Saturday, May 31, 2014

IML--Monday Morning. Deeper Than Ever

Chicago—May, 2014

I wake up on Monday morning with my arm still around Marco.  My cock was pressed against his hairy ass.  And it was hard.  I rarely do morning sex, and I wasn’t going to press the matter if Marco didn’t feel his ass was up to it.

“Good morning.”  Marco pulls away so he can turn to face me.

“Good morning.”  I kiss him lightly.

“How was last night?” 

I tell him about the large group and all the tourists watching some of us have sex.  And how I finally gave up on getting off and came to bed.

“Well, we’ll have to take care of that.  I’ll only be a minute.”  Marco heads off to the shower. 
I check email and pack a little.

Marco is back in no time.

“How are things?” I ask, referring to the over stretch of his ass.

“Great.  No evidence of anything this morning.”  He passes me, hot from the shower, headed right for the sling.

“Whoa.”  I catch him by the shoulder and bring him into a quick kiss.  “I want you on all fours.”  I nuzzle his ear.  “Please.”

Marco hops up.  It’s not like I had to twist his arm…

The hair on his ass is still damp.  In moments my beard is wet as well.  I tongue him deeply.  I work up his ass crack so that my chin is pressing against his hole.  He seems to love the feel of my beard against his most intimate place.  I work back down.  I pull his erect cock straight down.  I jerk it just a little.  Just enough to skin it back and see the pre-cum he’s dripping.  My left hand collects a little.  I smear it right down the crack of his ass, pushing most of it just into his hole.  My tongue shoves it deeper.

“Fuck me.”

I don’t waste time.  I stand up and push my dick into his silky canal.  He greets me with a terrifically tight squeeze—just for a moment—so I finally bottom out, my pubes grinding against him.  I lean forward so my chest is on his back.  I kiss the nape of his neck.  Then I straighten up and fuck.

And fuck.  Hard enough to hear my hips slap his ass cheeks.

“Sling time.”

Once he’s settled there, I continue with my cock.  But not for long—we’re on a time schedule for check out.  I grease my hands.  I am gloveless this morning.  His ass is so warm.  I work two fingers in.  Three.  I alternate hands.  He is so ready for me.  My left hand pops in easily.  He tightens down around my wrist, squeezes and relaxes.  I do the same with my right.  I hit the spot.  He jets a mix of piss and cum out of his cock.  I leave my hand there, then slowly pull it out.

I re-lube my right hand and arm.  I kneel so I am eye level with his hole. I begin the slow crawl up his ass.  Just the tiniest movement sends him into a tremor.  I keep going and going.  I don’t tell him how deep I am.   I’m places I’ve never been inside him.  I lean in and place my cheek on his stomach.  Again, I can feel my hand inside him.  I am a good inch deeper than I’ve ever been.

Finally he signals me to stop.  I hold in place.  I start to inch my way out.  Marco grabs his dick.  He squeezes down hard and forces me out the rest of the way.  Simultaneously he shoots hard.  His first shot hits the sling behind his head.  The next shot hits his shoulder.

“Fuck!” He can’t believe what he just did.  “Now fuck me.  I want your load in me for the trip home.”

I’m hard. 

And ready…

And it’s the perfect ending for IML 2014.

Friday, May 30, 2014

IML--Sunday Late Night. Back to the Orgy

Chicago—May, 2014

We went out to dinner with Rob and Brice.  It was good just to get out of the hotel.  When we got back to the room Marco talked about his evening’s play possibilities, but as he sat there, all the sex before our five-way and then our play (not to mention his over stretched hole) was making him reconsider.  He encouraged me to go have fun.  Bed was sounding good to him.

I wrote a little on here, and then got dressed in my leathers.  I was not going to go through the hassle of online trolling.  I would just go back up to the top floor and go back to the last party hosted by the kink site. 

The energy in the packed elevator is high.  I ask the hot, half dressed man by the control panel to hit 46.  This gets a vocal response—a high squeal of knowing pleasure.  They all seem to know why I want to go to the top floor.  Many ride all the way up with me, as we’ve learned it’s the only way to move around between the floors.  I exit, hearing a giggled “Did you see that bulge on him?” as the doors shut behind me and they descend to their destinations.

The dim main room has been re-arranged.  All three slings are now in a row.  The dark bedroom, where all the action happened on Friday, is closed.  There is just the one area in which to play.  There are more people here—easily 50.  One sling has a line at it.  I go over.  There is Ryan, the porn star, getting fucked with a stroking crowd.  I join the strokers.  The man fucking him finishes up.  No one makes a move to go next.  I step up.

“Hey, Big Guy,” Ryan greets me.

I slide into his jizzed out butt.  It is so slick that I can barely feel the walls of his ass.  But it still feels great.  And the men watching seem to like it.  The plastic on the floor is so slick, that I feel like I can’t get any traction.  I finally pull out.  I help Ryan up.  “I’m so glad we got you on tape,” he tells me.  He hugs me.  He goes to bend over on the ottoman and I go explore the far corner where there’s a crowd.

The crowd is gathered around a circular table.  On Friday there were snacks on the table.  Tonight, men are leaning on it and getting fucked.  I worm my way into the corner behind it.  I’m right behind an attractive sliver daddy.  He leans over waiting patiently for some cock.  He watches two African Americans rutting to his right.  I kneel behind him and start tonguing his crack.  He bends more, allowing me better access. I lick and spit.  I think I’ll be his first fuck of the night.  I stand up and push in.  He clutches at the table. But he opens up fast and I’m fucking at full force in no time.  The black stud to my right watches me fuck.  Our eyes meet.

“You want to switch?” I ask.

“Fuck, yeah.”

We move around.  He fucks into the Daddy and I slide into the young Black boy.  Both fuckees turn slightly to see who is attached to the new dick in them.  We fuck awhile like this and then switch back to our original bottoms.  Another couple is leaning on the table directly across from us.  A fourth guy is manhandled to the table just beyond the Black couple.  I look again---it’s Ginger Tats getting fucked.  It’s a great lazy Susan of fucking.

A party helper comes over and tells us we can’t use the glass topped table for this.  We stop.  Ginger finds me.  I continue fucking him, with Ginger kneeling in one of the dining chairs. 

In the next few hours I fuck:

A long-haired hippie type in a leather Western duster.


A mouthy guy in a great leather harness.


A very young man who has a slightly older Boy Friend whoring him out.

A veteran with an amputated arm.


A pushy Latino boy who won’t let me finish the man I’m in.

