Saturday, January 30, 2016

Photo Find

It pays to sift through old emails.  

If you need to ask which is me, you're an new reader....

And in blurry close-up

This was just as I began writing the blog.

Note as of 1/31/16:  I looked around a little more on the blog.  I did write it up--at least sort of...
You will find it here:  A Tale of Two Gangbangs

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“Matt Would Love This Up His Ass”

Near Home—December, 2015

As December started I had a bookstore encounter that doesn’t require more than a sentence or two.  The young man who “fought” with the older cocksucker over my dick did me again.  He sucked me forever, but he could not get me off and eventually got bored and left, baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.  A vaguely hot Hispanic had watched the proceedings.  He stepped in and gave me the load from his dick which he’d been jerking as he watched.  I fed a large Black man my own cum a little later.  And that was that.

The next night, a planned group of five fizzled with bad weather on a Saturday night.  This left me really on edge so, after the salt trucks had a chance, it was back to the bookstore on a Sunday afternoon…

I look around the room.  There are indeed different faces at a time I don’t usually go.  I make a mental note to vary my routine more.  There are five people in the room.  We watch the straight video, three of us stroking.  Two leave for the arcade and likely an anonymous mouth.  Another man leaves a few moments later.  We hear him be buzzed into the previously deserted gay theatre.  The man left on the couch does not have his dick out, but he’s kneading his crotch and his eyes never leave my shaft.

I turn in my chair to give him a better view of my wet dick.  I am pre-cumming a lot.  (I love multiple men on one girl videos—I can’t help it!)  I take a swig from my water bottle.

“Do you want that sucked?”  The voice is timid, sure I’ll say no.

I nod.  Spreading my legs wider.  He gets up quickly before I change my mind and kneels in place.  He is not much to look at—but he has a wealth of experience in making men feel good.  He knows just where to flick his tongue, to caress the balls with the back of his hand as he takes me deep in his throat, to constrict his throat around my cock as he pulls off my dick

“That’s a mouthful,” he says looking up at me.  “Such a beautiful dick.”  He massages my balls again and kisses the shaft.  “Matt would love this up his ass.”  He looks up at me again.  “Do you know him?”

“I don’t know him by name—but maybe.”

“He’s a married guy who comes here with me on Sunday.  He loves to get fucked by big dicks.  I just suck them.”

“And really well,” I tell him.

This inspires him to work on me some more.

A few minutes later the door opens.  A much younger man I've never seen before walks in.

“Matt, look at this dick,” my sucker says to the new arrival.  Matt comes over.  He’s late 30’s, cropped blond hair.  He ditches his winter coat in a chair and his t-shirt shows off his great chest and arms.  Tribal tats swirl over his biceps and disappear under the clothing.

“Let me see that thing,” Matt kneels next to older man.  He takes me into his mouth.  Not as good with the technique but he gets points for enthusiasm.  He pulls off me.  “I have to have that up my ass.”

I assure him that I’d like that, too.

He stands up, pulls a chair around, strips off his tee and drops his pants.  I can see that the tribal tats swirl from his arms to his back and point at his ass.  (Married?  Really??)

I get up.  “I need to eat that butt,” I murmur.

I kneel and run my hands over the muscular cheeks of his ass.  My initial cocksucker has stayed on the floor.  He crawls over so he is right next to me.

“Put your tongue up that hot ass,” he tells me.

I don’t need much encouragement.  I drill into him.

Matt moans and tells me to eat him out.

The cocksucker holds onto my cock, knowing not to stroke it, as I get the ass in front of me thoroughly wet. 

“Fill me with that cock,” Matt grunts out.  “Fuck me hard.”

I pull off his butt hole and spit right on the slightly open pucker.  I stand up and slap my cock against his right cheek.

“You want me raw or latexed?”

“I hate condoms.  Fuck me raw.”

I don’t answer—I just let my drooling cock head poke at his hole.  Matt pushes back and my cock head disappears into him.  “Fuck,” Matt hisses under his breath.”

The cocksucker stands up to watch me enter his friend.  I am inching in slowly.  My pubes grind against him in no time.

I hold in place as Matt starts panting.  “I feel so full.”

“Nice,” says the cocksucker.  “Now fuck him.”

I know when to take direction.  I pull almost all the way out and work my way back in.

“Harder,” Matt tells me.  “Make me feel it.  Slam that dick home.”

I pick up the pace.

I am fucking him hard now.  Hips slapping upturned ass.  The sound fills the small room.  I love the look of admiration and lust on the cocksucker’s face.  I love the moans coming out Matt.  I am breathing hard.  I’m going to shoot soon—I can feel it building.

“You want my load in you?”

“Fuck, yeah.  I want to take your load in my ass.”

“Yeah,” chimes in the cocksucker, “Go home to the wife with a man’s cum up your ass.”

I continue to fuck.  And suddenly I’m pulling back on his hips and spurting into him.  Spurt after spurt.  I bend over and hold on to his bare back.  I can feel him milking my dick.  I let the last drop drain out of me—and slowly pull out.

“Let me clean it off,” Matt says.  He slides to the floor and takes me gently into his mouth—cleaning my cock lovingly.  I watch his soft cock grow into a raging hard on as he suckles my cum and his ass juice off my dick.  He begins to jerk his cock.  I can tell he’s almost ready to explode.  My cock slips from his mouth as he gives himself the push over the edge.

I kneel and get his entire load down my throat.

