Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Bookstore Summer: Voyeur and Cum Eater

Near Home—June, 2015

There was one last trip to the bookstore in the last days of June.   It was a slow night—but an intriguing one for the voyeur in me.  It’s no secret that many of the men and women who go there to lend out their girlfriends/wives are not very attractive.  You occasionally get pretty, but rarely beautiful.  But tonight was the exception to prove that rule.  A man and woman came in—both stunning.  He looked like he might have been playing softball with his league and she’d been in the stands.  He had short blond hair, and an unruly hairy chest like you used to see all the time when I was a kid.  His cock was thick, not long.  She was stunning:  tall, long legs that went on for days, smallish breasts (but beautifully shaped) and long brunette hair.

For the longest time I was their only audience.  They were stripped naked and delighted to show off.  There was endless oral as they flipped back and forth, first one, then the other down on their knees, with the partner in a chair.  I stroked—and might as well have been in Kankakee for how much attention they paid to me.

On about the third flip around, the door opened and a real blue collar type walked in.  The moment he sat down and pulled out a respectable sized cock, the man started to fuck—with all eyes on the new arrival.  Soon Mr. Laborer was invited to stroke her breasts as the husband fucked.  Then he was allowed lick the breasts, then invited to tongue her.  The added guy paused.  I could see the wheels turning.  He wanted to eat her out, but that guy’s cock had just been there….and to his credit, he knelt and buried his face in her.  Finally he was allowed to fuck her.  Cum went in her mouth for both of them.  And they all left together.

I have to say I was totally boned from this private porn performance.

My notes for the evening talk all about the above and conclude with “Sucked the small dick of the large man.  Exploded on soft dicked guy and he shot.”   But I cannot picture any of them, my retinas having been singed by the beautiful couple.

Near Home—July, 2015

It was a full two weeks later.  Yes, you read that right.  I’d had no sex of any kind for two weeks.  Not even time (or energy) to wank.

I was restless.  Not much of a crowd on a hot, airless summer night.  I walked back into the gay theatre… 

The hot Hispanic man, who likes me to eat his ass, is getting head.  I have to look twice.  The naked guy giving the blow job is the tall, thin top who had sucked me and then fucked my face last month.  Just my walking in makes them stop, but the Hispanic, pulling out of his mouth, starts to shoot.   I move in and get most of it on my tongue.  I shrug at the thin top—who, it seems, didn’t want the load anyway. 

The Hispanic does up his pants and gets out of there.  I’m left with a naked man and his long, thin dick.  I take mine out and offer it to the top.  I so need someone to touch my cock.

His response is to point to the floor between his spread legs.  I kneel and take his wet dick into my mouth.  Instantly he becomes aggressive.  Not content with my mouth speed, he fucks up into my throat.  He almost makes me gag, but he’s thin enough that I don’t.  He’s decided he’s boss again tonight.  He fucks my face.  Harder and harder.

He slows.  I move to get up.  I need him to touch my cock.  And suddenly his naked heels are on my shoulders, forcing me back down.  His hands hold my head in place.

He’s right there—and I’d had no clue.  He fucks a huge load into my mouth.

And, without touching myself, I blast onto the floor under his chair.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A House Full of Men

Northwest Indiana—June, 2015

The only other non-bookstore sex I had in June was at a house party.  These are the parties I’ve reported on in the past, which are held once a month in the summer and early autumn.  The last entry I wrote about this group set the scene quite well:  “I am back at the house party where the host lets men play all over his home.  He has various couches and sofa beds scattered around the house.  A guest room bed is available upstairs.  Downstairs in the finished basement is a bar, two gloryholes tucked under the stairway, and a dark area.  Porn is playing in two locations.  One is on the lower level where it is projected on a wall in a room crowded with oversized couches.  The other is on the living room television which sits in front of a good sofa swathed in old towels to protect it.”

This was the first gathering of the year.  He can get anywhere from 30 to 100 men.  I was expecting big crowds. 

I am just zipping my clothes into my gym bag, when Ryan—my friend and fellow blogger—appears from around the corner to the upstairs bedrooms.  He reports nothing is happening upstairs yet.  We head down to the dark room—catching up on our sexual escapades as we go.  We pass a tall, long-haired man wearing a white jock.  His tanned ass juts out as he leans over at the bar, waiting to get his drink.  Ryan assures me the ass is as great as it looks—he’s a regular at a bookstore near Ryan’s home.  We watch the porn projected on the wall—life size.  It’s a TIM gangbang.  A few other men are there, stroking to it.  It certainly makes my cock swell, as I watch some pig in the movie licking up the load running out of the chosen bottom’s hole.

We move to the dark room.  One guy is there.  And on his knees.  I can’t see who it is—and I don’t care—I just want him to get me hard.  I push my mound of jockstrapped cock into his face.  He grunts in pleasure and I’m soon in his mouth.  Ryan is stroking, watching the man blow me.

And in walks the longhaired man in the white jock.  He and Ryan connect instantly.  One minute I’m holding on to the head of my cocksucker as I scull fuck him, and when I next look back over at Ryan, he has the man on all fours on the floor.  Ryan is fucking him hard and deep.  The long haired one is panting as if he is running a hard mile.  I look back at my partner.  I can now see the man who is sucking me.  He’s young and cubbish—and I’m soon to learn—the boy of Harley.

Harley comes into the dark room.  He’s a top I’ve shared a lot of ass with in this room.  He is likely in his early 40’s, stocky, with a scraggly goatee and a couple of random tattoos—a man who looks like he has just parked his bike outside.

“I see you’ve met my boy,” he says to me.   He slaps his smaller dick on the bridge of the nose of the man sucking me.  He instantly leaves me behind and sucks his Master.  I stay where I am, but watch Ryan fuck.  Soon the Cub is back on my cock.  Harley and I take turns with his mouth—then Harley moves around and fucks him.  We spit roast him until Ryan stops fucking.  Harley pulls out of his boy and shoves his cock into the longhaired man who hasn’t moved off the floor.

“You fuck my Cub,” Harley tells me.  I don’t wait to be told twice.  I move around, lick at the well fucked hole and then push my wet dick into him.

