’s too intense.

“Cum on my dick,” Fat Cock pleads.

Kurt rips out of him and Fat Cock turns and sits on the chair.  Kurt shoots his usual mega load all over the jerking man’s cock.  I move into place to shoot myself.  I am beating myself hard to get there.  Kurt goes from firing all over the man’s dick to his knees to catch the load Fat Cock is about to fire.

FC strokes his cum soaked cock and shoots a load that spatters Kurt’s face.

That is enough to set me off.  Half my load land lands on FC’s cock and half goes into Kurt’s wide open mouth…

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