Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Matt Would Love This Up His Ass”

Near Home—December, 2015

As December started I had a bookstore encounter that doesn’t require more than a sentence or two.  The young man who “fought” with the older cocksucker over my dick did me again.  He sucked me forever, but he could not get me off and eventually got bored and left, baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.  A vaguely hot Hispanic had watched the proceedings.  He stepped in and gave me the load from his dick which he’d been jerking as he watched.  I fed a large Black man my own cum a little later.  And that was that.

The next night, a planned group of five fizzled with bad weather on a Saturday night.  This left me really on edge so, after the salt trucks had a chance, it was back to the bookstore on a Sunday afternoon…

I look around the room.  There are indeed different faces at a time I don’t usually go.  I make a mental note to vary my routine more.  There are five people in the room.  We watch the straight video, three of us stroking.  Two leave for the arcade and likely an anonymous mouth.  Another man leaves a few moments later.  We hear him be buzzed into the previously deserted gay theatre.  The man left on the couch does not have his dick out, but he’s kneading his crotch and his eyes never leave my shaft.

I turn in my chair to give him a better view of my wet dick.  I am pre-cumming a lot.  (I love multiple men on one girl videos—I can’t help it!)  I take a swig from my water bottle.

“Do you want that sucked?”  The voice is timid, sure I’ll say no.

I nod.  Spreading my legs wider.  He gets up quickly before I change my mind and kneels in place.  He is not much to look at—but he has a wealth of experience in making men feel good.  He knows just where to flick his tongue, to caress the balls with the back of his hand as he takes me deep in his throat, to constrict his throat around my cock as he pulls off my dick

“That’s a mouthful,” he says looking up at me.  “Such a beautiful dick.”  He massages my balls again and kisses the shaft.  “Matt would love this up his ass.”  He looks up at me again.  “Do you know him?”

“I don’t know him by name—but maybe.”

“He’s a married guy who comes here with me on Sunday.  He loves to get fucked by big dicks.  I just suck them.”

“And really well,” I tell him.

This inspires him to work on me some more.

A few minutes later the door opens.  A much younger man I've never seen before walks in.

“Matt, look at this dick,” my sucker says to the new arrival.  Matt comes over.  He’s late 30’s, cropped blond hair.  He ditches his winter coat in a chair and his t-shirt shows off his great chest and arms.  Tribal tats swirl over his biceps and disappear under the clothing.

“Let me see that thing,” Matt kneels next to older man.  He takes me into his mouth.  Not as good with the technique but he gets points for enthusiasm.  He pulls off me.  “I have to have that up my ass.”

I assure him that I’d like that, too.

He stands up, pulls a chair around, strips off his tee and drops his pants.  I can see that the tribal tats swirl from his arms to his back and point at his ass.  (Married?  Really??)

I get up.  “I need to eat that butt,” I murmur.

I kneel and run my hands over the muscular cheeks of his ass.  My initial cocksucker has stayed on the floor.  He crawls over so he is right next to me.

“Put your tongue up that hot ass,” he tells me.

I don’t need much encouragement.  I drill into him.

Matt moans and tells me to eat him out.

The cocksucker holds onto my cock, knowing not to stroke it, as I get the ass in front of me thoroughly wet. 

“Fill me with that cock,” Matt grunts out.  “Fuck me hard.”

I pull off his butt hole and spit right on the slightly open pucker.  I stand up and slap my cock against his right cheek.

“You want me raw or latexed?”

“I hate condoms.  Fuck me raw.”

I don’t answer—I just let my drooling cock head poke at his hole.  Matt pushes back and my cock head disappears into him.  “Fuck,” Matt hisses under his breath.”

The cocksucker stands up to watch me enter his friend.  I am inching in slowly.  My pubes grind against him in no time.

I hold in place as Matt starts panting.  “I feel so full.”

“Nice,” says the cocksucker.  “Now fuck him.”

I know when to take direction.  I pull almost all the way out and work my way back in.

“Harder,” Matt tells me.  “Make me feel it.  Slam that dick home.”

I pick up the pace.

I am fucking him hard now.  Hips slapping upturned ass.  The sound fills the small room.  I love the look of admiration and lust on the cocksucker’s face.  I love the moans coming out Matt.  I am breathing hard.  I’m going to shoot soon—I can feel it building.

“You want my load in you?”

“Fuck, yeah.  I want to take your load in my ass.”

“Yeah,” chimes in the cocksucker, “Go home to the wife with a man’s cum up your ass.”

I continue to fuck.  And suddenly I’m pulling back on his hips and spurting into him.  Spurt after spurt.  I bend over and hold on to his bare back.  I can feel him milking my dick.  I let the last drop drain out of me—and slowly pull out.

“Let me clean it off,” Matt says.  He slides to the floor and takes me gently into his mouth—cleaning my cock lovingly.  I watch his soft cock grow into a raging hard on as he suckles my cum and his ass juice off my dick.  He begins to jerk his cock.  I can tell he’s almost ready to explode.  My cock slips from his mouth as he gives himself the push over the edge.

I kneel and get his entire load down my throat.

“Fuck,” Matt says minutes later, as he dresses.  “Now I can go home satisfied.”


  1. Always nice to find a hot POA just waiting for your big dick!