“Oh, fuck,” the longhaired guy moans.  “I want you to all fuck me.”

Ryan goes back up him when Harley pulls out.

To my surprise, the Cub fucks the longhaired guy next.

And then me.

“Fuck,” he mutters into the carpet as I bottom out in him.  I fuck for a moment—but know almost instantly I have gone deeper than any of the others—and with the predictable results.  Yup.  I whisper to him what’s up and go to the bathroom to wash—as he does the same upstairs.  (He must not have been able to get clean—for we never see the pig again…)

When I get out of the bathroom, the dark room is empty.  I make the grand tour and settle down for some cock sucking of a Daddy watching porn in the living room.


A young Latino top is on his knees in the back bathroom.  I have let him close the door.  He doesn’t want anyone to know he loves to suck big cock.  I have been on his big, uncut dick, but he can’t stay hard when I’m sucking.  He needs to be on the floor and groveling in front of me.  I have watched him fuck two different men—a hot tatted boy with a condom and the Cub bare.  But after I was done with the tatted myself—he pulled me into this secluded spot.

I wish he was a better sucker—but knowing this is not something he does often, it makes it hot enough for me to put up with an occasional tooth scraping.  I hold his head still. I fuck his mouth.  He chokes a little, but doesn’t pull away.

Then I hear why—the splat of his load all over my boot.  I pull him up, kneel and clean the cum underneath his foreskin.  He lets me.  Just.  The moment I let go of his dick, he bolts.

I go back to the bed room and fuck the cute tatted boy again.  Squeezing into a Magnum.


An hour or so later.  Ryan has left---I have no idea if he got off.  I find Harley and his boy in the dark area.  Harley has him bent over and is fucking him again.

“You want some of this?” Harley asks me.

I nod.

He pulls out and I insert.  He’s wet and sloppy now.

“Ok for me to load him?”

“Do you want his load, boy?”

“Yes, sir.  If you want me to take it.”

“I do.  I want to fuck in it.”

With that exchange, I thrust harder.  It doesn’t take me long to give him the load that has been building for three hours.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Meeting (and Filling) Derrick's Boy

West Michigan—June, 2015

Our schedules had meshed easier and faster than I thought possible.  I was back at the huge house in the woods to meet Derrick’s boy.  Derrick, all 6’7” of him, let me in and took me into a glass alcove in the great room on the main floor.  We sat—he opened a foreign beer while I sipped my bottle of water.  We chatted. The boy, I’m told, is nervous.

In no time Jacob, more otter than cub, entered fresh from the shower and nestled at Derrick’s feet.  It was a great mix of love and submission in a single gesture.  He’s a good deal shorter than either of us.  He is hairy and sports one of the fullest, most perfectly trimmed beards I’ve ever seen.  I instantly wanted to kiss him.  Instead, we talked.  Talked and laughed.  And in no time Jacob decided we should proceed to their incredibly well stocked playroom.

I change into my leathers out in the hall.  I walk into the playroom and find my hosts side by side on the couch, wrapped in each other.  Kissing.  Beard on beard.  Just watching them makes my jock pouch swell.

Derrick pulls out of the kiss.  “Make him feel welcome,” he whispers to Jacob.

Jacob stands and we kiss for the first time.  It’s a mix of hot and sweet—just like the younger man.  All too soon for me, he is on his knees:  pulling back the pouch, wondering at the size, taking almost all of it into his warm mouth.  With the tiniest thrust into him, my pubes are grinding against that magnificent beard.

Jacob pulls off me, breathless.  I bring him up to his feet to kiss him again.  Derrick stands and joins us.  Three mouths, three constantly moving tongues.  My cock spits out a huge dollop of pre-cum.  I wipe it up with my finger and feed it to Jacob.  He licks my finger, and better, shares it with the both of us. 

“I want to taste his ass,” I mutter to Derrick.

“Hear that, boy?” Derrick says, nuzzling Jacob’s ear.  “Get on the couch and let him taste your hole.”
Jacob is there, on all fours, arms on the back of the couch.  David sits beside him and spreads Jacob’s cheeks even farther apart for me with his massive hands.  I dive in—savoring my first taste of his warm, moist boy hole.  Jacob groans into his arms.  He has flowered opened.  I can go as deep as my tongue will let me.

“You like his tongue?”  Derrick asks him, softly.

“Ohhhh….” He groans into his arms on the back of the sofa.

Derrick lets go of his ass.  I actually like the fact I have to work harder to get into him.  I hear Derrick start to jerk to the sight of me ravaging his boy.  I rock back onto my heels, my dick shiny and red.  Derrick swings around.  He begins to fuck Jacob.  Jacob, surprised, lets out a hiss of air.  I get on my back and work between Derrick’s legs.  My head is right under the action—my tongue all over Derrick’s cock on the back stroke.  And on Jacob’s taint.  Both men let me know vocally I’m right where they want me. 

My cock is dripping.  I can’t get enough of the taste of Jacob’s ass juice all over Derrick’s cock.  I slurp loudly.  The vulgar noise only enhances the moment for all of us.

And then Derrick and I are kissing.  He wants to taste it, too.  “You want to fuck him?”

I nod, but say “Not here. In the sling.”

We both help the boy up and get him comfortable in the sling, with his legs in the stirrups.   Derrick leans over him from the side and kisses him.  I let loose a spray of piss from my crimson dick head.  It covers the hairy ass crack of the boy and drips onto the tarp beneath.  He gasps into Derrick’s mouth, but I am rimming and cleaning him up before he can say anything.  I lick and spit.  I lube my dick as I eat him out.  I am able to stand up and slide right into him.  I move in slowly, but he takes me easily—he’s so wet from the previous play.  Derrick moves to chewing the boy’s nipples.   
Jacob’s eyes lock on mine.  I stop—half way into him.  His eyes tell me when to move again.  And to keep going until I bottom out—grinding my pubes against his furry ass cheeks.

“Fuck me,” he croons, grabbing his dick and jerking it.

Derrick will have none of that.  He grabs Jacob’s wrists and secures them to the sling support chains.
I fuck him.  Noisily.  Rattling chains.  Wet pelvis smacking wet butt cheeks.

