Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

2015 was a good year for this blog.  I hit half a million views in June and have picked up a ton of new readers.  I am still enjoying sharing my slightly pervy world, so I don’t see any sweeping changes in the coming year. 

I have two very full months of play backlogged right now. 

But I won’t be writing for these next couple of days. 

As I write this, I am about to head to a full weekend of debauchery in Chicago.

At midnight, when I have set this to auto post, I should be in the middle of a 20 man orgy.

I will be taking mental notes so I can share it all with you as I fuck and felch my way into a brand new year.  

I"m sure we'll be drinking a champagne toast--as that picture above makes my seriously dirty mind race with ideas....

Well, I better get this set up…I have a fuck bench to pack…

I hope all my readers have a terrific 2016.


  1. Whoa! Half a mil... Don't know of a better man worthy of all that attention though. Here's to you and a fucktastic 2016!

    1. I was surprised myself at how the hits have mounted...and are moving faster than ever now.

      Have a great 2016 yourself. I keep having a taste for champagne, every time I look at this post...won't you join me in a glass?!!??

  2. I'm not surprised your count is so high! It's the best and most consistent. Many bloggers have resigned from the writing! Keep up the good work!

    1. Well, thank you.

      It's true that many of the literary bloggers have reached burn out or just can't quite find the time. I will do it as long as I still find it enjoyable. If I had to put up with some of the shit (both online and intruding into their 'real' life) that I know other writers have had to deal with, I might not be sharing my adventures either.

  3. Hope i can be in one of your fuck session..i want to be the bottom of all your friends...