Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show Off

Louisville—Febraury, 2017

I was so busy during the rest of my stay in Memphis, I had no other sex.  Part of me wanted to make time to return to the backroom of the bookstore—but I also wondered if I would luck into anything as hot as on my previous visit.  In any event, I really didn’t have the time. 

I drove back to Louisville and booked into the same motel.  I ate a leisurely dinner…and went off to see what trouble I could get into at the adult theatre.

It’s a weeknight again.  A few semis litter the parking lot, but there aren’t many cars.  I go in and buy the double ticket.  I start in the straight theatre.  There are two men—one in the front row who is obviously jerking to the three-way on the screen and another man in the middle of the seating.  I sit in the back row again—the one with the extra leg room.

All is quiet.  The man masturbating is not a man I need to help out.  The other man seems more asleep than there for either the videos or for sex.

The door opens.  A nicely put together man enters.  He’s around my age, with short, dark hair.  He stands in my row and proceeds to strip himself of every article of clothing except his gym shoes.  He sits and plays with his dick.  His head turns to me.  He nods.

I nod.

He gestures me to join him, patting the seat next to him. 

I do.

He looks at me.  He looks at his cock.  It’s plumped, but not hard.  He looks back at me.  His arched eyebrow asks “Cocksucker?”

I get on my knees.  I start to suck him.  And suck him.  I can’t get him hard.  I know I am better than this.  I look up at him from between his splayed legs.  He’s smiling, seemingly enjoying what I’m doing.

I go back to work.  Suddenly he’s hard.  I re-double my efforts.  His dick is drooling now.  I look up at him again.  What did I do differently?

The change is that the man in the first row has gotten up and is standing in the side aisle watching us go at it.  I go back to work to give him a show.  The cock I’m sucking gets harder yet.  I wonder if the man in the aisle has stuck his dick in this guy’s mouth.  No, he’s just openly jacking as he watches us.
I return to getting this guy off.  I hear the outer door shut.  Instantly the dick in my mouth loses its hardness.  I look up again.  Yup, our audience has vanished.

“Let’s take a break,” the man tells me.

We meet up again, later, in the gay theatre.  Same thing.  He is super hard every time there is an audience viewing him getting serviced.   He stands in the far aisle for any and every one to see.  With me sucking him.  The moment a man finally approaches us to add in, the man in my mouth zips up and leaves.

I let him do this to me once more in the straight theatre.  A couple of guys watch and it’s great.  They approach—and he runs.  (I stay and suck the better looking one of these two off.)

On the gay side, we deliberately show off for a new arrival and the sex is fun.  The new arrival turns back to the movie and the guy goes soft.  He leaves with a “come to the straight side with me.”   

Against my better judgment I do. 

I enjoy his hard dick in my mouth as we entertain a new viewer.  But the on-looker makes the mistake of touching the Show Off’s bare chest.  He puts on his clothes and high tails it to the other theatre.  
And once again I am left to gratefully suck the watcher.

Much later, back on the gay side, I find the show-off standing in the play area, leaning on the wall and watching the movie just as much as watching the guy next to him doing the same thing.  I’ve had enough.  I move into the dark area.  The Show Off turns, knowing I am going down on him. 

I don’t. I suck the other man’s dick in front of the Show Off.  My new guy pulls down his jeans, offering me his butt.  I eat him out.  The Show Off gets dressed.  Disgusted.

“Fuck me.  You can give me your load, if you want.”

I need little encouragement.  I enter the man.  The Show Off slams the door on his way out.  He has no time for any other man showing off.

I deposit a load before bed time.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Stranger In a New Playground

Memphis—February, 2017

I made it easily to Memphis the next day.  I loved having the freedom of my car instead of being at the mercy of the airlines and cabbing it to the conference hotel.  I checked in, got the conference material, had an early dinner and realized I had the night off.  I briefly looked online, but having been burnt often on the hook up sites in this town—and having my car for the first time—I decided to head out to one of the bookstores I found listed. 

I’d like to say I found it easily, but I didn’t.  It was hidden away at the back of a parking lot, surrounded, rather surprisingly to me, by other strip mall businesses.  I went in.  There were the usual movies to rent and a few sex toys and lubes.  I knew they had both an arcade and a theatre.  I chose the theatre.  I paid the cheapest price I have ever paid to get into this type of establishment.  The attendant pointed to an archway on my right.  I walked in…

It’s not that dark.  It’s a large room with about 30 mismatched chairs, most facing a rather small television.  There are also chairs against the wall with the entrance arch.  I sit there for a moment and look around.  Another arch seems to lead to the arcade.  I look at television.  The movie is old and grainy.  I look at the men watching it.  There are maybe seven seated and three or four leaning on various walls—some looking at the screen, some at me—the newcomer.  I look again.  Yup.  There is one other white guy here.  A couple of Latinos.  The rest are Black.

I am not sure of the rules.  The space is wide open.  There is a direct sightline to the main counter in the store.  No one has their dick out.  Traffic is going constantly back and forth towards the arcade.  I’m beginning to think I should have gotten an admission for both.

