Sunday, January 10, 2016


West Michigan—November, 2015

I was finally home.  I had been doing a lot of play during my time away, but not a lot with much connection.  Some of course, but I needed a night with guys for who I really care.  I found it with Derrick and Jacob—the big bear of a man and his hot, bearded cub.

We did all the usual cock sucking and hole eating.  I even took a turn in the  sling so I could have 2 tongues and 2 bearded chins work my ass and pits and mouth.  I fucked both of them.  Jacob was fucked by both us.  I got off in him late in the night.

It was something we knew we all enjoyed. No egos, no showing off.

And I’ve written it up each time we’ve done it.  So how to make it different this time?

Well, there was a moment that was totally new for me…

The three of us are reclining on the couch in their playroom.   We have all taken turns on our knees, sucking two dicks at once.  Derrick and I have licked Jacob’s hole.   I have also had my dick in Jacob while he sucked his partner.  We all want a breather before we move to the sling and do it all again.
We are drinking—water for me and an Asian beer for the hosts.  (I’m hoping for a drink of piss later in the evening that never quite develops.)  We talk of this and that.

“Show off your new toy,” Derrick tells Jacob, changing the subject.

Jacob stands and rummages for a moment in a laundry basket of dildos, butt plugs and such.  He pulls out a huge floppy silicone dildo.

“It’s my own Orca,” he tells me, proudly putting it on the floor in the middle of the room.  And it is—or seems to be—a true replica of a whale penis.  It must have had a length of over a foot.  Jacob lubed it up liberally and sat down on it.  One false start—and then the whole length was swallowed by his hungry ass. 

He rode it quite happily. 

I got up and held the base for a moment—it took both hands.  But declined the offer to try it out...

And now, it’s Natural History time with Felching Pisser!

The dildo:

The whale:

The whale’s cock:

I never remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom being this interesting.....

The Orca is sculpted by Exotic Erotics.
I have created a link with their name.
Rhinos, Giraffe tongues, Crocodiles.....they are all there.


  1. Kinda hot. Do you know where they got it?

    1. SirL: It certainly was hot to see that massive toy disappear into a boy I had just fucked.

      I did some quick research and found the site. I have created a link to it after the last picture.

    2. Oh dear lord. IDK which one(s) to get, lol.

    3. If you order....let me know which type(s) you chose. I'd be happy to let you review them...

  2. Wow. That's some talented hole right there!

    1. Oh, it is. I knew he could take cock and fist, and I'd seen the larger toys lying around the playroom. He took it effortlessly...which only made me want to get him into the sling and fuck him harder!

  3. WOW and I thought I had a hungry hole, I don't think I could do that!