A man I know from Michigan.


And I eat the ass of the most beautiful young man I’ve seen this weekend.

There are also three men who were not prepared for big dick…that make me race for the one bathroom to which we have access. 

The officious party host has another announcement.   “Listen up,” he shrills.  “We found a cell phone.  Claim it right now or we are calling your Mother and telling her what you are doing!”

I need to get off and go home.  But I can’t find Ryan or Ginger.  I find a nice enough alternative.  He is young and dark, with a beautifully thick hair pattern on his legs.  I fuck, but he’s not taking me easily.  The constant parade of tourists are getting to me.  They aren’t having sex but are just gawking.  The boy pulls off me, apologizes and I suddenly am overwhelmed with the noise and press of bodies.

I want out.


I slink back to my room.

Marco is asleep.  He rouses enough to ask me how it was, but he’s really still asleep. 

I strip out of my leathers. 

I wash up.

I crawl into the bed.

The heat from Marco feels welcoming.

My arms wrap around him.  Chest to back.  Cock to ass.

He makes the tiniest noise of contentment.

I make a bigger one and close my eyes.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

IML--Sunday Afternoon. Pigs in Heat

Chicago—May, 2014

Marco and I had a leisurely breakfast late in the morning. I asked if he would be interested in meeting two of my best friends/fuck buddies today.  They had sent me a text saying that this was the only day they could play.  Marco liked that idea a lot.  I told him about Rod and Brice and the incredible New Year’s Eve sex parties they had hosted—and how I’d kept the tradition alive when they could no longer have them at their house.  He told me he would be glad to meet any of my fuck buds.  I agreed, knowing that I have a really good sense of who will play well together.  He suggested I ask Johann and Chuck as well.   We set the time as 5:00pm.   As I started to write invites to a number of local Chicago favorites, Marco went off to meet a man and his partner who hadn’t made the fisting party Marco was at last night.

Invites out, I wrote notes for the blog about the night before.  As I worked, the guest list kept evolving.  Chuck and Johann had other plans. Another invitee thought he could—then realized it was right as he was taking pictures of the IML event.  I added an invite to Arizona Daddy, having had fun with him now on two occasions.  A man from my St. Louis parties was in town.  He would be there too, if he could tear himself away from his new puppy.  So when the dust settled, six of us.  I wrote some and may have napped a little.

By 4:30pm, Marco still wasn’t home.  He breezed in, a little breathless, a moment later.  His play session had just kept going and going.  He jumped in the shower to freshen up and get the extra lube off his body.  Arizona Daddy arrived right at 5pm.  He stripped down to a dark jock and boots.  We talked about our personal IML’s so far—we both were having a blast.  I also filled him in on the other men.  Rod, the one with the prematurely white hair, was versatile and into piss.  Brice, taller and dark, was more bottom, but had been known to top.  I told him about Marco’s incredible hole—and how I hoped to see some of his versatile side today—something I had never witnessed.

Rod and Brice arrived.  We hugged and they started to strip off.  I always love watching those moments of first appraisal between men who haven’t met.  The look of hunger in Rod and Brice’s eyes as they looked at Arizona Daddy told me everything…

We don’t wait for the guy from St Louis, or even for Marco to come out to the bathroom.  I am kissing Rod.  AZ Daddy kisses Brice and pushes him to the floor to fellate his hard cock.  I get Rod on all fours at the foot of the king sized bed.  My face goes right into his sweet ass.  He moans and reaches back with one hand to help spread his ass cheeks apart.  I stand up and push my dick in just as the bathroom door opens and Marco comes out.  He stands for a moment draped in his towel.  He looks at me.  At AZ Daddy. The towel drops and he gets on his knees to help Brice suck on AZ Daddy’s dick.   I go back to paying attention to Rod.  He pulls off my cock, spins around and licks it clean.  I flip him onto his back and enter him again.  I glance back over.  Marco has Brice leaning onto the bed, rimming him.  The next time I notice, Brice is being spit roasted— with Marco’s uncut dick in his mouth and TX Daddy’s uncut cock in his ass. 

A knock.  It must be St. Louis.  I pull out of Rod, and with my erection swinging, go to open the door.  I pull it open.  It’s the maid.  This late in the day.  Really?  She apologizes as I sidestep behind the door.  She’s gone in no time in a flurry of apologizing.

I go back and find Rod is in the sling with AZ Daddy and Marco is now fucking Brice.  I watch him work over the taller man.  It’s the first time I have seen him top. It makes my cock even harder.  So I stick it in Brice’s mouth.


I am at the sling, watching AZ Daddy fuck Rod.  The play has been incredibly fluid—one moment Marco is fucking, the next he’s being fisted.  We are sometimes in twos and threes, sometimes all five of us are all on the big bed using whatever holes are in front of us.  Now it’s Brice’s turn to take a fist while Rod is in the sling.  AZ Daddy and I have been rotating on his holes.  AZ slows his fuck.  He stands stock still.  I know what’s about to happen.  I watch Rod’s face.  It flushes a deep red as AZ starts to piss deep into his guts.  The moment it’s done, he begins fucking again.  I hunker down under the sling, face up.  My head is right there.  I lick at the cock driving into him.  I get droplets of piss on my tongue with every back stroke.

“You want more?”  AZ asks me.   He doesn’t wait for a reply.  He pulls out of the hole and piss cascades into my open mouth, down my chest and onto the tarp below the sling.  He laughs and goes to the bed.  I clean up Rod’s hole with my tongue and fuck him in earnest.

The men  on the bed have reversed.  Marco is taking Brice’s fist while Brice is getting pounded by AZ Daddy.  Then it goes wrong.  Brice had tried a second hand and the lube has turned pink.  We all pause as Marco makes it to the bathroom with a towel. 

Things are tense.  “It slipped right in,” Brice keeps saying.

Marco emerges.  “Sorry about that.  All fine.” But he keeps guys out of his hole for a time.   Instead, Marco fucks Brice.   A hard driving fuck, too. He shoots a load in Brice—and keeps right on going.  He shoots again in quick succession.    

