Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Surprises at the Motel with Day Rates

Detroit—November, 2013

I went home for Thanksgiving to the Detroit area.  I had every intention of finding some fun during my time there.  As is often the case however, being around my Alzheimer’s ridden Dad made my libido plummet.  However, the day before the holiday, the Cum Hound got me out of my funk.  I thought I was meeting him one on one at the cheapest sleazy motel we knew—but that was not quite the case…

 I haven’t seen the Cum Hound in quite some time—not since we were, unexpectedly in another state and in the same hotel.  (You can also read about the time I brought a mystery top to breed him.  Or the time we fucked while broadcasting it over TIM’s Fuck Roulette.)  I arrive a little early.  I’m eager.  I need to breed.  It’s been a whole week since I got off—much less fucked ass.  I snap a picture of the motel sign.  I like how brazen it is—letting the world know just what happens here.

Cum Hound answers my knock.  He is still in his three piece suit.  We hug. The room is tiny—all wood paneling and cheap pressed wood furniture.  The bed is clean enough and that’s all that matters.  I go in and strip down as he attaches his computer to the in-room television so we can have porn on a much bigger screen.  He puts on a Treasure Island video—one that is new to me.  He goes off to shower and clean up as I watch big dicks breed the willing. 
I am achingly erect as he emerges from the steamy bathroom.  Cum Hound crawls across the bed and nuzzles my dripping cock.  He buries it in his throat, giving a gratified sigh as he feels the thickness fill his throat.  I pump it into him, then I slowly pull out. 

“Come here.”  I get up and stand on the linoleumed area outside the bathroom door.  He obediently gets on his knees.  “On your back,” I instruct him.  He lies down.  I straddle his chest, a boot on either side of him.  My cock is slightly less hard.  A burst of piss spits out.  I direct the pale stream right at his open mouth.  He guzzles noisily.  I control the flow, willing myself to stop so he can swallow and not make much of a mess.  I let fly another stream.  And another.  The Cum Hound is rock hard—something I rarely see as he can’t stay that way with cock up his ass. 
When I finish, I pull him up to clean the last drops from my cock.

“On the bed.  All fours.”  Cum Hound is right there.  I bury my face in his ass.  I love the warmth and taste of his hole.  I need to stick my cock in him.  Now.  I get up and do just that.  I fuck him roughly.  Something he always begs me to do.
“I need this,” I tell him.

“Sir, I have a surprise for you.  I have two other tops coming to breed me like you like.”
“Really?”  The thought of fucking in cum makes me pound him harder.   There is a knock on the door.  I pull out and slap my meaty cock on the Cum Hound’s hole.  I go to answer the door.  It’s Mikey, the Breeder’s brother.  I smile and let him in.  Before Mikey can strip down and I can get back in the Cum Hound’s hole, there is second knock. Once again I open the door.  It is one of metro Detroit’s most reliable breeders.  There is nothing fancy about his fucking—he’s just there to drop a load and get back to work.  He rarely even gets all the way undressed.  Today is no different.  He takes his sweater and shirt off, but just leaves his pants bunched around his ankles.  The Cum Hound has flipped on to his back and is pressing his wet hole toward the new arrival.  Mikey finishes shucking off his clothes and sucks my cock. 

Old Reliable pushes into the wet hole. 
“You must have been fucking him for a while,” he says, his head turned in my direction. 
I nod.  And then groan as Mikey pushes me forward on the bed, deciding he’d really rather lick my ass.  His tongue goes deep and I take a hit of poppers, reveling in the unexpected.

“You are wet, boy,” Old Reliable tells the Cum Hound.  “And I’m going to make you wetter yet.”

I grab the camera.  Old Reliable convulses and shoots into the Cum Hound.  Loudly.  No one in this motel cares.  Old Reliable knows (and loves) the drill.  He marinates for a moment in the cum soaked ass, then he pulls out and lets me suck him clean.  He’s dressing as I felch a little of his load out of the Cum Hound.  “I’m leaving most of it for you,” I tell Mikey. 

Mikey grins and shoves his cock into the creamy, well–fucked hole.  I thank Old Reliable, and he is out the door and on the way back to his shop.

I watch and take a few more pictures.  Then I eat Mikey’s ass on his backstroke.  I stand up, catching Mikey’s eye in the mirror.  I push into him.

Mikey fucks into Cum Hound and impales himself on me with each backstroke.  I tell the Cum Hound just what I’m doing.  It’s his turn to groan.  He is anything but a selfish bottom.  He tells Mikey to take my cock.
We fuck this way for a long time.

Eventually, I go back up Cum Hound.  Then the amazing thing happens.  He says he’s worn out.  “Let me watch you fuck Mikey.”  He lies across one side of the bed and watches Mikey get on all fours.  I can fuck with much more freedom now.  I slide in.  I have to hold still—afraid I’ll shoot.  I calm down and begin long dicking him.
Mikey rolls off me and over onto his back.  “Fuck me so I can see your eyes, Daddy Man.”  I am back up him instantly.  Our eyes lock.  Even the Cum Hound can feel the connection between us.  I lower my head into a kiss.

“Breed him,” the Cum Hound all but whispers.  “Let me see you shoot in him.”
I pull up, my eyes never leaving him.  My eyes go all watery.  And I shoot.

I collapse on Mikey.  The Cum Hound goes to clean up, leaving us alone.  I roll off Mikey.  He climbs on top of me, stroking his bright red cock.  Mikey leans in and whispers things in my ear.  I become tongue tied, my usual verbal ease taken aback.  My hand strokes his ass and he shoots across my chest. 
We stay, mashed together with his cum sticking to the both of us, until the bathroom door opens.

Then we are all business.  We wash up, pack up, get dressed and take our leave.
Mikey’s at the door of the motel.  I go to him to say goodbye.  He grabs me in an embrace.  “That was special, Daddy Man.  Take care of yourself…”


  1. Mikey always has more fun than I do!

    1. I wonder if he'd think so??

      I'm pretty sure you know all the participants in this one--and I know you've been on the sheets at this motel....