Derrick and I trade off. I kiss Jacob while he fucks.  I piss on the boy’s pits and lick them clean.  I chew on his nipples.  I kiss him again.

And fuck him again.

A break is called.  When we return, I fuck Derrick—with Jacob working Derrick’s upper body.

Then it’s back to Jacob in the sling.

Me fucking first.

Then Derrick.

I move around.  A little more piss on his crack.

“No one has ever done that to me,” grunts Jacob as I lick him clean.

I stand up and enter him.

“Are you going to cum in me?”

I look at Derrick for guidance.

“Do you want him to seed you?” he asks the boy.

“Fuck, yes.”  His answer makes me fuck faster—and erects the boy’s dick again.  Derrick is jerking his cock.  He aims it at his boy’s dick.  He fires—coating it in dripping jism.  With two or three jerks of his cum coated rod, Jacob fires off.  I am still buried in him.  I scoop up the mixture of loads from the boy’s crotch and smear them on my dick.

“Here, I’m fucking both loads into you.”


I enter, gliding with the mixture of jizz, all the way into him.  I lean forward to kiss Jacob, but I’m shooting a third load deep in his gut before our lips connect.

Friday, August 21, 2015

A Bookstore Summer: Poppers and Double Bagging

Near Home—June, 2015

Friday night.  No sex for a week.  No one online.  Back to the bookstore.

I am on the couch in the straight theatre.  No one else is around.  No one. 

No one but the man who is giving me head.  It’s the very large Black man with the mouth of velvet.  He is hell-bent on getting my cum this time.  He has been working for a long time—but it takes a very long time for me to get off with oral sex. 

“Do my balls,” I suggest, thinking my jerking as he laps at my low hangers will help.  He does, but he’s not pleased.  He sighs and licks at them rather half-heartedly.  My orgasm recedes even farther.  I let him back up on my dick, but his knees are shot.  He finally admits defeat and heads back to the arcade—the land of the two minute man. 

The straight porn is bad.   My mind wanders and my erection flags. 

There is the sound of movement in the gay theatre.  I can hear it through the vent in the dividing wall.  I pull my clothes together and go investigate.  A man sits alone against the back wall.  He’s around my age, and rather distinguished looking in very dressy clothes for this place.  I sit near him, leaving a seat between us. 

I take my dick out.  He unzips and puts his four fingers inside and strokes himself keeping his fingers flat—eyes on the big screen television. 

With no preamble—and rather loud:  “I’ll suck your dick if you give me a hit of poppers.”

I look at him.  “I don’t have any.”

We go back to watching the movie in silence.

“Are you sure?” he says, not looking at me.  “All gay men have poppers.”

I turn to him.  “You don’t.”

“Well, I’m not gay.”

“You’re the one offering to suck my cock,” I point out.

“Well, I’ll do anything with poppers.”  He condescends to look at me.  “Give me a hit and I’ll show you.”

“I don’t have any,” I say again.

He turns away from me in disgust, not believing me for a second.  He zips up and leaves.


It feels like hours later.  But I’m sure it’s not that long.  I am licking the ass of my regular fuck bud from here.  He looks to be in his upper 30’s, but I’m sure he’s hit by 40 now, his sandy colored hair has some grey in it when we are in the full light of the sales room.  He’s trim, hairy and hung—and loves my dick in his butt—or his cock in my throat.  He’s naked but for athletic socks, his clothes stashed in the back corner.  He is kneeling in the seat of his chair—and my face is buried in his butt as I stroke.

The door opens.  We don’t stop.  It’s a college aged man.  He pulls out his dick the moment he registers what we are doing.  His black skin looks even darker against the white of his underwear.  

My FB turns so his mouth is available.  The young man puts a condom on his dick.  I really wanted to be the first up my bud, but I don’t mind.  Then the young man puts on a second condom—and sticks his latex smothered cock in my bud’s mouth.

I spit one last time into the hole I have been slurping on, and make a show of sticking my raw cock into the wet ass.  The young man wants to see every inch disappear, but he doesn’t take the hint to lose the latex.  I fuck for a long time.  He is very tight tonight.  And I’m horned as hell—but in no danger of blowing yet. 

I offer the young man a chance to fuck.  He shakes his head.

The door opens. 

It’s the distinguished looking man.  “Who has poppers?”  he asks of this trio of spit roasting fags.  And not one of us do.  He leaves with a muttered “Hrumph.”

The young man pulls off a condom, jerks his dick and pulls off the second one.  He shoots across my bud’s chin—all of his load going on the grungy floor.  He pulls himself together—and my bud pulls off me.

“I can’t take anymore.  It’s been a long time for anything back there.”

We meet up later and he gives me his load down my throat—which triggers mine.

Saturday night.  My friend Cam wants me to come to the bookstore—he has a hot bottom in tow and no place to fuck.  I finagle my schedule to get a second night off

They don’t show.   The bottom chickens out. 

The place is pretty much deserted.  A  White man of considerable girth begs to suck my cock.  I let him.

“Give me your cum,” he grunts out. 

I stand over him, forcing my balls to be licked as I jerk.  I will myself to give this guy the load so I can go home.  It works.  I shove my length into his mouth as I cum.  He grunts in delight.  I shoot a big load.

And he spits it out.  Repeatedly.  Hacking and spitting into the corner.

I button my jeans up in disgust and vow I won’t have sex again until I can have real sex. 

And I get it the very next week on my night off—Derrick invites me back to his well-stocked playroom to meet his boy…

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Bookstore Summer: Surprises

Near Home—June, 2015

In the summer, my work takes precedence over sex.  I need to pack up the playroom and pretty much put my dick in mothballs.  I do occasionally find time to go do something, but since I can’t play at home and as the guys I might play with are never online when I have a spare moment, I am often relegated to the bookstore.  It’s close enough to not waste a lot of time driving, but you never know who you will find there.  I was able to escape rather regularly in early June.  This first night there was decidedly the best…

I buy my ticket.  I make my way through the brightly lit displays of dildos and bachelorette party games to the bathroom.  I piss and get my cock ring in place.  My cock plumps slightly in anticipation.  I push open the door to the straight theatre.  Five or six men are there watching a nervous straight couple.  They are younger than usual.  She nervously fondles his denim covered bulge; his hand in on her fully clothed breast.  All eyes are on them.  I sit on the couch at the back.  Soon the sexual tension in the room is thick enough to cut with a knife.  But instead of pulling her Boyfriend’s dick out—they flee.

