Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Even on the more mainstream hook up sites, I use that leather picture of me sitting in the sling, waiting for my boy to crawl over to me. So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at the requests of those who contact me. I have become pretty adept at figuring out where things are leading. And I know something about role playing. This is a instant message exchange that I saved. I always change names on here--so I certainly have on this one, but I have not changed his spelling….

Arabboy: hi
FP: hey
Arabboy: how r u
FP: ok, I guess. You?
Arabboy: am fine as lon as ur happy sir
Arabboy: long
FP: Nice.
(I flip back and look at his profile. No picture. Stats of a petite young Arab man in his 20’s. And, of course, he’s somewhere on the East Coast.)
FP: you like servicing older, bigger cocks--don't you?
Arabboy: yes sir
FP: good boy.
FP: do you let them pound you raw or covered?
Arabboy: depends
FP: On?
Arabboy: ur american ?
FP: yes
Arabboy: i wanna be filled with a filthy american cum
FP: You want me to cum in your hole?
(I am not in the middle of anything else--I can supply a good jerk off session for him. But then he does almost all the work.)

Arabboy: yes
Arabboy: how will u treat an arab boy ?
Arabboy: when i knock ur door ?
FP: I will treat you like a cum rag
FP: made to take my cum in both your holes
Arabboy: whats a cum rag
Arabboy: ?
FP: It means that you mean no more to me than the towel I would use to wipe my cum off of me....
Arabboy: aha and what will u feed me when am hungry
FP: cum and piss
Arabboy: cool
Arabboy: i want to suck ur sweaty cock
FP: Hot
FP: You better want it up your ass, too
Arabboy: !!!
FP: and you better like sucking it right after I pull it out of your ass
Arabboy: if i was bending over and i told u plz put condom before u fuck what will u do?
FP: I might use one if I thought you really wanted it that way
Arabboy: then u should ignore and slap that cock to my face
FP: i see....
FP: you like it rough--I should fuck you however I like it
Arabboy: yes i do read my profile sir
(there is next to nothing there, of course.)

Arabboy: u sure have one hot smelly cock
FP: yes
FP: it is quite large
Arabboy: cool
Arabboy: and i was looking for a big white cock
FP: of course, I'm 700+ miles away...
Arabboy: am coming to michigan after tomorrow
FP: oh?
Arabboy: what will u do when ur done from me ?
FP: eat my cum out of your ass and spit it into your mouth
Arabboy: ?
Arabboy: and then how will u make me leave ?
FP: when I'm good and ready
Arabboy: will u kick me from ur house ?
FP: with your underwear torn--where I ripped them open to get at your ass
FP: remember, you ARE nothing but a cum rag....
Arabboy: can u sign on my ass before u kick me
FP: yeah, something like Cum Dump
Arabboy: i want u to do me that i never forget u
FP: you will be fucked hard and left dripping
FP: where will you be in MI?
Arabboy: first ill meet my friend then he will take me to your town sir
Arabboy: r u a redneck ?
FP: no
FP: but I am a very dominant man
Arabboy: then
Arabboy: cuz i met a redneck who is very dominant
Arabboy: a truck driver
FP: yeah.
FP: I'm a different type
FP: but I look like my pics
Arabboy: aha cool
Arabboy: what shall i call u ?
FP: Sir
Arabboy: and what will u call me
FP: boy
FP: slut
FP: whore
Arabboy: cool do arabs have special treatment ?
FP: I have barely done any
FP: the one I fucked in Toronto wanted me to call him all sorts of names, too
Arabboy: aha
Arabboy: am always thirsty when i fuck
FP: for my piss, I hope
Arabboy: u will only offer me piss ?
Arabboy: ?
FP: Drink it from my cock
Arabboy: dam you are sick
(and he was gone..)


  1. I'm literally laughing out loud as I read this. I agree! "dam you are sick" wanting to feed him piss from your "hot smelly cock." I have fueled a few jerk off sessions before, but that was definitely one to throw in the "strange and unusual" bin.


  2. Ace--It was funny and odd which is why I hit "save all."

  3. I think 'dam you are sick' is going to be my catchphrase of the week.

  4. Breeder--And mine will be "TICKS!!"

  5. Oh, there were so many great lines to pick from. Lovely! :)

  6. Countess--I agree. I'm glad I had the presence of mind to save it.

  7. "Would you please check me for ticks?"

    "dam you are sick"

    "Well, maybe, if you don't get the fucking ticks off me!"

  8. RP--Thank you for making me laugh out loud. I need that right now.

  9. VRPBottom--But you just know it was all a jack off fantasy for him. I went back the next day--and his profile had been "user deleted." What a surprise.