Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Bookstore Full of Fuck Buds

Near my home--December, 2011

I was dead when I got back from Cum-Union. I did nothing but sleep on Sunday (and apply salve to my penis), but then I had three out of towners scheduled who were coming home to family, but wanted their asses filled first. I had one for each day before I went home to my family on Thursday. And every one of them cancelled. The one from San Francisco actually rescheduled (And I know him--SWEET ass.) So I continued to rest up on Monday. I also went to the Department of Health and had them run the full battery of tests after that all out rout in Wisconsin. On Tuesday the one from Chicago had car problems. I believed him until he never made his promised follow up call. The one from NYC just stopped answering emails. After so much sex on Saturday--I was even randier than usual. I needed to do something. So I jumped at meeting my local procurer top friend, who wrote that he “was fucking a guy at the bookstore. Did I care to join him?” Off I went…. 

I’m half an hour late what with holiday traffic and a line at another porn store where I had to buy new lube (I love H20-Anal. And only one store in my area carries it at a price I choose to afford…) It has all taken more time then I expected. I park and head into the “gay” lounge of the bookstore. Cam, the top, is naked but for socks and shirt. The bottom, Jerry, who had topped the cute boy the last time I was here, is totally nude and sucking the Cam’s cock. The young top, who was also at The Wedding Band Fuckfest with all of us, is stroking. It was obvious he’d just finished fucking Jerry. I move straight for the young top, kneel and start sucking his cock. Yeah, it has ass lube on it. And in no time, cum. He shoots down my throat before I have even settled in to work on it. He pushes me off his overly sensitive cock. He’s out the door moments later.

I take off my coat and toss it in the corner. Jerry is still bending over Cam’s cock. I kneel behind him and start eating his used ass. He sighs. Cam reaches around him and grabs his ass, spreading it apart for my eager tongue. I unbutton my camo’s with one hand and get my cock out. I stroke and eat. I really want to plow him. I grease my cock as I eat. I feel a slight twinge but work through it. I rise. I put the head of my cock in his hole. He tightens down on me. Damn. It hurts. My cock, abused for all those hours in Madison, is telling me to stop. I knew it was still red this morning, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I withdraw. And sit on the couch. Cam, not sure what just happened, turns Jerry around and has him sit on his cock.

I go over and get down on the floor. I can get between Jerry’s legs and lick Cam’s balls. And a little of the shaft as it enters his ass. I hear the curtain open. A cheating husband, in his late 40’s enters. I am told later by Cam, he walks through the curtain, freezes in his tracks and just watches us, occasionally groping himself.

Finally, I get up, button up and go to the rest room to look at my cock. It all seems fine, save for some redness on the head. I run my fingertip over it. I can feel the rougher skin on the red patch. I put it away for the day and decide I should just suck cock. When I return to the gay lounge, Jerry and Cam are packing it up. I’m told about the other guy--I guess after I left he was in Cam’s mouth for about 10 seconds and then bolted when nerves got the best of him. Both guys eventually take off.

I hang out in the big cinema. It’s decent straight porn. No one is around.

I leave for lunch. My cock is feeling better, but I don’t do more than look at it in the restaurant men’s room.

I go back. I sit in the straight theatre. Lo and behold, small world and all that. The older gentleman from A Moment In the Dark walks in. We greet each other. I suck him off. The whole scene is remarkably how I described it the first time. Except he cums even faster. And I don’t shoot.

A new guy has come in mid blow job. He is mid 30’s, and muscled under the flannel shirt and jeans. He watches me work on the older gentleman for a bit, then leaves the room. When I’m done, I find him in one of the cubicles. I look enquiringly at him.

“Not me, guy. Work on your own kind.”

I have had guys not want sex from me here, but I have never had a refusal with this edge of contempt. I back away and leave him alone. I check the other booths and go back to the straight porn.

Fifteen minutes or so later the guy comes into the theatre. “What are you doing in here? You don’t like straight porn.”

“Actually I do.”

“You’re not straight. Are you gay or bi?”

I start to answer when the door swings open. A guy I recognize from the rest area is there. He’s good looking, hairy and loves to suck big cock. He glances at us and steps right back out.

“Now there’s your kind. Go get him.”

I sit there and watch the screen.

He is not happy with me. He finally walks out himself, muttering something about fags.

Now, I leave. I find the handsome guy in the gay room. His cock is out. It’s thick, hairy and rather stubby. I go down on it. He let’s me suck. Just as I think I have him, he pulls me off and up, and starts to open my pants. I shake my head.

He strokes for a minute. “Well, if you want it…” I dive for his cock, and get there just in time. He spurts and spurts down my throat. My cock heaves in my jock, but doesn’t spit any cum.

I wait around, watching the bad gay porn. Finally I walk one last time into the booths area. There is the straight guy sitting in a cubicle with the cheating husband’s crotch in his face. They hear me and the husband pulls out and elaborately turns away as he zips up.

The straight guy just looks at me.
Before I leave for home on Thursday I get a call from Public Health. The tests were done in record time--I don’t have to wait until next week for results. “Everything was negative. I didn’t want you worrying over Christmas.”

Sometimes there are advantages to living in a small town.


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