Brice finds me at the sling where I am playing with Rod.  “Rimseat time.”   I get under.  Brice sits and starts feeding me the loads.  Someone is sitting on my cock.  It must be Rod.  I feel his boots around my hips and know it is.  I can feel that he’s facing away from Brice on the seat.  And then I hear why—AZ Daddy is feeding Rod his dick as Rod bounces on my cock.  Brice squeezes.  Another glob of Marco’s cum is on my tongue.  I swallow.  I can feel my cock head swell.  Rod is grinding his ass on me trying for the load.  AZ grunts and seemingly spews all over Rod’s face—for droplets shower my legs.  Rod stays in place, just milking my cock with his ass.  Brice pushes the last large glob of cum into my mouth.  I groan a deep gutteral sound and swallow Marco’s cum…

Monday, May 26, 2014

IML--Saturday. Making Porn and Making Piss

Chicago—May, 2014

I tried to sleep in, but it was almost impossible with my strong body clock.  On the other hand, it was certainly nice to lie wrapped around a hot man in that “not quite awake—not quite asleep” state.  Marco and I showered, ate and went back to the Vendor Market to buy the yellow and black neoprene harness.  I never wear my leather one at the piss party—I don’t like getting it that wet.  The neoprene will clean much more easily.  And we both think it looks good on my thinner chest.

When we got back to the room, I started prepping for the 2pm shoot of Ryan Cummings’ gangbang.  Ryan will take dick and loads from 2pm until 2am.  The director wanted me in the first hour of filming—and then suggested I come back later.  The cameras go away for the afternoon while Ryan will take guys who don’t want to appear on video.  They will film a second sequence at 10pm and another to wrap it up at 2am.  I know I can’t make 10pm as I will just be done with the piss party, so I agreed to come back to the last sequence.  I wondered about what to wear—as the director suggested two looks.  I decided on my Air Force flight suit—an easy access costume—and looks really good on my slender frame.  I’ll save my leathers for my late night appearance…

I get upstairs.  I hand a handsome man acting as door keeper my model release form.  They take yet another picture of my IDs framing my face.  We say hello to Ryan who looks great in a harness and black jock.  He tells the five of us that he wants us to just have sex, not act.  He would like to use the bed and a coffee table for variety.  He points to the electronic sign above the bed with a red lit zero on it.  After we shoot, we hit the button to advance the number.  He talks a little about his involuntary orgasms.  How me can shoot dozens of times in a two hour fuck.  And then we wait.  I look at the other men.  We are all aware that we suddenly have to be hard on demand.  Our hands go to our cocks. Checking them—as if they weren’t there—or worse, won’t function.   One of the men is a guy about my age I shared hole with last night at the party.  He has the fattest cock I have ever seen.  It’s not very long, but bigger around than the proverbial beer can.  He’s dressed in athletic gear that shows every mound of that dick.  Next to me is a man in his early 40’s—with a chest every man in the room wishes he had.  He strokes the most nervously of all of us.  His harness shows off his pecs to perfect advantage.  And the leather peaked cap gives a great leather daddy look.  On my other side is a short, lithe elfin man.  He is maybe late 30’s but likely early 40’s and cute as fuck.  He’s totally naked—lithe and trim and hairy—then puts on clothes when he realizes we have to walk into the room to start the scene.  The last top is the youngest.  I guess he’s late 20’s.  He has the good looks of youth, dark hair, ebony skin and a generous dick out lined in his pants.

The Director—the director/camera man from my other porn with Bad Seed--is also there with a second camera man.  We are to wait in the hall, then arrive, strip down and go at it.  Ryan will start on all fours on the foot of the bed.

Out we go into the hall while the Director and Ryan talk a little more.  The door keeper joins us.  We chat about all the loads Ryan has taken already this trip.  He’s aiming high. 

The Director opens the door.  “Who wants to go first?”

All of us look at each other.  And fumble with our cocks under our clothes.

“I will.”  I step from my place in line and move to the door.  I wait. 


I walk in.  All I can see in Ryan’s perfect ass.

“Are you going to breed me, Daddy?” Ryan asks, with his slight Canadian accent.

“Yeah, boy.”  I don’t waste time with any more dialogue; I fall to my knees and start licking his ass.  I unzip the flight suit from neck to my crotch.  My cock juts out.  I stroke and add some lube to it.  It’s the last lube used in our hour of shoot.  I rise and thrust in. Ryan’s first cock of the shoot.

“Arggh!” Ryan groans.  He pants and asks for more.  The other guys file in as I fuck.  They form a semi-circle around the foot of the bed.   Watching and stoking.  Stripping down as needed.  The second camera man is on the bed shooting down on us.  I feel the heat of the light from the Director’s camera on my legs; he’s down under me filming my cock pistoning in.  As soon as I sense the Director moves, I slap Ryan’s ass and point to Beer Can Cock to take over.  I step to the side and watch the scene.  Ryan has his first orgasm, which wracks his body.

We all take a turn with him on the bed.  Sometimes we are up on it with him, with our cocks in his mouth.  When the fifth guy has fucked him, Ryan gets up and drags the table into the scene.  We rotate again, spit roasting Ryan on the table.  He has at least two more involuntary cum shots.  It’s now clear liquid and incredibly slippery. 

I scoop some off the table apply it to my cock.  “Let’s fuck this back into you.”  Ryan moans around the cock in his mouth. 

The room is getting very warm.  Ryan flips onto his back.  I hold one of his legs in the air.  I have to do incredible knee bends when it’s my turn to fuck in this position.  It hurts and is awkward.  I let one of the shorter guys take my place.

Ryan has had at least four orgasms before one of us shoots.  It’s the lithe man.  He pulls out.  Buffed Chest cleans his cock and plunges into Ryan to fuck in the load.  The number on the counter changes to one. 

It’s back to the bed, Ryan on all fours.  Buffed Chest and I realize we love the same things.  We make sure we clean the others’ cock after each fuck. 

It’s Buffed Chest who shoots next.

Then the lithe man drops a second load.

I move quickly to the dripping hole.  I felch, leaving a little on Ryan’s taint for the camera and push in. 

I shoot.

Lithe man is still at the counter and racks up my number four. 

I zip up and leave quietly—needing to get to the piss party.  But not before Buffed Chest suggests we play later.


I drove Joe, my roommate from CLAW, to the piss party.  It was already in full swing.  I’d forgotten it started early for IML.

The room is full of new faces.  Men are everywhere—in the pool, wallowing in piss, giving head under the bar and the back corners, getting covered as they kneel behind the screens.  I strip out of my flight suit, don the new harness and keep my boots and jock.  I grin at the cute bag check boy who occasionally allows me to drink from him.

I need to piss.  I have chugged water the entire drive there.  I cover a cute slave boy as his hot Master nods his approval.

