Saturday, December 17, 2011

Linking Mania

I have had a number of readers ask me about the pieces I wrote up about various leather weekends for The Breeder’s Journal. Some seemed to have trouble hitting “felchingpisser” in his label cloud, so Rob has graciously allowed me to link to them. You will find the links toward the bottom of the sidebar to the right. As a bonus, I also included Rob’s report of my gangbang, before he knew I was a follower of his blog. Thanks again, Rob. I knew you were a gentleman…

By the time you are reading this--if I set up the publishing time correctly--I will be in the middle of the BBRT Cum-Union party in Madison, Wisconsin. I am traveling there with the hot Hispanic boy, Juan, from the October post “Control” on here. He’s the one who load collects for me--and has such a great ass that often guys give up their load to him even if they don’t mean to--and then lets me felch them out. It has the potential of being a wild night. We shall see….and I will post it soon.

Happy reading to all. FP

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