Tuesday, November 22, 2016

"I Don't Think I Can Take Any More...."

My Playroom—September, 2016

The next man in my playroom, Judd, was another man I had been talking to for a long time.  He had been recommended to me by a mutual playmate who knew him as a top.  But he was very vocal to me about being versatile.  We had to juggle his work schedule with some family duties of his and with my odd schedule.  But we found time—almost immediately after my last adventure. 

We sent the usual texts.  He told me he really needed to get fucked. 

Bareback?  “Yes.  And breed me.”

Restraints?   “Sure.”

Toys?  “Maybe.”

Watersports?  “YES!” 

He cut my quiz short with a final salvo:  “Just do whatever you want to me, as long as your dick is in my hole.”

Judd is naked but for a blue jock.  He’s late 20’s with a shaved head.  He’s pale, though it’s the end of summer.  There is a shoulder tat—a skull—and a forearm tat— a dagger dripping blood.  He’s thin and lithe, maybe 5’6”, 150 pounds.  His cock is hidden by the jock, though I know from his profile that it’s bigger than average. 

He gets right to his knees and starts mouthing my jock.  It must still reek of Brock’s juicy ass.  Jonah grunts his appreciation of it.  His tongue snakes out and gets the pouch really wet.  He pulls my cock out.

I stop him with “Do my balls.”  His tongue is great.  He doesn’t try to pull them into his mouth, he just licks them.  It makes my cock go from semi-erect to full on hardness.  I pull away from him and push my dick into his mouth.  I hold his head and fuck.  He takes ¾ of my length.  I pull out and go right back down his throat.  This time to the root.  And he takes me just fine.  My dick comes up with that deep throat slime.

“Get on the bench.”  He does.  I wipe my dick down his ass crack, so all that throat jizz is covering it. This elicits another grunt of pleasure.  I kneel and eat him out.  He’s tight.  But he knows how to open for my thrusting tongue.

“Your tongue feels great.  But give me that dick.”

I ignore him.  I eat him out some more.  He grabs the handles on the fuck bench and holds on.  I stand up and slap his ass with my wet dick again.  “You still want this big dick up you?”


I slap him with it again.

He corrects himself.  “Yes, Sir.” 

"Yes, Sir what?”

“Give me that raw dick, Sir.” 

And on the word “Sir” I push the head into him.


“Take it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

And he does.  I never stop working it into him.  I stop only when he has the full length.  Then I fuck him hard.  I reach over to the bureau and grab my water bottle, never missing a stroke.  I take a long swig of water.  I pull out of his ass and piss pours out of me.  All down his ass crack.  “Fuck, that’s hot,” he whimpers.

I kneel and lick it up.  I fuck some more.  I pull out and, this time, bring my dick to his mouth.  There is no hesitation at all on ass to mouth.  He cleans me avidly.







I get the wrist restraints off the sling chains and fasten them on him.  The sling frame is wide open, with the sling just hanging from the front two chains.  I take him over to it and attach the wrist restraints above Judd’s head.  “Arch your back.”  He does.  His young fucking ass juts out at me, hanging there, at my mercy.

I eat his hole again.  He is so fucking wet from the play.  I make a show of spitting his butt juices back into him.  I fuck him in this position.  He is totally compliant.  I pull out and piss his ass crack again.  I lick it off.  I save some in my mouth.  I bring it up to his mouth.  He hungrily opens to let me yellowball the piss to him.  We kiss.  Roughly.

I let him down, to give his arms a break.  I turn him around.  The arms go back up.  He’s now facing me, strung up and at my mercy again.  I pull his cock out of the jock.  I go down on him until he’s rock hard.  I have just enough in my bladder to do a short blat of piss on his hard inches—and I clean it off with my mouth.  Again—I stand and make him taste my piss and his precum.  He’s juicing like crazy—he’s totally getting off on being used.

I suck some more.  I let him down.

The sling goes up.  We fuck there, too.  Hard and long.

I make him sit on the rim seat.  Not that he’s fighting.  I get my tongue so deep into his juicy ass…

Then it is sling time again.  I fuck.  I pull out and send piss flying across his chest.  One spurt hits his open mouth.  The rest puddles on his chest.

“Sir, I’m going to cum.”  He is stroking himself.  I knew I should have fastened his hands above his head.

I get my dick back in his ass.  I fuck his jizz out of him.  He cums noisily.  I scoop it up with my right hand.  I don’t pull all the way out.  “I’m smearing it on my cock,” I tell him.  I do just that.  And fuck it into him.

“I don’t think I can take…any…more…”

He never finishes the thought for I begin whitewashing his insides—making guttural noises that drown him out…


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