Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Abusing JT's Hole

My Playroom—May, 2017

I finished up April at CLAW.  I posted daily about my sex filled afternoons and evenings.  You likely read about my working over the hot sub, fucking both the Master and his Slave in my sling, Derrick and Jacob surprising me with a hot, cum-loaded cub and the two large group parties I attended.  (You can click on any of the highlighted words for a refresher.)

 May became a busy month—even before I went off to IML.  The first time I played after CLAW marked the return of a hot pig to my playroom after a six month absence.  He never appeared in these pages back then for the hook up was something of a blur by the time I was due to write it up.  I saved the few notes I’d taken after that November meeting, sure that we’d meet again.  The first week of May proved to be that time and, seemingly we played in a very similar fashion.

JT had written me on the fetish hook-up site.  He often commuted to Detroit for his work, which meant that if he changed his route slightly, he would pass right by my house.  Would I have any interest in using him—hard?

I liked his look:  a body that was hard as a rock from the gym and healthy living—and in a shape that belied that he was my age; a shaved head; wired nips; balls that liked abuse and a seemingly insatiable ass.  The first meet was a success for both of us and only time and distance made it take six months before we did it again…

“Fuck me.  Open my hole up with that big dick.”

JT is astride the padded fuck bench.  He’s looking in the mirror that hangs low on the wall.  I am on my knees, with my tongue deep in his hole.  I have just smeared some of my pre-cum there, so it is particularly tasty.  I can just peer over his ass and meet his eyes in the mirror.  I poke deeper and we break eye contact as his eyes roll up into his head. 

I eat him out and spit all his juices back into him.  It’s time to fuck.

“Hard.   Fuck me hard.  No mercy.”

I stand up and my dick is perfectly aligned with his hole.  The smallest thrust makes the big red head of my dick disappear into his wet hole. 

“Oh, yeah, that’s the dick I remember.  Fuck!”

I begin a slow fuck.  I am able to go deep on the first thrust.  I pull all but my dripping head out of him.  And fuck the whole length back into his greedy ass.  I pick up speed.  Again, he is ready for it quicker than most men.  He wants a hard fuck; I am ready to give him one.  I grind my overgrown pubes into his hard, muscle butt.

Again and again.

I stop only to catch my breath.  JT is panting, too.  I fuck him again before he can fully catch his breath.  Slamming my hips against his firm butt, with a slapping sound that reverberates in the tiny room.

“Sling time.”

I get him up and into the sling.  And into the stirrups.  My cock pokes against his hole as I get him comfortable.  JT is sure I’m going to fuck him, so I just hold my cock outside his puffy hole…and piss.  A short blast. 

“Fuck, that feels hot.”

I give him another.  It runs down his ass crack and puddles for a moment on the towel below before it is absorbed.   I kneel and lick him clean.  He groans each time my tongue touches his fucked up hole.  He calls me a dirty fucker.  I spread his ass cheeks with both hands and spit the mix of spit, ass juice and piss into his hole.  This causes another groan.

I stand up.  My cock is drooling.  I push it into him. 


I pull out.  I drive it into him again.  He’s chanting “Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” with every stroke.  I am now pulling all the way out and fucking it back into him.  His hole is in complete submission to my dick.  And he loves it.

Eventually, I have to stop.

“You want my fist in that hole?”

“Yeah.  See if you can get it all the way in.”

I grease up both hands.    I slowly worm the fingers of my left hand into him.   All four.  I flatten my thumb to my palm.  I work it into him—stopping at the knuckles.  I repeat the stretch with my right. 
The left.  The right. 

The next time my left hand slips home. 

I pull out and go in again…and once more…


We take a break.

And we fuck some more.  I remember that he likes his balls beaten.  I get in a good whack, but it doesn’t seem to excite him today, so I back off. 

I go back to fucking.

I realize I need to piss.  I don’t pull out.  I just unleash a massive torrent deep into his hole.

“Yes!”  JT almost crows as he figures out why his ass is filling (and heating) up.  I keep going.  It feels like I can’t stop.  I do, of course.  I pump in and out into his full butt.  I love hearing the slosh as I piston into him.

I stop fucking.  “I want it back,” I tell him.



I help him out of the sling and I crawl under the seat.  He sits.  Gingerly. 

“Don’t push.  Just let me open you up slowly.”

His ass is clenched tight—holding it all in.

My tongue snakes out.  I poke at his pucker.  It slowly opens with each successive tongue prod.  I get a drip of piss on my tongue.  I poke into him again.  Once more.  And once…

Fuck!  The floodgates are suddenly open.  I seal my mouth around his puffy hole as the piss pours out him.  I swallow.  At first it’s survival not necessarily enjoyment.  Then the volume slows slightly and I can savor it as I swallow it down.  It’s never ending—just like when I am drinking from the tap.  I am incredibly boned.  JT must be able to see my cock getting even bigger as I swallow my own piss, mixed with his ass juices.

It slows to a sputter—a dribble seeping out of his thoroughly fucked hole.  I lick up the last of it.  I tap his thighs.  JT needs to get up now.  I need to fuck a load into him.

“Bend over in the sling.”

He does.  Chest to leather.

I don’t wait.  I slam into him.  And start shooting—white washing his pissed out hole…


  1. FP, you just made my day. Didn't expect another post from you so quickly knowing how busy you are. What a pleasant surprise and what a great description of all you did with JT's amazing hole.
    I just lost it when you filled his hole then got him in the rim chair. Asking him to hold it all in as you tentatively worked his hole with your tongue. I know exactly how that must have felt for him (and you). Then being hit by "the deluge".......oh damn, it was incredible.

    1. My sleep patterns are screwed up this summer--so I might as well write if I can't get the sleep I need.

      I don't do that piss scenario very often---but it was very satisfying that time around!

  2. Life here is about to get hectic here--a cross country move is coming up in the next two weeks--so I may not comment much. But I will be reading! (And stroking, and dreaming...)

    1. This scene has your name all over it for the next time we meet!

    2. Yes it does--I was thinking that same thing! I love playing on a fuck bench...and the thought of being on the rimseat is...well, I'm super hard right now!

    3. Well AC, I'm picturing you two men going at it. You on the rim seat squirming in delight as FP is using his tongue to penetrate your hungry hole.....that's what makes me hard. I want a taste too!

    4. Gary---you should know from reading so much that I'm VERY good at sharing a hole!

  3. Hmmmmm...I do like the idea of my hole being shared.

    1. FP, so true. Reading so much about your past adventures. You obviously learned that lesson well in kindergarten. "Always share your play things." You are a very generous person.
      And AC, the last couple of days I've caught myself fantasizing about all the different ways I could have "assisted" in this already very wet and totally hot encounter.

    2. I can think of A LOT of ways you could assist---start by hosing both of us down while I'm under the rimseat....