“Look who’s here.”  I am grabbed by an attractive man I can’t place.  “Look at this dick,” he tells his friends standing at the bar.  “I took it at CLAW.”  Oh, my God.  It’s the Uniform Man I fucked in front of the crowd at one of the Recon Parties.  One of his friends instantly backs into me.  My cock is up his ass.  I pound him hard, so he has to bend and clutch the bar.

“Damn.  You took something this big?”  the friend queries Uniform Man as I fuck.

“In front of a big group, too.”  He turns to me.  “I’ll find you later, once I warm up with someone else.”
Sadly, he leaves early and never does.

I fuck some more.  Piss a lot more.

I find Arizona Daddy from last night.  He gives me one of the few piss loads I get to drink down.  Most of the party is spent hosing the IML attendees who are new to me.

I rarely see Joe, but when I do he’s wallowing in cock and piss.

The party winds down an hour before end time—likely since it started early.  Joe and I leave, giving Arizona Daddy a ride back to the hotel.   


I eat.  I nap.  I get up in time to dress in my leathers for round two with Ryan.  I go up at 1:30am to see how it’s going.  The load count is at 53.  A gorgeous Latino is fucking Ryan as I go in.  An old man sits on the couch. He tells me he is the official fluffer.  He rakes his teeth across my cock.  I tell him to stop.  He can’t believe he just hurt my over-used dick.

Various men come in and scuttle out as they learn we are filming in 15 minutes.

The Director arrives with a bearded hunk.  He has a great cock with that piercing known as Jacob’s ladder— three or four sets of bars under the skin of his dick, capped with tiny balls.  Speed bumps for Ryan’s ass he tells me.  We tell the beautiful Latino to stay for the filming.  He’s already given Ryan two loads.

We clear the room.  The two of them do the ID stuff.  I suggest I go last so that I round out the fuck-a-thon.  The Director likes that a lot. 

The Latino goes first.  On the bed and fast.  #54

The Bearded Hunk shoves Ryan up against the window and enters him there.  The Director gets a terrific shot of the Chicago skyline at night behind the rutting.  They stop as they can’t get underneath shots without too much glare on the window.  Bearded Hunk throws him on the bed.  Ryan is face down.  He tries to get up on all fours, but BH pushes him flat and throws Ryan a mean, in charge fuck.   #55

“I’m back.”  I pull Ryan around, back to our initial starting place.  He mumbles something about my monster dick.  He gets ups on all fours.  I taste the loads just shot in him.  I enter.  I fuck as hard as the man before me.  I show no mercy for his 12 hour fuck marathon.  I shoot—almost involuntarily.  BH hits the button.  #56

I’m still hard.  My cock doesn’t acknowledge that I shot.  I lick at the load I’ve left.  I push in again.  I fuck.  This time I have the convulsive orgasm I want.  I buck and spray into Ryan.

After we recover, we set up the end shot of me walking to the button.  I press it.  The Director pans up to the #57 glowing above Ryan’s ass.  I walk by, slap his butt affectionately and the camera zooms in on his dripping hole.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

IML--Friday Night Sex Party

Chicago—May, 2014

After dinner I cleaned up and got into my leathers.   I had been cruising the party ads on BBRT.  There were maybe two ads for true sex parties.  All the others were cum dumps demanding instant loads.  I wanted to play longer than that.  The hosts of the parties never responded so I set out to the open house/sex party held by another hook-up site.

The elevator spits me out on the top floor of the building.  I find the suite easily.  In the large main room, guys are standing around drinking and eating snacks.  Two slings are set up.  One is empty; the other contains a man waiting for the action to happen.  I notice an open doorway that seems to lead to a dark room.  Bingo.  I walk in.  20 or so guys are half naked and rutting like pigs.  The beds are pushed against the wall and form an L shape.  A sling is in the far corner where a noisy fucking is happening.  A bathroom door is open with the light left on—the only light in the room.  I find my way to the wall and lean against it.  I massage the bulge in my jock.  My hand is replaced by somebody else’s.  And then another.  I can’t quite see who falls to his knees to pull the fabric pouch to the side—and gets slapped in the face by my hardening cock.   He sucks it for a bit. Then stands and pulls me towards the bed.  I can see him now—a young Latino.  His pants are pulled to half-mast as he kneels on the bed.  I slide into his hole—no rimming, no lube….well no lube needed—he’s had a busy night. It’s a nice hole—but nothing like the talented one I just had in my bedroom a few hours ago.
My eyes are getting used to the darkness.  The bed to my right is lined with men on all fours--their asses in the air and waiting to be fucked.  A cocksucker sits on the other bed with two leather men standing in front of his face.  I pull out of my Latino boy and slip into the ass next to us.  It’s beefy leather guy—hardly fat—all muscle and an ass that is round and full.  He grunts his surprise and pleasure.  And milks my dick like it should be.  When he rears up, I pull out and push into ass number three.  Another boy here just for the sex not the leather.  He’s young, and he can’t take me.  I move on to number four.  He’s bigger and beefier and in Neoprene from head to toe—only his ass crack is exposed.  He’s a great fuck.  He fucks back and gives my cock a true work out.  He convulses under me—I think he’s cum—for I never see him again.  At the end of the line is a man in his sixties on his knees on the floor.  He is on clean up detail.  He takes my cock lovingly into his mouth to taste all the juice. I let him lick and suck.

“All four,” he murmurs to me as I pull out of his mouth.  I nod, with a shrug that says ‘I can’t help myself.’

I move to the wall again.  A rock solid man with huge pecs and wearing only a leather kilt and boots is next to me.  A nice thick dick is jutting out from the leather panels of the garment.  He seems to be strictly trade—a lot of guys have been sucking on that cock but he’s just stood there.  I kneel in front of him.  He starts fucking my face.  The leather panels slap at my chin as I swallow him down.  He is trying to choke me with that cock.  I open my throat and let him do what he wants.  Eventually he pulls me up.  I would love to kiss him, but that’s not in the cards.  He cradles my cock in his right hand, hefting it and really looking at it for the first time.  He looks at me.  Back at my cock.  And then my face again.  He leans over and tries to suck me.  It’s a terrible angle.  His teeth do a number on my over worked cock.  I move away.

I push back into the mix of men on the plastic coated floor.  I let countless men suck my cock.  I fuck the Latino boy again.  And the beefy leatherman.  And several new ones.  I look up.  There is Ginger Tats from CLAW—who I played with so much there.  I fuck him braced against the wall by the bathroom.

