Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Wet Fucks

Chicago—September, 2016

It was a long, dry summer—at least as far as my getting to the piss party in Chicago.  I’d had the great piss scene in Indiana, but now, at the top of September, I could finally go and play with my buds in the city.  I took the sling.

I arrive early enough to get the sling set up before the men arrive.  It’s tucked in the back corner as usual.  I strip off my clothes.  I add the jock (the one I’m slowing destroying for an admirer) the wrist bands, my boots and the neoprene harness with yellow piping.  I give the organizer my entrance fee.  I check my bag with the cute coat check clerk.  He gives me my numbered tag and pulls me into a kiss.  When we pull out of it he promises me some piss later and, with a slightly evil grin, says “maybe more.”

A good start.  And no members are in the room yet…

I sit in the back, tanking up on my water, and watching the piss porn playing.  In moments the men start coming through the door.  They strip.  They cruise.  They drink their beer or water.

It seems darker in the bar today.  In that gloom, one by one I let guys take a turn on my dick.  I just sit there, my legs spread.  The men kneel and take me deep into their mouths.  There’s no piss from anyone yet—we are all still hydrating. 

A nice looking bear asks if I will fuck him.  I tell him to check back with me a little later in the night.  He smiles and goes off to fill his cup with water from the thermos on the end of the bar. 

I hear a noise in the other direction.  I look towards the door.  One of my favorite piss buds, the red headed bottom, has arrived and is greeting the bartender.  I decide to go fill my water bottle from the thermos nearest him.  He greets me with a hug.  We chat for a bit—he reminds me this is his last piss party as he and his partner are moving west.  He soon bends over and, right at the bar, gives me some head.  When he comes up for air he asks if I want some piss. 

I don’t answer, I just kneel and drink him down.

“I think I’m ready to hop in the sling.”

We head to the back corner.  Just the act of getting him into the sling collects a crowd of horned men.  I have saved my first piss load to wet his ass crack before I start rimming him.  I let fly—covering his ass cleft, his balls and his generous-sized dick.  I kneel and begin lapping it all up.  I hear someone, I can’t see who with my face plastered against his wet ass, slide alongside the frame to get to the red head’s mouth.  Whether it is piss or a blowjob, I’ll never know.  I’m much too busy working the hole I love to fuck.  My tongue opens him up.

I stand.  I know to start slow.  I work just the head into his ass.  I wait until he does a long popper hit, then inch the rest of the way in.

“You always feel great,” he says.  The man to the side takes this as a cue for him to stick his dick back in the red head’s mouth.

I begin a long, slow fuck.  I build to a loud, wet hip slapping one.  A man stands very close to me watching every stroke of my cock going into RH.  He beats his own cock in time with my hips.  I tell him he should take a turn. 

He enthusiastically agrees.  I slide out and he slides in.  The man on the side of the sling has left so I take his place and offer my ass-flavored cock to RH in the sling.  He cleans me—as best he can with the pile driving fuck he’s being given.

The new top stops.  He leans over and kisses RH.  I slide out and kneel at the end of the sling.  I tell the top I need to clean his dick.  He slides it out of the fucked ass and into my mouth.  He hasn’t shot a load, but RH’s hole has made him pre-cum like crazy.  Once I’m satisfied I’ve gotten every drop I can off his dick, I stick my tongue back into the now puffy ass.


I lick and spit.

I fuck until the next top wants a turn.  Two guys, partners and both tops, are here for the first time in years.  I know them and they are always good for multiple loads.  I offer RH’s ass to the younger one.
He agrees eagerly.  And shoots in no time.  He knows me well enough to know just what to do.  He marinates in the cummy ass for a moment, then withdraws and sticks his cock in my mouth.

I clean him.

I felch.

I fuck in the remains.

I have his partner do the same.

And repeat…


Later.  Much later.

I am at the bar.  I refill my water bottle.  I piss on three younger men having sex at the bar.  One of them is feeding the other two on their knees.  I add another stream for them to swallow. 

I turn to the coat check area.  The attendant—the hot otter with a street-wise face comes out from behind the tables.  I walk over.

“I have that piss you wanted,” he tells me.

I kneel.  He feeds it to me—his cock getting hard once the stream ends.  We’ve been flirting for the last few parties—and the last couple he’s fed me.  I stand, not wanting to keep him from his duties.
“Where are you going?” he asks.

I shrug.

He turns around and leans onto his work table presenting me with his ass.  “Fuck me,” he tells me.  “I’ve always wanted that dick.”


“Yeah.  Breed me if you want to…”

I can’t believe my good fortune.  This is more than I’d hoped for.  I go back to my knees.  The floor is drier here than in the back.  I eat out his hole.  I know he’ll need lots of spit.  I lube my cock as I eat him out.  I can’t wait…

I stand up and slide into him.  He takes me easily for someone who’s had no play for the last three hours.  He feels incredibly tight. I fuck him hard.  So hard I move the table he’s leaning on.
The first man up RH comes by.  He stops and pisses on my cock—so I piston loads of his piss up the coat check boy.  I stop.  I pull out and tongue his hole.

“Oh, fuck…” the boy moan’s.

I stand and lean on the table.  This puts my dick right in line with his ass.  He backs up on it and skewers himself.  He beats his dick.  He gets off impaling himself on my dick.

And just in time.  A patron asks for his bag, before I can finish cleaning up the boy’s spent dick.


  1. I swear every one of your entries makes me edge where I can hardly keep myself from shooting! When will you be in DC next?? MAL??

    1. I'm glad the posts work for you like that...always happy to edge my men or my readers...

      I'm not sure about DC. I haven't been to MAL for a couple of years. It's the hardest for me to get to as I have to fly.