“Fuck,” Matt says minutes later, as he dresses.  “Now I can go home satisfied.”

Friday, January 22, 2016

Three Balls

My Playroom—December, 2015

Kurt sent me a text.  He needed another session in my playroom.  His time with me is always a wet affair.  He loves piss play almost as much as he loves the incredibly large toys he brings over for me to stick up his ass.  Or my hands—sometimes up to the elbow.

We did all that.  (Well, not quite to the elbow this time.)

He even left me an ass missile of at least 15 inches that he didn’t care for—“I’m sure you know someone who will like it.”  (And he was right…I found that person just a couple of weeks later.)
So after the fucking, after the piss, after the toys, after my fists, it was time to fuck again.  But his hole was not tightening down enough for me.  I reached into his toy box…

My black nitrile gloved hand, still covered in globs of Crisco, pulls out a stainless steel ball bearing.  I lube it easily with what’s left on my gloves.  It’s the size of a billiard ball and feels heavy in my hand.  A slight push on his puffy hole and it disappears into him.  Kurt groans aloud and huffs some poppers.  

I reach back.  The second ball is greased and inserted.  I hear the click as the balls hit each other deep in his bowels.  Kurt moans and I see his eyes roll back in his head, just before he closes them. He knows what’s coming. 

I stand up and poke my raw cock at his hole.  It is slightly open after all this play and I enter him easily.  The bottom of my cock glides over the ball bearings, while the balls push my dick up against the top of his ass canal.  He’s tight now—as tight or tighter than when I first entered him 90 minutes ago.  I love the glide over the balls.  They are still cool from the cold temperatures of the drive over.  The contrast of the cool metal and hot flesh makes me fuck him particularly hard.

Soon enough, I slow down.  I reach for the third ball.  I have to bend and pull out to get at the tub of Crisco.  I grease and insert the silver orb.  It clicks into place.  I use the left over Crisco on my dick.  It looks particularly obscene:  my red engorged flesh slathered with the white lube by the black glove. I push into him.  Kurt groans and huffs some more.  He’s tight.  I move slowly—opening his ass up all over again.

I never stop the fucking motion.  Kurt is in heaven.  He calls me a “filthy fucker.”    I chuckle and just keep fucking him.

Abruptly, I stop and pull out.

“Push the balls out,” I tell him.

He tries—but it’s not happening.  I use two fingers to get the first one closer to the exit.  He squeezes again and it fires out of his ass.  I catch it, dropping it on the towel under the sling. 

I prime the next.  “Again,” I tell him.

He squeezes, with a slight grunt.  I catch the second ball, but it slips right out of my hands and joins the other one beneath him.

His hole is tired.  I cup my hand and simply reach in, grab the ball and tuck it into the palm of my hand as I pull out. 

“Cum on me,” Kurt pleads, but he’s getting out of the sling.  No helping hand needed here.  He kneels on the towels.   “Shoot on my chest.”  I stroke my dick.  He grabs his own.  I grind my balls against his mouth and chin.  He smells them more than licks them.  The look of need on his face is intense.  It contorts.  I pull back and fire my first blast of cum on his face.  He gasps and begins to shoot himself.  My second squirt lands on his chest.  The third and fourth on his stomach.

I look down at my boots.  They are covered in his jizz.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Out of the Past

Northern Michigan—November, 2015

The next day, The Professor headed south to his home and I headed north to family for Thanksgiving.  I stayed the night in a local hotel.  I even found a young man online wanting to be seeded after the turkey was devoured.  He flaked—too full of his Mother’s mashed potatoes and giblet gravy.

But I did have a chance to go again to one of the first bookstores I had ever cruised.  I have mentioned it once or twice on here.  It has a different set up than many others.  You pay one admission that covers 14 booths—7 showing straight, 6 showing gay and 1 showing bi-sexual porn.  There are no glory holes, but easily room for two (or maybe three.)  This where the people who don’t like to show off play.  There are also two different rooms with big screen televisions.  The first you come to, and the darker, is for viewing gay porn.  And the second is straight.  You sit in those molded plastic outdoor chairs.

It used to be VERY cruisy.  Then it fell off.  Now it’s somewhere in between.  And of course, like any potential playground, you never know from visit to visit.  I took a chance at lunch hour, before my drive home, thinking that it might be filled with men escaping from the family as they all went Black Friday shopping.  And it was a pretty good guess…

My cock is lodged in his throat.  The man is on his knees, sucking me as I watch old gay porn.  I hold his head in place and fuck up into his mouth.  I thrust until he chokes.  And I release.  The moment he has caught his breath he is fully down on my dick again.

It’s been busy.  I have been sucked by two or three men—mostly in the open.  I have given head—and got a load—from an older man who could barely contain himself at the thought that I was on my knees waiting for him in a booth.

Now it’s this cocksucker.  I recognize him from previous trips.  There’s one in every establishment of this type.  He is always here.  No matter what time of day you visit.  But he’s a good sucker and he’s filling up a lull before the next wave of men (I hope!) arrive.

I play absently with his ear.  Then hold him and drill his skull.  He takes me this time with no choking at all.  I ease up and grab his head again just as the door opens.  He tries to scramble up and away.  I hold him in place.  “Take it,” I say under my breath.

I look up.  The most beautiful man of the afternoon has just walked in.  Approaching six foot, cropped dark hair and pronounced features with a Roman nose.  His skin is that hot Mediterranean olive color.  He has left his coat in the hall, as I did.  He is in a tight tee—biceps bulging and plastered to his chest as if it were wet.  Faded jeans sculpted to his ass. Hot.  And I am sure we’ve met.

