Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Oral

Southwest Michigan---December, 2016

(I’m doing something a little different this time.  There are many sections and different moods to this encounter.  I am going to break it into a number of smaller pieces…but publish daily.)

We were all lounging, post cumshots, in their playroom.  (The play is detailed here.) Derrick and I were on the couch, his arm draped on my shoulder once again.  Jacob was on the rug, nestled between Derrick’s legs, his head resting on Derrick’s thick thigh and his right hand idly playing with the calf of my left leg.

“You know,” Derrick said, giving the base of my neck a squeeze, “we should do something for your birthday.  When is it exactly?”

I named a date about two weeks away.

“Maybe we could celebrate with some group play.”


And not much more was said.  I even wondered if it would happen.  But, then, the Sunday afternoon nearest my birthday, I was parking in their driveway and carting in my fuck bench to augment the playroom…

Jacob lets me in.  “One of them is already here.  He’s a cute cub we play with.  He’s been sucking our dicks for the last hour.”

I go into the study and say hello.  The young man is indeed a cute cub—blond and pale and hairy.  He’s in leather and barely looks up from sucking Derrick’s dick.  Jacob helps me cart the stuff downstairs.  We set it up and I send him back up to play while I change into my leathers.

When I get there, I am introduced to the other new arrival.  He’s naked but for socks and a cockring.  My guess is that he’s about my age and in pretty good shape.  He is boyishly enthusiastic about all things oral—having come out only fairly recently.  This new arrival, who I’ll simply call the Cocksucker says hello and instantly leaves the man he is working on and starts sucking my dick to hardness.

“Wow, they said you were big,” he blurts out as he pulls off me the first time.  “Fuck, man, now that’s a cock.”

“Keep sucking.”  I tell him.

I look at the couch.  Jacob is fingering around the Cub’s hole while the Cub sucks Derrick. 

Soon we all shift around.  I go to my knees to take turns sucking both Derrick and the Cocksucker.   Jacob is pumping into the Cub’s mouth.

We rotate again.  It becomes about ass eating.  Every ass is fair game for a hard tongue.  Derrick licks me while the Cocksucker sucks Derrick—and then me.  The Cub eats out Jacob. 

Soon, I rim the Cub and Jacob, side by side, as they kneel on the couch.  Back and forth.  Hairy ass and hairier ass.  Derrick and the Cocksucker give each a cock to suck as I tongue fuck the two holes I know I will soon be fucking. 

But not yet. 

We rotate again.  Derrick is sitting on my face.  Someone sucks my cock.  I think someone is in Derrick’s mouth as he rides my tongue.  I am being smothered by his ass.  And I don’t care.

Derrick gets up and helps me up.  I drink some water, but soon I’m back on my knees and sucking the Cub’s dick.  He likes it—for a moment—then gets embarrassed and pulls away.

I watch the Cocksucker get up to stand on the couch.  He feeds the Cub his dick.  Jacob’s lubes up and starts into the Cub’s hole.

“Wait a minute,” says Derrick.  “Let’s take the fucking down to the playroom.”

And off all five of us go…

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