A handsome man, mid 30’s and dressed in a suit is near the opening of the arch, leaning on the wall.  He’s maybe 6 foot tall, with a trim build and his black hair is cut close to his scalp.  He has one foot on the wall.  Lounging.  That classic, ‘I’m available’ stance.  He is staring straight at me.  He squeezes his crotch.  I do the same with mine where my cock is mounding my jeans nicely.  He squeezes again and jerks his head toward the door to the arcade.  He squeezes once more and leaves.  I follow. He goes into a door on the left before we hit the arcade aisle.  I take a deep breath and follow him in.

It’s a restroom.  Two urinals and a toilet.  He is at one of the urinals, his hips plastered against the cracked, yellowed porcelain.  I unzip and stand at the other, my cock on full display.  I am able to piss as my dick begins to lengthen.  The man steps back to show me his hard member.

I wait a moment.  I shake off the final drop and I go to my knees, taking his 7 + inches to the root.

“Yeah,” he hisses.  “But not here.”

I pull off his dick.  “Sorry. I don’t know the rules.”

“I didn’t think I’d seen you before.  Let’s go to the backroom.”

We both zip up and I follow him out.  We go back into the theatre and I see there is another door I hadn’t noticed up by the television.  We go through it.  It’s was likely once a broom closet—but big enough for 6 or 7 guys.  There is bench at the right height for guys to be bent over.

“You get fucked?  You here for some big Black dick in your ass?”  he asks as he unzips again and starts fisting his meat.

I take my cock out.  “I’m all top for anal.  But I love to suck if you want me to continue.”  I get on my knees before he has time to answer.

He’s big but slender enough to go right down my throat.  He grunts in pleasure.  I suck him for a good seven or eight minutes.  One of the Latinos looks in the door.  He smirks and leaves us alone.
My man blows what feels like a sizable load down my throat.  I lick up every drop. 

I stand up.  My cock now finally at full hardness.  “Damn, man.  You’re huge.”


“You fuck with that thing, right?”

I assure him I do.

“I know a couple of guys here who’d love that thing.”  He goes on to tell me to hang around and he’ll spread the word.

We go back out into the theatre.  I sit along the back wall by the arch to the arcade.  “Take it out and show it off,” my new friend tells me.  I am now out of range of the front desk, so I do.  I get lots of looks, lots of caressing hands as guys go to the arcade.  Even from a straight, white couple who come through on their way for her to suck some dick in a booth.

Soon enough my new friend is back leading a bashful looking young man.  He’s late 20’s, a cub in size, and has a very full bubble butt stretching his khakis to the limit.  “He wants you to fuck him bare and to breed him.”

We head to the back room.  I let them go first as I do up my pants.  When I get there, the young man is bent and ass up—showing off those luscious, black mounds of flesh.  I open my pants and surprise them both by dropping to my knees and starting to rim him.

“Fuck, you are a dirty fucker,” the guy I sucked whispers.  He has his recently spent dick out again and is jerking.  I keep rimming as the door constantly opens.  When I stand up, five or six guys have crowded in—enough that they can’t shut the door.

I stand up and enter the wet ass.  I am told in hushed tones to “fuck him good” and “stick that white dick in his black ass.”  And yes, the color contrast of my pale, pale skin and his deep ebony are startling and arousing. 

I fuck slowly.  Deliberate strokes.  Three of the new arrivals take dicks out, too.  I speed up the tempo.  My hips slam hard against his full ass.  I finally need to slow down.  I pull out (and silently thank the dedicated bottom for arriving prepared.)  I turn to my new friend.  “Do you want a turn?”

“Naw, but he does.”  He motions to the guy closest to me.  He’s very young and has a dick that is a mirror image of mine, but in black.

He spits on his dick and enters the upturned ass I just left.  “You got him really wet,” he says loudly.  He goes to town and is soon grunting out his orgasm.  I kneel and when he pulls out, I tell him to stick his drooling dick in my mouth.

He hesitates and my new friend claps him on the shoulder telling him to do it.  “Give this nasty fucker what he wants.”  He does.  And loves it the moment my tongue touches his spent cock.

I lick him clean.  I felch just a little—again to the amazement of the others.  I am ready to blow a load myself.  I stand up and stick my dick into the cummy, silky mess.  I fuck him hard.  The bottom is grunting on every stroke.  He begins to plead with me to load him.

“Take it!”  I begin spewing into him.  I bend over him and hang on, it’s such an intense orgasm.  When I stand up the room is empty but for the first guy, still stroking his revived cock.

The bottom thanks me.  

I swat him on the ass.  “Two dicks and two loads.  That’s a good afternoon.”

He grins and leaves.

“You want this dick again?” says the guy in the suit.  “I could blow one right now.”

I get to my knees and take his second load down my throat.

Friday, March 24, 2017

"You Want This?"