The man in the door stares at us.  The back of his hand brushes his crotch.  I think for a moment he is going to join us.  But he stays where he is, just letting the door close behind him.  I push the man’s head down on my cock again.  He likes showing off, too.  He takes about three quarters of my dick each time.  I do the hold and the fuck up into his mouth again.

The man in the door gropes himself openly as I make my cocksucker choke again.   I look down at the man servicing me.  And let go of my hold.   He comes up gasping.  I turn to look at our observer.  He’s gone, with the door left slightly ajar.

I move the cocksucker from my shaft to my balls.  I stroke idly as he tongues the hairy sacks. 
I make a decision.  I stand up and thank the sucker and tell him I need a moment.  I do up my fly, my still hard cock poking obscenely down my pant leg.  I go out into the corridor and into the block of video booths. 

The first door is open.  A man sits inside, watching the corridor not the movie playing on the screen.  I nod to him and keep going.  Locked door.   Empty.  Empty.  I turn the corner.  The next side of the square is more of the same.  The bi-sexual door is the last on the left.  I try it.  It opens.  And there is the handsome man, standing and looking at the screen.  He looks up, smiles and gestures with his head to come in.

I do and lock the door.  He starts undoing his belt and zipper.  I do the same with the buttons on my fly.  He sits on the small bench and takes my still damp cock deep into his throat.  He takes it all.   Easily.  No gagging.   He eases off it.  It has made his above average cock stand up and drool. 

We change places.  I suck him down.  I love the taste and feel of his dick in my mouth.  I really love the hairy ass cheeks I’m holding on to as I suck.  And to look up to see this handsome man is an incredible treat.  He finally pulls out of my mouth with “I don’t want to cum too fast.”

He sits down as I stand up.  He sucks me for a moment, then looks up and asks “Do you remember me?”

I nod.  “I knew we’d met.  Here?”

“Yeah.”   He goes back to sucking me for a moment.  When he pulls off me this time, he looks up, still holding on to my dick and says “You were the first guy to fuck me.”


“No, you took me back to your motel.”

And it comes back.  I had occasional jobs in this area of Michigan in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.  I was put up in the cheapest of motels—this one was within walking distance of the bookstore.  He hadn’t been quite as buff then, but close.  He’d looked gorgeous on all fours, with just a little light from the street lamp shining through a cracked window pane.  I had easily spent 45 minutes eating his hole to loosen him up.

I pull him up and kiss him.

“You were so good,” he continues, all but whispering in my ear.  “You made sure I was relaxed…and the way you ate my ass—it made me want your dick so much.  I’m on PrEP now—it would be even better raw.  The way you ate my hole after each fuck—you went through a shit load of latex.”

I grin.  “Let me eat it now.

He shakes his head.  “I’m not prepared at all.  I never do anal here—there are never any tops I’d let fuck me in this place.”


“I know.”

“Can we go…?”

“No—I’m at my Mom’s.”

“And I’ve checked out of my hotel.”

“Let me suck that big dick some more.”

Of course I let him…


I could lie and say that I got off with him.  I wanted to—but I was nowhere near cumming yet.  And while he was close each time I was on his cock, he stopped himself—naturally wanting to see who else might be around.  

We took a break.  

While lounging together in the gay theatre, a cute Latino boy caught the Hot One’s eye.  The Latino showed us his ass and smiled right at my bud.  And before my eyes my bud went from the young man I’d introduced to anal sex to a top about to fuck the shit out of another good looking young man. 

They were locked in a booth the rest of my time there.

Monday, January 18, 2016

In the Dark Back Corner with The Professor

Lansing—November, 2015

The Professor and I woke up earlier than we meant to, the morning after draining our balls into the pornstars.   I brought him coffee from the rather dismal “continental breakfast” provided by our motel.  What did we want to do today?  There had been talk about heading to Steamworks as we did on our last trip.  At first we thought we’d go, but as we talked, we realized we were so sated we didn’t care if we went.  The Professor suggested we get out of town and get back to my house.  So we did.  I used the time at home to see if I could get a few fuck buds of mine to meet us up at the bookstore where the back room has gloryholes and sex furniture on the next night, Wednesday.

A number of guys decided some free for all fucking would be the perfect release before Thanksgiving the next day…

They have changed the back room slightly since I was last there.  There is still a good sling near the entrance.  A new flat padded bench is in an alcove.  The booths are the same—all with gloryholes.  There is a slurp ramp with side by side holes for those who like to show off.  And many dark corners—often with a chair or bench for play. 

I have left my coat in the car.  I am in my army fatigues and an ancient military shirt that has enough pockets for lube and poppers and such.  We separate for the first few moments—thinking we each might suck some cock at the gloryholes.  A few guys are milling around—but it’s early.

My first bud arrives.  Mark is my age, looks younger, and about 5’10” and as slim as I am.   He is totally and truly versatile.  He greets me and I perform a quick introduction.  I follow Mark to the new padded bench area.  He instantly pulls down his jeans, revealing his smooth, jockstrapped ass.  The Professor likes what he sees as much as I do.  My tongue goes right into Mark’s ass.  He stumbles forward and holds on to the bench.  The Professor moves around to the other side of the bench as he unzips.  His dick is in Mark’s mouth as my tongue opens up Mark’s ass. 

