Thursday, January 21, 2016

Out of the Past

Northern Michigan—November, 2015

The next day, The Professor headed south to his home and I headed north to family for Thanksgiving.  I stayed the night in a local hotel.  I even found a young man online wanting to be seeded after the turkey was devoured.  He flaked—too full of his Mother’s mashed potatoes and giblet gravy.

But I did have a chance to go again to one of the first bookstores I had ever cruised.  I have mentioned it once or twice on here.  It has a different set up than many others.  You pay one admission that covers 14 booths—7 showing straight, 6 showing gay and 1 showing bi-sexual porn.  There are no glory holes, but easily room for two (or maybe three.)  This where the people who don’t like to show off play.  There are also two different rooms with big screen televisions.  The first you come to, and the darker, is for viewing gay porn.  And the second is straight.  You sit in those molded plastic outdoor chairs.

It used to be VERY cruisy.  Then it fell off.  Now it’s somewhere in between.  And of course, like any potential playground, you never know from visit to visit.  I took a chance at lunch hour, before my drive home, thinking that it might be filled with men escaping from the family as they all went Black Friday shopping.  And it was a pretty good guess…

My cock is lodged in his throat.  The man is on his knees, sucking me as I watch old gay porn.  I hold his head in place and fuck up into his mouth.  I thrust until he chokes.  And I release.  The moment he has caught his breath he is fully down on my dick again.

It’s been busy.  I have been sucked by two or three men—mostly in the open.  I have given head—and got a load—from an older man who could barely contain himself at the thought that I was on my knees waiting for him in a booth.

Now it’s this cocksucker.  I recognize him from previous trips.  There’s one in every establishment of this type.  He is always here.  No matter what time of day you visit.  But he’s a good sucker and he’s filling up a lull before the next wave of men (I hope!) arrive.

I play absently with his ear.  Then hold him and drill his skull.  He takes me this time with no choking at all.  I ease up and grab his head again just as the door opens.  He tries to scramble up and away.  I hold him in place.  “Take it,” I say under my breath.

I look up.  The most beautiful man of the afternoon has just walked in.  Approaching six foot, cropped dark hair and pronounced features with a Roman nose.  His skin is that hot Mediterranean olive color.  He has left his coat in the hall, as I did.  He is in a tight tee—biceps bulging and plastered to his chest as if it were wet.  Faded jeans sculpted to his ass. Hot.  And I am sure we’ve met.

The man in the door stares at us.  The back of his hand brushes his crotch.  I think for a moment he is going to join us.  But he stays where he is, just letting the door close behind him.  I push the man’s head down on my cock again.  He likes showing off, too.  He takes about three quarters of my dick each time.  I do the hold and the fuck up into his mouth again.

The man in the door gropes himself openly as I make my cocksucker choke again.   I look down at the man servicing me.  And let go of my hold.   He comes up gasping.  I turn to look at our observer.  He’s gone, with the door left slightly ajar.

I move the cocksucker from my shaft to my balls.  I stroke idly as he tongues the hairy sacks. 
I make a decision.  I stand up and thank the sucker and tell him I need a moment.  I do up my fly, my still hard cock poking obscenely down my pant leg.  I go out into the corridor and into the block of video booths. 

The first door is open.  A man sits inside, watching the corridor not the movie playing on the screen.  I nod to him and keep going.  Locked door.   Empty.  Empty.  I turn the corner.  The next side of the square is more of the same.  The bi-sexual door is the last on the left.  I try it.  It opens.  And there is the handsome man, standing and looking at the screen.  He looks up, smiles and gestures with his head to come in.

I do and lock the door.  He starts undoing his belt and zipper.  I do the same with the buttons on my fly.  He sits on the small bench and takes my still damp cock deep into his throat.  He takes it all.   Easily.  No gagging.   He eases off it.  It has made his above average cock stand up and drool. 

We change places.  I suck him down.  I love the taste and feel of his dick in my mouth.  I really love the hairy ass cheeks I’m holding on to as I suck.  And to look up to see this handsome man is an incredible treat.  He finally pulls out of my mouth with “I don’t want to cum too fast.”

He sits down as I stand up.  He sucks me for a moment, then looks up and asks “Do you remember me?”

I nod.  “I knew we’d met.  Here?”

“Yeah.”   He goes back to sucking me for a moment.  When he pulls off me this time, he looks up, still holding on to my dick and says “You were the first guy to fuck me.”


“No, you took me back to your motel.”

And it comes back.  I had occasional jobs in this area of Michigan in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  I was put up in the cheapest of motels—this one was within walking distance of the bookstore.  He hadn’t been quite as buff then, but close.  He’d looked gorgeous on all fours, with just a little light from the street lamp shining through a cracked window pane.  I had easily spent 45 minutes eating his hole to loosen him up.

I pull him up and kiss him.

“You were so good,” he continues, all but whispering in my ear.  “You made sure I was relaxed…and the way you ate my ass—it made me want your dick so much.  I’m on PrEP now—it would be even better raw.  The way you ate my hole after each fuck—you went through a shit load of latex.”

I grin.  “Let me eat it now.

He shakes his head.  “I’m not prepared at all.  I never do anal here—there are never any tops I’d let fuck me in this place.”


“I know.”

“Can we go…?”

“No—I’m at my Mom’s.”

“And I’ve checked out of my hotel.”

“Let me suck that big dick some more.”

Of course I let him…


I could lie and say that I got off with him.  I wanted to—but I was nowhere near cumming yet.  And while he was close each time I was on his cock, he stopped himself—naturally wanting to see who else might be around.  

We took a break.  

While lounging together in the gay theatre, a cute Latino boy caught the Hot One’s eye.  The Latino showed us his ass and smiled right at my bud.  And before my eyes my bud went from the young man I’d introduced to anal sex to a top about to fuck the shit out of another good looking young man. 

They were locked in a booth the rest of my time there.

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