Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cum-Union in Madison--Daniel Takes on the Room (Part Two)

Madison, WI--December, 2011

The saga continues… 
I walk over towards the cub who is opening the Crisco. A top, about my age with long hair and a cock just as big as mine, approaches him at the same time. He helps the boy into the sling, then reaches over to slather his big cock with Crisco. It’s then I notice his heavy looking PA. He looks into the cub’s eyes--and just shoves his cock into the hole in front of him. The boy cries out. The top reaches behind him, where I‘m standing, and grabs me by the neck and pushes me toward the boy‘s head. My cock is dripping now. I slap his face with it. The cub turns in surprise. I push into his ovaled mouth. For a second, I think he’s going to gag, but he recovers and gives good head--considering it’s coming at him from the side. He is moaning, well aware of the size of the two cocks in his holes. Soon PA slows and pulls out. I stoop and clean his cock. The sheer weight of the PA in my mouth is daunting. He grunts his approval, pulls me off his cock, and pushes my face into the well fucked, greasy hole. I get lost in the taste of the just fucked ass. I eat and lick, and spit deep in his hole. I rise, and enter slowly--trying to be just the opposite of how he was entered before. It feels like I am just sucked in. I look at him and smile. The cub smiles back--and is whacked in the face with the PA-ed dick. He ovals his mouth in self defense. I can hear the PA click on teeth. But soon I’m just concentrating on fucking him hard. The chains begin to rattle. The Top withdraws, comes around behind me and starts pinching my nipples. I can feel his thick cock pressing at the base of my ass crack and hitting the back of my balls. Oh, shit…

The cub signals he needs a breather. I pull out and dip to taste his ass. PA holds me there, then pulls me up, and we both help the boy out of the sling. PA slaps his ass and pulls me into the dark area. I just know he thinks he’s going to fuck me--rip me-- with that PA .

We stop by one of the chairs careful not to step on any of the guys on their knees giving head. His mouth is next to my ear. “Let me taste his ass.” I turn and we kiss. It’s deep--and like everything else he’s done--very forceful. Finally, he pulls out. “Now,” he whispers, “you are going to fuck me.” He grabs the back of a chair and arches his back towards me. I fall to my knees. His ass is wet with fresh sweat from the fuck. I swab it up. Then zero in on his hole. “Eat Daddy’s hole, boy” he says. He’s loud now that he’s cracked open some poppers. “Fuck me like you did that whore in the sling.” I stand. My cock head rests right on his pucker. I flare the head. He can feel it expand. “Push it in, Fucker.”

I do. His hole is tight and warm. So tight I can only inch it in. “Come on, man, fuck me hard.” I start to withdraw. I get about half way out and slam it home. “Yeah, fuck me like you did that whore boy.” I am giving it to him loudly. My hips are smacking against his full ass. The whore boy appears. I’m sure he’s heard. He comes over and stands at the PA’s head--and reaches out to hold him as he is getting pounded. I suddenly realize, that they are partners. I redouble my efforts to make sure PA’s hole takes as much abuse as he dished out. Finally, I slow. Pull out. Whore boy leans over and cleans my cock. Then kisses his Daddy. I feel like I might as well be on another planet--they go at it so completely and passionately. I go off and piss on a guy in the tub dressed in torn underwear.

As I finish a tall lanky man comes up and kisses me.

“I want you to fuck me, please,” he says in the sexiest accent but one I can’t place. He’s olive skinned. His jet black hair is closely cropped. His aquiline nose dominates his gorgeous face. He kisses me again. “Please.”

I nod. The canvas sling is free. We start towards it. He’s chatty. “You are very, very handsome. Do you know where I’m from?”

I shrug. “Madison?”

“No, Milwaukee, but I mean home. I’m from Israel. I’m Daniel.” He is getting in and leaning back. I pull his ass towards me. He’s very, very hairy. I rim and braid his hair with my tongue. He’s telling me how great it feels. Soon he stops talking and I realize he’s ringed by about six men. He is sucking each in turn. Everyone wants a piece of this hot, hot man. I rise and enter slowly. Instantly his talented ass is milking my cock on each stroke. I am soon pounding his ass hard.

I eat his hole. Then one of the men goes into him--bearish, with a nice cock. He fucks. I clean his cock and Daniel’s hole.

I fuck him.

I pull out and a young twink with spiked hair and not much cock fucks him.

I clean his cock when he’s done and lick Daniel’s hole again.

I fuck him.

Next up is an older black man with a great cock. He fucks Daniel hard and fast. I think he’ll be the first one to cum. But he stops on the edge. I can taste the strings of precum he’s left behind.

I fuck him.

Easily twelve men fuck him just this first time in the sling. Finally a cute twenty something guy with dark hair and a Timoteo jock fucks him hard. He shouts as he cums. Daniel is panting.

“Here it is again!” He’s shot a second load into Daniel without ever stopping.

I clean his dripping cock. His cum is very sweet. I dive into the hole with my tongue. It tastes great, but I can not really pull out any cum.

I fuck him, letting my cock head bring the load out. I get a little--but it wants to stay in Daniel’s gorgeous ass.

And I can’t blame it. So do I.
Coming up:

Daniel introduces me to his friend.

The owner catches up with me.

I have to choose who to load….


  1. Why did I ever leave Madison!?!??

    Oh yes I remember what they call winter and I call the deep freeze that last from late September into May!

  2. VRPBottom--I know. Why in the world do I stay in this part of the world??????

  3. I refuse to go back and visit during the winter months.

  4. VRPBottom--Winters are bad enough for me in Michigan. Madison is even farther north. I don't think I'll be headed back for the January party--I'll wait until spring!