Louisville—February, 2017

The day I took my last pill for my brush with syphilis, I had to leave for my usual business trip to Memphis.  This year I did not want to go anywhere near the airports and, as I had the time, I drove.  I did it in two days, overnighting in Louisville.  I couldn’t tell if I was horny or not.  You’d think after 10 days of not playing, I’d be raring to go, but that wasn’t quite the case.  One moment I wanted to breed—fucking flood some hot hole with all my built up seed.  In the next, I wasn’t sure I wanted to at all—I was still feeling slightly, well, dirty.  Even with the news I’d never been infected.

I checked in at a motel that had seen better days, but the room was clean.   I got out the computer to check the hook up sites.  Except the internet, for which I’d paid extra, was so grindingly slow I couldn’t open BBRT.  Well, that left the bookstore.  At the very thought, I realized it was the right choice.  I could do as much or as little as I wanted.  I ate a leisurely dinner, read a little and decided to see who might be there on a week night.

I haven’t been here in several years. There are three areas:  an arcade and a pair of theatres.  As usual, I ask the surly attendant for the combo of the straight and gay theatres—not being a fan of cramming two people into a booth meant for one.  I go into the straight theatre first.  It’s much bigger than my usual one near home.  It has real theatre seating, five or six rows of it.  It could easily hold 40 men.  Tonight, it holds one.  In the front row.  I sit in the back, in the seat that sticks out at the end of a row—making it easy for a man to kneel in front of me without crowding.

I stroke to fairly tepid porn.  I think the man has his dick out, too.  I can’t tell much about him, until he turns around and stares at me.  He’s actually hot.  Shaved head, thick shoulders, nice face.  I am on the edge of joining him in the front row when the door buzzes open.  A trucker comes in and sits in the row in front of me.  He’s been in the cab all day—maybe several days— and reeks.  I get up, put my dick away and head to the gay side.

The seating only has four rows over here, but it’s a wider room.  It could hold 40 or 50 men, too.  Tonight it has no one.  I sit on the far side of the back row—away from the door, not quite sure why I do.  The movie is better—even with condoms—Euro boys fucking outside in some Bavarian forest.
The door opens.  It’s the man from the front row.  He stands by the door.  He looks around.  Either he doesn’t see me or doesn’t care.  He leaves, never to be seen again.

I think about going back next door.  But decide to stay here.  The door opens.  A fairly tall, slender man of my age steps in.  He’s dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt on this unseasonable warm day in February.  He stands in the light of the door a moment.  It shines on his rather handsome face.  A ball cap is on the back of his head.  He waits a moment, then moves to the back row.  Or so I thought.  He goes into a dark area behind a low wall behind the seating.  I’d forgotten that area was even there.  He leans on the wall—which is right at chest height—and watches the movie.

I wait a moment.  I decide to join him.  I go in.  And lean.  He turns.  Sizes me up.  Looks back at the movie. 

We wait.  And watch.  Mostly the movie and occasionally each other.

I step back and kneel in the darkness.  I pull out my cock.  I can’t be clearer.  I want to suck this man off.

He ignores me.  For about 30 seconds.  Then he steps away from the wall.  Into the back corner.  Totally hidden.  I hear his fly unzip.  His voice is soft.  “You want this?”

I don’t answer.  I just crawl on my knees to him.  I am greeted by a good seven inches of slender, cut cock. Dripping. I take it into my mouth.

“You’re hungry.  Damn!”

He slides down my throat so easily. His cock is slender enough I can use all my tongue technique and still deep throat him on every stroke.

He pulls out of me.  “You’re gonna make me shoot.”

“Go ahead.  I want to swallow your load.”

He slaps my face with his wet cock.  Lightly.  Then runs the drooling cock head over my goatee.  “Not yet.”  And he shoves it back into my mouth.

A few moments of face fucking.  .  This time when he pulls out, he pulls me up by the armpits.  He looks at the hunger in my face.  I want him to kiss me—but that’s too gay for him.  He notices my cock for the first time.  “Damn.”  He hefts it.  “Now that’s a cock even I’d suck.”

He goes down on his knees.  He is not good.  He’s telling the truth that he doesn’t suck dick regularly.  I pull away.  Acting more like I might cum—not that I’m avoiding his incisors. 

He stands back up.  “Take my dick.”

I go back to my knees.  Even more determined to get him off. 

He stops me again.  “Come back to my motel.  We’ll fuck around.” 

It’s late and frankly, that’s not what I want.  I like the sleaziness right here.  I make a noncommittal sound and start licking his balls.

The door opens.  A man I can’t see walks in.  He sits in the back row, right in front of where my man is now leaning, moaning, as I tongue his hairy sack. 

“You should let him suck your dick,” he tells the new arrival.

I hear a grunt from around the wall.  My man, dick still out and swinging, pulls me up and takes me to the new man.  “Let me see you suck him.”

I still don’t get a good look at this new guy.  I can only see the short, fat, hard as a rock dick he has out.  I squirm in-between this new man’s splayed legs.  The first guy stands to the side, masturbating, as he watches me go to work.

