Friday, January 15, 2016

The Professor and the Pornstars

Chicago—November, 2015

Thanksgiving week.  It was the day after the cat fight over my cock at the bookstore and the Professor arrived in town.  He was taking me to Chicago for another sexpedition.   He left his car at my place and I drove into the city.  As we entered the tollway to take us across Indiana, I asked about where we stood with the porn guys.  Once again, The Professor was purchasing the exact type of man he wanted, I was there to share, inspire and facilitate. 

“Marcus is for sure,” the Professor told me.  I was not surprised that the tall, fair skinned, ginger haired man with the true 10 inch dick would be making another appearance.  He and the Professor had had a great connection.  I’d loved drinking his piss and eating his ass.

“The other person who got back to me instantly is this versatile guy who is just starting to do porn.  He’s visiting Chicago this week.”  The Professor showed me a picture on his smart phone of a hot young otter type.  It was taken by one of the major porn companies who were starting to do fetish vids, but always with condoms in evidence.    

“And he’s ok with our bareback scene?”

“Absolutely.  Cade is on PrEP and loves raw play.  But when you write it up, just give him a false name.  We don’t want to get him into trouble at work.” 

“I promise.”   (And I have…) 

“Now, surprisingly Chad hasn’t gotten back to me.”

“You got a third?” I tried, not very successfully, to keep the surprise out of my voice.

“Why not?  You loved Mr. Brock’s ass last time.”

That was certainly true.  It had been the best kind of fantasy fulfillment.

“What time did you tell them?”

“Seven o’clock tonight.”

I glanced at the clock on my dash—plenty of time to check in, eat, set up the sling, clean up and rest before arrival.

The room is set.  The sling fits between the two double beds if we shove them to the wall.   Covers are removed, blankets turned down, lube is out along with some bottles of water.  I have a red bandana over the wall mounted desk light—it casts a rosy glow over the room.  With leaving the bathroom door open, we have another dim shaft at the other end of the room.   I get into my leathers.  The Professor is in a jock.  We are ready…and it’s 6:55pm.

On the dot of 7:00 there is a knock at the door. 

“Bet it’s Marcus,” I tell him.  But when I answer, it’s Cade. 

He is twice as cute as his picture.  And he can’t take his eyes off the bulge in my jock.  But he does—and asks if he can check his clean out as he’s come from across town.  As he disappears, the Professor opens the door for Marcus.  He and the Professor hug—and the client instantly starts removing Marcus’ clothes.

Cade returns—dressed down to a jock and boots.  His cropped hair looks redder in the light of the room than it did in his pictures. He’s slightly younger than I guessed—late 20’s or early 30’s—nicely built goes without saying in the world of mainstream porn.  We do a quick introduction—and then let Marcus get back to giving the Professor a back rub—something that always triggers Marcus’ erection.

Cade is on his knees in front of me.  He is a gear guy, he tells me.  He loves playing in any kind of gear—and loves the smell of my chaps.  He digs my cock out of the pouch and into his mouth.  Oh, yeah.   He’s good.  I am soon snaking my entire length all the way down his throat.  I hold his head and begin to fuck his mouth.   This makes his cock push out of his own jock.  He starts to stroke it—then stops—giving all his attention to me.

“In the sling,” I tell him.  I glance at the Professor—he’s lying on his back and Marcus is grinding his ass onto the Professor’s tongue.  I get Cade’s legs in the stirrups and look at the ass in front of me.  Full and lavishly haired.  The ass crack is a forest.  I fall to my knees and get to work.

“Oh, fuck.  Eat my hole out.”  Cade’s ass flowers open.  My tongue drills deeper and deeper.  He’s jacking now.  “Fuck me with that big dick.  Put that big raw cock in me.”

I stand, lube and enter.  Really slowly for one so open.  But it’s so worth taking my time.  I can feel him open inch by inch.  When I bottom out, he holds up one finger.  We pause.  Then: “Now fuck me hard.”

I do.  Hips slapping against that full butt.  It’s loud enough for Marcus to pause in his fucking of the Professor and look at us.  He grins and then matches my thrusting so our hips are in total sync. 

I fuck. 

I fuck Cade until he begins to shake—the first of two full body orgasms I give him in the course of the evening.