The remaining men eye each other and the movie—a point of view blowjob movie that is extremely dull.  It’s the same damned dick in every scene.

The door opens.  A large woman bursts in laughing with her equally large husband/BF.  They sit in the chairs left vacant by the other couple.  Within moments she removes her top.  I revise my thinking—she’s not large, she’s fat.  She unzips her man and gives him noisy head.  He must have a short fuse.  In moments he pulls out of her ovaled lips, still dripping.

“Who wants her mouth?” he asks the room.

This hot biker dude with a shaved head wants to make use of her.  The men exchange chairs.  The Biker stands to unzip.  He’s hung.  We all watch her attack his dick.

I get my first surprise.  A business type is standing against the wall next to where I am sitting on the end of the couch.  He pulls out his dick and asks for head from me.  This is amazing.  There is NEVER guy on guy action with a lady present.  But if he doesn’t care, neither do I. 

I suck his slightly better than average cock.  He unloads in my mouth in mere moments.

Only then do I notice the mousey guy next to me—his eyes agog watching me suck a dick.

“Honey, it’s time,” says the husband/BF.  She reluctantly gives up on the Biker.  They dress and leave.  There is a mass exodus.  The mousy man scrunches himself into the far corner of the sofa as the Biker walks toward us. Surprise Two:  The Biker sits between us.

I wait until we are the only three left in the room. 

Then wait a little more. 

Then I say “Was she any good?”

“Nope,” is his instant reply.  “She can’t suck big dick.”

Silence.  I keep jerking to the movie.  Suddenly the Biker’s dick is out again.  He strokes just the big helmet head of his dick.  The mousey man now unzips.

No sound but three fists sliding over wet flesh.

The Biker eyes my bigger cock out of the corner of his eye.

We stroke.  Harder.  The Biker is stroking full length now.

I want the mousey guy to leave.  I think how hot it would be to be between the Biker’s legs and showing him how a man services another.

“You got anything to huff?”  The Biker’s voice is loud in the quiet room.  I jerk my mind back to reality and say ‘No,’ while the mousey man stops playing with himself all together.

Dammit.  So close.  With a fucking hit of Jungle Juice, I’m now sure I’d have his dick.  Why didn’t I get it out of the freezer and bring it?

We all stroke in silence.

He eyes me once more.  I’m on the edge of asking if he needs assistance, when the Biker stands up, zips up and takes off.

His departure leads to Surprise Three.  Mr. Mouse stands up and goes all Dom.  “I saw you.  You wanted his dick, you cock sucker.  Take mine.”  He moves in front of me and starts skull fucking my face.  I am so surprised I just oval and let him do it.  His patter is right out of some poorly written porn, but it’s working for him, and as he continues to push my face into his crotch, it’s beginning to work for me.

And then the door opens.  He leaps away from me like I’ve been electrified.  I never see him again.
The man who comes in is a Black man I’ve never seen here.  Footballer build.  Huge shoulders, massive rib cage.  Maybe 30.  He sits in a chair that is facing me more than the screen.  He kneads himself the moment he sees my dick.  And the next Surprise—he actually asks for a blow job as he unzips.  I kneel in front of him, no other words spoken.  And I get Surprise Number Five.  He has one of the tiniest dicks I’ve ever seen—especially on this mammoth man.  It doesn’t stop me—I put him as deep into my mouth as I can—feeling the wiry hair of his crotch on my lips.

But I get another surprise.  A huge load.  Immense.  I have to work to keep it all in my mouth.  It just won’t stop.  I manage, though.  And he’s great about letting me suck every drop off his softening dick.

And then nothing.  In either theatre. 

I am about to leave.  A burly, trucker type walks into the straight side.  That stops me.  He hauls out a thick dick—a traffic cone—not much of a head, but it keeps getting thicker and thicker as it disappears into a forest of pubes.  He opens his shirt on this hot June night and starts squeezing his huge nips with the hand that is not working his cock.

In moments, and with no words, I’m chewing on his leathery nips and sucking the cock.  It has a scar from a removed PA.  I tongue it often. 

He sucks me, too.  Aggressively.   

He groans and precums if we kiss right after one of us comes off a dick.

We know just how to take care of each other. 

And we do. 

With no surprises.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Flooding the Pump and Dump

Kalamazoo—June, 2015

The picture of his butt was gorgeous:  milky white with a tan line, hairless and full.  There were just enough other pictures in his profile to prove he was for real, though no face picture anywhere.  He said he was a visitor to the area and wanted a pump and dump.  And he was doing the work of gathering the men—none of this “you must have so many top friends” nonsense.  It was actually on an afternoon I could duck out early from work and go. 

So, of course, I did.  At exactly the given time, I found the motel door with his number.  A wadded up face towel propped open his door, just as he’d said he would leave it.  I pushed into the dark room—wondering if I’d be the first one there.  Not by a long shot.  Three men were there and working that hot butt over.  I stumbled towards a couch to get out of my clothes in the half-light glinting from the cracked bathroom door.  One man was fucking that hot ass.  Another was in his mouth and the third was licking the ass of the top who was fucking the pig.  It was only as my eyes got used to the lack of light, and as I was slipping my boots back on, that I realized I knew all the men working over the out of towner.  The man in the hot looking ass was a tall, thin, sandy haired guy of about my age who has appeared sporadically in these pages—usually for scenes just like this.  The man in the pig’s mouth was the sandy haired guy’s younger partner—a thin, Hispanic versatile bottom who I’d only ever seen top.   The man eating ass was a true versatile I hadn’t seen since I started writing this blog.  He’s about my age—maybe slightly younger—with cropped dark hair and decently put together.  And a total pig.  This VersFucker is as big a felcher, fister, cum addict and piss player as I am…

The Hispanic pulls out of the Pig’s mouth and drops to his knees in front of me to get me fully hard.