My mouth is stretched wide.  His cock feels even fatter after the first slender dick.  The guy I’m sucking now is groaning and running fingers over the buzzed hair on my head.  “Oh, take it, man,” he grunts out.  “Can I cum in your mouth?” 

I don’t have time to answer.  He unleashes a torrent of semen.  The first shot I don’t even get to taste.  But I do the rest.  I savor it.  And swallow.  I milk every drop out.

The man pulls out of my mouth.  He gets up, barely able to move with me in front of him.  But he does.  He mumbles a “thank you” as he zips up (as I’ve made sure there is no need to mop up.)  He thanks my first guy, too.  And he leaves.

I look at the first man.  He shakes his head.  “I want to get off in my bed.”  I hear him leave and go next door.  I’m still on my knees.  Jerking.   Thinking about what just happened.  My tongue finds some jizz clinging to my mustache.  

It’s just what I need to make me spew all over the floor.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Un-sexy Post

I think it may have been the very next day, when I was still luxuriating in the afterglow of the ten man orgy, when I got a text from a man I’d seen earlier in the month:  “Sorry, but I think I may have exposed you to syphilis.  You should get it checked out.”

I got in the car the next morning and went to run the entire battery of tests.  I thought again about a comment that a reader had written on the Jan 8, 2017 post:  “So can you post something about how you avoid health risks with all the unprotected sex you have? Do you ever worry about it?”  I had put off answering.  And while you could read that “…do you ever worry about it?” as if I didn’t have a brain in my head, I have decided to take it in a more neutral manner.  So let’s talk a little about why and how I play bare.  This is what I decided.  It won’t work for everyone.

·         Knowledge is power.

When I was still a ‘condom every time’ kind of guy, I read everything I could find on HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.  I talked to men who I knew were playing bare.  I was so close to doing it, but I did not take the Magnum off until two things happened.  The first was the death of my partner (which had nothing to do with HIV.)  The opening of our relationship had included the caveat that I would not play bare so I wouldn’t be bringing stuff home to him.  I played with many, many men when he was too sick to have sex anymore—I could have removed the condom with them and he’d never have known.  But I didn’t.  I waited until it was just me—for that’s what I’d promised. 

The second thing that really decided me was the 2007 AIDS conference where they asserted that the safest bare sex you could have was a circumcised negative top fucking an undetectable bottom. I still wasn’t sure I could remove the latex.  And I didn’t, until I had a three way with a known undetectable bottom bud and a top friend of mine.  The top fucked him bare—and that top was a nurse.

·         If you play bare often enough, you’ll get something.

When I started playing bare, I knew this and accepted it.  The things I felt I was most likely to pick up are curable or manageable. I came of age playing bare.  A trip to the public health clinic was a given.  After all, back in my condom only days, I still got gonorrhea from a blow job .

·         Know the symptoms.

Know what to look for and how long after sex the symptoms might appear.  And know that many times there are no symptoms.  Which leads right to the next point…

·         Test regularly.

For me, with the guidance of the county nurse, as a man who takes nothing but a tongue up his ass, she thought once a year for HIV and every three months for everything else would be good.  It’s worked very well for me.  Many of my ‘busiest’ undetectable partners have the whole battery of tests each time they are doing their regular check-ups.

·         Set your limits.

Only you know what you are comfortable to do.  If I still had my foreskin (Damn, I would love to know the amount of skin it would take to cover me…) would I bareback?  I don’t know.  I likely wouldn't have until the advent of PrEP.  I do know that if I bottomed, I would be on PrEP in a heartbeat.  I have also stopped sex in it’s tracks when I have seen suspect things—like the man oozing sores around his anus who I had just hunkered down to rim.

·         Contact your partners.

It’s not easy, but I believe that if you end up with something, you must tell the men you’ve played with that they might have been exposed.  Text, call, email, take them to coffee.  I don’t care how, but let them know.  We’re supposed to be a band of brothers taking care and watching out for each other.  I didn’t want the news of the text in one sense—but I sure did want it and needed to figure out who I’d seen since the man who exposed me.

·         Your county health department is your friend.

I occasionally get a raised eyebrow that I’m back again.  Well, fuck them.  In the long run, they know that I am behaving responsibly and are glad of it.  If you can’t face that, get a gay doctor.  But tell whoever it is the truth about what you do sexually.  If they don’t check your ass for you only admit to cocksucking, you aren’t helping anyone.


Back to me.  I gave up my blood before lunch.   I pissed in a cup.  And it didn’t feel hot—it’s amazing how ‘unclean’ you feel once you know there if a possibility you’ve been exposed. Since my partner had tested positive for syphilis, they gave me treatment on the spot. 

I went home and started to do rough drafts of the email I would send to my fuck buds.  I did want to wait to make sure I tested positive syphilis, too, before I sent them out.

A week later we got the tests back.  Just as I was finishing up the pills.  The nurse told me the news by phone.  I never had it.  I tested negative for everything.

