Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Will Throws A Party--At the Sling

St. Louis--February, 2012

He’s big.  Tall, with a barrel chest from doing all the right things in the gym.  His thighs are thick.  And he has an ass to die for.  Will has a hole that likes big things.  Including my cock and my fist. I have played with Will the last three or four trips to St. Louis.  A few times at the bathhouse and, last year, he hosted a party in my honor at his home.  When he saw my travel ad on BBRT he contacted me and asked if we could do another group on Sunday night at his house.  It was the perfect cap to a great weekend of sex.

I’m stripping in a beautiful Victorian dining room.  It’s exquisitely furnished.  A mahogany table with matching chairs sits in the center of the room.  I’m tossing my Levis on one of them.  Two roman emperors watch me, their busts sitting on fairly tall columns on either side of the archway.  Glass doors of a curio cabinet filled with porcelain act as impromptu mirrors.  Once I’m down to my boots and jock I head up the servants back staircase to the second floor.

He’s invited about six other men not counting his partner, who picked me up at the hotel.  His partner, Brian, is my age, with an average build and a good seven or so inches.  He likes fucking  Will in front of others--and loves watching others use his man.  I look quickly around the upstairs.  It’s laid out the same way as last time:   a lounge showing bareback porn is in the middle with three bedrooms for play.  Two bedrooms have beds and one has a sling.

No one else has arrived, so I settle in on one of the couches and say hello to some sort of frou-frou dog.  He is white and brown and slightly shaggy--and wants to do nothing but lick me.  Everywhere.  The porn is not exactly to my taste, but good enough to get me hard.  Brian walks in in a scruffy bathrobe and smiles.  He sits and openly beats his cock, staring at the screen and at me in about equal measure. The doorbell rings and I hear Will greet arrivals downstairs.

While they are stripping in the dining room, a naked Will comes up the front stairs and sticks his head into our room.   “Come fuck me.”  Both Brian and I get up and head to the sling room.  Will is in place, his beautiful ass towards us.  Brian is right there.  A quick coat of lube and he is in and fucking his boyfriend.  I stand to the side an thump his massive chest with my hard cock.  Will twists around to take me in his mouth.  The guests are packing into the remaining space.  A tall and handsome African-American  stands to the back.  An older white couple who have driven in from western Illinois to play with us are twisting the new arrival’s nipples and cupping his cock with their always moving hands.

Without warning, Brian grunts and shoots his load.

“There.”  He looks right at me.  “Something for you to play in.”  He pulls out.  I kneel and lick his cock clean.  “Felch my load, fucker.  Eat my jizz outta my boy.”   He pulls me off  his cock and directs my face into Will’s dripping hole.  I do what he tells me.  I’m rock hard at the taste of his cum mixed with the taste Will’s ass.   When I finally surface, Brian is gone to attend to other arrivals.  I glance at the three men stroking.  I give them a crooked smile, slap my cock on Will’s balls and enter his ass.  I know I’m in the spot light.  I give my audience a show.  Long strokes to show off my cock and Will’s hole.  Then a quick speed up until I make the chains rattle.  Finally the older top comes over and gets his cock in Will’s mouth.

“There is so much cum in here,” I grunt to no one in particular.  I pull all the way out and bend to lick up the jizz my cock head has pulled out.  I revel again in the mix of tastes.  And feel a mouth on my cock.  It’s a new arrival.  A white top of my age and inclinations.  His cock is trussed up in an elaborate metal cock ring that looks like it must hurt.  And he’s a talker.  He keeps a running commentary on what I taste like; what I must be feeling as I stick my cock back in Will’s ass; what Will must be feeling as he’s stuffed with a cock at either end.  Soon I give over to the new arrival.  I make him clean me, then the trussed up cock disappears.  I  move over to the free side of the sling, smearing my moist cock on Will’s chest.  Soon the older top and I are leaning in and making out over Will’s chest--as Will alternates between our cocks.  The man in his ass keeps up a steady run of dirty sex talk--and in moments churns out a load.  I’m surprised--that’s two cum shots in the first 40 minutes.  The dirty talker stays in place to marinate in the stew of cum.  I move back around and kneel in at the base of the sling.  Slowly he works his cock out.  He has a cock with a smallish head, but it swells to huge proportions mid-shaft. It is bringing a lot of cum on it.

“Here, boy,” he says to me--and stuffs his dripping dick in my mouth.  I clean him.  Then he pushes deep into my mouth and cuts off my air.   I have to pull back, lick a drop off his balls, and slowly, lazily clean around Will‘s hole.  It‘s two loads but looks like four or five have been shot into him.  I lick until there is no trace of cum on his ass cheeks or exposed hole.  I rise and thrust in.  My cock is swimming in cum.  I haven’t felt such a full hole, since that time the Breeder helped load a Michigan boy with 16 loads.  I gasp.  I control myself and think myself out of cumming.  I lean forward and whisper to Will how good his hole feels on my cock.

We kiss briefly, and then share the older top’s cock which he gives to both of us to suck.  I get lost in sensation as I lean across Will.  A hot man.  A hot ass.  Filled with hot cum.  A hot cock that is drooling into our two mouths.  I’m in some sort of heaven reserved for pigs.

I’m brought back to reality as I feel a thick finger work it’s way up my spread ass.  I look behind me--the African-American top slaps his large drooling cock against my butt cheek and reaches for the lube…

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feeling Leatherish

A reader wrote me last night that he would really like to see a new picture.
Who am I to say No?

So, here it is.
Now, knowing something about this man,
he'd be right there in front of me,
and peeling back the cod piece
 to let my cock jump out for his waiting mouth...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just Look at Me

St Louis--February, 2012

I didn’t know if I would find someone to play with on the penultimate night of my stay in Saint Louis. I didn’t know if I even wanted to--the night before had been so good. But of course I got online after my work day was done. And had long chats with time wasters or all-oral-with-no-picture-in-the-profile guys. Just as I was about to settle in with an ‘apple and a good book,’ a message from a incredibly built man arrived. We worked out details in five exchanges. He touched up his cleanout and was over.

I still have the red bandana over the lamp from the night before, but it’s more than enough light to show off the muscle man standing in front of me. It’s an angular face, with that slightly scarred skin from a massive case of acne in the past--a look that is often rugged and hot on many men. He is certainly one. A former bartender at the leather bar, he tells me. And in the Army before that. It is cool outside in St Louis on this February evening, but he’s worn shorts, gym shoes and a tank top. All to expose his muscles. As he should. They are tremendous. He’s out of his clothes in flash. I join him, conscious that he makes me feel even thinner than I am.

He’s left on a black jock with yellow piping. But I think he just likes the color--no mention has been made of piss play. He sucks me for a bit. He’s good. But he needs me up his ass. He gets on all fours at the edge of the bed.

“Do you like to rim?” he asks.