“You’ll love this ass,” the Sandy Haired Top tells me.  “He has two loads in it.”

“Am I late?”

“Some guys needed to come early,” pants the Pig. 

I pull out of the Hispanic’s mouth and stick my now hard dick in the Pig’s mouth.  He is not as good with his tongue as my fluffer.  I hope his ass is better.  I look down at his face contorted with my big cock, poppers and a rough fuck happening.  I ruefully admit that I now understand why he didn’t have a face pic in his profile.  It doesn’t matter, I tell myself.  You’re here to load his butt…not paint his portrait. 

SandyHairedTop pulls out of the Pig‘s ass.  VersFucker pulls him into his mouth to clean the accumulated cum off his long, thin dick.  I move around to inspect the ass.  It has a single drop of cum on the pucker. 

“Eat that hole,” VersFucker mumbles around the cock still in his mouth.

I don’t need an invitation.  I lick and swallow the mix of the unknown men’s seed.   

The Pig groans into the bedspread.  “Eat my fucked up hole.”

I do—leaving copious amounts of spit and even some of the cum my tongue pulls out.  I stand up and enter him.  He’s had five dicks in him—but he still winces with mine.  As I hold still to let him get used to it, the door opens and an older Black man walks in.  He strips, never taking his eyes off my fucking.  I love the sloppy ‘splat’ of each stroke into his ass.

I give way to SHTop to go back up his hole.  My dick is cleaned by VersFucker.  The Hispanic is blowing the black.  VersFucker keeps all the juices from off my cock on his tongue and spits them into the Pig’s open mouth.  Then VF face fucks the Pig. 

The Hispanic is next up the Pig’s ass.  Then VF fucks the Pig as the Black man, with an underwhelming endowment, is fellated by the cum dump.  The Black is next up the hole.  And he shoots, all but on the first stroke.  VF dives into it before I can.  He licks the ass clean, all but smacking his lips.  The Hispanic wants to fuck in the fresh load.  He does, and it sends him over the edge, too.  Four loads and counting. 

SHTop and I take turns on the Pig.   VersFucker is more than content to eat the hole of whoever is fucking at the moment. 

I lay down on the floor.  “Ride me.”  The Pig gets off the bed for the first time.  He sits on my dick.  It’s easier for him this way.  I love the extra loads in there, smoothing the way.  SHTop straddles my chest and fucks the face of the bouncing Pig.  VersFucker is snorting into my balls while he licks up all the cum that gravity is bringing out of the ass of the Pig as he impales himself on me.

I think about cumming…but hold off.  I want to be last.

“I want to shoot in his butt.”  SHTop helps the Pig off my cock and gets him slightly bent on the bed.  He enters him and shoots his load between the swollen ass lips of the Pig.

“Fuck, yes,” the Pig grinds out.

VersFucker is whispering in my ear.  “Will you?  He says he likes it.”

I nod.  I look at the men ringing the bed who have shot their loads, then turn to the Pig.  “This fucker wants me to piss your ass.  You good with that?”

“Can you?”

I don’t deign to answer, I just manhandle him into the bathroom.  I bend him over the counter.  VersFucker squirms between the bottom’s legs, his face right below the hole I’m about to enter.  I jerk, take another swig of Gator-Ade and insert my cock.  VF licks it as it goes in—and on the backstroke as I begin to fuck.  I do a dozen or so strokes and then hold deep in his hole.  I can feel the piss sluicing through my gut.  It erupts into the Pig’s gut.  More and more—I can’t stop pissing.  Some escapes around my dick—VF is right there lapping it up, not letting any hit the tiled floor.  Finally I stop.  I begin fucking very slowly.  I begin to churn that mixture of piss and five loads of cum.  Some sloshes out of his hole.  VF snorts and laps—in his own personal pig heaven.  The guys who’ve shot are all watching crowded in the door.  I love the great mix of envy, disbelief and lust on their faces.

“You ready?” I bark out to VF.

He grunts, licking some piss off my balls.  I pull my cock out.  Piss and cum sluice out onto VF’s chest—but only for a moment--his mouth is right there, clamped to the hole to swallow it all. 

“Push it into his mouth,” I instruct the Pig.  He does.  We all watch VF swallow.  I have rarely seen a man with a dick so hard. His crimson cock is ready to explode with each gulp of ass piss.

I step back in.  I need to shoot myself.  I get VF’s face out of the way and fill the Pig’s ass with my drooling penis.  Three strokes and I explode.  I marinate for a moment, then pull out.  I step to the side and push VF’s face into my cock slime leaking out of the puffy, used hole.

VF shoots.  But keeps eating.

The Pig groans contentedly into the counter top.

And, all inside of an hour, we are dressed and gone.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Competition from an Unlikely Source

Near Home—May, 2015

After meeting up with Derrick, I went to IML that weekend.  Faithful readers should remember my daily posts about fucking in the host hotels, the IML piss party and making some more porn.
I didn’t need to play when I got home.  Nothing.  Not until the very last Saturday of May did I venture out to the bookstore.

It was an odd night. 

There is excitement in the air from the moment I walk into the store.  Buying my ticket to the cinemas, I hear two guys behind me talking in hushed tones about the eminent arrival of “this woman.”  One of the cute, fully straight guys I know by sight stops me on the way to the theatre.  He pulls me aside and tells me to be prepared for the best blow job tonight.  “She has the hottest mouth.”
Not surprisingly the straight theatre—newly in the larger space—is packed.  I take the last chair.
And we wait.  Most of us stroking to some hot anal porn.

The door opens.  A man I’ve never seen announces “They’re here.”

We wait.

In they come.  Husband and wife:  both pushing 60 or more and absolutely dumpy.  He is in Bermuda shorts and an open shirt of a tropical print.  His wife is in a denim wrap around shirt and a buttoned up white blouse.  Two guys in the middle of the row opposite me get up and make room for them to sit together.  The husband kneads his cock through the fabric of his shorts for a moment and tells the assembled room that she will suck off any and every man there.  “Don’t be shy.  We travelled quite a ways to get here.”

