Sunday, November 6, 2016

Kevin at Toronto's Cum-Union

Toronto—September, 2016

I had finished up my work in Northern Indiana, gone to the piss party at the end of the week, and by the next Monday I was headed out of state for my annual trip to Canada.  I was going to spend most of my time in a slightly different place this year, but more on that later.  I started as I always do, with a trip to Toronto.

I had been in contact with Canadian Kevin, as he’s known on here. 

We have met twice—at a CumUnion and at a Rough House event both held at the Toronto SteamWorks.  The two of us were both eager to see each other again—as our last two meetings had been aborted due to different family emergencies.  We timed it for the CumUnion night at SteamWorks.  I will need to find him in a sling room…

The energy of the bathhouse is high.  It’s crowded.  And hot.  I walk past the slurp ramp on the way to my room.  It’s packed.  I find my small room and change into my leathers.  I begin the circuit of the open doors.  He’s not in the best sling room—where we met—a room that has a closable iron gate so men can watch the action and stick their hard cocks through the grill work.  And he’s not in the room right next to it—where we played the second time.  I walk towards the corner room, aware of the stares of the guys I meet in the corridor—all in their towels.  Their eyes linger on my leather and the jock pouch full of swollen cock waiting to spring free.  Some are surprised.  Some love it.  One twink looks panicked.

The door is open.  It’s dark in the room.  A cute, young guy is fucking the hot man in the sling.  I’ve come to the right place.  I toss my bag on the bed and get my cock out.  I stick it in Kevin’s mouth.  At least I am pretty sure it’s Kevin with this low light.  Once I feel his mouth I’m quite sure.  The man fucking Kevin re-doubles his efforts.  He’s in the home stretch, it seems. 

“Fuck!”  He pulls out, rips off the condom.  Kevin lets go of me, but keeps his mouth open as he sits up in the sling.  The first spurt hits him on the chin.  The rest covers his gym built chest.  The top shoots us a grin and leaves.  I bend over and kiss his cummy lip hello.

We chat a little.  He tells me that he’s been here for an hour.  He’s had two cocks in him—but this was the first load.  He hands me the chalk.  I write on the wall:  MeThemLoads.  Two hashmarks under Them and one mark under Loads.  Cocks in his mouth don’t count in the tally.

I get on my knees—leaving the door open—and get to work on eating out his hole.  He’s juicy and ready from the men who’ve been up him.  I eat and spit.  Lick and swallow.  I suit up while I’m grinding my beard into his hole.  I stand up and enter him.

“I—I’d forgotten how thick you are,” Kevin grunts out.  I keep right on fucking.  We have visitors at the door.  A man about my age comes in.  He gets the idea and puts his dick in Kevin’s mouth.

I pull out and slap my engorged dick against the mound in Kevin’s black jock.  He pulls his dick out and begins jerking it.  I enter him roughly—matching the strokes of the man fucking Kevin’s mouth.
Eventually he fucks Kevin too.

And another. 

And another guy who only uses his mouth.

I mark the wall when there is a lull.  I’ve been up him 4 times, the same number as how many other dicks have been up his ass.  He has had one more load shot into his mouth as well.

We break and go for a walk to the slurp ramp.  I have Kevin service my cock.  I have an older man to my left.  He sticks his dick out hoping for a mouth.  I tap the back of Kevin’s head and move him to the new cock.  I watch him hungrily take the new man. 

I move Kevin back to me.

 And in the other direction to service a third dick.

When those guys move off, I take Kevin to the fuck bench that is in this area.  I fuck him hard and loud…but we can’t get anyone else to fuck him, though one burly bear uses his mouth.

I take Kevin to the shower and empty myself of piss all over his beautiful ass.  I lick some off—and let rinse off the rest.

We head back to the room.  We play much the same way.  Always on view.  Always encouraging.  Getting the occasional man to come in and play.

We use the public sling, too.  Lots of hands on his chest and his dick—but here no one else fucks him.

Leaving that area, we spy a man sitting in a lounge area.  Kevin looks at me.  I nod.  Kevin gets on his knees in front of the man with the biggest dick of the night.  He takes the ebony 10 incher deep into his mouth.  I get behind my boy and begin rimming his ass.  We invite the hung one back to the room.  He agrees.  And never shows up.

I mark the wall.

We take a break from each other.  I go off to roam a little on my own.  Kevin keeps the door open, lolling in the sling.

I use the slurp ramp again on my own.  I let two different men share my dick.

I walk through the glory hole area—but nothing catches my eye.

But rounding the corner a man sure does.  He’s lying in his own small room.  Somewhere between 25 and 35, beautiful dark black skin, a perfect bubble butt and a smile that, as he looked at me over his shoulder, made my dick drip.  He nodded for me to come in.  He got on all fours, while telling me, with quite a heavy accent, that his name was Cedric and that he was in Toronto from Jamaica.  He finished his introduction with “And I want your raw dick in my ass.”

I knelt and got his hole wet.  I am pretty sure there was at least one load in there.  I want to eat him out forever, but I force myself to stop and stand up.

My dick eases in to him.  He lets out a musical moan as I bottom out in his hole.  Then:  “Fuck me, Daddy.”

I do.  But not for long.  I have an idea.   As I pummel his ass, I tell Cedric what I’m thinking.  He agrees enthusiastically.  I slow to a stop and we both go to find Kevin.

Kevin tells me he’s had one more with no load.  I introduce the boys and tell Kevin to lie on his back on the bed.  I tell Cedric to get on all fours above Kevin and so he can suck Kevin’s cock.  I enter Cedric’s ass centimeters above Kevin’s face and tongue. 

“Lick my balls,” I tell Kevin.  He does.  He loves this.  He loves watching me fuck other men raw.  I fuck Cedric hard.  Then pull my dick out.  Kevin attacks it.  He wants to suck me clean of Cedric’s ass juices.

I go back up Cedric.  We fuck.  Kevin cleans me.

I fuck some more.  I pull out.  “Open your mouth,” I bark.  I shoot my load into Kevin’s mouth.  My dick follows.  Kevin grabs his own cock and beats his load out of it as he cleans me up.

We thank Cedric—who gives me his card.

I mark the wall—leaving it for the clean-up crew.

Me                   Them               Loads

 8                         6                       4


  1. I forgot how hot your entries are. I would have given anything to be with you and Kevin and Cedric!
    Scott in DC

    1. It sounds like you've been away from the blog for a bit--welcome back!

      I am sure you would have had a great time with the 3 of us (+ so many others)

  2. I heard from Kevin, too. He loved the write up--but took me to task for leaving out an important moment.

    When we came back to the room from the slurp ramp and fuck bench, I pulled a hood over his handsome face and bent him over, so he was chest to sling. Many of the first round of guys came back for seconds on him, in the new position and look.

    I stand corrected.

  3. Sounds like a fun time! STL needs a good party like this!

    1. SteamWorks has embraced CumUnion. I am not sure that I see The Club chain (the bathhouse is St. Louis) doing that--but I didn't expect them to put in that new play area in the STL spa either and they did.