I don’t even answer. I pull apart the muscled cheeks and get my tongue as deep as possible into his hole. He moans in appreciation, turns to look at me, then covers his head with his arm. I’m soon standing and slowly inserting my cock. He grunts encouragingly as I slide into his wet hole. After a few thrusts he wants more lube. And his lube. Mine won’t do. He pulls away from me and gets his Gun Oil out of a pocket of his shorts. I apply and re-enter. Again he looks back and me, then burrows his head under his arm.

I am doing my typical rim, fuck, rim, fuck as he stays on all fours--but he never looks at me again. I ask if he wants to ride my cock. He does. I lie down and Army Dude chooses to sit on it looking away from me. “To warm up,” he tells me. This position really shows off his technique. He knows how to stroke my cock internally; to milk it as he sits still. He can clench his ass down to be extremely tight or leave it loose. I watch the muscles in his legs work as he bounces. He never settles back onto his shins. And he never turns to ride it facing me. When he finally pulls off my erection, he asks to lie face down and for me to just pound him.

Of course I do. I fuck. And hard. His ass is a mound of muscle. My hips and pelvis smash into him and make loud smacking noises as we fuck. He never turns this time at all. His head is buried. I briefly wonder if he’s high and trying to hide it.

We break. We talk about his growing up in St. Louis. He tells me about fucking girls and fucking his Drill Sergeant. We both talk about losing partners. He’s more open then--and looks at me. He’s certainly not high. To test this new intimacy, I tell him I want him on his back. But the moment I stick my cock in him, he will not make eye contact. He looks anywhere else in the room, but at me.

Time is short tonight, with starting late and still one more day of work. I let him know I have to cum and get to sleep. I get him into doggie and I fuck as hard as I have any time that night. His head is still covered--not daring to look at me.

I cum. He does not give a single drop back to me as I sink to my knees and run my tongue down his hairy ass crack.

He is up. No question of his getting off. At the door he seems appreciative. A quick hug…but he still can’t quite bring himself to look in my eyes…

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Scent Pigs

St. Louis--February, 2012

Joe and I met at the piss party in Chicago several years ago.  Then again the next night at a seeding party I gave for my f-bud Juan.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  It’s long enough ago; I can’t remember which came first.  I do know we had a connection the moment we played. We met in Chicago at least one other time but never in his home turf of St. Louis--though I go there each year.  This time we planned.  Joe was at my hotel room within 30 minutes of my coming home from the conference I was attending.

We kiss at the door.  I usher him into the dimly lit room.  I’ve thrown a red bandana over the one light I’ve left on.  I just look at him.  His body is muscled and lightly haired.  He’s rather classically good looking, with chiseled features.  His light brown hair is up in a slight faux hawk.  I decide my mission for the night is to make sure that he’s anything but well coiffed when he leaves my bed.

I move forward.  As we embrace I can’t stop feeling the pronounced vein on the top of his bicep.  Our mouths mash together.  Tongues work overtime.  We are naked before you know it.  Joe goes from the ottoman, where he removed his jeans, to kneeling in front of me in one easy movement.  He leans forward.

“I put this on for you,” I tell him.  “It’s the jock I wore to last week’s piss party.”

He inhales.  “Nice.”  He leans back on his haunches.  “I miss those so much.”   Then he gets busy with my cock, chewing at the pouch, getting my swelling cock out and taking it to the root.  Fuck, his skills are even better than I remembered.  I can feel his throat milking me as I thrust into his ovaling mouth.

Soon, I have him on the bed.  We can’t stop kissing.  I need this--some one who is not just devoted to my cock…

I work down his body with my tongue.  His mouth, his chin.  I get his arms up and work each pit in turn, reveling in the acrid/sweet tang of the fresh sweat we’ve worked up on each other.  It’s back to his mouth.  Long moments on his nipples.  His mouth.  His balls.  His leaking cock.  He’s nice and thick--making me work to take it.

Finally, I turn him over, spread his cheeks and begin rimming his full, furry ass.  I can’t get enough of his taste---hints of soap and his own manly smell.  I rear up and swipe my cock on his hole.  I need to mix my pre-cum with that taste.  I lick it off, and drive it deep into his hole with my tongue.  He moans and gets on all fours.


I work it in with next to no lube.  He’s panting.  I keep up the pressure and never stop on the long glide in.  I’m buried to the hilt.  I pause a moment.  Then fuck.  Slowly, but only for a moment.  Faster and faster.  My hips smack against his full ass, making a thwacking noise that echoes around the room.

I fuck for what seems like forever, then slowly pull out.  Joe spins around.  He wants to taste his hole. I let him clean my cock.  We kiss.   Soon I’m kneeling on top of his chest.  His shoulders are pinned to the bed with my knees.  My cock is at his mouth.

“Open up.” He does.  I throat fuck him, watching the rapturous look in his eyes.  I pump and pump.

Then it’s back to his ass.

His nipples are chewed

Then I’m back on his ass.  I bend to eat.  But can’t.  I can smell that I’ve fucked him a little too deep.

“You have anything with you to do another rinse?”

He shakes his head.

I get up and take him to the marble and  glass hotel bathroom.  “Bend.”  Joe grabs the lip of the sink counter.  I enter his ass.  And piss.  It’s a long one.  Very full.  I fuck briefly, but pull out and tell him to keep it for a bit than expel it.  Then wash my cock.

I am back on the bed, lying in a maze of pillows when he returns.  “All good?”  He nods.

He’s on top of me.  It’s his turn to pin me down---but it’s my pits he attacks.  Lick, suck and kiss.  Oh, the kiss.  I’m a sucker for the taste of my pits anyway, but on his tongue, poking into the back of mouth, I think I might cum.

Soon I am off the bed, with my face buried in his ass.  All issues gone.  I lick and fuck, and do it again.  I fuck, feeling his ass welcome every inch of my length.  When I stop, winded, he rolls out from under me and onto his back.  I lay down on him.  Lost in another kiss.  Slowly I move up his body, until I’m back to once again pinning his shoulders to the mattress with my knees.  My cock is smacking his lips.  He opens. I enter.  And I piss.  Just as big a load as up his ass.  Forever.  His eyes glow, then look panicked.  I control the flow so he does not spill a drop.  We kiss hungrily, the moment I pull my cock out.

“Breed me.”  He gets up on all fours.

I slip back into his ass.  I pump.  I have to work for it.  But it’s there.  I’m vocal as I shoot.  Deep.  Deep into his hole.

I move up and collapse on him.  We kiss.  He’s jerking furiously.  I twist his nipple.  Then the other.  He shoots.  All over his own pubes.  White strands of cum hanging from his full and curly bush.

We kiss.

We laugh.

I run a hand through his matted and sweat soaked hair--all product gone.

We kiss again.

We simply hold on...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Home Once Again

I flew home from St. Louis today.  It was an early morning flight that got me up way too soon after an exhausting day of work, and a very long night of play. This business trip was the exact opposite of Memphis--I played all four nights, (twice the first day) with a nice variety of men and of activities. I’ll get to detailing the rest of the encounters--but I’m headed to bed as soon as this is posted.

I had the first two paragraphs done for yesterday’s posting, when suddenly it became far more important to have sex, than write about it. And in this next post, I better get it exactly right--since he’ll be reading it….