The emails were sent only to the trash.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ten Men in a Small Room

Grand Rapids—January, 2017

Out of the blue, I got a message from a hot looking man on the vanilla hook up site.  I was pretty sure I’d never seen his profile before.  He told me that he was trying to organize a group of men who wanted to play regularly and wanted to do it bare and drug free.  We talked a little.  He hoped to meet once a month.  He’d host—though he was open to rotating it to other men’s homes.  He hoped to attract men of any age who took care of themselves.  I knew by the end of our third email exchange, I’d give it a try.  I even volunteered to bring the sling.

At the end of the month I went north.  I arrived a shade later than I wanted.  I wanted to get the sling up before the 8:00 arrival time—but I arrived there right at the designated start time or a few minutes after.  I got the duffel bag into the small house and met the host—a cute, elfin man in his early 50’s who I couldn’t wait to get my dick into.  A couple of younger men lounged, fully clothed, on the couch. 

The host directed me up the stairs.  He told me he had cleared an area for me, as he went to the door to let in some more men.  I went up.  To the left of the stairs was just enough room for the sling.  To the right was his double bed.  It sat in the center of the space and there was room to approach it from all sides.  Which was a good thing—for five men, some naked, some in jocks, were sucking and rimming each other.  I set it up as quietly and I could.  Once I hung the chains and clipped the sling into place, I headed downstairs, stripped off and went back to join the action on the bed.

I go towards the entwined bodies on the bed.  A hot Tattooed Man is eating the ass of a 30-ish Black guy.  The other three are feasting on each other’s cocks.  One of these, a Cub, rolls towards me and swallows my semi-hard down his throat.  A Trucker type is left with a bubble butted hottie I recognize from BBRT.  The Trucker soon pulls out of his mouth and sinks his inches into that hot Bubble Butt.  He fucks him hard.  I fully erect in the Cub’s throat and he pulls off me, choking slightly.  I know I know this Cub, but I can’t place him.

“Fuck this hot ass with your big dick,” the Trucker tells me.

“I want to taste him first,” I say kneeling.  “No, give me your cock to clean.”

I never tire of the look of pleasure and lust on a top man’s face as I taste the juices some bottom has left on his cock.  I clean him up—then dive into the freshly fucked ass in front of me.  I love the softness of his butt cheeks connecting with my goatee.  Bubble Butt whimpers at my deep tonguing.  I lick and spit, lubing my own cock, at the same time.  I stand up and enter the first ass of the evening.

I stop halfway in—Bubble Butt is willing himself to relax.  “Damn,” he sighs into one of the leather pillows on bed.  I sink in the rest of the way.

“That’s hot.” the Trucker tells the Cub.  They are standing next to me, watching me fuck and idly playing with each other’s furry ass and wet cock.

“I love that dick,” the Cub replies.  “I love how it fills me up.”

I now place how I know the Cub—I have fucked him often in public in Lansing.  Everyone else is new to me.

I go back to concentrating on fucking.  The Trucker bends the Cub over.  We fuck side by side.

“You wanna switch?”  the Trucker asks.

I nod.  We do.  Both bottoms welcome the change of cock fucking into them.  In fact they are kissing—swapping spit while we swap asses.

We only stop to include some new arrivals.  There are now ten of us soon—and too many for the bed.

“The sling is for anybody,” I tell them, “not just me.”  Then I go back to eating the Black kid’s butt. 

The kid is grinding back on my beard and telling me to tongue fuck him.

The Cub takes a new recruit to the sling.  The new Recruit’s boyfriend follows them to watch.  I hear the chains begin to rattle.

One of the new men, a furry Daddy, seems to be all top.  As does the Trucker. Everyone else seems to be versatile. In the next breath after this registers, the furry Daddy starts fucking the Trucker.  I know I want that, too.

Dicks and holes are licked and fucked and cleaned. 

I sample every asshole present with my tongue.  And most with my dick.

I fuck the host’s tight hole.

I fuck the Black kid in the sling.

I suck cock.  The furry Daddy seems to really get off on having the other full top at his feet and servicing him.  I get a mouthful of pre-cum from him.  I reverse felch it into the Cub who happens to be on all fours next to us.  This signals Furry Daddy to fuck him.  I move around and get into the Cub’s mouth.  We happily spit roast the Cub.

Then we reverse.

The Trucker is back up the Bubble Butt.  I have only eaten the Trucker’s ass.  I want to plunder it too.  I let him get into a good fuck—then get behind him.  I impale him on the back stroke. 

“Holy fuck,” he gasps. 

I stand still and let him do all the work—fuck into the ass in front of him, impale himself on me as he pulls out.

He keeps it up for quite awhile.  Finally it’s too much and he loads the Bubble Butt.  The Trucker pulls off me, grabs me around the neck and kisses me—then pushes my face into the creampie mess he’s made in the Bubble Butt.

Loads are beginning to be shot by all.

The two favorite men seem to be the host and the Cub.  The host is thrilled I want to felch.