I go out into the big room for some air.  It’s not just a reception room anymore.  Guys are using the slings.  I fuck a lanky leatherman on an ottoman, sharing him with another daddy.  We go from ass to mouth, moving around him.  He whimpers a “Thank you, Daddy” anytime his mouth is free.

I go back into the dark room.  I guess I was wrong about the kilt guy being trade—there he is bent over and getting plowed.  I move towards him.  I want that ass.  But I am pulled onto the bed by a younger man in a rubber vest and jock.  He slobbers on my cock, then presents a beautiful ass framed in red rubber for me to fuck.  I do.  And almost get off. 

I watch the kilted guy take a load.  But he makes a beeline for the bathroom and the room is suddenly black as he shuts the door.  I have just pulled out of the rubber guy.  Is that his mouth on my cock?  Or some other guy who loves the taste of ass?  Hands are on my ass, caressing the hairy cheeks.  I feel another man’s mouth on me.  It hurts.  I pull away.  I stumble back out into the bigger room.

I find a chair over by the food and away from the action.  I need to sit for a moment.  I take a long pull on the water bottle I’ve brought with me.  A young man in jeans and t-shirt—looking like a tourist with all the kink wear—kneels before me.

“May I suck you, Sir?”

I nod.

A man of about my age, but built much thicker comes over and sits next to me.  He strokes his regulation sized cock rather off handedly as we chat about the ass we’ve fucked.  All the time the boy is sucking away---and doing a damn good job.

“You look familiar.  What’s your name on BBRT?”


“I thought so.  We’ve shared a boy in common.”  He goes on to tell me that one of my piss boys had served him on a visit to Arizona.  I chuckle when he tells me he couldn’t feed this guy enough piss during their long session.

I push the cock sucker over to my fellow top.  The boy likes the idea.  A lot.  His cock is now being stroked as he goes from cock to cock.  The Arizona Daddy leans down to tell him what a good sucker he is—and finishes with “Do you want some piss, boy?”  The boy is up and away so fast I have to laugh. 

“Well I want it,” I tell him.

I kneel and take his cock in my mouth.  I get a long drink, chugging it down.  “Save some to bring up to me,” he commands.  As I feel the flow diminishing, I stop swallowing and let my mouth fill.  I stand up and yellowball the piss to him.  We kiss long and deep.

“See you tomorrow at the piss party,” he tells me, before disappearing into the crowd.


I’ve been here over two hours.  My cock is feeling a little sore.  I need to get off and go home.  The muscled ass leather guy is still standing by the bed, waiting for the next dick. 

“Do you want a load?” I whisper in his ear.

He doesn’t answer, but just gets on the bed on all fours and takes a huge hit of poppers.  I surprise him with rimming his ass.  While slick, I can find no evidence of cum in his hole.  I rise up, fuck and fill him noisily. 

He has some now.

IML--Friday Evening. Four on the Bed.

Chicago—May, 2014

“I’m sorry, Sir.  Your reservation has been cancelled.”

I look at him in disbelief.  I am standing at check-in at the hotel.  I can feel the flop sweat begin to seep out of me.  Marco is dealing with the bags.  I’m glad he’s not here to hear this.

 “I have a confirmation number.”  I dig it out of my computer case. 

He barely glances at it.  “That’s the number that was cancelled.”  The receptionist looks apologetic and asks for my ID anyways.  Within moments he juggles something and we are checked into the 29th floor of the sold out host hotel.  We unpack.  We re-arrange the room in order to set up the sling.  It fits—even with the king sized bed.

We cruise the Vendor Mart.  I note a black and yellow neoprene harness that would change up my piss party look.  But I don’t buy it.

Marco has been in contact Johann—the man in the sling room where we all met in December.  And there he is working the MAFIA table—tall, thin, handsome with his close cropped hair.  His thin line of bead has filled in to a full goatee since I saw him last.  We all hug.  And grope.  And arrange to come to our room at 7:30 to do a little warm-up play before Johann and Marco go off to the big fisting party.   

I write the first IML blog post.  I publish it, just as there is a knock on the door.  Johann is here.  And with his partner, Chuck.  Chuck and I have met once before—ages ago—where I had fucked the partners side by side.  Chuck is in his early 50’, with a shaved head and scruff on his face.  He is well put together with a thick uncut cock and a perky bubble butt.  Marco is still in the shower, but we don’t wait.  We all strip.  Before I can get my boots back on, Chuck is sucking Johann’s cock.  He is kneeling with his ass right on the edge of the bed.  I kneel and tongue the hairless ass in front of me.  He moans like no one ever eats his hole.  And maybe they don’t with that big cock of his.  Marco steps out of the bathroom and joins the pile of bodies on the bed.  I pull Johann around and switch to eating his hole. Chuck and Marco are kissing.  We couple off—my cock sinks into Johann and Chuck starts to rim Marco.  I concentrate on the look of lust on Johann’s face.  He is squeezing my cock constantly.  Next to us, Chuck pushes Marco flat on the bed and enters him.  Raw.  Something he rarely does.  I grin.  I may finally get to felch some jizz out of Marco---something we both really want…

I get Johann’s legs up on my shoulders.  I am fucking him deeply on every stroke.  Eventually, I pull out—he swings around to taste his ass on my cock.  We both stop and watch Chuck shudder and shoot.  The lack of condom (and Marco’s remarkable butt) has caused him to shoot fast.  Chuck let’s his cock marinate in the hole while Johann and I resume fucking— faster and harder.  When Chuck finally pulls out, I’m right there to clean his sensitive cock.  He loves this.  Something else he rarely gets?  I don’t ask, I just make sure I lick up every drop of cum from under his foreskin.  Marco has gotten on all fours—right on the corner of the bed.

“Come eat me out.  I finally get to feed you.”

I crawl over to his ass.  A pearl of cum is showing on his pucker.  I lick it off.  My tongue burrows farther in.  The man shot a geyser in there.  There is a lot of cum.  Thick and creamy.  I swallow it all.  I stand up and enter the creamy ass.

"I'm going to push some deeper."  I do just that.  Then pull out.  My cock is shiny with jizz.  I feed it to the eager Johann.  "Taste your partner's load..." I tell him.  He licks me clean.

I go back to fucking Johann—but now in the sling.  We are just making each other feel good.  Neither of us wants to get off with the full evening stretching before us.  For variety, I add the egg head dildo to his well fucked butt.   It tightens Johann right back down.  I pummel his ass, sliding the underside of my cock along the ridged column of the toy.