Mark is groaning around The Professor’s dick.  He’s in the zone in his first few minutes here.  I stand up, slapping my cock on his ass.  I see we have an audience.  I nod to a guy who is just feeling himself through his pants.

“Get out your cock,” I tell him, always in charge, it seems.  He obeys and strokes openly.  I push into Mark.  Mark pulls off The Professor’s dick to grunt out a “Fuck, yeah.” 

I fuck.  The Professor moves around to watch me fuck.   I show off, pulling almost all the way out and slamming into Mark.  He grunts and stops jerking his cock.  I slap Mark’s ass, pull all the way out and say “Next.”

The Professor goes right in—fucking him with really resounding hip slaps against Mark’s upturned butt.  The onlooker looks at my red, wet dick and goes down on it.  I am pleased to find a fellow pig who loves the taste of ass on cock.  He sucks me expertly, but won’t let me touch his cock.  He’s primed for an explosion any moment, it seems.  When he splatters the floor, I go stick my dick in Mark’s mouth.

Then the men switch.  The Tall One, all 6’6” of him arrives.  I get him hard, as Mark fucks The Professor.  Then I fuck The Professor and The Tall One fucks Mark.  I love seeing two men bent over on the same bench—each getting plowed.  The Tall One shoots a quick load up Mark. 

We slow down.  We all realize we are only in the first 30 minutes of our evening.  We pull out of asses.  Cocks are cleaned and we go our separate ways for a bit.


I suck some guy I can’t remember.

I let my dick be suckled through a gloryhole.  I think it’s the cute ebony college kid who’s been eyeing me, but I can’t be sure.

We meet up again in the back corner, near the slurp ramp.  There are two old, ragged over-stuffed chairs here.  The Tall One is taking turns sucking Mark and The Professor.  I pull out my dick and add it to the mix. 

A cute cub of a man arrives…the man I’ve loaded here a number of times on previous visits.  He strips naked and shoves his clothes behind one of the chairs.  I catch him bent over and start rimming him.  When he’s good and wet, The Professor moves behind him and pushes in. 

“Fuck me!” The Cub says, loudly.

It’s the signal for 40 minutes of round robin fucking.  I fuck The Cub, The Professor, The Tall One and Mark.  The Cub, The Professor and Mark take turns on each other.  The Tall One gets hard again, after I stop fucking him, and fucks them all too.

We rotate. 

We spitroast.

We train.  I fuck both Mark and The Cub at different times while their dicks are buried in The Professor.

The Tall One loads The Professor—though it’s a tiny load for his second round.

I felch briefly, but spend more time fucking it deeper.

We rotate, now without the Tall One, a few more times.

The Professor shoots his load in Mark's fine ass.  He pulls out, let's me clean his cock and I fuck the filled hole.

The Professor is watching me fuck Mark.

“Do you want my load,” I ask him.

The Professor shakes his head—he’s done—his hole has finally had enough.

I pull out and watch Mark attack The Cub’s ass.  I want to be right there.  I tap Mark on the shoulder.  “Let me give you something to fuck in.”  I replace him up The Cub. 

In no time, I load him, with Mark holding on to me from behind.

“Now, you have some more lube.”

The Professor and I leave as Mark slips his cock back up the Cub’s cum dripping ass…

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Professor and the Pornstars

Chicago—November, 2015

Thanksgiving week.  It was the day after the cat fight over my cock at the bookstore and the Professor arrived in town.  He was taking me to Chicago for another sexpedition.   He left his car at my place and I drove into the city.  As we entered the tollway to take us across Indiana, I asked about where we stood with the porn guys.  Once again, The Professor was purchasing the exact type of man he wanted, I was there to share, inspire and facilitate. 

“Marcus is for sure,” the Professor told me.  I was not surprised that the tall, fair skinned, ginger haired man with the true 10 inch dick would be making another appearance.  He and the Professor had had a great connection.  I’d loved drinking his piss and eating his ass.

“The other person who got back to me instantly is this versatile guy who is just starting to do porn.  He’s visiting Chicago this week.”  The Professor showed me a picture on his smart phone of a hot young otter type.  It was taken by one of the major porn companies who were starting to do fetish vids, but always with condoms in evidence.    

“And he’s ok with our bareback scene?”

“Absolutely.  Cade is on PrEP and loves raw play.  But when you write it up, just give him a false name.  We don’t want to get him into trouble at work.” 

“I promise.”   (And I have…) 

“Now, surprisingly Chad hasn’t gotten back to me.”

“You got a third?” I tried, not very successfully, to keep the surprise out of my voice.

“Why not?  You loved Mr. Brock’s ass last time.”

That was certainly true.  It had been the best kind of fantasy fulfillment.

“What time did you tell them?”

“Seven o’clock tonight.”

I glanced at the clock on my dash—plenty of time to check in, eat, set up the sling, clean up and rest before arrival.

The room is set.  The sling fits between the two double beds if we shove them to the wall.   Covers are removed, blankets turned down, lube is out along with some bottles of water.  I have a red bandana over the wall mounted desk light—it casts a rosy glow over the room.  With leaving the bathroom door open, we have another dim shaft at the other end of the room.   I get into my leathers.  The Professor is in a jock.  We are ready…and it’s 6:55pm.

On the dot of 7:00 there is a knock at the door. 

“Bet it’s Marcus,” I tell him.  But when I answer, it’s Cade. 