Eventually, I shoot into the Cub.  I empty a week’s worth of jizz into him.  He milks me.  Dry. Slowly the Cub pulls off me.  He sits on my face—giving me all the loads he’s collected.  And shoots his own cum all over my chest.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Mirror Image

My Playroom—January, 2017

I must have made an impression. 

Just a few days after the New Year’s Eve party, the man I fleeting called the Blond in the write up of that event, wrote me on BBRT.  I had certainly fucked him (but not for long) and I watched him fuck others.  He was the man who felched my load out of the host.  Maybe on second thought, I shouldn’t be surprised that he’d found me…

Sid was headed to Ohio on business in the middle of the month.  He remembered I’d told him I lived near the tollway.   He was curious if I’d like to work him over on his way there.  Well, yes, I wrote back, please stop.  I’d remembered that he’d told me he loved to bottom, but with the inequity of tops and bottoms, and since he had a big dick, he almost always topped.  I got hard remembering how I cleaned his beautiful cock after he’d stopped felching and pulled out from fucking in my own jizz.

We set a date.

He’s due in an hour.  I look at his profile again as I wait.  He’s actually older than he looks (though not as old as me.  Is anyone, now?)   The dark light of the basement had made us all look our best.  What I thought was blond hair there, actually has some silver in it, in his pictures. That’s a good thing. 

I go back to setting up the playroom.

He’s here.  I look out the window in the doorway as he gets his gym bag from the back seat of his car.  Six feet tall, with a trim, fit build.  I remember a very furry hole, a smooth chest and that big dick with a very pronounced helmet head.  We could pretty much be twins down there.  I know it’s there, somewhere buried under the parka he is wearing now.

I get him in the house and into the shower.  I change my clothes into my chaps and go up to the playroom and watch the Wurst video I’ve put on my laptop.  Sid arrives, still slightly steamy, in a blue designer jock.  He joins me on the bed.

He’s on top of me.  We kiss.  Long.  And wet.  He quickly works down to my jock.  He pulls my semi-hard cock out and swallows me down.  I am instantly hard.  This man knows just what to do.  His tongue is all over me, really working my flared head.

And then my balls.  Fuck, yes.  Lapping at them—not trying to Hoover them into his mouth.  And now under them.

“Lick my spot,” I tell him.  “Work your tongue in-between my cockring and my balls.”  He does just that.  Repeatedly.  Only stopping to lick up the pre-cum I’m leaking.  Then it’s back to my balls.  His tongue trails up the sensitive underside of my dick.  His mouth ovals and he swallows me almost to the root.

We reverse.  I lick and suck and swallow him down.  I spend just as long on his balls as he did with mine.  I go lower.  I let my tongue tease his pink pucker.

“Not yet.”  He pulls me up and off him.  We roll on the twin sized bed and he’s on top of me again.  He squirms up until his knees have pinned my arms to the bed.  That big cock slaps at my mouth—as if I don’t want it poking in there.  “Suck me some more.”

I open.  He begins a slow face fuck.  I squirm.  He is making me take it—and I can panic with thick dicks.  He senses something and eases up and pulls out.  I gasp for air—but he’s back in me, right to the root this time.   I fight off choking—for dammit—I love being filled with this incredible piece of meat.  I will myself to relax.  I can’t use my tongue.  I just let him have his way with mouth.  I breathe through my nose—but even that is hard as his pubes are smashing against it. 

He is doing slow, long strokes now.  I can get some air into me.  He picks up the tempo again.  I just lie there, my eyes watering as he fucks my mouth and throat.  My eyes look left and I catch our reflection in the bedside mirror. I'm being face fucked with that dick that looks just like mine.

I can’t take too much more.  But my cock is telling me that I’m finding this hot as fuck.  I am so rarely used like I use other men.  I don’t dare touch myself.

He pulls out of my mouth abruptly.  “You’d better fuck me now, or I’m gonna slam this wet cock up your ass.”
He gets up.  I want to kiss him, but he gets right on the fuck bench.

It’s business as usual after that.  I rim him and fuck him and make him do ATM.

We move to the sling and do all that again in the new position.

He’s a great fuck.  I am loving plundering his willing, but seldom used ass.

And I send him on his way with my load up his ass.  I lick his jizz off his stomach.

But my mind keeps going back to when he was using my mouth.  Using it with a dick that looks so much like my own….

Friday, March 10, 2017

Piss Party Newbie and My Favorite Otter

Chicago—January, 2017

I was headed back to Chicago for the piss party by the middle of January. 

I don’t think I mentioned that last month, as I was zipping up my gym bag after getting undressed, a thin, toned and totally hot man struck up a conversation.  After some comments about the bar, he asked where I was from:


“Do you write a sex blog?”  


“I thought it was you.  I found your blog this morning while looking for information about this party.  It’s hot!”

“Thanks.  I just try to tell the truth of what I do.”

“Well, feed me some piss and fuck me with that big cock.  You can write about that.”

I did welcome him to the group that month by doing both those things.

He was back for January. And he’d brought friends.   We acknowledged each other as we both were adjusting our piss jocks.  I got my clothes zipped inside my gym bag and handed it in to the cute otter coat check clerk.  We smiled.  I leaned in and kissed him.  “I hope you can play later,” I whispered.