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Turning the Tables

St Louis--February, 2012

I had dinner as soon as I’d shot and felched my load with Tad. As I finished the last of my chicken with snow peas and onions, I realized I was still horned. The thought of being just a few blocks walking distance of the bathhouse was too much of a temptation. I didn’t even try to fight it. I walked the eight blocks. There was not a room to be had. It was at the tail end of a half price room afternoon--which meant the place was packed. I got a locker. I stripped down to my jock and boots--no coverall towel for me.

The wet area is equipped with showers, a steam room, a sauna and a whirlpool. There are two wings of rooms, each in a square where guys reclined inviting all to look at either their asses, or occasionally, their cocks. Of more interest to me was a small, dark, play area with a mirrored sling, glory holes and a slurp ramp. Two television screens with non-stop porn provided the only light. From past experience, this area was either busy or dead. I hoped to crank up the heat…
For being sold out, there are few people in evidence as I make my first tour of the facilities. Most doors are closed. I’ve hit the changing of the guard--everyone has been there all afternoon and they are finally getting off and going home. But the play room has action. I stand at the base of the slurp ramp, watching the video. Instantly, I have a cute young Hispanic feeling up the pouch of my jock. There is a wall that gives him some privacy--not that I care. He is soon on his knees, sucking me to full hardness. And stopping every time someone enters the area--pulling away from my cock until they leave again. He eventually asks me to go back to his room, but I’m in the mood for public sex. I decline.

I make the circuit. I am stopped by a self proclaimed leather daddy. He tells me to watch for a jock strapped muscle boy--that I’d like to be in his hole. He sends me to a room close to the play area. Sure enough, a well defined Latin man is lying face down on the narrow bed. His door is open. I walk in. He doesn’t stir. I touch his hole. He still remains either aloof or passed out. I kneel and stick my tongue between his full, brown cheeks. That gets a response.

He turns. “That’s nice. Shut the door.” I do. “ I have someone coming in a minute, but you can do that for a bit.”

He gives my thin frame the once over--rather dismissively, or so it feels. I drop back down and stick my tongue up his ass. He likes it. He reaches back ands pulls his cheeks apart. I use every trick I know to get deep and make it as wet as possible. Soon he rolls away, telling me that’s enough.

“What a shame,” I say as I stand. My cock has grown to full hardness and points obscenely out of my jock. “Look what you did to me.”

His eyes are fully on my dick. Had he not noticed the basket of my jock, when he was sizing up my lack of bicep?

“Well,” he drawls. “Maybe another minute. Try this.” He gets up on all fours, turning to present his muscle butt to me. I push in. “How big is that thing?” I tell him. “I’ve taken bigger.”

“I’m sure you have.” I thrust into him again--harder than I mean to. His head hits the wall. I don’t apologize. But it does take that ‘I guess you’re good enough to fuck me’ expression off his face. I pound his hole. He is suddenly liking this. Just as abruptly, I stop--remind him that he has someone coming--and leave.

I wash my cock. Not because I have to, but because I don’t want him on me…

Several hours pass of random sex. Nothing earth shattering. But nothing unpleasant.

I make my way back to the sling room. Two men, both my age are feeling each other up in the back corner. I watch them stroke each other, towels around their necks. One is silver-haired, late 50’s with a thick weapon of a cock. The hairy, thick built bear he’s stroking, has a very regulation sized dick. They become aware of me, after I pull my cock out of my jock. I stroke. The older man gestures for me to join them. I do. They feel me up--Silver Hair stroking my cock and the bear sucking my nipples.

I drop down and take the bear’s cock in my mouth. He gasps and start pumping. I slow him down and take a turn on the bigger one. I have to really stretch open not to rake my teeth across him. But I manage. And eventually have him deep throated. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror makes my cock drip.
Soon I have the heads of both cocks pressing into my mouth. I service one, then the other. Then both together again as they battle for who gets more of my tongue. That’s too much for the bear. He shoots. Thick ropes of semen cover my tongue and the other cock. I swallow and try to get as much as I can off the other cock. I hope he might blow too, but it’s too much for him to deal with. Silver Hair pulls out, wipes his cock down with his towel and runs for the showers. I am left in the corner on my knees.

I become aware of a bull of a black man, standing across the sling from where we were. He’s fully dressed in jeans and t-shirt. He moves towards me. I start to rise.

“Stay where you are cocksucker.” He grabs my shoulders with massive hands and pushes me back down. I could get up and leave. But I don’t. A switch has been thrown in my brain. I watch mesmerized as he unzips. He pulls out his stiffened prick. It slaps my face. “Open up.” I do. He pushes in. And begins a slow scull fuck. He holds me in place with those big hands. “Take the load I was saving for my old lady.” I make some sort of guttural noise. It makes him pump harder. I try to cope with the onslaught of cock.

“Take it!”

He blows. It dribbles out of his cock, not spurts. But it’s a lot. He holds me in place, so I have to swallow.
He pulls out with a “You were good” and leaves.

My hand brushes against my cock--and I coat the floor with my semen.

Friday, February 17, 2012

His First Felch

St Louis--February, 2012

My flight was early in the morning. And on time. I got to St Louis long before the hotel could check me in. I sat in their plush lobby, got on BBRT and was chatting to countless guys and while I had the time, I had no room available. One hot bodied, mid 40’s guy was fascinated that I would actually seed hole and then eat it out afterwards. Finally, four hours later, I got my room. I quickly make some tea to give me some energy. Thad was over 10 minutes after the water boils. He helped me turn down the sheets. The white of the linen made his olive skin look even darker. His black hair was just beginning to show a little gray at the temples. That he spent time at the gym was obvious as the shirt came off. And even better, when the pants dropped and the 2xist underwear lay on the floor, a magnificently sculptured ass was revealed. He seemed reluctant to make the first move, so I knelt and sucked his generous cock to hardness. Soon he was on the bed--on his back--with his legs in the air… 

I take a moment and just look at his ass. It is a dream butt--full, round, sculpted, hard to the touch. He’s stroking his cock. I lean forward. My beard grazes his hole. He shivers.

“You like eating ass?” he asks.

I don’t answer. I just let my tongue flick across his pucker. He shivers again and strokes harder. I push forward. My tongue is given immediate entry. I am in deeper than I expected. He tastes of soap, with a hint of lube. My tongue darts in and out, while my thumbs pull him slightly apart. He’s moaning and huffing FIST. I have slicked my cock with the smallest amount of lube. I rise. His eyes are closed, so it is a total surprise as my cock head slides in. Thad grunts--and his eyes flash open. I wait. Then inch slowly in. His eyes widen.
“Oh, wow. You make me feel so full.”

I smile and begin moving slowly in his ass. I work up speed, faster than I mean too, but his ass is stroking my cock in all the right places. I finally slow, then pull out. I turn him over and he gets up on all fours. I kneel and taste his hole again. It now tastes of his natural lube and me. He takes a deep hit of poppers again and begins to prattle on about how I’m going to seed him and eat it out. I reach down and pull his now soft cock into my mouth. It’s leaking like crazy. I get my tongue nicely coated, then go up to his ass.