He is twice as cute as his picture.  And he can’t take his eyes off the bulge in my jock.  But he does—and asks if he can check his clean out as he’s come from across town.  As he disappears, the Professor opens the door for Marcus.  He and the Professor hug—and the client instantly starts removing Marcus’ clothes.

Cade returns—dressed down to a jock and boots.  His cropped hair looks redder in the light of the room than it did in his pictures. He’s slightly younger than I guessed—late 20’s or early 30’s—nicely built goes without saying in the world of mainstream porn.  We do a quick introduction—and then let Marcus get back to giving the Professor a back rub—something that always triggers Marcus’ erection.

Cade is on his knees in front of me.  He is a gear guy, he tells me.  He loves playing in any kind of gear—and loves the smell of my chaps.  He digs my cock out of the pouch and into his mouth.  Oh, yeah.   He’s good.  I am soon snaking my entire length all the way down his throat.  I hold his head and begin to fuck his mouth.   This makes his cock push out of his own jock.  He starts to stroke it—then stops—giving all his attention to me.

“In the sling,” I tell him.  I glance at the Professor—he’s lying on his back and Marcus is grinding his ass onto the Professor’s tongue.  I get Cade’s legs in the stirrups and look at the ass in front of me.  Full and lavishly haired.  The ass crack is a forest.  I fall to my knees and get to work.

“Oh, fuck.  Eat my hole out.”  Cade’s ass flowers open.  My tongue drills deeper and deeper.  He’s jacking now.  “Fuck me with that big dick.  Put that big raw cock in me.”

I stand, lube and enter.  Really slowly for one so open.  But it’s so worth taking my time.  I can feel him open inch by inch.  When I bottom out, he holds up one finger.  We pause.  Then: “Now fuck me hard.”

I do.  Hips slapping against that full butt.  It’s loud enough for Marcus to pause in his fucking of the Professor and look at us.  He grins and then matches my thrusting so our hips are in total sync. 

I fuck. 

I fuck Cade until he begins to shake—the first of two full body orgasms I give him in the course of the evening.

We switch partners for a moment when Marcus thinks he has piss for me.

Cade gets the Professor on his back.  He slips into the Professor.  And fucks him until he loads his ass.  I don’t have time to felch it, for Marcus is more than ready to fuck in it.  They move off to the other bed and I answer the door.

Chad Brock arrives, apologetic for being late.  Cade takes a break while I fuck Chad.  Watching me plow into the muscle ass gets him hard again.   He takes a turn fucking Chad, too.

I send Chad to the other bed—to help add into the other scene.  I want a moment alone back in Cade’ ass.  I get him on all fours.  I eat his well fucked hole.  He squirms.  He pushes—and his tiny rose bud pushes into my mouth.  It is one of those moments that surprise me—and I have to stop jerking.

From the other bed, I hear Marcus shoot his load up the Professor.  He collapses on the Professor’s back and stays there.  I go over.  “Oh, yeah…”  Marcus comes back to reality and remembers what I love.  He pulls out slowly and lets me clean that mammoth cock. 

I get the Professor into the sling for a quick felch.  The other three ring the sling—hands everywhere stroking and twisting nips.  I taste some cum, but it’s deep.  I stand up and push into the Professor to pull out some load.  It works.  My big flared head does the trick.  I hunker down and clean him up.

“I want to watch you load Cade,” the Professor tells me.  They exchange places.  I eat a little.  I could spend forever with that hot ass, but I know our two hours are coming to a close.  I eat.  I fuck.  Cade has his second internal orgasm.  I pull out and taste what that does to his hole.  He pushes his super juicy rose bud into my mouth. Holy fuck—I stand up and fire the first shot on his swollen ass lips.   I push into him and fuck the rest of my load as deep I can.  I lean down and kiss him.

When we come up for air, he tells me not to pull out.  I stay in place.  Cade grabs his cock—and shoots a traditional load all over his hairy chest.  Chad leans in for the clean-up and a cum soaked kiss with me. 

“Can you take another load?” the Professor asks Cade.


I move out of the way and the Professor fucks into the sloppy hole I have just left. 

It doesn’t take long for him to shoot.  Or for me to clean up that hairy, wet ass crack…


All the boys shower—not  in any particular hurry to leave.  The Professor gives them each an envelope—for the time they chose to spend with us.

We sit down one on each bed after Chad, the last to leave, has shut the door.

“Good?”  I ask.

I don’t get an answer in words.  Just the most contended sigh you can imagine.

I really wish I could post pictures of the others...

A reader asked for  link to the first time we did this--you will find that entry HERE.  
Or hit 'Professor' in the label cloud.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Near home—November, 2015

I had not played for most of the week.  I certainly hadn’t masturbated.  I wanted to get off.   You see, the Professor was arriving the next day and we were headed out on a road trip for sex.  So I did an afternoon at the bookstore closest to me.

I am sitting on the straight side, for there is not a single person over on the gay side.  There are a few men here.  Three of them sit rigidly side by side on the couch.  One sits vaguely across from me hugging the right wall while I’m on the left.  I open my pants.  My cock stands right up.  I stroke.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see the young man in the middle of the couch sit up and take notice.  He grabs his crotch.  I turn slightly, ostensibly reaching for my water bottle on the floor, to give him a really good look.  I take a long swig, set the bottle back down at my feet and turn back to the screen.

I wait.  I hear someone unzip.

I stop stroking for a moment.  I stand up and make a show of adjusting my cock ring.  My whole package flops straight down, giving everyone a good view of my dick.  I sit back down.  All my attention centered on the man and woman on the screen.