He nodded.  And I went to fill my Gatorade bottle to the brim…

“You want it?”  It’s a rhetorical question.  My new blog reader is on his knees—his mouth wide open.  He’s been giving me excellent head.  I have just pulled out of his mouth, knowing I’m ready to piss.  “Open wide.”

“Give it to me.”

The first jet shoots out.  His neck stretches to catch the first stream.  I move closer and let him suckle me all down.  He wetly jerks his sizable dick.  He’s already had several piss loads from others aimed at his erection as well as at his mouth.  A guy steps in from the bar and aims a piss load that runs down my piss drinkers back and ass crack.

When mine runs out, I pull him up by his armpits and kiss him.  Damn, my piss is slightly stronger than I’d hoped.  He doesn’t seem to care.  I break off the kiss.  “You want this big dick up your ass?”


I bend him over so he’s holding on to the bench along the side wall.  I kneel.  The floor is already really wet.  I stick my tongue into him.  An old reliable attendee is suddenly at our side.  He let’s loose a stream of piss.  I gurgle and swallow some as it races down his ass crack.  Some I poke into his hole with my tongue.  My new friend is groaning and jerking.  I pull his ass cheeks farther apart and tongue-fuck the soggy hole as the piss continues to rain down.  I stand up and get the last splash on my cock.  I push my cock into his winking hole.

“Fuck,” he mumbles into his popper’s bottle.

I fuck him.  Hard.  Hard enough that he has to protect his head from being battered against the wall.  I slow down.  I pull out and let a dribble of piss splatter down his ass crack and across his puffy hole.  I re-enter him.  The pisser next to us has been replaced with an older man stroking his cock as he watches us fuck.  I pull my new friend up by the hips and turn him to face the hard cock.  “Suck him.”  I resume my stroke into his ass—which pushes the new man’s dick down his throat.

After a moment, the man steps back—pulling away from the greedy mouth.  “I have piss,” he announces.

“Feed him.” 

A very yellow stream arcs out and into the open mouth of the man on my dick.  He tries to get ever drop—but the top has other ideas.  He lets it play over the bottom’s face, the top of his head, a little down his back which pools into a puddle.  I bend and lick that up—than spit it out in a thick spray all over the back of the bottom’s head. 

He groans.  Delighted.

Another man steps up, offering a thick cock, as I continue to fuck…


I play with one of the blog reader’s friends, too.  Oral, piss and a fuck.

I drink some myself from a couple of regulars who know I love to take a full stream deep in my mouth.


The crowd has been active right from the first moments.  This also makes them leave before closing time.  And hour before the end, the 50 some guys have thinned to maybe 15 of us.  The bag check Otter, wearing just gym shoes and a designer jock, gets a beer from the bartender.  I walk up behind him, kneel and stick my tongue in that hot ass of his before he knows I’m there.  He groans.

“You gonna fuck me?”  he asks.

“You want it?”  I lean back still on my knees, looking up at him.

He turns his upper body and nods.  We step away from the bar.

He leans against a high bench, not behind the screens, but in full view of the bar.  He wants everyone to know I’m fucking him. I kneel and continue eating out his hole.  I love the taste—and the amount of hair my tongue keeps finding.

I suddenly know I have to fuck.  Now.  I stand up, lube my dick even more and slowly work into him.

“Argh!”  he grunts out. 

A blond man, mostly top, who I’ve known for years from this party, arrives at our side.  I turn the Otter so he is leaning on the other top’s shoulders instead of the bench.  The top cradles him as I begin to fuck into this super tight, seldom used, hole.  He is clenching me hard.  Milking my dick which has had three hours of hard play.

A couple of guys are watching us fuck.  I am so turned on fucking him for all to see.  “I’m going to shoot.”

“Do it,” the other top commands.

I do.  I stay buried in him for a moment, but then slide out as the Otter stands.  He turns to kiss me. 

The other top is rampant.

“Fuck him in my cum,” I tell him.

It’s my turn to hold the Otter.  We kiss as his ass is being railed again.

“His ass is so full of cum,” the top grunts out.

“Give him another load.”

Moments later, then top grunts out his orgasm.  I sink to my knees and lick his cock clean when he pulls out of my dripping boy.  I don’t linger on the cock—I want to savor our combined cum in his ass.   The top grabs the Otter again and helps him arch his back for maximum felching potential.

The creamy mess is amazing.  It’s sliding down my throat.  My cock has never gone down.  I beat it as I clean his jizzed-out hole. 

Suddenly, I know I can shoot a second time.  I stand up.  I slide into the remains of the jizz in his not nearly as tight ass and shoot all over again.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Derrick and Jacob Visit the Playroom

My Playroom—January, 2017

Jacob sent me a text—he’d had been in Ohio over the New Year.  He was coming home today, he told me.  He had two routes possible, one of them all but passing my front door.  Wouldn’t this be a good time for him to see the playroom?  Maybe he could time it so Derrick could meet him there…

Of course I said yes.  Two more messages and we were set for the three of us to meet late in the afternoon.  I started to mull some cranberry juice and to fold the playroom towels which were still in the dryer...

