Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dozing at Several Thousand Feet

In the air over Illinois (and Chicago)--February, 2012

I got up at 4:30am today. I had to hit the road to Detroit by 5:15am to get to the airport at 7:15am for my 9:15am flight. It’s no wonder I read for a while after take off, but then closed my eyes. I don’t think I truly slept. I did think a lot about the piss party…

I thought about Rod, my New Year’s host and who was letting me crash after the party. I remember watching him fucking alongside me. I thought about looking up from whatever I might have been doing and seeing him on his knees getting hosed down. Or pissing all over a hungry young blond. Or deeply feeding an older man every drop until Rod shuddered--as if he were shooting a load. Or looking up and see him riding some anonymous cock, Rod’s body blocking who was getting off deep in his gut.

He told me later I was too busy when he first tried to bring me the load up his butt. But he went off, played for a bit, then found me re-filling my water bottle.

“I’ve got something for you.”

“Yeah?” I smiled.

“You better get it, it’s not very deep. That guy I was riding shot it for you.”

“I couldn’t tell who it was.”

“That bear,” he said. As if that narrowed down.

He leaned over, supporting himself on the ledge. His white ass shone, his big cock hung below, slightly engorged from the idea of my feeding. I hunkered down, but not kneeling in the puddles already starting to form on the floor.

He was right. Sperm was slowly oozing from his hole.

I licked at it, moaning slightly.

“Fuckin’ eat me out. Swallow his cum.”

I ground my tongue in deeper. Fuck, it was all right there. A short cock and gravity were giving me an enormous feast. I licked and suckled at his ass. Soon his pucker was doing a mini-rose bud in my mouth, dripping sperm onto my tongue. I savored. Then swallowed.

At some point I stood up. I slipped my cock in. It glided home.

He gasped. I used my big flared head to collect any stray cum up his chute and slowly dragged it out. Yup, a large dollop oozed from his hole. I almost lost it as a drip to the floor.


Rod turned and cleaned my cock--then kissed me deeply. And went off to find more…

While I half-dozed, I also thought about a three way with the cub who had shot so fast and a young man in a rubber singlet. It was just three cock suckers who loved piss. For 30 minutes we clung to each other. Two of us would stand and kiss each other while the third sucked our cocks and occasionally got piss. Then the sucker would rise, kiss us and one of us would drop to the floor. No hard fucking--but incredibly intense as we suckled cocks--each one decidedly different--rubber boy was long and thin, the cub’s was shorter and fat and mine, well, you know by now…

Occasionally a fourth party tried to break in, but we were lost in our own world. I know someone extra added piss to the cub’s cock as I sucked it, but for the most part we were a little island unto our selves in the sea of grunting, pissing, naked men.

And just as suddenly the moment ran it’s course and we went on to other delights.

Finally I thought about my own cumshot. A favorite bottom of mine was in great form. He’s short, with a big smile and looks like that farm boy gone wrong in the big, bad city. He’d let a large number of men sample his ass. I knew he’d taken some loads, but I’d watched from across the room as they got felched out by others. Right at the end of the evening, one of the reliable tops was taking his umpteenth turn up the party ass. The top’s obnoxious partner appeared at his shoulder--telling him it was past time to go. Within three more strokes he unloaded in Farm Boy’s butt. I was right there. The top pulled out, knowing me well, and stuck his wet cock in my mouth, letting me suck out the final drip. Then I was plastered to the sticky ass. I ate. And swallowed. Just as suddenly I knew I was going to cum. I rose, and all but jammed it home. A grunt from Farm Boy and a loud exclamation from me. I shot. And shot. Four hours of play into one load drop….

Back on the plane, I half opened my eyes and adjusted myself slightly, hoping my semi-erection didn’t show too much, crammed below the seatbelt.

“Anything to drink, Sir?” the flight attendant asked, pad in hand.

My mind raced with a thousand thoughts of all I‘d just been thinking about drinking--but I managed “Coffee, please. With cream.”


  1. What nice things to think of while flying. I'm so bad with airplanes. I tend to fall asleep the moment I sit down. I can't even stay awake for take-off anymore. I just sleep the entire trip, somehow waking up in time to order a drink and to turn off my electronics. I rarely do any remembering.

    Hope your trip goes well.


    1. It was pleasant. Arousing, even. Since the flight attendants didn't offer a blow job....

    2. If you were traveling with me that wouldn't have been a problem. I actually know someone who has a rather impressive record of getting flight attendants to have sex with him.


  2. On trains and airplanes, when I doze in and out I often think of sex as well, sometimes its fucks ive had, sometimes its fucks i wish i had.

    P. Pussyboi

    1. It's rather nice to do a review. And now I use the time to get my thoughts in order fo the blog...