Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am traveling to Chicago today for a New Years Eve sex party.
My hosts are are a great couple and hot f-buds. 
If I were just playing with them it would be a special trip.
But they have invited a dozen or so guys...
all former f-buds of theirs and many I know from previous visits.
They have a play space with two slings, a bed, a shower, etc.
I am taking my sling and rimseat.
It promises to be a great way to ring in the new year.

So hopefully the evening will lead to a lot of this....
and After.
And I'll live up to my screen name.

Happy 2012!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Better than Porn

Jackson--December, 2011

Christmas was easier than I feared it might be with all the family issues I’ve been dealing with during the last few months. But I was really feeling that combination of more than enough family and no sex by the end of the five days. I had the quick motel playtime, but that was like all those Christmas cookies--only satisfying for a moment. I drove home. An hour into the trip, I detoured into Jackson to the adult bookstore where I had played on Halloween. A decent number of cars, and it was just before lunch hour. I took both as good signs and went in…

The girl on girl video nook is empty. So is the straight station. As is the transsexual one. Even the gay and straight vids showing side by side have no one watching them. Where is everyone? There were at least 5 cars parked out in the gravel and mud.

I go back out into the deserted store and down grimy steps into the arcade. I find them all there. Not doing anything. Just five assorted types of middle aged men milling about in the corridor, desperately pretending to be studying the big board showing all the videos playing that week. I try to make eye contact with one guy. He avoids me. Actually no one will look at me. I go back upstairs, sit in the gay/straight double screen room on the cleanest looking couch and open my fly. I don’t really stroke. I just knead my mound of cock and balls. Eventually guys filter in. No one from downstairs comes up--and that’s just fine. I get some good head. And some that is all teeth.

Food sounds better than bad head. I leave for a quick lunch.

When I get back, there are maybe four or five guys in the combo area. One I recognize from my last time there. He’s pretty average looking, but it’s a bigger than average cock he‘s stroking. He says hello and asks if I’ll suck him off as he has to leave. The act of my kneeling in front of this man makes everyone in the room take their dicks out. He tastes great. I can just take him to the root without cutting off my air. He’s a copious pre-cummer. I swallow and swallow. Soon I pull off and lick his balls. That does it. I have to move fast to catch his cum. But I do, his dress shirt is not stained. He mops up and gets up, leaving little pieces of napkin clinging to his cock.

I do not even have a chance to get off the floor before a hot daddy type comes over and just shoves his cock in my mouth. I have little work to do for him. He just grunts and gives me his stringy load.

And then nothing. I make the circuit. I go downstairs. A cute 30 something guy is there. I surmise he’s ducked the wife while doing gift returns. He eyes me longingly, but won’t make the move.

I go back upstairs. Soon that same young husband joins me on my couch. His need has gotten the best of him. He pulls out a thickening cock. He strokes it. He won’t let me suck it. But I can lick his balls. I do. They are big, heavy and hairy. A nice match to a short but fat cock. As I move to licking his taint I can feel the weight of his testicles on my face. I work back up. Carefully worshipping each orb. He’s jerking fast. I can sense he’s close. I lick upwards to the base of his cock.

He’s breathing heavy. Then ever so softy says, “Suck it…”

My tongue goes right up the column of hot flesh. I lick the crown and take it in my mouth. I start to sink down--and he shoots the biggest load I’ve had in months. No Christmas sex for him…

After his last spurt, he stands, tucks and races out of the room.

I wait. And wait.

And in walks Manny--the thin Hispanic bottom I fucked last time I was here. We kiss. He gets down to work on me, since the young husband has me dripping and ready. He is unbuttoning and pulling off clothes as he keeps me in his mouth. Finally he has to stop to get out of shoes and push the pants all the way off.
I have him kneel on the couch, so I can kneel on the floor. His ass tastes great, but I’m in him fast. We are fucking hard and long in the deserted room. The fuck sounds attract a trucker. He sits in an arm chair and strokes. I pull Manny up from holding onto the back of the couch and bend him onto the trucker’s cock. I re-insert.

“Both ends, yeah,” says the trucker.

Manny works both his mouth and ass expertly. Squeezing me, repeatedly deep throating the other man. The trucker announces his cum. And I’m able to time mine so it’s all but simultaneous. I hold onto him, still pumping, pushing my cum as deep as I can into Manny’s gut.