It works.  The young man, 30 something, in jeans and flannel shirt and a baseball cap, sits next to me.

“You want it sucked?” he asks.

I look at him then shake my head.

“Sure?  I’d love to suck a big dick like that,” he whispers.  He reaches for it.

My hand stops him.  “Give me a minute,” I tell him.

I notice that everyone else in the room is jerking now.  I turn to the screen again, wait just a few seconds and turn back to my would be sucker and give in.  “Sure.  I need some head.”

He sinks to the floor and crawls between my knees.  He looks at the crowd—triumphant—saying with that look ‘I got the prize, fuckers.’  He adjust his cap so the brim is reversed.

And begins.  He’s good.  Oh, yeah.   Really good.  Really wet.  Great suction.  And I don’t have to tell him to include my balls.

The door opens.  I recognize the man who enters.  I’m sure I’ve played with him—but I can’t immediately think just what we did.  He’s early 40’s, fit, with sandy colored hair.   A dress shirt and khaki’s make him look like he just got done taking his parents out for an after church meal.  Those pants also show off a full bubble butt.  Now I’m thinking I do know what I did with him…

He comes over and sits in the chair my cocksucker vacated moments ago.

All is quiet, except for the woman on the screen and the moist sound of the man working my dick.
Cap Boy goes for my balls again—leaving my dick unattended.  Bubble Butt slides off the chair to take it into his mouth. 

Cap Boy grabs my cock and shields it from the invader.  “Back off, cocksucker,” he hisses angrily under his breath to the intruder.  “This is my dick”

“Get real.  He lets me suck him all the time.” 

“You’ve sucked every troll in this place—go back to that gloryhole with your name on it.”

I say nothing.  But I have wrested my cock out of Cap Boy’s hand.

“Yeah, well, I suck better than you do, faggot.”  Bubble Butt gets back up into the chair.  The other men in the room are putting their dicks away and getting out of Dodge.

“In your dreams, wanker.”

“Yeah, well he likes to fuck me.”  Bubble Butt stands up and says, louder now, to the now empty room.  “And I let him bareback my ass.”

Cap Boy just stares at him, then turns to me.  “Well, you can bareback my ass if that’s what you want.”

I shrug.

Bubble Butt moves forward.   Cap Boy stands up.  There is a moment where I’m pretty sure one will take a swing at the other.  But they just glare at each other. 

Bubble Butt turns to me. “Who do you want?”

I pause.  “I was fine with what was happening.”   A beat.  “I have enough for both.” 

They glare at each other again. 

Bubble Butt says “Faggot” under his breath.

Cap Boy mutters “Whore.”

Bubble Butt turns to me.  “I’ll be around.  I know you’ll want me in the end.”

Cap Boy gets back on his knees.  He starts to say more about his foe.  I just put my dick in his mouth.  It shuts him up.

It works out much as I thought.  Cap Boy sucks me until he blows his own load all over the floor. 

Bubble Butt comes back and finds me without a cocksucker.  He gets right to it.  I try to warn him about the load on the floor, but I’m not fast enough—he now has semen all over those khakis.  He calls Cap Boy a few more names, than forgets about it and gets my cock wet enough for me to fuck him.

And load him.  Something, he swears, as I am just about to shoot, that he “never does.”  

Except I loaded him last time, too. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016


West Michigan—November, 2015

I was finally home.  I had been doing a lot of play during my time away, but not a lot with much connection.  Some of course, but I needed a night with guys for who I really care.  I found it with Derrick and Jacob—the big bear of a man and his hot, bearded cub.

We did all the usual cock sucking and hole eating.  I even took a turn in the  sling so I could have 2 tongues and 2 bearded chins work my ass and pits and mouth.  I fucked both of them.  Jacob was fucked by both us.  I got off in him late in the night.

It was something we knew we all enjoyed. No egos, no showing off.

And I’ve written it up each time we’ve done it.  So how to make it different this time?

Well, there was a moment that was totally new for me…

The three of us are reclining on the couch in their playroom.   We have all taken turns on our knees, sucking two dicks at once.  Derrick and I have licked Jacob’s hole.   I have also had my dick in Jacob while he sucked his partner.  We all want a breather before we move to the sling and do it all again.
We are drinking—water for me and an Asian beer for the hosts.  (I’m hoping for a drink of piss later in the evening that never quite develops.)  We talk of this and that.

“Show off your new toy,” Derrick tells Jacob, changing the subject.

Jacob stands and rummages for a moment in a laundry basket of dildos, butt plugs and such.  He pulls out a huge floppy silicone dildo.

“It’s my own Orca,” he tells me, proudly putting it on the floor in the middle of the room.  And it is—or seems to be—a true replica of a whale penis.  It must have had a length of over a foot.  Jacob lubed it up liberally and sat down on it.  One false start—and then the whole length was swallowed by his hungry ass. 

He rode it quite happily. 

I got up and held the base for a moment—it took both hands.  But declined the offer to try it out...

And now, it’s Natural History time with Felching Pisser!

The dildo:

The whale:

The whale’s cock:

I never remember Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom being this interesting.....

The Orca is sculpted by Exotic Erotics.
I have created a link with their name.
Rhinos, Giraffe tongues, Crocodiles.....they are all there.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Wet, Sodden Hole

Chicago—November, 2015

It was time once again for the piss party.  I was on my own this month.  I packed the sling.  I set it up in the back corner, stripped and got ready to piss.