Eventually, we realize it’s time for them to start to the El to make their party.  They dress.  We kiss lingeringly and then they are out the door. 

I get dressed and go get dinner, contemplating what trouble I can get into tonight.

Friday, May 23, 2014

IML--Thursday Night.

My Playroom—May, 2014

“Come on.  Sit on my face.”

The Muscle Hole is standing astride the rim seat.  I am under it.  The Jungle Juice Platinum is just beginning to kick in.

“Let me lick that hole I just fucked,” I mutter.

He lowers himself onto the seat.  All in a rush I get his hairy hole on my tongue.  Then it’s his spread hairy hole all over my tongue.  I probe into him deeply.  Marco contracts his ass—his hole clutches at my tongue.  He holds.  And sighs as he releases the clenched muscles.  I slurp down the lube his ass has made defending itself from the hard fuck I’d just given him on the fuck bench.  I gurgle happily.  Marco sighs and uncaps his poppers.

It’s Thursday night.  Marco has made it to the playroom where we will spend the night and hit the road to Chicago and IML first thing in the morning.  I have eaten his hole on the fuck bench.  Fucked him.  Added the egg-shaped dildo and double fucked him.  And now I’m reveling in the rewards of my exertion. 

I drive my tongue back into him.  Marco squirms, and bears down on my tongue again.  I twist my face to one side.  “Sit on my cock.”  I am beating my meat like a teenager.  “Right here….” 

I barely get the words out.  He stands, takes two steps forward, then turns towards me, stepping over my hips rather gingerly, to face me.  He lowers his ass.  It brushes my slimy dick head.  Slowly he adjusts and lowers himself on to me.  My cock is rampant.  I can’t get enough of his hot butt.  He takes all of me in one full, long silky stroke.  He holds it.  Then pushes himself up and slams his ass down on me.  I grunt.  And just hold still.  I let him do all the work.

He fucks himself until his legs ache.

“Sit back up here.  Let me taste what I just did to your ass…”

Marco gets up.  And, ever the show off, sits on my face ever so slowly.  I see the matted hair around his hole.  The redness of his skin where his cheeks have hit my hips.  The tiny tattoo that…

My vision is blacked out as he hunkers down onto the seat.  My mouth opens to gasp for air and is filled with his ass lips. 

I whimper.

And instinctively suck him in…

It’s much later.

My hand is inching into his gut. I have already passed the wrist.  I have popped that in repeatedly, first with my right hand and then with my left.  Now, my right fist has slowly, painstakingly, opened, one finger at a time so my hand is cupped like a scoop.  My fingers are working ever deeper. 

My head leans forward.  I rest my cheek on his abdomen.  There is some cum there that has drooled out of his cock each time my hand popped the ring.  I ignore it and concentrate on feeling my hand underneath me, deep in his most private place.  It’s an overwhelming feeling of intimacy.  He totally trusts me.  I literally have his life in my hand.  The bridge of my hand moves slightly, connecting with my cheek through all those layers of skin and sinew and muscle.  My middle finger moves.  Barely.  It finds the way to lead the rest of my hand a little deeper.

Marco takes a hit.  I don’t move.

Another increment deeper.  Marco’s breath rasps in.  His hand flies up—signaling me to stop.

“Enough.”  I work my hand out almost as carefully.  Until Marco clamps down and forces out of his ass in a single push. 

“Is that it for tonight?” I ask.

“For hand.  Yeah.  Not for dick.  You wanna load me?”

My cock stands up from its semi-elongated state.  I poke at his ravaged hole.  I work just the head in.  It always amazes me how he can feel almost as tight as when we began.  I am long dicking him now.  Marco groans and closes his eyes.  I pump away.  Really wanting to seed him. 

I pull out.  I kneel and my mouth finds his hole. 

I taste it. 

And again.

I stand up just in time to insert. 

And fill…

And collapse.

And so IML weekend begins….more to come each day…

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Missing In Action and Off to IML

I know.  I haven’t written for a week. 

I have been doing a lot of writing for work.  Sometimes that makes me want to write for the blog even more.  Other times, like this one, all that other writing made me do anything that didn’t involve putting my fingers on a keyboard. 

Last night I was finally ready to write.  Instead I ended up fucking.  I’m afraid that a hook up always trumps writing about an earlier one.

 By the end of this week I will be at IML.  My roommate has changed.  I was to go once again with the gangbang bottom from Cleveland, but he had to cancel.  We transferred the hotel reservation to my name and I began sniffing around for a roommate.  This pig rooted out a truffle with the first man I asked.   The Muscle Hole from Columbus thought it was a great idea.  Not only could we play anytime we wanted, but I’d told him once that I would love to eat another man’s load out of his ass.  We will be inviting others to make that scenario a reality.  Our interests are different enough that we will both go our separate ways on occasion— me to the big piss party while he goes off to find hand obsessed men at the MAFIA parties.  And I really like him.  It should be a great weekend.

Once again I will be posting a daily play by play of my adventures as I did last year and, more recently, at CLAW.  I have a few things on the books for IML.  I don’t want to jinx things so I will only say I think I have another date with Bad Seed Media… 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sex on the Ottoman

St. Louis—February, 2014

I have two great friends and fuck buds in St. Louis.  The man I’ve known slightly longer, I met at the bathhouse.  We played there regularly when I was in town, until he finally said, “I should throw a sex party for you at my house.  We’d be a lot more comfortable.”  And he did.  And still does each year on my last night in town.  But that’s the next post.

Joe and I met about six years ago.  He had come up to Chicago.  I was in the back corner of the bar, with the piss party going full swing, when someone told me to go check out the new arrival.  I looked over his shoulder and there was this handsome, built man wearing nothing but a jock kneeling in the middle of the room begging for piss.  And he was getting it.  From all sides.  I went up to him.  Our eyes connected as I hauled my semi hard cock out of my jock.  I gave him a mouth full.  I then let it play on his hard cock.  I told him to stand up and bend over.  He did, holding on to the bar, and I let it run over his ass crack.  As soon as my stream ran dry, I fell to my knees to lick his wet, piss drenched hole.

Of course I fucked him.

And, after the party he followed me to my motel where he took part in a gang seeding of Juan (who crops up so often in these pages.)

We don’t see each other often—occasionally back in Chicago, but usually in St Louis where Joe now lives.  If you haven’t read the entries of “Two Scent Pigs” and “Three Scent Pigs” you will find them by clicking on the titles in this sentence—or under “Joe” in the topics cloud to the right—which also brings up a couple of pictures of him.

