Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bookstore Farrago

Near my home--February, 2012

I am currently in Memphis, Tennessee for work.

And I cannot hook up with any one in this city.

I have some time to play around the hectic work schedule--though I’ll admit it’s not ideal timing. But anyone with a picture in their profile seems to talk and talk and talk---until they suddenly sign off just as we should be exchanging addresses. All the guys with no pictures (and none to send, it seems) sound eager, but they, too, have fizzled at the critical moment. It truly is a city deep in the closet. At least two people have told me my profile frightened them. And not my BBRT profile which is a little more kink specific, but a much more mundane profile on Adam 4 Adam…

I arrived here tired. A mistake was made in my flight. The person purchasing my ticket did not notice that they were sending me out at 7 o’clock at night and not in the morning. I dragged into town for these four exhausting days of work, already cranky and out of sorts. So getting off would help. A lot.

The late departure time meant I could take a leisurely drive to the airport. I had not played since Chicago--so I was more than ready. But, of course, then I couldn’t get away when I wanted to--so, by the time I arrived at the bookstore that‘s on the way to Detroit Metro, I didn’t have long to play. I decided to not do the lounge of old sofas and countless television screens, but to go down the grungy, concrete steps to the booths. Here you could pop in a dollar bill or just not bother. I’ve never seen a place that was so free in letting guys just congregate and have sex--without paying some sort of admission price. There are maybe 12 booths in the dingy fluorescent lit basement. But about a quarter of them are not working. A yellowing sign announces one as usable but with no audio. Another is simply duct taped shut. They are surprisingly well cleaned out--I was expecting decades of dried cum on the floor the first time I ventured down into this mini maze. There is one glory hole. I know that it gets use--but it will never be used by me. I simply don’t fit through it.

 I install myself in a booth in the back row on the corner. In the gloom, I can’t find the slot to slip the dollar into the machine to play a few minutes of porn. Finally by feel, I locate it and feed it in. It buzzes and clunks as it accepts it, and suddenly the space is brilliantly lit from the small screen--with the image of a very young man taking a super large cock up his butt. I page up to some straight porn--two guys in one woman is always a good choice for me when I’m in a place like this. I have simply left the door ajar. My pants are open, and I’m kneading my bulge through my black boxer briefs. I wait to see who comes through the door.

It swings open. An older gentleman looks in. He smiles. He comes in and sits on the bench next to me. He squeezes my cock. I’m encouraged. I like getting head from my elders--after all practice makes perfect. He looks quite dapper, gray hair neatly parted. A plaid shirt, corduroy pants. He feels me up.

“Ooh, nice. You’ve got a big one, I can tell.” He pulls down the underwear, rather roughly, bending my hardening cock in a way that makes me wince. He strokes it back to hardness. He sighs. “Very nice.” I think he’s about to lean in and take in in his mouth. But no. He simply blows his hot breath on it. And reaches for something in his pocket. A tube of lube. He opens it--the smell of it is something overpoweringly floral, stolen from his wife’s vanity table.

“No.” I say.

“No?” He puts it away and breathes on my cock again.

“I was looking for a blowjob,” I venture.

“Well, I’ll suck your cock if you wear a condom.”

I thank him, but decline.

He’s back to stroking. A little rough. I finally tell him I need a moment.

He shuffles out the door.

I am left alone. I am on the edge of packing it in, but I feed another bill into the machine. Then the older man returns. “I’ve found a cocksucker for you.” He stands aside, and a 40-ish, married dad appears around the corner. He smiles when he sees my erection. He sits next to me and goes to work on my cock. He’s fine. Nothing special--but with the time crunch, just what I need.

Except the older gentleman is still in the open doorway, either telling him how to suck or occasionally giving a play by play to an unseen man in the corridor. “Ooh, he is taking that big thing to the root!” I suggest to the Dad that we shut the door, but at that minute the age range in the arcade plummets. A kid in his early 20’s looks over the shoulder of the older gentleman. He’s hot--blond, well dressed in clothes straight from the office. My over active imagination creates a scenario--one in which his enormously pregnant wife is not giving him any. He looks at my cock. He catches my eye. We really want to do things to each other. The older gentleman has stopped chattering long enough to open the pants of the young man, showing us all the designer underwear beneath. My cock sucker pulls the young man in and is down on his cock so fast I can‘t even see it. It takes only seconds for the load to be blown. The young man looks at me and shrugs. The older gentleman thoughtfully fishes out a fast food napkin from his back pocket and hands it to the young one. He wraps his shrinking cock in it and bolts. My cocksucker follows him.

I am left alone again. This time I start to put my cock away. But the older gentleman is back. He’s bringing someone new to me. It’s a guy I’ve seen in the lounge before, but never played with. He’s my age, with sharp facial features, and a cock tenting his chinos.

He kneels in front of me and pulls out my cock. He mutters something that sounds complimentary, as he takes it all the way down his throat. Fuck. Now this guy is good. Lots of tongue, great suction. I start to fuck his face.

“Ooh, are you going to shoot down his throat?” The older gentleman leans out into the corridor. “The big one is going to cum.” I look up from my cock sucker. The first sucker has crowded back into the doorway of this cramped booth with the older gentleman. They watch me fuck his face, then lean back, letting him get me off in his own way.

I explode.

I mop up the little he hasn’t swallowed. I squeeze out around them all, and find the laundry tub that serves for a sink down there. The older gentleman has followed me.

“You have such a nice cock. Do you come here often? I’d love to see you with a girl. Do you like women? You know, some guys bring their girlfriends and wives to the lounge…”

I am zipped up and headed to the exit. He trails me…

“Have you found the lounge up there? It’s one price for all day…”

I am up the stairs, but I can hear him shuffling back to the others. “Did you see that cock? Now he’s a man…”

I try to avoid the clerks eyes. But too late. He smirks at me. I smile a twisted half smile and drive to the airport and fly to the land of no sex.


  1. Sorry you're having trouble getting sex. Would not have expected Memphis to be so dry. Maybe it is just a bad time of year or something. I hope that you're able to get something in before you head back. Can't have you all bottled up and stressed out when you get home.


    1. I was told by a number of people who didn't want/couldn't play that Memphis is all closeted guys who jerk...

  2. God, I wish I had an ABS to go to.Once in in a theater as a guy knelt in front of me an older gent came up and just began patting my shoulders and arms I flexed and he grunted his approval and kept patting as if to say look how soild this MAN is.I felt good to give him that small pleasure.Hope you luck changes soon Fucker...

    1. Anon--thanks for writing. Connections are amazing however they happen. And I do believe in that sexual karma thing--someday, with luck, we are going to be one of those older men. Let's hope that some young man in the future will understand the cycle...

  3. I don't think I would have been as polite to the older gentlemen after you turned him away when he wanted to put a condom on to suck your cock and he kept coming back.

    1. It's such a small gay community on this side of the state....I try to tread carefully.

    2. understood but there is no reason for him to be rude

    3. I agree...but I sure didn't need him to be pissed off....