Sunday, February 5, 2017

Birthday Bash -- Elbow Grease

(Continues from the last few posts.)

Jacob takes a sip of miso soup.  “Do you want to mess around this morning?”

“I do.  After all, Derrick told me to ravage you…”

“Good.  I’ll clean up as soon as we’re done here.”

I chew thoughtfully.  While I’ve played with Derrick without Jacob, it’s never been the other way around.  My cock stirs under my bathrobe.  By the next bite, I’m rock hard…


The dishes are stacked.  We both go off to shower—Jacob upstairs and me down by the guest room.  Mine is quicker.

I am tying my boots when I hear the water turn off.  My cock is still plump—no longer hard—but it’s a struggle to get the metal cock ring on with it slightly swollen.  I don’t bother with the chaps, I just slip on my jock.  That way I can tuck my lube bottle in the wide waistband.  I go into the playroom to wait.

And not for long.

Jacob comes down the stairs.  He’s in nothing but a jock himself.  He closes the door.  I pull him into a long kiss.  We grind our pouched cocks together.  Our tongues are busy.  I love the feel of his beard on mine.

Eventually, I press on his shoulders.  He goes to his knees.  My cock is sticking out of the side of my jock.  He takes me into his mouth.   Maybe a third of my dick.  “Deeper.  I know you can.”  He swallows me down to just over half.  I let him set the rhythm of his cocksucking.  He pulls off, takes a deep breath and dives down on me again.  This time a little deeper.  I push forward just slightly.  He takes me.  And there’s no gagging.

I pull out and kneel in front of him so we are face to face once again.  I pull him into another kiss.  Sticking my tongue into his mouth is making my cock drip.

I pull out of it.  “Let’s just get to the sling.”  We move farther back into the room.  “Stay right there.”  Jacob has grabbed the chains to hoist himself in.  I kneel in front of him and swallow his cock down.  He’s as hard as I am.  And leaking.  I get a tongueful of pre-cum. 

I finally stop and help him get into the sling.  Then it’s back to my knees and burying my face in the still moist hair of his ass.  My tongue slowly works through all the hair to find his hot pucker.  Jacob groans on the first direct contact.  I begin a deep burrowing.

I can hear him stroking his cock.  “Can I have some lube?”  I toss my bottle up to him; I’m not going to stop eating his hole, even for a moment.  I pry it open with just my tongue.  At one point, Jacob stops stroking and spreads his cheeks with both hands so I can get into him even deeper.

I lube my cock as I lick and spit.  I can’t stand it.  I need my dick in him.  I stand up.  Align.  Push.  Sink in.  Maybe half my dick is encased in his hot ass. I stop.   Jacob pants.  His hot, wet hole relaxes.  I inch in.  More and more.  My pubes grind into him.  I’m home.  I pause again.

I bend over him.  My face is just above his.  I kiss him, look him in the eye and whisper “I’m going to fuck you so hard…”

Our eyes remain locked.  I pull out slowly.  Leaving just the head inside.  I fuck.  And fuck.  I build relentlessly.  I need to catch my breath, but I can’t stop slamming into his ass.  Jacob stops stroking.  Finally I slow.  I bend and kiss him again, still in his ass.

I pull out.  I want to try something that I learned last night.  I grab the Elbow Grease.  I whiten both my hands with the creamy lube.  Jacob is sure I am about to fist his well fucked ass.  But I don’t.  I grab his bare right foot in the stirrup.  My hands glide over it.  My thumbs work the sole.  They scoop up to the ball of the foot.  Every inch is covered and massaged.  My slick fingers separate his toes.  Jacob reacts as if I am jerking him off.  He is bucking and thrashing in the sling in sheer pleasure.  I re-grease and do the other foot.  I idly wonder if I can make him shoot by doing this.  I do the sole, the ball, the toes.  I go back to the other foot.  I suck his toes.  This makes him pant.  I grab a greasy foot with each hand and work them in tandem.

I fuck him again.

I re-grease my hands.  I worm it into his ass this time.  Slowly.  Steadily.  I’m almost there—and then his sphincter snaps shut on my wrist.  I keep it there.  I lean down and suck his cock, my right hand still in his butt.

I slowly pull it out.

I go in again.  I’m pretty sure this time he’ll blow his load.  The sphincter snaps again—and he shoots.  I twist my hand out of him with each convulsion—and his ass all but pushes me out.  I start jerking my dick, too.

 I let him recover a moment.  “Can you take a little more fucking?  I really want to shoot in you.”

He nods, not sure, but I tell him I’ll stop if it’s too much.

I don’t need to worry.  I push into his used hole and my cock erupts.  Over and over.  I lean forward and hold on to him.  His arms press me into his chest.

Jacob’s lips are right at my ear.  “Happy Birthday.”



  1. WOW! What a birthday celebration! Happy Birthday FP! And many more -- both birthdays and hot celebrations!

    Paul, PS

    1. Thank you. It was pretty special on so many levels.

  2. Now that's a nice birthday. Love fuck buds like that... those with the right about of sexual chemistry and that ease to enable you to be your dirtiest...

    1. Amen. I feel really lucky to know this pair. Each of us seem to compliment the needs of the other two really well. So open--I love that they had no real piss experience, but when they found out how much I loved it, it's been included more often than not. I am not a tight bondage person--until I've met someone who wants it--guess what I'm trying to get better at doing???

  3. Another birthday is just around the corner...