This trip, he came to see me Friday night.  I was wearing nothing but my metal cock ring as I let him in to the posh hotel room. We kissed at the door.  Just lightly.  I sat down on the leather chair in the darkened corner, my feet up on the matching leather ottoman, and looked at him as he got rid of the heavy winter coat…

“Now strip for me…”

Joe grins.  His shirt opens.  His biceps are bigger every time I see him.  His shoes are kicked off.  Joe’s pants come down, the belt buckle clanking on the floor. He’s left in a worn jock and sweat socks.  He comes towards me.  I take my legs down and spread my knees wide.  He kneels between the chair and ottoman.  A perfect fit.

He moans slightly as he inhales the scent of my cock.  It’s been a long time since my morning shower.  And he loves that.  He nuzzles my balls for a long time.  My cock lengthens.  He swallows me down.  He pauses about halfway down.  His throat constricts around the head of my dick.  He holds for a moment, then he opens and deep throats me.  My full length with no pause. 

Joe comes up for air.  I lean forward and kiss him.  This time our lips mash together and our tongues are instantly in each other’s mouths.  I can taste my pre-cum.  I pull back and spit in his mouth.  Joe whimpers.  I take my hand and cup it against the back of his head. I push him back down onto my dick.  He goes to my balls.  I hold him there.  And hold.  Then let him up for air.  He gasps.  He grabs a quick breath and impales himself back on my cock.

“Kneel up here.”  I point at the ottoman.  It’s just a big enough square for him to be able to get on all fours.  His ass is presented to me.  I slide off the chair into a kneeling position.  My face sinks into his ass crack.  I inhale deeply and push my tongue into his hole.

“You eat me so good.”

I lick and swallow.  I spit some back into him and push it deeply into his hole.  I can’t stop eating Joe’s hole.

But I do.  I stand up and grab the towel I’ve been sitting on.  I push it between Joe’s knees.  My cock rests on his hole.

And I start pissing.  Just a couple of spurts.  Enough to get me back on my knees to poke some piss into his ass with my tongue.  I slurp and gurgle contentedly.

I stand up and push into his wide open hole.  Joe immediately clamps down, milking my dick.  I fuck him hard.  The sound of the wet fuck fills the room. 

I pull out.  I bring it around to his mouth.  He happily, lovingly cleans my cock.  He leave lots of saliva on it, knowing it’s going right back into his hole.

It does.  I fuck him even harder.  I pull out again.  It’s round the ottoman again, back to his mouth.  I stick it into him.  He cleans.  I sigh.  And piss.  He grunts and takes all the piss I give him.  I save just enough in my bladder to spray a little more on his hole.  I piss happily, kneel and lick it off his freshly fucked hole.

Round and round I go.  Ass to mouth.  Piss in.  Piss on.  I reduce Joe to a happily whimpering piece of fuck meat. 

I can’t help it.  About the eighth time I slide into his ass, I shoot.  I clutch him tight, holding on to his hips as I buck against him.

“Fuckin’ fill me up!”

I can’t move; my cock is now so sensitive.    When I do eventually pull out, Joe thinks it’s coming to his mouth.  Instead, I kneel and felch.  Not for long.  A large dollop of sperm oozes out onto my tongue.

I move around, pull him up and kiss him hungrily.


It’s much later.  We are curled in the Westin’s patented Heavenly bed.  It’s living up to its name tonight.  We have been talking about everything and nothing.  My cock is slick from more fucking.

“Are you going to CLAW?”  Joe asks me.

I tell him yes.  “You think you could make it that far north?  I can’t think of anyone with who I’d  rather share a room.”

“I sure want to, but my Mom…” Joe leaves it unfinished. 

We move on to talking of other things.  My arms are around him, my finger idly playing with the cum in his ass.

Who knew we’d be doing the same thing months later in Cleveland.

Joe in Cleveland--checking BBRT for men--his favorite picture.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Visit to the Bathhouse

St. Louis---February, 2014

It was time for my annual business trip to St. Louis. I would have four nights to play after my long days of work.  I have always had good luck in this city.  I find the men ready to play and eager to meet new meat.  But on a Thursday night, no one was venturing out in the harsh February weather to come to my downtown hotel.  So I went to baths.
It was a long, cold walk.  I stripped out of my clothes, stowed them in the locker and went into the steam room to warm up.  It was early.  Not much crowd, but the gym boys were finishing up.  I sat in the remotest corner, wanting to get warm, not really ready to play.  But a big burly guy, taking his shower after his work out, had seen me go in and followed me into the swirling mist.  He stood in the steamy shadows and stroked himself obscenely, his towel over his shoulder.  He barely got his cock into my mouth before he exploded.  I guess he needed to get home to his partner’s waiting dinner…

I am in the play room of the bathhouse.  A sling is in an enclosed area, but not in use.  At least, not yet.  There are two booths with a gloryhole between.  There has been a change since my last visit.  The slurp ramp has been ripped out—and a large mattress on a platform has taken its place.  I am standing right behind it, in front of the booths, getting enthusiastic, if not superlative, head from a husky man on his knees.  His mouth is wet and sloppy.  And I’m enjoying showing off to the random men who check out the space.  A man of my age enters.  His head is cropped close, he’s been to the gym, and, like me is strutting around the bathhouse in a jock with the towel on his shoulder.  He has a chain around his neck—it’s gold and made up of incredibly tiny links.  He pulls his cock out of the pouch of his jock and offers it to the cocksucker, while at the same time pulling me into a kiss.  He’s great.  Everything I like in a kiss—a good back and forth, lots of spit and a slight battle for dominance...

The cocksucker is in heaven for the new comer’s cock is the equal of mine or damn close to it.  He goes back and forth on them and then gags as he tries to take both in his mouth at once.

“You want to get fucked?” the new guy asks the man on the floor.  “He has a nice ass,” he tells me.  The sucker gets up hurriedly and goes around the corner to the sling.  My kisser pulls me around by the shoulders and looks me square in the face.  “You fuck with that thing?”

My eyes meet his gaze.  Then drop as I mutter, “Yeah.  I do.”

“Follow me.”

He disappears into the sling room and is up the bottom before I can get there.  He fucks the man hard, then offers me a turn.  I slip in. I pump deeply twice.   And pull right out.  I sigh.  We all troop off to the bathroom to wash.


My face is buried in a glorious ass.  He’s a young man.  Blond and trim and now sprawled on his narrow bed.  His ass is a true bubble.  I pull his cheeks even farther apart and stick my tongue deeper into him.

