Monday, January 18, 2016

In the Dark Back Corner with The Professor

Lansing—November, 2015

The Professor and I woke up earlier than we meant to, the morning after draining our balls into the pornstars.   I brought him coffee from the rather dismal “continental breakfast” provided by our motel.  What did we want to do today?  There had been talk about heading to Steamworks as we did on our last trip.  At first we thought we’d go, but as we talked, we realized we were so sated we didn’t care if we went.  The Professor suggested we get out of town and get back to my house.  So we did.  I used the time at home to see if I could get a few fuck buds of mine to meet us up at the bookstore where the back room has gloryholes and sex furniture on the next night, Wednesday.

A number of guys decided some free for all fucking would be the perfect release before Thanksgiving the next day…

They have changed the back room slightly since I was last there.  There is still a good sling near the entrance.  A new flat padded bench is in an alcove.  The booths are the same—all with gloryholes.  There is a slurp ramp with side by side holes for those who like to show off.  And many dark corners—often with a chair or bench for play. 

I have left my coat in the car.  I am in my army fatigues and an ancient military shirt that has enough pockets for lube and poppers and such.  We separate for the first few moments—thinking we each might suck some cock at the gloryholes.  A few guys are milling around—but it’s early.

My first bud arrives.  Mark is my age, looks younger, and about 5’10” and as slim as I am.   He is totally and truly versatile.  He greets me and I perform a quick introduction.  I follow Mark to the new padded bench area.  He instantly pulls down his jeans, revealing his smooth, jockstrapped ass.  The Professor likes what he sees as much as I do.  My tongue goes right into Mark’s ass.  He stumbles forward and holds on to the bench.  The Professor moves around to the other side of the bench as he unzips.  His dick is in Mark’s mouth as my tongue opens up Mark’s ass. 

Mark is groaning around The Professor’s dick.  He’s in the zone in his first few minutes here.  I stand up, slapping my cock on his ass.  I see we have an audience.  I nod to a guy who is just feeling himself through his pants.

“Get out your cock,” I tell him, always in charge, it seems.  He obeys and strokes openly.  I push into Mark.  Mark pulls off The Professor’s dick to grunt out a “Fuck, yeah.” 

I fuck.  The Professor moves around to watch me fuck.   I show off, pulling almost all the way out and slamming into Mark.  He grunts and stops jerking his cock.  I slap Mark’s ass, pull all the way out and say “Next.”

The Professor goes right in—fucking him with really resounding hip slaps against Mark’s upturned butt.  The onlooker looks at my red, wet dick and goes down on it.  I am pleased to find a fellow pig who loves the taste of ass on cock.  He sucks me expertly, but won’t let me touch his cock.  He’s primed for an explosion any moment, it seems.  When he splatters the floor, I go stick my dick in Mark’s mouth.

Then the men switch.  The Tall One, all 6’6” of him arrives.  I get him hard, as Mark fucks The Professor.  Then I fuck The Professor and The Tall One fucks Mark.  I love seeing two men bent over on the same bench—each getting plowed.  The Tall One shoots a quick load up Mark. 

We slow down.  We all realize we are only in the first 30 minutes of our evening.  We pull out of asses.  Cocks are cleaned and we go our separate ways for a bit.


I suck some guy I can’t remember.

I let my dick be suckled through a gloryhole.  I think it’s the cute ebony college kid who’s been eyeing me, but I can’t be sure.

We meet up again in the back corner, near the slurp ramp.  There are two old, ragged over-stuffed chairs here.  The Tall One is taking turns sucking Mark and The Professor.  I pull out my dick and add it to the mix. 

A cute cub of a man arrives…the man I’ve loaded here a number of times on previous visits.  He strips naked and shoves his clothes behind one of the chairs.  I catch him bent over and start rimming him.  When he’s good and wet, The Professor moves behind him and pushes in. 

“Fuck me!” The Cub says, loudly.

It’s the signal for 40 minutes of round robin fucking.  I fuck The Cub, The Professor, The Tall One and Mark.  The Cub, The Professor and Mark take turns on each other.  The Tall One gets hard again, after I stop fucking him, and fucks them all too.

We rotate. 

We spitroast.

We train.  I fuck both Mark and The Cub at different times while their dicks are buried in The Professor.

The Tall One loads The Professor—though it’s a tiny load for his second round.

I felch briefly, but spend more time fucking it deeper.

We rotate, now without the Tall One, a few more times.

The Professor shoots his load in Mark's fine ass.  He pulls out, let's me clean his cock and I fuck the filled hole.

The Professor is watching me fuck Mark.

“Do you want my load,” I ask him.

The Professor shakes his head—he’s done—his hole has finally had enough.

I pull out and watch Mark attack The Cub’s ass.  I want to be right there.  I tap Mark on the shoulder.  “Let me give you something to fuck in.”  I replace him up The Cub. 

In no time, I load him, with Mark holding on to me from behind.

“Now, you have some more lube.”

The Professor and I leave as Mark slips his cock back up the Cub’s cum dripping ass…

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  1. The Professor writes: That was such a nice scene--hot, horny, lots of fucking/sucking and nice guys who just wanted to have a good time. I really loved breeding Mark--that little white swimmer strap on that tanned ass was an open invitation for raw dick! Thanks again for conducting me to some incendiary sex and an extraordinarily horny memory. Tell those boys I said hello next time you're fucking them!