Monday, February 27, 2017

Ringing In the New Year--One Ass After the Other

Chicago—New Year’s Eve, 2016

Marco and I made the trip into Chicago the next morning with ease.  We arrived earlier than expected at Rod and Brice’s house.   We unpacked.  I set up the fuck bench in their basement play area where it joined their sling, rimseat and a double bed you could get to from all four sides.  (I took pictures of the set-up last year—you can see them here.)

I nap.

It’s 10:00 pm and time to fuck.

The four us go downstairs.  We begin warming each other up.  A blow job, some rimming, and fingers in Marco’s ass.   Nine more men begin to troop through the door, take their clothes off and insert themselves, literally, into the action playing out in front of them.

A cocky leather top says he’s always the biggest dick at a party.  I make sure he’s watching as I pull out of Marco’s ass.  He doesn’t repeat that statement again.

Three of us take turns on Rod’s ass—with him straddling the fuckbench.

Bryce is getting railed by a tall Black top in the sling.

Marco is on all fours on the bed.  He has had his newly PA-ed dick in a cute blond man—and now they’ve reversed.

Men occasionally pause from fucking, take a drink and then move to another clump of sweaty men.


I am under the rimseat.  I’ve been eating out the cute blond.  Bryce arrives.  The new ass is thrust down on my face. 

“He loaded me.” Bryce says. 

I am guessing it was fuck in the sling with the big Black guy.  But I don’t care.  He is sitting on the seat and moaning every time my tongue touches his hole.  I can just taste the load.  I drill deeper.  It starts to drip out onto my tongue.  I push even deeper.

Bryce moans.  “You want it?”  He loosens his hole.  It’s a slow flow of jizz.  It slips out of his well fucked ass and into my mouth.  I groan, muffled by his hairy ass, and just let the flow continue onto my tongue.

Some one bats my hand off my cock and sits on it.  I can’t tell who.  I just concentrate on the river of jism cascading out of Bryce.  If this is only one load, I can’t believe the volume.  I plaster my mouth around his swollen ass lips.

A different man is fucking himself on my dick now.

The flow of jizz has stopped.  I clean him up.  I swallow every drop.  He gets up.  The dim room feels incredibly bright after being under him.  Brice is standing so I still can’t see who’s riding my cock.

“Don’t get up.  I’ve got something for you.”  Rod’s ass replaces Brice’s butt.  I dig into the freshly loaded hole…


Rod has gone.  (A small load after the glacier that flowed out of Brice.)  Word has spread.  Even the tops are sitting on my face to let me eat them out.  I think I’m up to at least six men but I’ve pretty much lost count.  One more unidentified man has ridden my dick as I rim.  I can tell it’s Marco on me now.  I can see even less than usual.  It’s a big bubble butt filling the seat.  I know it belongs to a Black guy.  He’s younger than the stud who fucked Brice.  He was one of the rotation-on-Rod group.  He’s moaning and calling me a dirty slut between hits of poppers.

Suddenly he stands up.  “Do you face fuck?” he asks, looking down at me through the closed seat. 

I look up past his dripping fat dick and try to concentrate on his face.  “Sure.”

Marco gets off my dick.  The Black guy helps me up and leads me to the bathroom on this floor.  “I want my face fucked.  Hard.  It can get sloppy.  Ok?”

I nod and he gets on his knees.  My dick is straight from several asses, but he doesn’t care.  Maybe even likes it.  He opens and I grab his head.  And thrust.  All the way down his throat.  I fuck it—holding him in place.  Three or four strokes until I feel him gag.  I pull off, bringing up huge strands of deep throat spittle.

“Yeah, just like that!” he tells me.  “Do it a—”

I don’t let him finish.  I am slamming my cock into his throat.  His teeth are completely covered.  For all the fucking of his mouth, I’m never scraped.  I pull out.  The spittle covers his chin and one strand oozes down his naked torso.  I mop it up with my cock head and fuck it back into his mouth.


And again.

This time he gags hard enough I think I might have pushed too deep.  But he recovers.  He looks up at me.  His eyes are wet.  “Fuck, man.  No one will do this to me.”

I give him another couple of rounds.  My dick is super wet.  I pull him up.  “Now bend,” I bark.  He grabs the rim of the sink.  “I’m fucking your throat slime up that phat ass of yours.”

“Yes, Sir,” he all but whispers.  “Fuck me, Sir.”

 I slam into him with all the force I used on his throat…


We drink champagne at midnight.  It’s a good change from ass juice and cum.

I count the men.  I’ve been up all but the four strict tops.  That makes me smile.

I watch my throat fuckee lead Brice to the bathroom.  I’m pretty sure he’s not going to do the same thing—but I want to know.  I follow.

I watch from the open doorway.  Brice is bent over, holding onto the same rim of the sink.  The top is savagely using his hole.  I watch until he sees me watching him.  I walk forward.  He doesn’t stop.  I kneel right by Brice’s upturned butt.  I watch that big piece of black meat slice into that hot ass. 

I look up at the top.  “Let me taste his ass on your dick.  Fuck it into my mouth.”

He just keeps fucking.

It’s my turn to use the words he wants to hear.  “Please, Sir, fuck my mouth straight from his ass.” 

Instantly he pulls out and sticks it into my mouth.  I clean it.  He rips it out of my mouth and shoves it back up Brice.  Four strokes into Brice.  One into me.   Four.  One.  Four.   One.   Four….he explodes.

I clean his drooling cock.  And get my face pushed into Brice’s leaking butt.  The top hold’s me in place.  I can barely breathe.  All I can do is lick out his cum…


(For the record, 30 minutes later I breed Brice in the sling—and have the cute blond felch out my load.)


  1. The Professor sent me an email:

    "What a tremendously stimulating entry--my dick is still tumescent, and I jacked off reading it for the third time! Man, would I love to be at one of those parties sometime!

    Anyway, just a shout out. Keep up the hot fucking! I never get enough of your writing or your big dick!

  2. Well, reading about how you throat fucked that guy made me blow my load--I love getting pounded just like that myself. Thanks for a great start to my day!

    1. Always happy to oblige! I really enjoyed that moment that night, for it was something just a little different.