One of the men who gave up his seat is right there.  He’s unzipped and ready.

And she goes to work.  I can’t tell much about her technique, but knowing some of these guys, I know they have no fuse at all—they shoot the moment they are in a wet mouth.  And sure enough, he quietly grunts and is gone. 

She unbuttons the top button of her blouse and does numbers two and three.

She unbuttons more, showing off a rather worn, dis-colored bra.

Four, five and six.

She pauses and takes a slug of water from the bottle her husband hands her.

Seven.  One man can’t decide—then stands up gives her his dick.  Eight.

She has done everyone in the room save for me and a chronic jacker.

The cute guy who gave me the heads up finally comes into the room and unzips.  It’s nice to see his cock hard.

He gives her a work out, but finally gives her a load.  He sighs contentedly and zips up.  Nine.

“You should let her service that big ‘un of yours.”

I shake my head.  The husband turns to the jerker—who panics and races out of the room unzipped.
They wait.  And wait.  The husband occasionally looks at the screen.  She drinks more water.  When it is clear that they have cleaned out the theatre, they adjust their clothing and head out the door.  I idly wonder how many of those men I would have gotten had she not been there...

I head over to the gay side, thinking I might find a group of men who weren’t interested in what I just witnessed.  There is just one.  But the right one:  The tall slender top who stealthed my friend the other week.  His long and thin cock is out.  I go down on him.  He groans in pleasure.  Something that was almost universally missing from the marathon next door. 

He pulls me off his cock.  I stand and he unbuttons my pants.  He must be horned---he blows me for a change.  And he’s good.  I fuck his face for a bit—holding his head still.

“Eat my ass like you did that tramp’s the other night.”

He leans into a chair and I fall to my knees.  Getting his ass eaten really excites him.  His jerking accelerates.  I eat him out until my knees can’t take the hard linoleum any longer.  I stand up, making sure my hard cock brushes his ass, hoping…

“Sit down.”  He wants to be in charge.  I let him.  And sit.  He stands on my seat, straddling my lap.  For a second I think he’s going to sit on my dick, but instead he begins fucking my mouth.

And he’s not silent when he shoots down my throat…

Monday, August 10, 2015


West Michigan—May, 2015

He made me feel small. 

No, not down there. 

Derrick is maybe four inches taller, a good 6’ 7” and a probably a 100 pounds heavier.  Lots of facial hair.  A true bear of a man.  And an adept fisting top.  We’d met over 12 years ago when I was playing at parties hosted by a couple in Indiana.  I was still naΓ―ve enough to not recognize the signs of drug use.  Well, I knew the couple and some of the other participants were using—but not to what degree.  Derrick and I weren’t there for the “favors,” we were there to use their holes—and we did.  And we didn’t need or want drugs to do it.  We both stopped going after the night we found the couple’s kitchen floor awash with blood from a botched slam.

We tried a meet once on our own soon after that night.  He had a Victorian house with a very well equipped playroom.  But I was still a rather fumbling novice to what two tops could do with each other.  He used some electro play on me, sucked my dick, and gave me some piss.  I sucked his cock, pissed on his cock and ass crack.  I cleaned him up, spending a lot of time tonguing his ass.  He asked to be fucked.  I did, but it was a rather limp, condomed fuck.  I couldn’t wrap my head around this man bottoming and my dick went right along with me.

We met socially once, years later.  We compared notes—I’d lost my life partner and he’d gained one.  We talked of a meet in passing—one of those things you say and wonder if you will really do.

Then he joined Recon.  We found each other there.  We talked.  And talked.  We were in tune.  I had changed so much.  I had so much more experience.  I knew my way around a playroom now.  I was fucking bare.  I now understood how men I perceived as tops can melt when they are around my cock. 

And I wanted his boy.  Well, us sharing his boy.  But his boy was traveling for work.  Should the two of us meet and test the waters?  Well, fuck, yes…

It’s a new house—huge and set in the woods.  All windows and tree lined vistas.  We go to the playroom—there is even more gear now, hanging from the walls.  I have brought the one thing he doesn’t own:  a rimseat.

I go out in the hallway to change into my jock, harness and chaps.  He’s in the same.  We sit on a couch for a moment.  We talk—a little catch up.  And then a kiss.  A kiss that is intense and erects both of us—our dicks contorting our jocks.  I stand up and feed him my cock—with Derrick still sitting on the couch.  He’s a good cock sucker.  He can take me without teeth—always a good sign.  I pull him up and kiss him again.  I can’t get enough of his tongue and mouth. 

I kneel and take his much more modest sized dick deep into my throat.  He begins a slow fuck of my mouth.  My cock responds by producing bead after bead of pre-cum.

“Let me eat your ass.”

He doesn’t have to ask twice.  I raise the seat for him and let him lie down.  I sit gingerly.  His beard grinds into me.  Fuck!  No wonder my boys love my facial hair.  It adds a whole layer of sensation to the rim job.  Derrick is already prodding at my tight hole, massaging it into a more relaxed opening.  I huff some poppers.  And his tongue hits home.  Christ.  It feels like he is incredibly deep in my butt.  I stop jacking my dick and give myself over to his tongue and beard.

He eats me for hours.  Well, it can’t be, but it feels like it.  Then we trade off.  I get under the seat, my ass still alive with all the pleasure his face and tongue have given me.  I can’t wait to do the same to him.  When he sits, it’s a tight seal—something I love.  I have to breathe by turning slightly to the side, but I love working his butt with my tongue until I have almost run out of air.

We only stop because he has a load of piss to feed me.  Kneeling in front of him.  Drinking it down.  No stops—no easy squirts—just an open the pipe and dump the entire bladder.  I am breathless when he finally is done.  And my cock is fuckin’ rampant.

“In the sling.  I need to fuck.”

Derrick is in it in no time.  I lick at his ass briefly, but my dick wants to fuck him.  And fuck him right this time—hard and bare.  I enter him slowly—but he takes me easily.  I love the look on his face—a mixture of lust and disbelief that my cock is finally back in him.  I rattle the chains with a blistering fuck.   Then slow it down. I pull myself out, leaving just the head of my dick in him.  I grind the full length into him as slowly as I can—ending with a lean across him and a kiss.  I buck my hips ever so slightly, our mouths still connected.  I feel him shudder under me.  I straighten up and build to a fuck as hard as the first.


