Thursday, December 15, 2011

An "Almost" Piss Party

Chicago--December, 2011

A smaller crowd gathered for the piss party. The December group is often smaller--there are all sorts of other things to be doing--and all those Christmas parties on a Saturday afternoon. Not only was it smaller, but it was also the driest piss party I’ve ever attended. Guys used the inflatable pool as just about the only place to unload piss. I think I only drank once from the tap--and only because I was bemoaning the fact that I was totally dry… 

I am in the back corner, near the TV screen playing continuous piss videos. A lot more piss is up there, than anywhere in our space. I am watching a hung young man receive what looks like an excellent blow job from a muscle bear with a shaved head. They keep to themselves during the entire four hours. A hot, young Hispanic, with huge shoulder/upper arm tattoos and spiky hair moves towards me. We have played on and off for years, but never at this party. He drops to suck me to hardness. I return the favor. He moves around in front of me--he knows what I love--and sticks his ass in my face. He has a great butt, big and round, no hair anywhere except in the crack. I moan and lick slowly up and down the entire length before I concentrate on his hole. As soon as I start opening him up, he bends over so I can really go deep. It also puts his face onto a nameless hard cock in front of him. I eventually rise and slap my cock against his ass. I run the head of it up and down the entire length of his ass crack. It leaves some precum around his hole. I start to push in. I stop myself. I feel like I could cum. He is that fucking hot and I haven’t gotten off in the three days. I am in shock. I feel like I’m 18 again. I slow down, twist my balls and start in again. He rises before I’m in, turns and kisses me and moves away.

I am soon joined by the best bottom there. He must be at least 50, has iron grey hair, an almost gym built body and is the biggest pig in the room. His ass is incredible. I have fucked him at the last four parties and felched numerous loads out of his ass. He has been sitting on dick the entire time I was playing with the boy. I saw him with at least two up him, and I had had my face buried for a long time. Now he is giving me a hug. His hand feels up my cock. He doesn’t care much about head--I think he sucks me for less than a minute before he turns around and bends over. I squat to rim. His ass is delightfully different--a mass of hair that has thankfully never seen clippers. I pull his cheeks apart and taste the tell-tale precum and ass juice of the well fucked man. My cock drools. I reach down, swipe the pearl off my cock with my index finger and add it to his hole.

“Fuck me, man. Fuck me good.”

I stand up and start to enter. I’m doing it again. I feel like I could shoot right then. I back out and twist my balls savagely. That seems to do the trick. I glide into his well lubed hole. It’s velvety and hot. I fuck slowly--watching the panorama of men playing throughout the bar--men in twos, men in threes and fours--most having sex, some just drinking. Before I know it my cock is telling me I’m going to shoot. I start to back out. But it would be too late. I slam in home and tell him I’m seeding him. He makes all the right sounds as I shoot--with almost no feeling at all. It’s like a sloughing off of semen. It feels good, but nothing like my usual climax. I stay in him awhile, pull out, and push his head down on my dripping dick. He cleans me. He kisses me. He tells me he’s honored to take my load--the first I’ve ever shot in him. And he’s as surprised as I am--he knows I can fuck for hours.

And as it turns out, I still can. I barely go down. My big ol’ cock hangs slightly soft for a few minutes, but then stands right up after I piss on an ass I’d been rimming--while judging what dick would do. The man in question was someone new to me--sandy colored hair, good build, lithe and sinewy. Good sized cock and a flattish ass. Once I’d pissed on his ass, I knelt back down to tongue him dry. My cock erected as if I hadn’t shot a load 15 minutes earlier. I could easily have slid into this man, but I don’t think he was looking for that. He was very happy to eventually pull away, bring me up for a kiss and fall to his knees when he saw that my cock was now standing upright.

The Hispanic boy comes over. He plays with us. He adds his cock to the suckers mouth. Our cock heads vie for attention. Soon the Hispanic kneels alongside the other man and they share me. First one then the other. Then one on my cock and one on my balls. Reverse. Then simultaneous lips on either side, stroking me with their tongues and lips. Eventually I replace the Hispanic on the floor and we do all the dual oral things to him. Soon I turn him around and taste his ass. I know that he’s been fucked by both halves of a couple who really only cum to bareback, rarely piss. I eat away, quite happy with my face and tongue buried in his full, used ass.

I rise up. He grabs onto the bar, arching his back and waiting for me to insert. I enter slowly. And fuck. Staying shallow. Short strokes. A man I’d pissed on at some point crawls under us to lick my cock on the back stroke. I am in full control now. I start to go deeper. When I finally give him my full length, he rise up. I push him back down and go as deep again. I am loving the totally length of my cock disappearing in this hot butt. Finally he stops me. It’s too much for him right now. The man under me gleefully cleans my cock. I give him some piss down his throat, too.

I sit and drink. I’ve drunk enough water that I am pissing quite regularly. About every 15 minutes. There are now three men in the pool. They are pissing on each other, eating ass, sucking cock, wallowing in the piss. I go over and coat them all. It’s a great long piss that surprises even me.

I look around. I would really like to fuck the bottom I seeded. See how many loads he now has up that grasping butt. But he’s gone. Matter of fact, half the men seem to have vanished as I was fucking the Hispanic.

I go back to the far corner I started in. A cute short guy is there stroking. I suck cock. I get sucked. I get the one load of piss down my throat. When the giver is done, we both realize the party might as well be over. The crowd has drifted away. It is so dry in the back area that I can put on my clothes with no fear of getting them wet.

I really want to get off. But that’s ok. A couple I have played with on earlier trips has asked me to stay over at their Lake Shore Drive apartment. I will just have to wait and seed one of them…


  1. "[...]a mass of hair that has thankfully never seen clippers.

    Amen! Won't say that I will refuse the trimmed and shaven, but they are always a bit of a disappointment. ;-)

  2. RP--Exactly. (and welcome back--I was thinking of you as I was looking for the rimseat pictures...)