It’s a decent sized crowd—a good mixture of men I recognize and new faces.  I swig the remainder of my Gatorade and refill the bottle.  A cute young otter in a red jock, one of the new faces, is groping himself behind the screens.  I go sit near him.  Within moments, he is on the concrete floor stuffing my hardening dick into his mouth.  He gives me some great head.  I pull him off my cock and lean in to give him a kiss.  He’s good at that, too.  Lots of tongue and lots of spit.  We change places.  I go to my knees and suck him.  He sighs and lets his head roll back.  I stand and piss all over his hard, wet dick.  He gasps and I sink to my knees to clean his cock…


A couple I recognize arrive.  They are both my age, still defined and tatted, though the muscles are softer now.  They are both pissing on some lucky pig in the inflatable pool.  I go over and add some piss to the pig they are hosing down.  Our three streams intertwine and splash across the chest and chin of the man in pool.   Once our streams peter out, we embrace, talk, walk to the bar for their drinks and end up in the back corner. 

My otter obviously likes his daddies.  He joins us, instantly on his knees in front of the top of the pair.  I suck the bottom for a moment, then turn him by the hips, so his ass is in my face.  I bury my face and tongue into him.  He holds on to the shoulders of his partner, so he can bend and thrust his hips back at me.  I sink deeper and deeper into his fuckable hole.

“Stick that big dick in me,” he pants.

I stand up and slowly insert my dick into his smooth ass.  The otter stops sucking the top—both want to watch the fuck.  The otter reaches down and spreads the cheeks farther apart.  And obligingly spits on my disappearing cock. 

I fuck.  I fuck until he asks me to take a break.  I pull out, the otter still holding his ass spread wide.  My cock pulls free and bobs up.  The otter hesitates only a fraction of a second before he gives it a loving tongue bath…


My face is buried in hot, wet ass again.

This time it is the studly Hispanic man who loves to have guys lick his hole, as long as nothing else goes in it.  It’s taken some coaxing, but I’ve gotten him in the sling.  I always forget how much fur grows in the crack of his ass.  I am just beginning to get it wet when some unknown man hoses us down.  He’s aimed for the Hispanic’s dick, and the piss comes sluicing down through that hairy divide and onto my tongue.

My dick becomes harder yet.  I stop stroking it—it’s that hot a moment.

The stream lessens.  Stops.  I tongue up all the excess piss and start to burrow into him again.

And another anonymous stream splashes on the back of my head before inundating the ass crack my tongue is probing…


One of my favorite Chicago bottoms is in the sling.  Red haired and happy to see me.  His smile is contagious.  I bend and suck on his dripping cock for a moment, collecting precum—then shoving it into his ass.

“Go slow…” he tells me.

I stand up and insert.  Nice and slow. 

Poppers come out and when they hit, I am sunk into him to the hilt.

I know to wait.

“Now fuck me,” he commands.

I do.

A guy walks by and aims his piss at my dick.  I fuck some of it into his hole.

A regular arrives—as big a pig as the two of us.  I pull out as he kneels.  He takes long moments cleaning the cock and the hole in front of him.  Then he stands up and fucks the willing bottom. 

It’s my turn to add piss to the fuck.

And this makes the new fucker shoot his load. He grunts and twist, totally taken by surprise at shooting.

He stays buried for a little—then pulls out and flops his dick into my waiting mouth.  I clean his cock.   Every drop.   

And I felch the hole.

Leaving just enough for a velvety fuck… 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Last Asses of Indiana

Northwest Indiana—November, 2015

I don’t remember who got my load after I sucked off the mechanic through the gloryhole.  My notes tell me it was a ‘familiar face from another bookstore in town.’ 

I had a short day of work on my final day in this city and took off for a second afternoon of catting around…

Day Two:

I am back in the land of couches, the bookstore where I have hung out the most while working in this town.  My pants are around my ankles, my legs spread wide.  I have the ginger haired cocksucker working on my meat.  A text that I was in need has brought him in during his late lunch hour.  He’s naked but for his unbuttoned dress shirt.  We are pretty much alone in the place.  One old man pretends to watch the straight video, but is really watching us, kneading his maroon double knit slacks.

I rest my hand on the back of Don’s head.  He increases the speed of his sucking.  I finally pull him off me.  We kiss.  As if we were back in my hotel room.  “Get on the couch,” I tell him.  He kneels, arms on the back of it and his ass jutting out.  I kneel on the floor and begin to eat his butt.  Heaven.  Buried in those thick, hairy globes of flesh.  He groans, and tells me to tongue fuck him.

And the room is suddenly starting to fill.  Don refuses to suck one proffered dick.  Too small, I fear.  Another man, with a beer can of a dick, is welcomed into his mouth.  I redouble my efforts, working my tongue ever deeper into Don.

Beer Can pulls out of Don’s mouth and rounds the end of the couch.  He wants ass.  I stop rimming and take the big, wet dick into my mouth, knowing Don is not prepared for anal.  Don spins around and joins me, licking the massive balls that go with this big cock.  Soon our mouths are on either side of his veiny shaft, moving in tandem back and forth.  The man we’re working on tells us what good cock suckers we are.  We pick up the tempo of our joint sucking.  I break rhythm and take the full, dripping head into my mouth.  Don dives for his balls again.  We suck and lick.  We move as one back to the dual sucking.  But it’s too much.