I’m on break—but not really.  I have just pissed a flowing river over the ass crack I have been fucking.  I grind my tongue into his sodden hole.  Derrick welcomes my piss dripping beard for another kiss when I’m done cleaning up his hole.  Then I repeat the piss and the clean up on his nipples.  Piss.  Lick.  Piss.  Clean.  Kiss.  And the other side.  And even better, his pits.  They are fragrant and acrid from the work out.  Piss on them.  And lick them clean.  And a kiss.  Neither of us can get enough of his natural smell.

I fuck him a little more.  But then I really do need a break.

“Get in the sling,” he tells me. 

And we spend a blissful 30 minutes sharing the taste of my body on his tongue:  Ass, nipples, cock, pits—all flavors brought to my mouth by his.

We both know we need to end it.  We have to work tomorrow.  “You want my load?” I ask, getting out of the sling.

“Fuck, yes.  I wanted it last time.”

Derrick takes my place in the sling.  I piss a little on his crack and push right in.

“Give it to me.  I want you to…”

I am fucking hard.  It will take no time at all.  I bend to taste his mouth once more.  It’s all it takes—I am bucking my seed into him as deeply as I can.

“Don’t pull out.”  I have no plans to.  I straighten up, so Derrick can touch his cock.  He jerks it just a few strokes and sends ribbons of jizz across his chest and abdomen.  I bend.  Taste it.  Then mash the rest of it between our chests as I kiss him again.  His arms hold me in place.

I’m not going anywhere.

We are at the door.  Fully dressed.

“Next time,’ he tells me, “we’ll add my Cub.

I like that idea.  But we did just fine on our own.

Friday, August 7, 2015

“You Know I Like ‘em Young”

Northwest Indiana—May, 2015

My friend Cam was hosting another motel fuck party.  He invited 31 of his favorites from previous gatherings.  At least 17 men showed up—though not all at one time.  A guy would shoot and leave and another would arrive.  At the peak, we had about 13 men packed into the cheap motel room.  But both double beds were always full

I am about the fourth or fifth to arrive.   Two guys are lazily sucking cock on the bed right inside the door.  I strip at the back of the room.  I want to piss, but the door is closed to the bathroom.  Cam is letting a grey haired man suck him on the back bed.  I thrust my hardening cock towards the man licking Cam’s cock, so he can fellate both of us.  Almost immediately the door to the bathroom opens.  A very young man walks out.  Cam makes a bee line to him.  He must be the featured bottom for this morning.  He looks about 5’7”, thin with just enough chest definition to show he does some exercise.  His hair is a reddish brown, cut asymmetrically.  There is a swath of a magenta dye from the part to where the bangs hit just over his eyes.  I decide he’s been watching too much European Twink porn.  I watch Cam kiss and fuck him while I keep busy with many new arrivals.  But I never take my eyes totally off this young one.  I watch him take on every top man in the room.  He loves raw Daddy dick in his ass.

“You know I like ‘em young,” Cam whispers to me at some point.

“But legal?

“Believe it or not, I know he’s in college down here.  He’s not 15— he just looks like it.”

I leave him to go eat out the lanky Hippie who likes to be fucked with a Magnum. 


I am keeping track now.  Cam has shot his load in the young one and left me and the Hippie in charge of the room.  The young man has been on all fours for a silver haired top of about 60 who fucks but chooses not to shoot.  Then a young Black man with a dick an inch longer than mine, but thinner—he does not shoot either.  Up next is a grey haired versatile gentleman with a fat dick, who loads the boy.  A tall Black man tries to fuck him next.  His dick isn’t that big, but he can never find the right angle—and ends up shooting down someone else’s throat. 

And then it is my turn with the boy.

He is on all fours.  My face is plastered to his sticky ass cheeks which are awash with lube and cum.  The boy is riding a popper high.  His nose is rarely out of the bottle.  He gurgles happily as my tongue strokes his well fucked hole.

I stand up.  My cock slaps his wet ass crack.  It pokes at his gaping pucker.    His sphincter is loose, but he’s tight and wet as I inch into him.

“Oh, Jesus,” he mumbles into the cheap satin bedspread.  “Cam told me you were huge.”  I bottom out.  I hold.  I can feel the remnants of the two loads in him slide all over my cock.  I begin a slow fuck.  Inching out.  Inching back in.  The popper vapor is everywhere.  A bottom clambers up on the bed, trying to feed his dick to the boy—but he’s ignored—the boy is lost in the sensations happening in his ass.

I pick up speed.  I would love to load him, too, and get on home.  I buck into him once too hard and he pulls off me like I have shoved a red hot poker up his ass. 

“I need a break.”  And he takes one, sucking cock in a 69 with the Hippie.

A hot man of my age, (gym built with buzzed hair) has been watching.  He instantly is on my cock, cleaning me with his tongue and somehow knowing I want to kiss him after he gets a good mouthful.  When our mouths come up for air, he sits on my cock and rides me.  Hard and fast.  Grinding my shoulders into the mattress with his meaty hands.

I think I am going to shoot into him—but he beats me to it.  A perfect arc of cum shoots onto my face.  I get some in my mouth—but most is in my beard.  But the pig riding me makes sure his tongue cleans me up—and delivers the rest of the load into my mouth.


We are all getting off and going home.

The long Black top unloads down my throat.  So deep I can barely taste it.

The Silver haired top shoots in my mouth, too.

The young one says his ass can’t take anymore.  I suggest he sits on my face.

“Yes!  Which way around?”

I tell him he should watch my dick—for it’s bound to explode with that used ass on my face and tongue.

“You don’t have to do anything.  Just ride my ton—.” I never get the word out.  His sticky ass has sealed itself around my mouth.  I can’t breathe.  Nor do I want to.  I can taste the loads, slowly seeping down onto my tongue.  He is moaning and huffing the poppers again. 

And then I feel it.  He shoots across my chest and abs.

My cum joins his.  It’s a huge puddle which he mixes with his left hand.

