Thursday, February 2, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Fuck Bench

(Continued from the previous post)

 “Wait a minute,” says Derrick.  “Let’s take the fucking down to the playroom.”

The five of us troop downstairs.

“This will be a treat for the Cub,” Jacob tells me on the steps.  “He’s never seen the playroom.”


“Oh, he’s been in it a lot—but we’ve always kept him blindfolded.”

And indeed, the Cub’s face is pretty priceless as he walks into this dark room where every surface is full of sex toys and lubes.  Leather gear and bondage equipment hang from the rafters and from on hooks on the wall.  Porn plays in the corner.  There is a big leather couch, the sling hangs from the rafters and my fuck bench is right inside the door in front of the couch.

“Wow…” he says, thinking it’s under his breath.

“Birthday boy brought the bench,” Jacob tells him.  “It’s great.  Get up on it.”

The Cub is very good at following directions.  He gets comfortable on the bench.  Jacob feeds him his dick and nods for me to go for the Cub’s ass.  I kneel and start to rim.  This boy is tight.  I concentrate on getting his hole extremely wet.  Derrick settles on the couch with the Cocksucker between his legs.  He watches me open up the Cub.

I rim.

I spit.

I tongue fuck.

The Cub is responding.  He is pushing back on my face.  Jacob reaches across the Cub’s back and spreads his full ass cheeks for me.  This allows me to drill deeper.  It’s the perfect birthday present.
I stand up.  I beat my engorged dick on the Cub’s butt.  I have no clue if I can fuck him raw or if I need a condom.  I am about to ask, as I slap my dick once more, right on his wet pucker. 

The Cub pulls off Jacob’s cock.  “Can someone smaller open me up?  Please?”

Derrick gets up.  “Come here, boy.  Jacob, get on the bench.”

The Cub gratefully goes over to the couch, where he instantly goes down on Derrick’s dick.  Jacob is more than willing to give me his ass.  I go back to my knees and start eating the familiar butt in front of me.  The Cocksucker comes over and it’s his turn to pull butt cheeks apart.  I tongue fuck Jacob’s hairy ass.  Deep.  I slather his hole with saliva until I can’t stand it anymore.  I have to fuck him.

I stand up.  I insert.  Slowly.  Jacob is panting, willing his hole to open.  It does.  The Cocksucker comes around so he’s behind me.  He presses up against me.  I can feel his rock hard cock against my naked ass.  He twists my nipples. I bottom out in Jacob.  I hold, pressed into him and with the Cocksucker pressed against me.  I start the backward motion of the fuck.  The Cocksucker steps away.  And then he’s squirming under the bench from the side.  He cranes up so he can lick my balls as I fuck.  Damn, that’s nice.  He licks my balls, my taint and then moves to Jacob’s dripping cock which is hanging off the bench.

I slap Jacob’s ass with an open palm.  The sound fills the room.  And I begin to really fuck.  Slow and steady.  All the way out but for the head of my drooling cock.  All the way in.  I glance behind me for a second on a back stroke.  There is moaning coming from the couch.  The Cub is riding Derrick’s dick.  I grin.  I feel so incredibly lucky.  It makes me fuck Jacob even harder.

“Damn,” says the Cocksucker, still under us.  “Split him in two with that dick.”

I am really pounding into Jacob now.  There is a wonderful moment when all the grunts and moans in the room form a little fugue of desire.  I slow down.  Still under the bench, the Cocksucker comes back to my balls.  I really slow my stroke to savor the attention.

The Cocksucker crawls out.  He leaves us as I pick up the pace on Jacob’s ass again.

The Cub is now in the sling and the Cocksucker is bent over him working on a nipple as Derrick sits on the ottoman and rims him.

I slow the fuck.  I stop.  I help Jacob off the bench, hug him and we go to the sling, too.  I move around to the far side so I can chew on the other nipple.  Jacob bends to kiss the Cub. 

The lucky fucker has all four mouths on him at once…

(More to come…)

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