Saturday, February 11, 2012

Off to Chicago

It's piss party day. 
Time to break out the yellow jock and my Air Force coverall.

By the time this is posted,
I should be pissing on several of my favorite Chicago bottoms.

I'm staying the night with my good friends and fuck buds who threw the New Year's Eve party.

So Saturday alone should make up for my rather dry week in Memphis.

And then there's that traffic cone.
It brings back the time another top and I lifted an insatiable bottom
and carefully settled him down on it.
And he took the first 7 inches of it...


  1. I never missed one of those parties at Touches when I lived there. Damn I miss that so much.

    1. Hello, Chester. When were you in Chicago? I stated going about 2006. Did we ever meet up?

  2. Oh, sounds like fun! :)

    That Air Force Overall looks very dashing!

    1. Countess--welcome back! It was fun--details to come soon. I love my overall. It is so handy to slip into after the piss party--with the wet floor. No dragging the jeans through it all. I like to think they are dashing...they are quite form fitting. Is it vanity to be proud that at my age I still have the waist size I had in college?

  3. Replies
    1. Do you like piss enough to attend? If you are a piss hog--you'd be in heaven.

    2. still a newbie....willing and hungry to learn

    3. Even better--It would be fun to take you to one of the parties and "drown" you.....