Friday, October 14, 2011


Detroit--October, 2011

I sometimes worry that readers will think my sex life is one high after another.  I think I do have lots of fun times and some really great adventures, but I do have my share of down right bad sex.  I was talking to Ace of Ace’s Wild just before I left for the drive to Detroit last week.  “This will be great,” I told him.  “It’s a mini gangbang, I know the bottom boy and his prime top and likely some of the others he’s invited.  I will be able to write it up, with the smell of his used hole still on my beard…” 

I drive into Detroit, it’s on the far side of the city from me, of course.  The Breeder has written about the two of them in an early post.  I make a mental note to ask if I can use the names he devised for them in mine.  The overlap idea makes me smile.  I arrive right on time. The room is easy to find--in a higher priced motel than what I use for this type of event.  I knock.  There’s always that tense moment as you wait--who’d be there, how would things go.  It takes forever for someone to answer.  Maybe that’s a good sign---busy already.  Eventually the boy opens the door. Fully clothed.  As good looking as I remembered.  We hug.  I go in.  One man is lolling on the bed.  Fully clothed.

“I think we’re it.  Sir can‘t make it.”

Okay….not a gangbang, but this can still work….

We talk a bit.  The young man excuses himself to the bathroom.  The other top and I try to make small talk.  Fully clothed.  Sitting on the bed.  The boy emerges from what I assume is a final touch up of his clean out.  We strip.  He sucks the top’s cock on all fours as I eat  the boy’s ass.  This boy is tight.  I have fucked him before but it takes a tremendous amount of rimming and patience for me to get up him.  So I let the other gentlemen go first.  Fucking in his load will only turn me on and make entry easier.  His thin long cock works his way in as the boy sucks me.  Then it happens.  The boy has rushed his clean out.  No adjectives or descriptions here.  I would have pulled out instantly.  This top soldiered on and, almost instantly, shot a load.  Massive clean up for all.  The boy is gone for what seems like forever--but that’s good. The top and I swap some cock sucking.  The boy emerges.

It’s my turn.  I rim lightly.  My cock will just not go in his hole. Great amounts of lube later it finally pops in.  The look of true pain on the boy’s face makes me move slowly.  Then the problem starts in earnest again.  More clean up.  I try once more--but with no rimming I barely get in.  He is so tight it hurts both him and me.  After all this he can’t relax.  And there is still an issue.  My cock deflates from the pain and mess.  I throw in the towel--well, I would have if there was one we hadn’t already used to mop up things…

After more clean up we try to keep it oral.  I eat the top’s ass as he sits on my face.  He jerks off a second load into the boy’s mouth--I guess, since I can’t see and there was no load on my chest. This gets the boy close.  We manipulate him to orgasm.  I don’t even try--basically deprived of all the things that are my buttons to get me off.

Maybe I should have fled the moment things went bad, but I genuinely like the poor guy.   I tried to be a good guy--and a patient top.

When I started writing on my blog I’d said to myself --it’s the truth or don’t bother.  My “I’ll have a great story to tell” bravado had blown up right in my face.

Well, perhaps, all over my dick….


  1. Can I ask (perhaps I should as a bottom) is there a trick to cleaning out so there are no mistakes? I assume you are talking "shit"? I only ask cos with my partner I don't have to clean out was wondering about being with larger guys.

  2. im really glad you posted it, i think its an important reminder that 1) bottoms have to do a lot of work to keep things squeaky clean and 2) sometimes despite our best efforts, and earnest douching, our bodies won't cooperate.

    also from the perspective of a bottom, there is a coorelation between feeling 100% clean and tightness. When I'm paranoid about it, or i feel something might be imminent I tighten up, the same goes for when there has been a need to stop play, the bottom is paranoid and isnt willing to just open up and push out.

    in other words, shit happens.

    Pakistani Pussyboi

  3. @Anon 9:45am: The real trick to thorough clean out is allowing enough time to do the job properly. Assuming you use a showershot, gravity enema or bulb enema, you'll need to allow several flushings of water until it runs out clear. Important as well to allow time for any retained water to migrate down for elimination. I normally try to begin clean-out 1.5-2 hrs before playing (or leaving the house to go play).

    You can get very long nozzles for enema equipment that permit extremely deep, thorough flushing and many find that using one can cut prep time to a small fraction of the regular process.

    Many factors contribute to you not really needing to clean out before you and your partner fuck, but I'm not sure his cock size pertains. Your diet and general gastrointestinal health play a huge role. Do you/you guys ever play with dildos? Next time you get the chance, use one that's bigger than your man's dick, and see if you have any problem with the thing getting messy. If you're ever inclined to explore being fisted, *then* you really will need to do a thorough prep.

  4. RP--Thanks for stepping in before I could get back to it.

    All the things you said, are spot on. It was certainly lack of time (and drain) that was his biggest issue. He rushed through it.

    Anon 9:45--The longer your shower shot nozzle or bulb nozzle is the better for me. The ass is chambered. There is a second sphincter that my cock pushes through. Ideally you have cleaned beyond it for me.

  5. PPussyboi--Thanks for speaking up. I agree with your points, as well. In this case, from previous experience, I know he is usually clean--and even then, he has the tightest ass that I have ever been in. It's no wonder he couldn't open this last time. I'd just always been able to open him, at least enough, with lots of rimming....and that couldn't happen with the cleanout issue.

  6. I have a question about eating: I assume that once after cleaning the anus and the rectum, one should not eat anymore?

    I enjoyed this very much and also found the whole story oddly touching :)

  7. Countess--Everyone's cycle is different. Most bottoms I know don't eat much until after play.