“Right now,” I say, “I’m going to stick your precum up you.”

This sends his off verbally and back into the popper bottle.

“Yeah,” I continue, “I’ll just fuck in your precum.”

Thad moans into the crisp white sheet. I enter him, and fuck him hard. His head bounces on each stroke. “Oh, yeah,” he moans. “”Fucking fill me up.”

I’m not even close, but I make a vocal as if I am. He babbles again about the post fuck felch. I drive myself deeper and deeper into his ass.

I turn him onto his back again. He tells me I’m a great fuck. He seems amazed I haven’t shot. I let him know I haven’t cum in three days. He’ll get a nice big load. He hits the poppers again.

I get him to sit on my face. I love how his full ass cuts off my air. I eat and tongue until I finally can’t breathe--then lift him slightly off me. I gasp for air, and he uses the time to finally put my cock in his mouth. And he’s good. Fuck. I’d guessed he wasn’t a cock sucker. He swallows me down--pausing about three quarters of the way down. A hit of poppers. And he takes all of me.

I’m back to eating his ass on all fours. I take a sip of the hot tea I’d brewed. I stick my warmed tongue up his butt. He goes wild. Encouraged, I take another sip, hold some of the liquid in my mouth and shove it up him. He loves it. I repeat. His hole is now stretched enough it can’t quite snap closed. He’s begging for my seed.

And I’m ready. I stroke as I lick. I fuck. I lick and I stoke again. This time as I enter, I explode in his guts.

“Fill me up. Oh, man. Yeah, eat it. Eat it out.” Thad’s pulling off me. I lie down and he’s instantly on my face. “Eat it, man. No one’s ever done this. Let me feel it.” My cum is right there. I swallow. He’s stroking fast. About the third time I stick my tongue in as deep as I can, he shoots all over my chest, his cum pooling in my clavicle.

He flops to one side. Spent. Still dizzy from the poppers. “That was the best,” he murmurs, squeezing my arm. “Fuck, I’ve finally been felched…”

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dozing at Several Thousand Feet

In the air over Illinois (and Chicago)--February, 2012

I got up at 4:30am today. I had to hit the road to Detroit by 5:15am to get to the airport at 7:15am for my 9:15am flight. It’s no wonder I read for a while after take off, but then closed my eyes. I don’t think I truly slept. I did think a lot about the piss party…

I thought about Rod, my New Year’s host and who was letting me crash after the party. I remember watching him fucking alongside me. I thought about looking up from whatever I might have been doing and seeing him on his knees getting hosed down. Or pissing all over a hungry young blond. Or deeply feeding an older man every drop until Rod shuddered--as if he were shooting a load. Or looking up and see him riding some anonymous cock, Rod’s body blocking who was getting off deep in his gut.

He told me later I was too busy when he first tried to bring me the load up his butt. But he went off, played for a bit, then found me re-filling my water bottle.

“I’ve got something for you.”

“Yeah?” I smiled.

“You better get it, it’s not very deep. That guy I was riding shot it for you.”

“I couldn’t tell who it was.”

“That bear,” he said. As if that narrowed down.

He leaned over, supporting himself on the ledge. His white ass shone, his big cock hung below, slightly engorged from the idea of my feeding. I hunkered down, but not kneeling in the puddles already starting to form on the floor.

He was right. Sperm was slowly oozing from his hole.

I licked at it, moaning slightly.

“Fuckin’ eat me out. Swallow his cum.”

I ground my tongue in deeper. Fuck, it was all right there. A short cock and gravity were giving me an enormous feast. I licked and suckled at his ass. Soon his pucker was doing a mini-rose bud in my mouth, dripping sperm onto my tongue. I savored. Then swallowed.

At some point I stood up. I slipped my cock in. It glided home.

He gasped. I used my big flared head to collect any stray cum up his chute and slowly dragged it out. Yup, a large dollop oozed from his hole. I almost lost it as a drip to the floor.


Rod turned and cleaned my cock--then kissed me deeply. And went off to find more…

While I half-dozed, I also thought about a three way with the cub who had shot so fast and a young man in a rubber singlet. It was just three cock suckers who loved piss. For 30 minutes we clung to each other. Two of us would stand and kiss each other while the third sucked our cocks and occasionally got piss. Then the sucker would rise, kiss us and one of us would drop to the floor. No hard fucking--but incredibly intense as we suckled cocks--each one decidedly different--rubber boy was long and thin, the cub’s was shorter and fat and mine, well, you know by now…

Occasionally a fourth party tried to break in, but we were lost in our own world. I know someone extra added piss to the cub’s cock as I sucked it, but for the most part we were a little island unto our selves in the sea of grunting, pissing, naked men.

And just as suddenly the moment ran it’s course and we went on to other delights.

Finally I thought about my own cumshot. A favorite bottom of mine was in great form. He’s short, with a big smile and looks like that farm boy gone wrong in the big, bad city. He’d let a large number of men sample his ass. I knew he’d taken some loads, but I’d watched from across the room as they got felched out by others. Right at the end of the evening, one of the reliable tops was taking his umpteenth turn up the party ass. The top’s obnoxious partner appeared at his shoulder--telling him it was past time to go. Within three more strokes he unloaded in Farm Boy’s butt. I was right there. The top pulled out, knowing me well, and stuck his wet cock in my mouth, letting me suck out the final drip. Then I was plastered to the sticky ass. I ate. And swallowed. Just as suddenly I knew I was going to cum. I rose, and all but jammed it home. A grunt from Farm Boy and a loud exclamation from me. I shot. And shot. Four hours of play into one load drop….

Back on the plane, I half opened my eyes and adjusted myself slightly, hoping my semi-erection didn’t show too much, crammed below the seatbelt.

“Anything to drink, Sir?” the flight attendant asked, pad in hand.

My mind raced with a thousand thoughts of all I‘d just been thinking about drinking--but I managed “Coffee, please. With cream.”

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

St. Louis Here I Come.

I am traveling again.

February is the month I travel for work.

Or for piss.

I am posting this fast so I can get to bed.

Alone--keep your mind out of the gutter…

I hit the road at 5 in the morning to get to the airport, shock security with a few sex toys in a carry on and fly to St. Louis. I will have a little more time for play on this trip than my trip to Memphis.

And even if no one ends up wanting to come downtown to my hotel, there is bathhouse within walking distance.

With a sling.

Where I have bred many a man.

I should have several tales from the Show-Me state.

I have rarely had an issue showing the men of Missouri mine….

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Piss Party Surprise

Chicago--February, 2012

The piss party was the largest group in some time. The coordinators said there were over 60 guys. There were certainly new faces mixed with some of my favorite piss buds. I’d stripped down to my usual yellow jock, wristbands and combat boots and checked my bag. I filled my water bottle from the huge jug at the bar. Standing there was one of the few men I play with who is actually taller than my own six foot three inch frame. He is a top, slightly older and has more meat on his bones than I do. Though I have more meat, well, you know…

We say hello…

He sips his water. We make small talk.

