Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Last Asses of Indiana

Northwest Indiana—November, 2015

I don’t remember who got my load after I sucked off the mechanic through the gloryhole.  My notes tell me it was a ‘familiar face from another bookstore in town.’ 

I had a short day of work on my final day in this city and took off for a second afternoon of catting around…

Day Two:

I am back in the land of couches, the bookstore where I have hung out the most while working in this town.  My pants are around my ankles, my legs spread wide.  I have the ginger haired cocksucker working on my meat.  A text that I was in need has brought him in during his late lunch hour.  He’s naked but for his unbuttoned dress shirt.  We are pretty much alone in the place.  One old man pretends to watch the straight video, but is really watching us, kneading his maroon double knit slacks.

I rest my hand on the back of Don’s head.  He increases the speed of his sucking.  I finally pull him off me.  We kiss.  As if we were back in my hotel room.  “Get on the couch,” I tell him.  He kneels, arms on the back of it and his ass jutting out.  I kneel on the floor and begin to eat his butt.  Heaven.  Buried in those thick, hairy globes of flesh.  He groans, and tells me to tongue fuck him.

And the room is suddenly starting to fill.  Don refuses to suck one proffered dick.  Too small, I fear.  Another man, with a beer can of a dick, is welcomed into his mouth.  I redouble my efforts, working my tongue ever deeper into Don.

Beer Can pulls out of Don’s mouth and rounds the end of the couch.  He wants ass.  I stop rimming and take the big, wet dick into my mouth, knowing Don is not prepared for anal.  Don spins around and joins me, licking the massive balls that go with this big cock.  Soon our mouths are on either side of his veiny shaft, moving in tandem back and forth.  The man we’re working on tells us what good cock suckers we are.  We pick up the tempo of our joint sucking.  I break rhythm and take the full, dripping head into my mouth.  Don dives for his balls again.  We suck and lick.  We move as one back to the dual sucking.  But it’s too much.

“I’m going to shoot.  Take my load.”  He tries to push Don onto his cock head, but I get there first.  It’s a tiny load—but it makes the man buck and shake like it’s the biggest he’s ever shot.

Don and I grin at each other.

“Now where were we?”

Don answers by getting right back up on the couch.  I dive into his butt again.


Don has sucked me repeatedly, but I can’t get off.  I have rimmed him relentlessly, wishing I could plunge my dick into him.  We have included three other guys.  Finally, with Don still on all fours (and another stranger in his mouth) I flip around and slide under him to get at his cock.  I’m not there long.  He shoots.  I swallow his load down.

Don lingers, after he’s cleaned up.  “I want to watch you fuck someone.  If it can’t be me, I want to see you in an ass.”

We both look around the room.  We’ve played with a number of men—but not one that I want in that way.  Nor do they want to get fucked.  The curtains open.  As if on cue, the man I fucked my first day here comes in.  Just who I need.  And how symmetrical…

The man comes right to me, seeing my bare dick.  “You gonna seed me this time?”

I shrug.  He drops his pants and I get to work getting the man’s hole wet.  He leans on Don’s bigger frame.  I don’t spend too long on his hairless butt.  “Lean on the couch.”

He does.  All fours on the seat—right where Don had been.  I vaguely imagine it’s Don I’m slipping into.  Then I’m jolted back to reality.  This guy is loaded.  He had to have worked another bookstore before he got here.  I pick up the pace of my fucking.

“Can you feel those two loads?  Two Hispanic kids.”

My cock is pulling it out of him now.  And the fuck has become loud with the wet slapping.

“I’m gonna shoot if you keep that up,” he chokes out.  “I want your cum this time.”

“Almost,” I hiss through my teeth.  “Take it.  Take it – Now!” 

This sends him off to, coating the ugly fabric of the couch.  I hold his hips and shake.  Don’s arm snakes around me from behind and keeps me from pulling out of the bottom.

“Nice,” Don whispers in my ear.  “And I know just what that cock feels like…”


  1. That's a nice image... Watching a guy unload and knowing exactly what that feels like...

    1. This is why I love working with two bottoms who like each other (who are not in competition). Going from one to the other as they hold on to each other (and kiss!!!), knowing exactly what the other is feeling on any given thrust...

  2. SO hot, I bet those guys are going to be hoping you come back to their area for work soon!

    1. And I have gone back...right after Christmas. A report to come!!