Friday, February 3, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Sling

(Continued from the previous posts)

The Cub is now in the sling and the Cocksucker is bent over him working on a nipple as Derrick sits on the ottoman and rims him.

Jacob and I go to the sling, too.  I move around to the far side so I can chew on the other nipple.  Jacob bends to kiss the Cub. 

The lucky fucker has all four mouths on him at once…

The Cub is jerking.  I bat his hand away and sample his dick again.  He’s leaking precum.  I use my tongue to smear it over his cock head.

Derrick stands up and shoves his dick into the boy.  The Cub grunts, but he takes it.  The Cocksucker disappears under the sling.  I can only guess he’s watching Derrick’s cock plow into that young ass.  Or maybe he’s licking Derrick’s shaft on the back stroke.  I go back to chewing on a nipple, and tweaking the one left behind with my other hand.  Jacob smothers the boy with his armpit, muttering a “Lick it” as he covers the boy’s mouth and nose.

 I watch Derrick’s face as he fucks.  It is a great mix of concentration and pleasure.  He grins at me and, moments later, tells Jacob to take a turn up the Cub. 

We rotate around the sling as the Cub gets his second dick.  Derrick is bent over, kissing him.  I stand behind the top of the sling, a hand on each of his nipples.  I can’t see the Cocksucker, I can only guess that he’s enjoying his own private porno under the sling as he watches a second raw cock go up the Cub.

“He’s nice and wet,” Jacob pants, mid stroke. 

“You better go taste his ass,” Derrick tells me.

I let Jacob pump into him a little more, then I move around to take his place.  I sit on the ottoman and look at the puffy hole.  It is very red and slightly open from all the abuse.  I lean forward.  My tongue connects.  It goes right into him.  The Cub gives a muffled groan.  Does he have Derrick’s armpit in his face?  I don’t bother to look.  I just concentrate on slurping his hole.  And spitting.  Getting it even wetter.

“He’s big…” I hear the Cub say.

“You can do it,” Derrick reassures him.

I stand up.  I let my dick slap his balls once.  I line it up with his hole.  “I know you can take me,” I tell him, “after all that other fucking.”  I inch into him.  “Your hole felt nice and open on my tongue.  Did you like me licking your hole?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well, now you are going to take me.  How much of my dick do you think is in you?”

“I don’t know...”

“You just took it all—when you weren’t worrying about it.”

“No way.”

“How does it feel?” asks Derrick.

“I feel so full,” whimpers the Cub—but it’s a good whimper, not a painful one.

Jacob comes around and leans across him to suck his dick as I begin to fuck.  I do a slow and easy stroke.  The Cub is making the hottest noises as he abandons himself to the sensations of dick in his hole.  He has to tell Jacob to stop sucking his cock or he’ll explode. 

This makes me start a really hip smacking fuck.  Derrick is bent over, whispering obscenities into the Cub’s ear.  Jacob has moved to his nipples.  The Cocksucker has emerged from under the sling and stands to the side, his eyes never leaving the sight of my dick disappearing into the Cub.

I pause.  My cock is totally buried in this boy who an hour ago was afraid of it.  I bend down so my chest presses into his.  “You’ve just had every bottom’s dream,” I whisper.  “Three raw cocks back to back.”  The Cub groans.  Derrick laughs.  “Now take my dick.”  I straighten back up and fuck into him at full force.

“Fuck!”  he grunts out.  His hand finds his rampant cock.  He strokes it.  I touch his tightening balls.
And he shoots.

All over himself.

I lean forward.  My tongue swipes through a huge puddle of jizz.  It’s creamy and thick.

The Cub is shaking from the force of his cumming.  We all hold on to him as he comes down from his explosion…

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