“I’d like to suck that,” he says squeezing my bulge.


“But before you start fucking.”

I nod.

“I always like to suck you. You’re big enough to make my eyes water.”

We are at the end of the bar. He kneels. Once again this month I am the first guy at the party to pull out his cock. He takes it out of my hand, gives it an experimental stroke, then slips it into his mouth. He’s good. I start to really get hard. I can see it in his eyes, just how much he loves feeling me thicken in his mouth. I start to slowly fuck his mouth. Instinctively, he puts his hands behind his back, subbing out for a second. I can hear that slight gag as he takes me to the root. I can’t resist pulling all the way out and slapping his face with my hard cock.

We’ve attracted attention. A new young man, in some sort of red, ass-less under gear has walked over. He kneels beside my man. I put it back in the mouth of my sucker. He takes it to the root. The young man leans over and licks my balls. That seems to be the signal for the top to give it up. He pulls off my cock and pushes it into the boy’s face. He begins to suck me, looking terrifically hot on my cock, but he’s not nearly as good as the man with experience.

And he wants it in his ass anyway. This hot young man has pulled me out of his mouth and turned around. I kneel and rim for just a moment. I stick the head in….and--shit, get it out or I’ll cum. I pull out. I rim a little more, twisting my balls.

I re-insert. Now in control. I fuck. Hard. He eggs me on. We have a crowd--all watching me fuck the new hot boy. I notice Rod, the host of the Chicago New Year’s Eve party. He is sucking on the top who started with me. Out of nowhere, a hot cub is all over me as I fuck. He twists my nipples, then chews on them. A hand goes down to my ass crack. I bat it away. He’s insistent. I slap it away again.

The hot boy pulls off my cock when he notices he has three more to choose from. Rod goes up him. I smile at him. I know I'll be up Rod soon.  The cub kneels and revels in sucking my cock straight from the young man’s hole. His shaved head glistens, even in the dim light. I pull him up after a while and kiss him. I sink to my knees. He has a great thick cock. I take it in. I look up. He pisses a long stream down my throat. And out of nowhere drops a mega load of cum. He sheepishly smiles and moves off.

I look at the clock.

It’s not even been 30 minutes…

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Water Trick

Memphis--February, 2012

My final night in Memphis, I had a guy I was pretty sure would show. I had broken my rule of never agreeing to meet before I was in town--but we hadn’t set up a specific day. He was a true hardcore leather pig, ready, he claimed, for anything I could throw at him. But on Monday (the only day it turned out that he could play), he had to make a trip to Nashville-- “Home by 6 o’clock,” he assured me. Plenty of time before our 11:00 o’clock tryst. Except he didn’t call, and didn’t call. I finally dropped Art a line, wondering if he wanted a rematch. He was glad to pinch hit, he told me. He had loved my load in him--and wanted another. No sooner had we agreed on time, than I got a text from the original guy. He was delayed, would not be back in Memphis until very late. I begged off, thinking of my early morning flight. And, I must admit, Art’s alabaster colored ass…

He’s right on time. Mr. Dependable. And once again out of his jeans and sweatshirt before I can get out of my clothes . He’s wearing his black jock. I’m in an off white one. He’s added a fancy leather wrist band on his right forearm. He is kneeling beside the turned down bed. He tells me how he kept my load in him all night. He wants more cum. And anything else I want to give him up there. I have not tanked liquid for piss, not wanting to be up half the night with my early flight. I walk over. He spends a moment with his nose in my pouch, but quickly pulls it aside. My cock is rising, in anticipation. He engulfs it and takes me to the root. Fuck. I grab his ears and fuck his face. He pants, and lets me pump it into him. I’m going deep--when I pull out, there are those long, milky streams of spittle. I bend to kiss him. He whimpers. I slap my cock lightly against his lips and make him take me again just as deep.

Soon, I pull him to his feet. Once again we kiss, reveling in being alone. I get him down on all fours. He’s right by the edge of the bed so I can eat his ass. I kneel on the floor. His skin feels decidedly younger than his years. If I closed my eyes, I could imagine I was digging deep into the ass of someone in their mid thirties. His hole is slightly metallic, slightly sweet. I think he’s prepped himself with a little lube, deep in his ass.
I stand and slowly insert. “Fuck me, man. Give me that cock.” I just rock quietly into his upturned ass. “Give it to me,” he pleads. Without any warning, I start slamming up against his soft mounds of flesh. “Oh, yeah. That’s it.”

He’s definitely more vocal tonight. I fuck hard and fast, eventually slowing back to just the slow rocking motion. Soon I pull out. He spins around and samples the flavors of his ass and my precum. I move to the bathroom sink and get some cold water. I take a swig as I return, holding the water in my mouth and warming it up. I kneel to rim--and push the tepid liquid up his ass. He squirms, delighted. I lick and suck at it. Then I take another swig and shoot it up his hole while it is still cold. The temperature difference makes him gasp.

My cock follows. I love the cool feel of his canal--and with a just a few strokes, make it just as hot as it was before. I fuck, pull out, and slap my cock against his hole. I take another sip of water and really warm it in my mouth as I continue to fuck. Eventually I pull out and slip my tongue in his abused hole. I slowly push in the water. Art moans. “That feels so hot. Fill me up man.”

I alternate again with a cold stream.

We fuck.

I lie on the bed. “Sit on my face,” I tell him. He gingerly stands over me, facing my cock, and lowers himself on to my mouth. I rim. He tastes great. Wet and sloppy. I wait for gravity to do it’s work. Nothing. I’ve fucked it in so deep, he’s not going to give me any of it back.

I have him move down to ride my cock. He impales himself. He’s in control. He bounces fast. You can hear the water slosh in his gut. He slows. And pulls off me, lying next to me to catch his breath. We kiss. His tongue can’t stay out of my beard.

I finally scramble up on my knees and fuck him on his back.

Soon he is begging for my load. It’s a fast fuck for me, but I have a plane in the morning. I get him up on all fours again, stand on the floor and drive it home.

I fuck.

Lick his moist hole.




And shoot.

“Yessss,” he croons into the crumpled sheet as I collapse on his back.
I know just what he means…

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Off to Chicago

It's piss party day. 
Time to break out the yellow jock and my Air Force coverall.

By the time this is posted,
I should be pissing on several of my favorite Chicago bottoms.

I'm staying the night with my good friends and fuck buds who threw the New Year's Eve party.

So Saturday alone should make up for my rather dry week in Memphis.

And then there's that traffic cone.
It brings back the time another top and I lifted an insatiable bottom
and carefully settled him down on it.
And he took the first 7 inches of it...