I am in the middle of a group hug.  Arms are everywhere:  on shoulders, bare asses, around necks.  I am kissing Derrick then Jacob,  Back and forth.  Mouths are soon everywhere:  on nipples, beards, mouths again, necks and finally, dicks.  We are all in leather and we grind it against each other.    

“I recognize this bench,” says Jacob.  (He should.  He was tied to it when I took it to their playroom.)  He gets up on it.  I kneel and begin feasting on his hairy ass crack.  Derrick moves around to feed Jacob his cock at the head of the bench.  I slurp noisily.  The sound fills the room, over the sound of the space heater droning away.  I spit in his hole.  It hangs from the hair surrounding it.  I push it inside him with my tongue. 

Spit.  Push.

Spit.  This time I stand up and push the load of spit home with my damp cock head.  I know to stop a third of the way in.  Jacob has stopped sucking for the moment and is panting.  I know to move deeper when he goes back to sucking his partner’s dick.  I bottom out.  I deliberately grind my overgrown pubes into him.  He whimpers around the dick in his mouth.

I begin to fuck.  Slow and steady. Deliberate.   Almost all the way out and all the way in.  Derrick looks down at my dick entering the fuzzy ass of his partner and nods approval.  Jacob is squeezing my dick like crazy.  I begin a slow build.  Soon my hips are slapping against his upturned butt. 

I slow.

I pull out.  

Derrick and I reverse.  Derrick opens his mouth to say something, but I don’t let him.  I just stick my dick into him.   Derrick samples Jacob’s wet ass with his tongue—and soon his dick.  Jacob is again having both holes plugged.  I pull out and let him just concentrate on the fuck.  I stroke my super slick dick.

“Take over.”  Derrick pulls out.  His cock is shiny with all of our juices.

I clean his dick. 

And go back into Jacob’s even wetter hole.


We take a break; water and more mulled cranberry juice.

“Come here,” I tell Jacob, making him get off the bed where he’s been curled up, with his head in Derrick’s lap.

I unclip the sling so it hangs straight down to the floor, by just the top two chains.  I take a wrist restraint and fasten it tightly around his left wrist.  “And the other.”  He offers the right.  I pull the strap around and fasten the buckle so it hugs his wrist. 

He’s sure I am fastening him in the sling, but I’m not.  “Here.”  I clip his arm to the top of the sling frame, right at the middle, where the support bars meet in an X.  I clip the left.  Derrick sits up on the bed.  He strokes his dick, not quite sure where I’m headed.  “Now step towards me.  Give me a nice wide stance.”  He follows directions and moves back a step, his legs splayed.  He is bent over, hanging by his wrists, his ass arched out and open for all.

“Look at that,” I say turning to Derrick.

“Fuck, yeah…” Derrick mumbles, continuing to stroke himself.  “Use him.”

I fall to my knees and stick my face into his thoroughly fucked ass.  It makes my dick so hard.  I stroke and eat.   Eat and stroke.  Spreading my precum all over my rigid cock.  I stand up and enter him, rather roughly.

“Oh, shit…”

“Take it,” I bark out.

There is something about fucking in this position that makes me use a boy like a piece of meat.  I hold onto his hips and slam into him.

“Fuck him,” growls Derrick.  “Use that boy.”

This makes me fuck Jacob even harder.

I finally slow down and pull out.  Derrick is on his feet and ready.  He pushes into Jacob’s puffy hole.  He’s so tall it’s not as good an angle for him.  He keeps at it for bit, then motions me to go back up Jacob’s ass. 

I do.

I fuck—a little more gently this time.   I fuck for another few minutes.  I can tell Jacob’s arms could use a rest.  I stop.  I unfasten his arms.  He stretches.

“Like that?”  I ask.

“That was hot!”

“I’m not done yet.  Here.”  I have turned him around and clip his arm up at the corner post of the sling frame.  The other arm goes on the other corner.  Jacob is on a make shift cross.  I get the blindfold over his eyes.  For the next 15 minutes or so, Jacob has four hands all over him.  We work nips with fingers, teeth and clamps.  We suck his cock.  We finger his ass.  I grab the paddle.  The first blow on his ass surprises him.  But it makes his dick harder.  Derrick plays with Jacob’s erection.

I bring the paddle down again with a smack.


And again.

I dive in between the heated ass cheeks with my tongue, soothing them.  I pass the paddle to Derrick.  He plays with it, lightly using it on Jacob’s hard cock and on his ball sack.  We continue until we are ready to fuck again.


I’ve put the sling in place.   We let Jacob rest for a moment and I fuck Derrick.  Our eyes meet and we know what the other is thinking.  Derrick gets out and we put Jacob onto the stiff leather of the sling.  I blindfold him again.

We take turns on Jacob’s well fucked hole until he loses his load all over himself…