Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Near home—November, 2015

I had not played for most of the week.  I certainly hadn’t masturbated.  I wanted to get off.   You see, the Professor was arriving the next day and we were headed out on a road trip for sex.  So I did an afternoon at the bookstore closest to me.

I am sitting on the straight side, for there is not a single person over on the gay side.  There are a few men here.  Three of them sit rigidly side by side on the couch.  One sits vaguely across from me hugging the right wall while I’m on the left.  I open my pants.  My cock stands right up.  I stroke.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see the young man in the middle of the couch sit up and take notice.  He grabs his crotch.  I turn slightly, ostensibly reaching for my water bottle on the floor, to give him a really good look.  I take a long swig, set the bottle back down at my feet and turn back to the screen.

I wait.  I hear someone unzip.

I stop stroking for a moment.  I stand up and make a show of adjusting my cock ring.  My whole package flops straight down, giving everyone a good view of my dick.  I sit back down.  All my attention centered on the man and woman on the screen.

It works.  The young man, 30 something, in jeans and flannel shirt and a baseball cap, sits next to me.

“You want it sucked?” he asks.

I look at him then shake my head.

“Sure?  I’d love to suck a big dick like that,” he whispers.  He reaches for it.

My hand stops him.  “Give me a minute,” I tell him.

I notice that everyone else in the room is jerking now.  I turn to the screen again, wait just a few seconds and turn back to my would be sucker and give in.  “Sure.  I need some head.”

He sinks to the floor and crawls between my knees.  He looks at the crowd—triumphant—saying with that look ‘I got the prize, fuckers.’  He adjust his cap so the brim is reversed.

And begins.  He’s good.  Oh, yeah.   Really good.  Really wet.  Great suction.  And I don’t have to tell him to include my balls.

The door opens.  I recognize the man who enters.  I’m sure I’ve played with him—but I can’t immediately think just what we did.  He’s early 40’s, fit, with sandy colored hair.   A dress shirt and khaki’s make him look like he just got done taking his parents out for an after church meal.  Those pants also show off a full bubble butt.  Now I’m thinking I do know what I did with him…

He comes over and sits in the chair my cocksucker vacated moments ago.

All is quiet, except for the woman on the screen and the moist sound of the man working my dick.
Cap Boy goes for my balls again—leaving my dick unattended.  Bubble Butt slides off the chair to take it into his mouth. 

Cap Boy grabs my cock and shields it from the invader.  “Back off, cocksucker,” he hisses angrily under his breath to the intruder.  “This is my dick”

“Get real.  He lets me suck him all the time.” 

“You’ve sucked every troll in this place—go back to that gloryhole with your name on it.”

I say nothing.  But I have wrested my cock out of Cap Boy’s hand.

“Yeah, well, I suck better than you do, faggot.”  Bubble Butt gets back up into the chair.  The other men in the room are putting their dicks away and getting out of Dodge.

“In your dreams, wanker.”

“Yeah, well he likes to fuck me.”  Bubble Butt stands up and says, louder now, to the now empty room.  “And I let him bareback my ass.”

Cap Boy just stares at him, then turns to me.  “Well, you can bareback my ass if that’s what you want.”

I shrug.

Bubble Butt moves forward.   Cap Boy stands up.  There is a moment where I’m pretty sure one will take a swing at the other.  But they just glare at each other. 

Bubble Butt turns to me. “Who do you want?”

I pause.  “I was fine with what was happening.”   A beat.  “I have enough for both.” 

They glare at each other again. 

Bubble Butt says “Faggot” under his breath.

Cap Boy mutters “Whore.”

Bubble Butt turns to me.  “I’ll be around.  I know you’ll want me in the end.”

Cap Boy gets back on his knees.  He starts to say more about his foe.  I just put my dick in his mouth.  It shuts him up.

It works out much as I thought.  Cap Boy sucks me until he blows his own load all over the floor. 

Bubble Butt comes back and finds me without a cocksucker.  He gets right to it.  I try to warn him about the load on the floor, but I’m not fast enough—he now has semen all over those khakis.  He calls Cap Boy a few more names, than forgets about it and gets my cock wet enough for me to fuck him.

And load him.  Something, he swears, as I am just about to shoot, that he “never does.”  

Except I loaded him last time, too. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think that was first for me--at least that protracted a scene...

  2. That story is hilarious! Of course, they both showed great taste (so to speak) in fighting over your And I love how nonchalant you were about it all!

    Paul, NYC

    1. It was funny--and ended up being pretty good sex. As for being nonchalant....well, what else could I do? I think they had more of a history than just this meeting...fighting over the "best" gloryhole, perhaps??

  3. Graceful as always. Gotta say that my instincts in a group situation always seem a little off. I think the pacifist in me would have bolted.

    1. I considered leaving...but I was rather trapped. And instead of panic--I realized I was enjoying it too much!