Memphis Visitor

Memphis--February, 2012

After a flight that got me into town too late to play, then all the online garbage of the next two days and the exhausting daily work schedule, I was in real need of a hot ass. I’d all but given up. But then lightening struck. Art, a visitor from the east coast wrote me. He bemoaned how he couldn’t make a hook-up in this city. Could I help? I could, I told him--I’d be happy to fuck the shapely, pale ass of his pictures. I told him my location and we set the time for 11:30pm to allow him to finish his clean out. Fifteen minutes later I got another message from him. Here it comes I thought, he’s canceling. But no, Art had gotten a message from an oral only guy he’d connected with the last time he was in the city. Could he bring him along? Sure…why not? 


I step out of the shower--towel and moisturize. (My skin hates winter.) Athletic socks, cockring, the leather wrist band. I step into a clean jock. And there is a knock on the door. I see Art through the peephole. He’s blond, with hair cropped so short it might as well be shaved. His age is a few years younger than mine, an average height, with a body that sees the gym, but not regularly. I can’t see the oral guy until Art comes into the room. The other man steps in quickly after him. He’s tall, thickly built, with a weathered face. He shakes hand with a steely grip. He mutters his name and I have no idea what it is he says.

Art is already out of his clothes. And on his knees in front of me. He inhales my scent, murmurs assent and starts licking my balls where they are not quite contained by the jock. The oral guy sits in an overstuffed chair, slowly untying his shoes, watching us intently. I don’t expect much from him. I hope he proves me wrong.

My cock is now hard, and disappearing down Arts throat. He’s leans forward and deliberately chokes himself on it. The Oral Guy gets up, climbs up on the bed and feeds me his dick as I am getting deep throated. He’s thicker than I expected but average in length. He is a copious precummer--which makes me like him a little more….

Soon, I’m kneeling on the floor, with Art on all fours on the hotel bed. The Oral Guy is in Art’s mouth and I’m eating out a very sweet hole. I eat, chew, spit and lick some more. I stand and wipe my cock across his damp pucker, telling him how my cock is dripping. I taste it again. But soon I’m pushing my swollen head into his tight hole. I hear him choke on the cock in his mouth. But I’m in and I’ve slid into his accommodating ass to the hilt. I begin a slow rock. He removes the cock from his mouth and moans. Oral Guy holds his poppers under Art’s nose. Art becomes quite vocal, to the point I reach down and get the cock back in his mouth. I fuck and fuck. Pushing him onto the cock in front of him.

Now the big test. I pull out of his ass and bring my dick up to his mouth. Not a moment of hesitation. Art is all over it. This makes Oral Guy precum more. I lean over, wipe the bead off the slit of his cock and stick my finger in Art’s mouth along with my cock.

I fuck him on his back as Oral Guy jerks and watches.

I offer him a turn up Art’s grasping manhole. He refuses.

I fuck him standing, bent on to the bed with Oral Guy’s cock in his mouth.

I fuck him by the full length mirror--so he can see my cock in his ass.

I fuck him at the foot of the bed. He’s on all fours again. I think I might be close. Oral Guy stands on the bed and pushes his cock into my mouth. In no time he shoots on my tongue, filling my mouth with a salty load.

I’m careful not to swallow. I kneel. I reverse felch it into Art’s ass.

“Oh, my God. That is so hot,” I hear from Oral Guy as he watches every move I make.

Art groans and reaches back to feel his cummy chute. I stand and slowly slide in.

As good as his ass was before, it’s now incredibly silky. I fuck him.

I make myself stop to let Art taste the cum on my cock. He cleans it off. We kiss.

I slip back into him.

And cum. Releasing three days of frustration up his ass along with all my cum…

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Men of Memphis

I arrived in Memphis on my business trip at Midnight. I could not play at all that night. And I was in a bad mood for the stupidity that made me fly at night instead of my usual day travel--and an afternoon and evening to play before my very heavy work schedule. So on Friday, at my dinner break, I got on line to see if I could start to find any late night play after my evening set of meetings. There were all sorts of cocksuckers (with no pictures) wanting to do me instantly. But no ass to be found.  Then:

BigO: Hello How are you? You are way to "Nasty" for this city....LOVE IT!!!

FP: I think that's true....I am just a visitor...

BigO: Allow me to tell you right now before you get your hopes up...These people are too far in the back woods for higher beings like

He looks good in his leather in his pictures. This looks promising!

FP: I have to come here every year. I find a couple guys---but nothing like in other cities.

BigO: I know. I come here from time to time as well...I'm in the downtown area near the baseball field. this city is boring... (I later learn he lives here.)

FP: Has unlocked his private pictures.

FP: I think we are close---downtown, too. I am about to do round two of my conference....hoping for some late night fun.

BigO: Maybe you'd like to play later on tonight? I can walk to you or you can walk to me. Up to you.

FP: I would...I'm at the XXX (name of hotel). Not likely done until eleven tonight.

BigO: Yep...there are a few rules though...I'm not into scat. no cams of any kind an a large amout of pain... other than thoes things I'm cool if the mood is right.

FP: No shit play here.....I love a hole so cleaned out I can eat it before during and after. No pain either…

BigO: what about cams?

FP: sorry---sure no cams is fine.

FP: I have to run now.....I should be able to check in before playtime.

BigO: what do you like to get into?

BigO: you and I will get along nicely...Wait until you see my shaved head. Smooth from head to toe. & like long sessions.

I go to work. And he’s on when I get back and am ready for play. Hooray!

FP: Hey---You still up for it?

BigO: Sure. Do you have gps on your phone? Most do...This is my address...XXXs 4th street....Meet me halfway. meet in person, then take it from there. What do you say?

FP: I don't have gps, but I can figure that out. I'd be walking. is that South 4th?

BigO: XXX s 4th street I'd meet you there in person if we like what we see then great if not...It was just a walk in the park.... Agreed?

FP: right. I will be coming down 2nd...

BigO: walk to union then make right towards the baseball field. (the wrong way.)FP: That's almost a mile....I better get going…

BigO: Take your time... oh yeah, bring everything you need to make this session fun. lube, spit , toys, etc etc. give me a name...what will you have on?

FP: XXX (my first name), green jacket--black jeans, boots. I don't have much with me other than poppers and lube.

FP: I’m leaving now....

I start down the street. I am suddenly cursing myself for this odd meeting. Just as fast, I look on the positive side. It’s a nice night, and it’s kind of hot to be looking at every man I meet as the possible guy.

Except no one is out. There is one man, far too young, but no one else for the first five blocks. The a lot of drunk straight couples. I get to the supposed turning. I see the stadium in the opposite direction from what he’d said. I turn correctly. His street is the next block--it only goes right. So I turn right. The numbers are all wrong. I go back. The street does go the other way, but the street has a bizarre jog to fit around the stadium. I go in that direction. His number is a condo--not the hotel he implied.

And no one is anywhere. A vacant lobby. I don’t have a phone number. I’ve walked the entire way. So much for that sexy meet on the street. I wait a little. Then decide to head back to my hotel. Cursing myself.
And he’s never online again my entire trip.

On Saturday I get online again at dinner. This time I’m approached by a decent looking top who wants me to fuck his hot boy. I explain about my late night. That’s actually better, I’m told. He gives me a phone number. I promise to give him a head’s up text as my last interview is winding down.