“I’m going to shoot.  Take my load.”  He tries to push Don onto his cock head, but I get there first.  It’s a tiny load—but it makes the man buck and shake like it’s the biggest he’s ever shot.

Don and I grin at each other.

“Now where were we?”

Don answers by getting right back up on the couch.  I dive into his butt again.


Don has sucked me repeatedly, but I can’t get off.  I have rimmed him relentlessly, wishing I could plunge my dick into him.  We have included three other guys.  Finally, with Don still on all fours (and another stranger in his mouth) I flip around and slide under him to get at his cock.  I’m not there long.  He shoots.  I swallow his load down.

Don lingers, after he’s cleaned up.  “I want to watch you fuck someone.  If it can’t be me, I want to see you in an ass.”

We both look around the room.  We’ve played with a number of men—but not one that I want in that way.  Nor do they want to get fucked.  The curtains open.  As if on cue, the man I fucked my first day here comes in.  Just who I need.  And how symmetrical…

The man comes right to me, seeing my bare dick.  “You gonna seed me this time?”

I shrug.  He drops his pants and I get to work getting the man’s hole wet.  He leans on Don’s bigger frame.  I don’t spend too long on his hairless butt.  “Lean on the couch.”

He does.  All fours on the seat—right where Don had been.  I vaguely imagine it’s Don I’m slipping into.  Then I’m jolted back to reality.  This guy is loaded.  He had to have worked another bookstore before he got here.  I pick up the pace of my fucking.

“Can you feel those two loads?  Two Hispanic kids.”

My cock is pulling it out of him now.  And the fuck has become loud with the wet slapping.

“I’m gonna shoot if you keep that up,” he chokes out.  “I want your cum this time.”

“Almost,” I hiss through my teeth.  “Take it.  Take it – Now!” 

This sends him off to, coating the ugly fabric of the couch.  I hold his hips and shake.  Don’s arm snakes around me from behind and keeps me from pulling out of the bottom.

“Nice,” Don whispers in my ear.  “And I know just what that cock feels like…”

Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Last Cocks of Indiana

Northwest Indiana—November, 2015

My time in Indiana was almost over.  I had two days left when I could explore the bookstores.  So, of course, off I went…

Day One:

I am in the parking lot of the last bookstore I found in the area—where I’d fucked the resident whore and a guy I recognized from my usual bookstore haunt in Michigan. The lot has a decent amount of cars, but once I’m in the building I can’t find the men.  No one is in the theatre (I’ve bought the combo pass this time).  I go into the arcade.  No men in the hallway.  A number of locked doors with the ‘occupied’ light turned on.  One door is open.  A man is giving head to an overweight gentleman.  I watch for a moment, but there is no room in the booth for me, even if I want to step in.

I go watch the movie across the way in the theatre.  It’s straight and has a plot about wife swapping.  It’s one of those videos designed to help women like porn.  I prefer the ‘smear her mascara with cum and spit’ genre.

I wander the arcade.  I find a back booth.  A stream of light from a glory hole is shining like a beacon.  I put in some tokens and before the movie kicks in, a hard cock is pushing through the hole.
Nothing remarkable.  Actually rather small.  But a good warm up.  I barely begin before I get the load.  I sit back up on the bench and take a swig from my water bottle.  When I look down, another cock, bigger and very red, is waiting.

I have to work harder on this one.  And think about making sure my teeth are not connecting with his flared head.  The unknown man shoots quickly and he, too, is gone. 

I watch the movie on my monitor.  Something from Raw Fuck Club.  I hear the door lock in the  opposite booth.  Sure enough—cock three.  And it’s a beauty—thick, and uncut.  I’m down on my knees.  I’m not prepared for the next moment.  The unmistakable smell of engine oil.  It’s on his jeans and on the fingers surrounding the base of his dick.  Every grease monkey fantasy I’ve ever had while watching the hot men who service my car rush back at me.

My need must be conveyed to my feeder.  My tongue snakes under his foreskin.  It’s perfectly clean, his dick has just had a long day in his white Hanes.  He grunts and then, in almost a whisper, begins telling me how good I’m making his cock feel.  I can’t catch all of it—but his girlfriend is mentioned.  I hope he likes my mouth better.  He grunts again and his cock head swells, pulling back the hood.

“Fuck,” he grunts out, “This is why I let guys suck me.”

And he shoots.  Floods my mouth.  I swallow.

I lick him clean.  He makes himself stay there, rigid, his body pressed against the cheap plywood, until I have cleaned every scrap of cum on his cock head. When I pull off him, satisfied, he pulls out and does himself up.  He grates out a “Thanks” as I pull myself up on the bench.  I unlock my booth. 

The door opens almost immediately. 

And I know I’ll give my load to any man who enters. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 

2015 was a good year for this blog.  I hit half a million views in June and have picked up a ton of new readers.  I am still enjoying sharing my slightly pervy world, so I don’t see any sweeping changes in the coming year. 

I have two very full months of play backlogged right now. 

But I won’t be writing for these next couple of days. 

As I write this, I am about to head to a full weekend of debauchery in Chicago.

At midnight, when I have set this to auto post, I should be in the middle of a 20 man orgy.

I will be taking mental notes so I can share it all with you as I fuck and felch my way into a brand new year.  

I"m sure we'll be drinking a champagne toast--as that picture above makes my seriously dirty mind race with ideas....

Well, I better get this set up…I have a fuck bench to pack…

I hope all my readers have a terrific 2016.