Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Perfect Hole

Outside of Knoxville--October, 2008

I have had many fine asses over the years. I’ve had countless butts which felt great, but the truly talented holes I can probably count on one hand. These are the ones where the muscles are working with your cock to milk you dry--where they become almost a third party in the fuck. Most of these great asses I know are in Michigan, but I always think about a man I met in Tennessee, where I often do some work. I’d answered an ad from a bottom in the hills near the Kentucky border. He was a guy who was a little younger than myself, decently built, slightly hairy chest, an average cock, and a shaved head. He had his own sling near the bed--always a good sign-- and had various toys of increasingly large sizes strewn across the bureau. He’d insisted that he remove my clothes, which he did. He gave me excellent head, and had pushed me down and sat on my cock before I thought I was ready. Having seen the toys, I wondered if I’d feel anything--was he going to be one of those grand canyon fucks? My fears were groundless. His ass simply clung to my cock. It would squeeze me when I was fully in, but he could do this ripple effect on the out stroke that I’ve never felt anywhere else. He fucked himself riding me, I fucked him doggy, I fucked him missionary, I fucked him standing, pressed against the full length closet mirror. Then he got in the sling. I fucked him thrusting hard, I fucked him standing still and pulling the sling to me. Then the toys, ever increasing in size: a black butt plug, a Jeff Stryker dildo, a double headed dildo that looked as thick as my arm…

I watch the double headed dildo snake up his ass. It reaches the halfway point. He huffs his poppers and tells me to keep going. I do. Slowly. I get to the ¾ mark. His eyes are rolled back, his mouth sagging, his hand groping his mound of soft cock. I begin the slow withdrawal of this monster. My free hand reaches for the next toy…It’s another double--but of a fairly average circumference. His hole gapes. I smear more Crisco onto him with the back of my hand. I start to insert the small double headed. For a moment he looks puzzled. But as soon as I have 4 inches in--I double it over.

“Time for a double fuck.”

He instantly unscrews the cap of the Amsterdam--and the second head glides into his hole as the vapor takes hold. I can get enough in to leave the bent toy there unsupported--and add my two index fingers around the edges. I slowly pull the heads out--one than the other. My cock goes back in---he has to finally feel looser. No. He feels just like he did the first moment I slid into him. We fuck. It’s time for me to once again get lost in the feel of his hole. I set the chains rattling as I fuck. He grunts occasionally but just rides whatever length of stroke I give him. Squeeze, relax, ripple. I finally stop, breathing hard.

“Under the bed.”

He points to the side nearest me. I pull out a cardboard box that once contained billiard balls. I open it. No, it contains billiard balls.

“Grease them up.”

I deliberately coat the 8 ball with Crisco. I press. I meet some resistance. Then the ball is sucked into his hole. I look inquiringly at him. He nods. I grease number 2. It goes in. I hear a muffled click as it meets the first ball. Two of my fingers go in. I can just touch the second one. I try with my cock. It glides right over them. I pull out. Again he nods. Number 10 disappears. He sighs. Poppers. Then the nod. I’m already greasing the number 4. The slight pressure, then his hole swallows it. He looks satisfied. I slap the back of my hand on his hole. I can sense the added weight.

“Back up.”

I move away. With a look of concentration, he pushes--and expels a ball out of his ass. It lands with a heavy clunk on the 70’s brown and orange shag. This time I’m ready. He squeezes again and I catch the ball. He shifts a little in the sling. He grunts this time--and ball three is expelled into my hands.

“Come get the last one.”

I grease up both hands. I slowly work him open--starting with three fingers on the left , a slight twist and start to pull out--letting three fingers of the right replace them before the left is all the way out. I repeat. And again. I do a lateral stretch. My right hand is in his ass before I know it. He clenches down--greeting my fist. I can feel the ball under me. I slide slowly around the side of it and soon it’s cradled in my hand deep in his hole.

“Pull it out. I love that stretch.”

I do. I’m ready to pop out, but he tenses his sphincter--holding me in place. Holding--then he lets go--which lets my hand slide free, ball clutched in my greasy mitt. I drop it and start to re-grease both hands. A little preliminary play…then the left pops in. I rotate and replace it with the right. He is squeezing my wrist each time. It’s not about depth, just working that expert muscle. I keep my right in him. I sidle in towards the sling. My cock is at his hole. Often when I fist my cock goes on holiday---but not with him. I’m rampant. I slowly work my cock in alongside my wrist. Soon I’m in to the hilt. My right hand wraps itself around my drooling dick. I’m masturbating in his ass. He tries to come back to reality…slowly he does and I can see him figure out just what it is he’s feeling.

“Yeah, stroke it.” His voice is deeper now. Husky.

I buck my hips, just a little--fucking my fist inside his ass. My breathing becomes ragged.

“Do it. Coat me.”

I don’t need any more encouragement. My fist works the length of my cock about three more times. My dick is swelling. This is it. I know I’m on the edge. I hold it off…and then my supersized cock explodes into his ass.


  1. I loved the ideas in this entry, the idea that one can take so much in and feel pleasure, or pleasure caused by pain.

  2. countess--I have fucked many guys who I'd say were in pain as I worked thier ass--and got their pleasure from that. But this one is truly one of a kind. He never let it show that he thought it was painful--he was all concentration. I am pretty sure my hand and cock combo gave him an internal anal orgasm.

  3. It is always a wonder when we find a bottom who can take that much abuse and still be tight and still love every moment of it. In fact, I'm not sure I've met one who meets all three of those statements the way that guy did (I would remember it). When I was a kid the men would love how I stretched my ass, but when I look back, I wasn't nearly as stretched as I could have been. And I love stretching other guys and using toys on them. So hot. Great post!


  4. Ace--Thank you. It was fun to re-live that scene. I guessed why he told me to step back--but thinking it and actually seeing him fire those balls at me was something totally different. Great control and a wondrous ass. I may need to go the long way around on my TN trip in November in order to meet up with him again.

  5. I'm so glad you started your blog.

  6. The Breeder--Thank you. I likely over thought it and protested too much--for already, I love the connections with the readers. And if I can make you smile or maybe even stir that cock of yours....then it's all worth while...

  7. VersatileRAWPiggyBottom--Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed. I haven't seen him in several years. It was great to re-live our meeting as I typed.

  8. Your blog is amongst the best...& so much fun...& so HOT!

    Thank you!

  9. cum.lover--that's very high praise indeed. I will simply say thank you...

  10. Awesome. Utter awesome. I agree with Mr Steed: So glad you started this thing.

    This is one of those kinds of posts that inspire multiply. I want to try all those things when I next get a hot ass under my hand (tongue, cock, etc.), and it inspires me to find a guy who can do that to me. Either that or train one.

  11. Thank you. Inspire is a word I love to hear. And we should all try new things, right? God, I guess I have to find a nose sucker...