He then goes on to tell me all the things we’ll do to the boy. Oops. First warning sign.

I keep my promise. I text him. Nothing.

I get online after I’m back in the room. He’s online. He tells me the boy just arrived.

Then silence.

Never online again.

Oh, I forgot. There was one other guy who wanted to get fucked---until he found out I was two miles away. “TWO MILES!!” he screamed at me.

I did have sex in Memphis. With another visitor--who could not find anyone local to play with in the entire city. But that’s a story for the next entry.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bookstore Farrago

Near my home--February, 2012

I am currently in Memphis, Tennessee for work.

And I cannot hook up with any one in this city.

I have some time to play around the hectic work schedule--though I’ll admit it’s not ideal timing. But anyone with a picture in their profile seems to talk and talk and talk---until they suddenly sign off just as we should be exchanging addresses. All the guys with no pictures (and none to send, it seems) sound eager, but they, too, have fizzled at the critical moment. It truly is a city deep in the closet. At least two people have told me my profile frightened them. And not my BBRT profile which is a little more kink specific, but a much more mundane profile on Adam 4 Adam…

I arrived here tired. A mistake was made in my flight. The person purchasing my ticket did not notice that they were sending me out at 7 o’clock at night and not in the morning. I dragged into town for these four exhausting days of work, already cranky and out of sorts. So getting off would help. A lot.

The late departure time meant I could take a leisurely drive to the airport. I had not played since Chicago--so I was more than ready. But, of course, then I couldn’t get away when I wanted to--so, by the time I arrived at the bookstore that‘s on the way to Detroit Metro, I didn’t have long to play. I decided to not do the lounge of old sofas and countless television screens, but to go down the grungy, concrete steps to the booths. Here you could pop in a dollar bill or just not bother. I’ve never seen a place that was so free in letting guys just congregate and have sex--without paying some sort of admission price. There are maybe 12 booths in the dingy fluorescent lit basement. But about a quarter of them are not working. A yellowing sign announces one as usable but with no audio. Another is simply duct taped shut. They are surprisingly well cleaned out--I was expecting decades of dried cum on the floor the first time I ventured down into this mini maze. There is one glory hole. I know that it gets use--but it will never be used by me. I simply don’t fit through it.

 I install myself in a booth in the back row on the corner. In the gloom, I can’t find the slot to slip the dollar into the machine to play a few minutes of porn. Finally by feel, I locate it and feed it in. It buzzes and clunks as it accepts it, and suddenly the space is brilliantly lit from the small screen--with the image of a very young man taking a super large cock up his butt. I page up to some straight porn--two guys in one woman is always a good choice for me when I’m in a place like this. I have simply left the door ajar. My pants are open, and I’m kneading my bulge through my black boxer briefs. I wait to see who comes through the door.

It swings open. An older gentleman looks in. He smiles. He comes in and sits on the bench next to me. He squeezes my cock. I’m encouraged. I like getting head from my elders--after all practice makes perfect. He looks quite dapper, gray hair neatly parted. A plaid shirt, corduroy pants. He feels me up.

“Ooh, nice. You’ve got a big one, I can tell.” He pulls down the underwear, rather roughly, bending my hardening cock in a way that makes me wince. He strokes it back to hardness. He sighs. “Very nice.” I think he’s about to lean in and take in in his mouth. But no. He simply blows his hot breath on it. And reaches for something in his pocket. A tube of lube. He opens it--the smell of it is something overpoweringly floral, stolen from his wife’s vanity table.

“No.” I say.

“No?” He puts it away and breathes on my cock again.

“I was looking for a blowjob,” I venture.

“Well, I’ll suck your cock if you wear a condom.”

I thank him, but decline.

He’s back to stroking. A little rough. I finally tell him I need a moment.

He shuffles out the door.

I am left alone. I am on the edge of packing it in, but I feed another bill into the machine. Then the older man returns. “I’ve found a cocksucker for you.” He stands aside, and a 40-ish, married dad appears around the corner. He smiles when he sees my erection. He sits next to me and goes to work on my cock. He’s fine. Nothing special--but with the time crunch, just what I need.

Except the older gentleman is still in the open doorway, either telling him how to suck or occasionally giving a play by play to an unseen man in the corridor. “Ooh, he is taking that big thing to the root!” I suggest to the Dad that we shut the door, but at that minute the age range in the arcade plummets. A kid in his early 20’s looks over the shoulder of the older gentleman. He’s hot--blond, well dressed in clothes straight from the office. My over active imagination creates a scenario--one in which his enormously pregnant wife is not giving him any. He looks at my cock. He catches my eye. We really want to do things to each other. The older gentleman has stopped chattering long enough to open the pants of the young man, showing us all the designer underwear beneath. My cock sucker pulls the young man in and is down on his cock so fast I can‘t even see it. It takes only seconds for the load to be blown. The young man looks at me and shrugs. The older gentleman thoughtfully fishes out a fast food napkin from his back pocket and hands it to the young one. He wraps his shrinking cock in it and bolts. My cocksucker follows him.

I am left alone again. This time I start to put my cock away. But the older gentleman is back. He’s bringing someone new to me. It’s a guy I’ve seen in the lounge before, but never played with. He’s my age, with sharp facial features, and a cock tenting his chinos.

He kneels in front of me and pulls out my cock. He mutters something that sounds complimentary, as he takes it all the way down his throat. Fuck. Now this guy is good. Lots of tongue, great suction. I start to fuck his face.

“Ooh, are you going to shoot down his throat?” The older gentleman leans out into the corridor. “The big one is going to cum.” I look up from my cock sucker. The first sucker has crowded back into the doorway of this cramped booth with the older gentleman. They watch me fuck his face, then lean back, letting him get me off in his own way.

I explode.

I mop up the little he hasn’t swallowed. I squeeze out around them all, and find the laundry tub that serves for a sink down there. The older gentleman has followed me.

“You have such a nice cock. Do you come here often? I’d love to see you with a girl. Do you like women? You know, some guys bring their girlfriends and wives to the lounge…”

I am zipped up and headed to the exit. He trails me…

“Have you found the lounge up there? It’s one price for all day…”

I am up the stairs, but I can hear him shuffling back to the others. “Did you see that cock? Now he’s a man…”

I try to avoid the clerks eyes. But too late. He smirks at me. I smile a twisted half smile and drive to the airport and fly to the land of no sex.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Steamworks--Part Four

Chicago--January, 2012

More at Steamworks. Immediately after…

The hairy top in tennis shoes is just inside my door.

“I got two loads for you dripping down my leg. Eat my hole out…”

His towel is off, he pushes past me and kneels on the bed. My tongue cleans his thigh, working up to his hole. He’s loaded, alright. I lick, ream, swallow, spit, lick and swallow some more of the viscid liquid. I get him up off the bed, and lie down, my head near the edge of the bed. He can stand on the floor, his ass in my face and let gravity do the work. He loves my tongue cleaning him up. And it makes him want more cock.