And just in time his ass lifts off my face and I gasp some fresh air into my lungs…

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Professor in Chicago: Sunday Afternoon at the Bathhouse

Chicago—May, 2015

“Are you still up for it?”

The Professor put his fork down on his plate with a slight clatter.  We were having breakfast at a near-by diner after the night of fucking with the pornstars.


“I can’t believe you’ve never been to a bathhouse.  Not with as much traveling as you do.”

The Professor shrugged and asked what time I thought would be best, before taking another forkful of egg.

“It’s Sunday.  Guys have to work tomorrow, so Sunday night is likely to be light.  I would think the afternoon would be better.”

So by 2 o’clock that afternoon, we walked into the slurp ramp at Steamworks.

He’s a little nervous, as we come in on the lower level.  A few men are here, waiting for a cock to be presented to them through the railing on the platform three feet above them.  I don’t wait.   I just whisper for the Professor to lean forward and arch his back.  My face is instantly buried in his jockstapped ass.  I massage his hole with my tongue—that “poor ravaged hole” that took such big cock last night.  All it takes is someone to start to play for others to join.  A stocky man thrusts a fat dick into the Professor’s mouth from above.  I stand up and insert my cock into the Professor.  Instantly hands are on my ass and my balls, caressing and confirming I didn’t slip a condom on my dick.  A short man next to us mimics the Professor’s stance, waiting for me to slip out and do him instead.  But he loses—I stick with the man who brought me—and no one offers this copycat even a dick to suck.

My open palm comes down on the Professor’s ass.  The sound reverberates through the small room.  I swear more guys come in with the sound of it.  A man is on his knees in the corner and is working on two guys, their towels now flung over their shoulders.  A new man replaces the dick in the Professor’s mouth.  I kneel and lick the hole I was just fucking.  Some man squats next to me and tries to jack me off as I eat the Professor’s ass.  He all but strangles my cock, he squeezes it so hard.  I bat him away with the back of my hand, and get back to fucking. 

More men have stuck cocks through the gloryholes and guys below are slobbering over them.  The temperature of the room increases with all the bodies, but the sexual heat is higher.  It’s a great moment to illustrate Bathhouse Sex 101.   A man at the other end of the platform has a noisy orgasm into the mouth of some lucky guy.  

And suddenly the crowd shifts and is gone.

I stop fucking and look at the Professor.  The smile on his face tells me all I need to know.

“Let’s use the public fuckbench,” I tell him.

It’s in a darkish corner of another room with a mini-slurp ramp.  We are much more comfortable for an extended ass eat.  Guys come by.  Many caress his back or hips.  I offer his ass to fuck.  No takers.  All oral guys, it seems.  I fuck the Professor with abandon.  That at least gets a man to feed the Professor some cock so he’s filled at both ends for a time.

We move to the sling, on the other side of the mini slurp ramp.  I feel like the entire population of the bathhouse strolls by at some point as I eat and fuck and eat again, but no one wants to do anything more than play with his nipples or offer to suck his dick.

“I think I’m ready to look around on my own,” the Professor tells me as I get him out of the sling.  

“You go have some fun.”   He goes off to the third floor where our room is located.  I go back to the slurp ramp.  I stand on the upper level and stick my dick through the hole.  Instead of a cock sucker below, the man next to me, pulls out of his gloryhole, where he was getting head, and goes to his knees.  I turn and use the mouth right there.  He’s hot—muscled and tatted and hung.  A clone of my cocksucker pulls out of the hole next to him and inserts himself into our play.  We all take turns sucking the other two big dicks.  From watching them, I am guessing they are partners. 

“Fuck us.”

Now I’m sure. 

The first man to play with me, sticks his dick through the gloryhole.  He gets sucked from below as I worm behind him and into his ass.  I don’t have much thrust room, but just enough.  His partner is standing at the next hole, feeding another sucker.  After a bit, I pull out of his partner and slowly enter the other man.  He must love it—he shoots into the mouth working on him.

I pull out and the pair of them go off to the showers.

I wander.

I get a huge load from the tiniest dick I have ever seen at a bathhouse gloryhole.

I find a hot young man on the fuckbench.  I fuck his firm, hairless ass until he breathlessly asks me for a break.

The Professor and I meet up again.  “Any luck?” I ask.

“Nothing to speak of—not from this bouquet of bottoms.”

We fuck again at the sling, the slurp ramp and the fuck bench.  Once again, there are no takers for the Professor’s ass.

“I want to try the steam room,” he tells me when we are done—and once again we separate.

I find the Hottie—this time on the third floor fuck bench.  I fuck him again.  And fuck his load out of him, splattering it all over the tiled floor below.

I meet up with the young, lithe Black man I fucked at CLAW—here in his home city.  I could cum—but I want to save it for the Professor.

I find him in our room.  I ask if he want me to fuck him right here with the door open. 

“I think my hole is done.  I’ll nap.  Go get off.”

I wind through the maze of rooms with open doors as no one is at the public sex furniture.  It’s dinner time and the crowd is thinning fast.  I play with a fully dressed leather man in his room.  I love watching us fuck and suck in the mirrors that are on every wall of his double bed room.  He tells me he has never had a better tongue up his ass—but I can’t quite get over the edge with him.  I am relieved when I fuck the cum out of him, too.

I wander.


Then at the third floor fuck bench I find my bud from CLAW.  He smiles when he sees me round the corner.  He raises his butt off the bench slightly.  I bend and give it a quick lick—but I need to breed. 
I slip into his hot hole and give him the load.

We are back at the diner for a late dinner.

“So what did you think?” I asked.

The Professor chewed thoughtfully for a moment, swallowed and took a sip of water as he considered.  “I loved having you fuck me so much.  I loved doing that in front of others.  But you seemed to be the only man wanting to fuck.”

I had to smile—for it was true.  We’d seen no other anal action than what I had precipitated. 

He sipped again.  “I don’t think I enjoyed the hunt and chase aspect.”  He shook his head.  “I am glad I went, but I don’t know if I’d do it again.”

I nodded and cut into my grilled chicken breast.  Why, indeed?  When he can order up a rent man to his exact specifications…