We switch partners for a moment when Marcus thinks he has piss for me.

Cade gets the Professor on his back.  He slips into the Professor.  And fucks him until he loads his ass.  I don’t have time to felch it, for Marcus is more than ready to fuck in it.  They move off to the other bed and I answer the door.

Chad Brock arrives, apologetic for being late.  Cade takes a break while I fuck Chad.  Watching me plow into the muscle ass gets him hard again.   He takes a turn fucking Chad, too.

I send Chad to the other bed—to help add into the other scene.  I want a moment alone back in Cade’ ass.  I get him on all fours.  I eat his well fucked hole.  He squirms.  He pushes—and his tiny rose bud pushes into my mouth.  It is one of those moments that surprise me—and I have to stop jerking.

From the other bed, I hear Marcus shoot his load up the Professor.  He collapses on the Professor’s back and stays there.  I go over.  “Oh, yeah…”  Marcus comes back to reality and remembers what I love.  He pulls out slowly and lets me clean that mammoth cock. 

I get the Professor into the sling for a quick felch.  The other three ring the sling—hands everywhere stroking and twisting nips.  I taste some cum, but it’s deep.  I stand up and push into the Professor to pull out some load.  It works.  My big flared head does the trick.  I hunker down and clean him up.

“I want to watch you load Cade,” the Professor tells me.  They exchange places.  I eat a little.  I could spend forever with that hot ass, but I know our two hours are coming to a close.  I eat.  I fuck.  Cade has his second internal orgasm.  I pull out and taste what that does to his hole.  He pushes his super juicy rose bud into my mouth. Holy fuck—I stand up and fire the first shot on his swollen ass lips.   I push into him and fuck the rest of my load as deep I can.  I lean down and kiss him.

When we come up for air, he tells me not to pull out.  I stay in place.  Cade grabs his cock—and shoots a traditional load all over his hairy chest.  Chad leans in for the clean-up and a cum soaked kiss with me. 

“Can you take another load?” the Professor asks Cade.


I move out of the way and the Professor fucks into the sloppy hole I have just left. 

It doesn’t take long for him to shoot.  Or for me to clean up that hairy, wet ass crack…


All the boys shower—not  in any particular hurry to leave.  The Professor gives them each an envelope—for the time they chose to spend with us.

We sit down one on each bed after Chad, the last to leave, has shut the door.

“Good?”  I ask.

I don’t get an answer in words.  Just the most contended sigh you can imagine.

I really wish I could post pictures of the others...

A reader asked for  link to the first time we did this--you will find that entry HERE.  
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  1. Hot scene and thank you and the professor for supporting the working bois of America!

    1. I thought you'd like this entry. You need to really thank the Professor, not me. I am so lucky he likes my company. Were you reading the blog when we did this the first time? You might like that entry, too--another reader asked where to find it--so I linked it to this one.

    2. I will go back and check it out and THANK YOU PROFESSOR!

  2. Now that's chemistry... To induce a full body orgasm...

    1. He was SO in tune with his body--I have found men into fisting often are more so than the average guy. As soon as I started a serious ass exploration...fuck, it was hot to see him lose control like that. Twice.

  3. Some of you may not know that the Professor tops. Often. It is usually when he travels that he lets his bottom side come out, so I had never seen him play that way. This bit of information is important for when I wrote this episode up the first time—I’d forgotten that Cade’s hole inspired him to top. He wrote me:

    “Great write-up! It really was an ultra horny experience—but you forgot to mention that I got to load Cade's cummy hole after you had finished with it! Can't wait for round three of Chicago escorts!”

    I corrected that over sight in a couple of pithy sentences. He responded:

    “Now it’s perfect. Sorry, but while my bottoming prowess is unquestioned, when I do load a hole I definitely want some credit! Thanks for an awesome write-up. It was a fantastically arousing evening and I've shot many subsequent loads replaying it in my mind. Now to recall it much more vividly, all I have to do is read your entry! Til next time!”

    I’ll just thank him one more time. I have now played with some great men, I would never have met any other way!

  4. Reading this REALLY makes me wish that I was one of those bois. Yum!!!!!!

    1. It sounds like you would fit right in...

  5. My thoughts exactly. Just a damn shame I live in Australia.