“Want to fuck me?” He bounces up on the bed and impales himself on my cock. His ass is tight, but silky with the two loads in it. He strokes himself as he bounces on my dick and damned if he doesn’t shoot a third load. My chest is dripping as David returns. He smiles as his former top climbs off my cock and leaves.

David joins me on the bed. We lie there. He begins stroking my shoulders.

“Don’t do too much of that or you’ll put me to sleep.”

He just laughs and digs into a knot below my left shoulder blade.

Soon, we are just holding on to each other. A different kind of hotness. And one we both need.

“I think,” I tell him, “I have some piss. Where do you want it?”

He sighs. He loves it when I hose out his ass. But we both decide we’ll do something new--cover him in the shower. We go down to the smaller stall. He kneels.

“Piss me, man.”

I’m more than ready. I point my semi-erect cock at him. The first blast of piss hits his balls. He’s instantly erect. He strokes himself as I let my piss play over his chest and back to his cock. His hand scoops some up to finger into his ass. As soon as I’m spent, as if on cue, guys arrive to shower. I tell him to rinse and meet me at the fuck bench.

He’s there in no time. He sucks my cock. When it’s dripping he gets in position. I slip in. We fuck. I am hoping to give him my load. He asks for it. I think I’m there. But wait. It’s more piss.

“Fuck, take my piss.”

I have just as much again as when we were in the shower. I fill him up. My cock becomes harder as I fuck through his piss drenched hole. Finally I slow. He eases away from me. He gets up. We kiss. He sinks to his knees. His face is just under my balls. He breathes deep of their sweat--of other people’s cum coating them--as he clings to my leather clad leg. He’s jerking rapidly. And he shoots--covering my chaps and boot. 

I pull him up to hold him. We kiss lightly. And say good-bye. He’s off to his family for the night.

And I am in desperate need to get off.

I make the rounds. It’s only 2am but no one is around in the play areas. I search the rooms. One young Hispanic bottom is lying ass up, showing a lovely mound of flesh to the door. I think I’ve played with him on previous trips. He invites me in. I use his bedside dildo on him to see if my cock will still standup. He loves that I lick his hole when I’m done. And that’s all it takes. I’m ready.

“I need to load you now.”

“Fuck, yeah.”

I slip in. I shoot. I flood his ass. It’s a huge load after all the build up of this night.

He’s delighted. “Papi, you needed that.”

Truer words….

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Steamworks--Part Three

Chicago--January, 2012

More at Steamworks. Immediately after…

We’re alone again. I’m lying on my back, fully on the bed. David’s head is on my thigh, his feet on the floor. He decides he needs to check his cleanout. I’m sure he does--and it’s also our code for time to wander around alone for a bit. He takes off downstairs. I decide to wander the third floor glory hole area--the one with the new fuck bench. Sure enough, a shaved head leather pig is astride the bench, ass in the air, eyes closed. His full cheeks are perfectly framed by a well-used jock. The fingers of my right hand find his hairy crack, while my left caresses him; first his neck, then down across the shoulders, eventually joining my right--pulling his cheeks open.

He sighs. I sink to my knees. My tongue investigates to see if he’s been loaded tonight. I guess that he’s been fucked but has no load. He pushes his ass into my face. My cock rises.

I stand and enter him. He gasps and hits his poppers. A cute boy on the slurp ramp looks down at me as I fuck him. This ass is nice--but becomes very loose, very fast. I finally stop when I can barely feel anything. I withdraw, pat his ass and go up the three steps onto the slurp ramp. There seem to be no cocksuckers anywhere. But I do hear moaning from a cubicle to my left. I can look right over the top. A slim Hispanic is bent over, getting fucked by a strapping, middle-aged Black man. I never see the bottom’s face, but I love the sounds he‘s making as his hole is ravaged. I go down and around to find them. The top gives me the once over. I pull out my cock and start stroking.

He gives me a crooked smile. “You’re next, guy.” I nod. He fucks and fucks. The boy is now bouncing against the cubicle, but that only seems to excite him. Finally the top pulls out. I slap my cock against his hole. The Hispanic shivers. I bend, and taste his hole. He’s been loaded. Likely repeatedly. I slip in. He’s silken. Everything I love about a cum lubed ass. The Black top stands and watches. It’s his turn to stroke as I plow. The boy loves my cock. His broken English babble is telling me that much. He’s louder now. And that means men start arriving from all sides. Soon we have a multi-cultural group of men groping, stroking or sucking each other--all with one eye on me in the hole. David arrives. He pats my ass in a ‘give it to him for the team’ kind of way. He drops down and sucks the initial Black top. The sound of the group having sex spurs us on--but just as fast it dissipates. David stands. I give the hole over to a new Black top. The first top wanders into the maze. The gropers and cocksuckers have melted away--waiting somewhere for their next moment of voyeuristic pleasure.

David hugs me. “Let me taste his hole on you.” He does. For long moments. Then rises and kisses me with no prompting. “Come on.” He leads me to the main stairs.

The public sling on the second floor is full--but I have no interest in the man in it. We wander to the other fuck bench. A 30ish, muscle guy is bent over. He’s wearing nothing but a black Neoprene jock.

I grab David by the back of the neck, pushing him down. “Get it wet for me.” From David’s murmuring as he eat the hot hole, I guess I am missing a load in there. But I get some residual cum on David’s tongue when he stands and kisses me.

“Fuck him, Sir.” My cock is drooling from the kiss and the site of David’s handsome face in that spread butt. I move around and slap my cock right on the hole. David moves to the side, leans in to the bottom and whispers something in his ear. I get just the head in. The boy rears up. David pushes him back into place. “Take his cock. It’s big--and all yours right now.” I have been inching in. Another great ass. Tight, slippery, and it soon relaxes just enough for a great fuck. David moves to me so we can kiss as I fuck him. The bottom is making erotic sounds and doing massive amounts of poppers. We kiss and fuck--the three of us linked and lost in the moment.

David pulls away. I can’t quite tell why. I turn. A handsome gym rat, straight from his work out is leaning against the back wall. David kneels and pulls down his towel. His cock is thin, and hooks down. I go back to the hole in front of me. The bottom has finally looked around to see who’s cock is in him. He smiles at me. “God, fuck me as long as you want.”

I look behind me. David is bent and inserting the hook. He backs down on it. Then begins fucking himself. The gym rat barely moves. I am intent on working this hole from every angle and at every speed I can. David is panting behind me. I catch his eye every time I turn. I think this might be the ass that will take me over the top. Just as I think that, my bottom reaches around to squeeze my cock, looks at me and says he needs to take a break. He gets up and slips by David and GR. I kneel and watch David pump back on the hooked cock. I stand, work the nipples on the top. I’d love for him to give David a load. But it’s not to be. He finally stops David, withdraws, and with a final tousle of David’s hair, moves off for other prey.

“I’m going to shower. Meet you back upstairs.”

No sooner than I enter my room, the hairy top in tennis shoes, who’s loaded David twice, is at my door.

“Hey. I know you like to felch.”

I nod. He undoes his towel.

“I got two loads for you dripping down my leg. Eat my hole out…”