Friday, January 8, 2016

Wet, Sodden Hole

Chicago—November, 2015

It was time once again for the piss party.  I was on my own this month.  I packed the sling.  I set it up in the back corner, stripped and got ready to piss.

It’s a decent sized crowd—a good mixture of men I recognize and new faces.  I swig the remainder of my Gatorade and refill the bottle.  A cute young otter in a red jock, one of the new faces, is groping himself behind the screens.  I go sit near him.  Within moments, he is on the concrete floor stuffing my hardening dick into his mouth.  He gives me some great head.  I pull him off my cock and lean in to give him a kiss.  He’s good at that, too.  Lots of tongue and lots of spit.  We change places.  I go to my knees and suck him.  He sighs and lets his head roll back.  I stand and piss all over his hard, wet dick.  He gasps and I sink to my knees to clean his cock…


A couple I recognize arrive.  They are both my age, still defined and tatted, though the muscles are softer now.  They are both pissing on some lucky pig in the inflatable pool.  I go over and add some piss to the pig they are hosing down.  Our three streams intertwine and splash across the chest and chin of the man in pool.   Once our streams peter out, we embrace, talk, walk to the bar for their drinks and end up in the back corner. 

My otter obviously likes his daddies.  He joins us, instantly on his knees in front of the top of the pair.  I suck the bottom for a moment, then turn him by the hips, so his ass is in my face.  I bury my face and tongue into him.  He holds on to the shoulders of his partner, so he can bend and thrust his hips back at me.  I sink deeper and deeper into his fuckable hole.

“Stick that big dick in me,” he pants.

I stand up and slowly insert my dick into his smooth ass.  The otter stops sucking the top—both want to watch the fuck.  The otter reaches down and spreads the cheeks farther apart.  And obligingly spits on my disappearing cock. 

I fuck.  I fuck until he asks me to take a break.  I pull out, the otter still holding his ass spread wide.  My cock pulls free and bobs up.  The otter hesitates only a fraction of a second before he gives it a loving tongue bath…


My face is buried in hot, wet ass again.

This time it is the studly Hispanic man who loves to have guys lick his hole, as long as nothing else goes in it.  It’s taken some coaxing, but I’ve gotten him in the sling.  I always forget how much fur grows in the crack of his ass.  I am just beginning to get it wet when some unknown man hoses us down.  He’s aimed for the Hispanic’s dick, and the piss comes sluicing down through that hairy divide and onto my tongue.

My dick becomes harder yet.  I stop stroking it—it’s that hot a moment.

The stream lessens.  Stops.  I tongue up all the excess piss and start to burrow into him again.

And another anonymous stream splashes on the back of my head before inundating the ass crack my tongue is probing…


One of my favorite Chicago bottoms is in the sling.  Red haired and happy to see me.  His smile is contagious.  I bend and suck on his dripping cock for a moment, collecting precum—then shoving it into his ass.

“Go slow…” he tells me.

I stand up and insert.  Nice and slow. 

Poppers come out and when they hit, I am sunk into him to the hilt.

I know to wait.

“Now fuck me,” he commands.

I do.

A guy walks by and aims his piss at my dick.  I fuck some of it into his hole.

A regular arrives—as big a pig as the two of us.  I pull out as he kneels.  He takes long moments cleaning the cock and the hole in front of him.  Then he stands up and fucks the willing bottom. 

It’s my turn to add piss to the fuck.

And this makes the new fucker shoot his load. He grunts and twist, totally taken by surprise at shooting.

He stays buried for a little—then pulls out and flops his dick into my waiting mouth.  I clean his cock.   Every drop.   

And I felch the hole.

Leaving just enough for a velvety fuck… 


  1. You definitely get up to some fun stuff! :)