“Oh, Daddy.”

My cock drools as he calls me that with his slight Ozark drawl.  He’s visiting the city from Arkansas.  And I’m the man, out of all the others, he’s taken back to his room. 

He adjusts—his knees were almost off the tiny bed.  I spend what feels like hours slurping and spitting into his hole as he reaches back and under himself to stroke.   Finally, I suit up (yes, I’ve agreed to wear a condom—so you know he’s cute).  I push into him. 

“Damn,” he grunts.

“You okay?”

“Oh, yes.  Fuck me hard, Daddy.  FUCK me!”

I do—until he shoots all over the thin sheet under him.

He lies inert as I pull out and rip off the condom.  Than he swivels around and kisses me—a kiss that tells me exactly how much he loved our time together.


I’m up another ass.  A leatherish guy.  He’s all armbands and cock rings and leather straps showing off his pecs.  But I can’t see them now.  I have him bent over the new bed in the playroom. 

“Fuck me, man.”

A professorial type is sitting on the bed, watching us and stroking.  I fuck the leather guy fast and loud.  I fuck until the spectator gets off and leaves.  The leather guy pulls off me and follows the spectator out of the room.  I never see him again.


I’m sitting on the floor of the booth.  I have just taken a second load down my throat.  I have no idea who gave it to me.  We’d been trading blowjobs.  Until he began bucking into the wall and I swallowed him down.

The door of the other booth squeaks open.  I don’t look up, but I can sense the guy looking through the hole.  I expect the finger to caress the opening any moment now, signaling he wants to suck my throbbing cock.  It’s aching for release after all the action.  I finally look up.  It’s not a mouth on the other side of the hole.  He’s pressed his ass against the wall.  He’s arranged it so his hole is perfectly centered.  I stand up and plunge in.

He’s loaded in no time at all.


It had to happen.  In all my years I’ve never seen anyone from the conference at the baths.  Well, this year during our first group lunch at the conference, I got a plate of food and sat at a table by myself.

“Mind if I join you?”  He sat before I could respond.  We introduced ourselves—and all I could see was the gold chain with the tiny links.

Others joined us.  There was no smirking.  No secret winks.  Neither of us let on we’d seen the other the night before—much less shared a husky bottom. 

If he even remembered me…

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Play By Play

On the Way Home from Columbus—February, 2014

Marco, the man with the muscle hole, and I had had sex the night before.  We repeated it all in the morning—on fast forward.  I left very satisfied.  And I thought, sated.  But, no…

As I was headed home on I-75, I saw a sign for a small town which I remembered had a very busy bookstore.  While I had had hours of ass play in the last 18 hours, I had barely sucked any cock at all.  I had done no more with Marco than swab up some of his copious pre-cum and tongue fuck it into his hole.  I realized I wouldn’t mind sucking some dick.  Well, I told myself, only if the parking lot has eight cars in it.  No, seven cars would insure a couple of guys would be in the arcade.  I pulled into the parking lot.  Okay, I decided, six cars are fine.  I got out and went in to buy my five dollars of tokens.

This arcade is set up in pretty typical maze fashion. The oddity here is that none of the 12 or 14 booths have doors.  They have shower curtain entrances.  No locks here.

I walk through the dimly lit maze.  I can hear voices.  Four men of various ages, obviously the regulars, are standing against the wall in the one spot where the pattern of cubicles creates a wide spot.  They are talking about The View.  Honestly.  There is one silver haired Daddy in the group who would be perfect for what I need.  I hope he follows me.  I push past them, turn another corner and go into the last cubicle.  Its entrance is down a narrow corridor, and I think it will give me a shade more privacy.  Not that it feels much like sex in here with the bantering of the boys.  I hear a “That looks like one for you, Bill” and put my card into the machine.  I flick through the menu.  All the gay porn is condomed, so I settle for a particularly nasty James Deen working over two big breasted women.  I sit, unbuckle and haul my semi-hard cock out.  I stroke.

It doesn’t take long before the plastic shower curtain is pushed aside.  I’m hoping for the silver haired Daddy.  But no.  It’s the largest of the men I passed.  He goggles at my cock.

“I sure would like to suck that,” he stage whispers. 

I shrug.  The booth is crowded enough that there is no way he’s going to get on his knees unless I stand up.  I rise.  He goes down.  His fleshy hand guides me into his mouth.  Almost instantly the curtain is pushed aside again.  It’s the silver haired Daddy.  “He’s got it,” he announces to the guys in the hall.  “And it’s a beauty.”

I smile at him rather sheepishly.  I hear the guys move around the corner.  One of them tries to push past the silver haired Daddy for a glimpse, but the Daddy brusquely tells them there’s no room.

“He’s taking that whole thing in his mouth, he tells the men in the corridor. “What do you have there, nine?  Ten?” 

I don’t answer, I turn to try to connect with my sucker, but he’s more concerned with his bottle of poppers.  He’s one of those who never puts the cap back on, as it has to be constantly under his nostril.

“Bill, you like that cock?”  The man on his knees grunts.  I begin a face fuck motion.  This is instantly reported to the guys outside.  “He’s fucking Bill’s face with that big salami of his.  Damn,” he says loud enough I think the cashier will hear him.  “Pull that thing all the way out so I can see all of it.” 

This last is to me.  I almost ignore him, but then consider that it pays to advertise.  I pull it out, and hit Bill’s upturned lips with my wet cock.

“Oh, he likes that.  Hit him harder with that monster.”

“Get out of the way,” says another voice.  “Let me see it.”

“There’s no room,” silver haired Daddy snaps at the unseen man.  “Make him lick your balls.” 

I do.  I pull my cock out of his mouth and pull it up so he can get my hairy sack into his mouth.
“I bet that feels good.  Those balls are big.  They match your cock.” 

I turn briefly to the speaker, but he’s leaning out the portal.  “Bill can’t get ‘em both in his mouth.”
This makes the unseen men snicker.

And I’ve had enough.  I tap the sucker on the shoulder and tell him I need a moment.  He caps his poppers carefully and struggles to his feet. 

“Shows over,” intones silver Daddy.  He moves out of the way to let the sucker escape.  I do up my pants.  I exit the booth, squeezing by personal broadcaster.  He pats me on the ass.  “You like to get fucked?”

I sigh and head for the exit.


I didn’t make it out the door.  I stumbled on a new arrival, who was actually there for sex.  I had his load down my throat before the boys caught on.