I notice a man in the door, stroking. “Now,” he says, “that’s why I come here. You guys are better than the porn”

I glance at the screen. And silently agree.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two High Boys

West Detroit--December, 2011

I was sitting in my Aunt’s dining room, ignoring the last two Christmas gifts I should be making, when the message flashed on the screen. “Two guys looking for loads.” and they gave the hotel and the room number. Damn. All in the first message. I wrote back I’d be there in an hour. How could I not go, it was all but around the corner?
I drive into the lot. It’s a motel that has outside entrances. Always good. I squint to see the numbers. They are up on the second floor. I park. It takes a moment to find the stairs up. I knock. The door is answered instantly. I step into pitch blackness, lit only by two laptop screens. The man who sent the message is almost 30, hairy and nicely built, sporting a leather harness. The other guy is still is still behind his computer. I later find he’s hairless…not a hair on his head, body, pits or pubes. He, too is in good shape. And high. I guessed they might be. Any other night I would turn and leave. Tonight I was not looking for a deep, meaningful fuck. I wanted to get off. Drop a load. Dump and go. And the hairy one was going to do it for me.

As soon as the door closed, Harness drops to the floor and begins removing my boots. The hairless one gets up turns on the lights in the bathroom. Lights shine through louvered doors. It’s still dim, but they react as if I’ve turned on the Klieg lights. Harness climbs up on the bed and buries his head under the pillow. Hairless starts a 15 minute search for a cigarette, his clothes and a lighter. I finish stripping. I walk over to the bed. I grab Harness’ legs and yank him towards me.

“Up on all fours.”

He complies. I kneel and taste his hole. I’m able to block out Hairless and his never-ending search. My cock hardens as I pry open the hairy hole with my tongue. Harness groans. I rise. My cock slaps his hole.

“Fuck me.” I slip in. “FUCK.” He pulls away as if I’ve jammed a red hot poker up his arse. I pull him back in place. I spit on his crack. It lands a little high. I use my cock head to smear it down into place and re-enter him. Harder than I might. He bucks but I hold on. He’s bucking back now in sexual heat. He’s used to getting guys off in the first five minutes. Well, guess what….I’m not one of those.

Hairless has pulled enough clothes on his thin frame to go outside. He goes to smoke--and Harness and I settle down for a good fuck. I take him on all fours. I fuck him on his back. I clamber up on the bed. I flip him, push his head into the pillow and fuck him, kneeling behind him. His hole is mine now. He has few skills, but he’s tight and it’s all I need. I think I may be able to get off before the spastic Hairless comes back.

No such luck. The door opens as I’m on the verge of coming.

“You gotta try this cock,” Harness tells him.

He walks over, not having bothered to check me out before. “Holy fuck,” he says as I pull out of Harness. “Put that up my pussy.”

Hairless strips. He gets on all fours. I taste. He’s has pre-lubed his hole with something that tastes medicinal. I try to get it off my tongue with the back of my hand. Harness turns away and buries his head in the pillows again. I slide into Hairless. He feels good. Then he decides to “loosen” and I am fucking a wide open hole. I can’t feel him. He acts as if I am hitting all the right places. He thrashes. He moans. He convulses. I turn him over onto his back. Harness surfaces. He strokes as he watches me fuck. I fuck and fuck, desperately trying to feel something. I slow, pull out and think I’m going back to Harness, but Hairless pulls me down on the bed, rolls me to my back and sits on my cock. This is actually better. Because I can’t watch the silly faces he makes as he rides me.

Finally I say I need a break.

Hairless climbs off me. “I haven’t been fucked that good since I was in the Navy.”

He goes to find his camera.

I slap Harness’ ass. “Come on.” I need to load you.” That get his attention. He wants it on his back. I roll him over. “On all fours,” I bark. He has been fingering his hole as he stroked. It’s sloppy with spit and precum. I taste it. Only for a moment. I rise and slam my cock deep.

“Tell me,” I say. “What do you want?”

“Cum, Sir.”

“You want it up your hole?”

“Yes,” he says on each thrust. “Yes. Yes, Sir.”

I give it to him. All eyes in the room are riveted, watching my cock expand as it splits open his ass. I gasp and shoot. I collapse for a moment on his back. I pull out and go to wash my cock.

When I come back I’m already forgotten. The camera has dead batteries so they are balancing laptops to get pictures of his used ass. As I finish putting on my boots, Harness pushes some of my cum out of his hole, and the flash goes off.

I let myself out the door.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Bookstore Full of Fuck Buds

Near my home--December, 2011

I was dead when I got back from Cum-Union. I did nothing but sleep on Sunday (and apply salve to my penis), but then I had three out of towners scheduled who were coming home to family, but wanted their asses filled first. I had one for each day before I went home to my family on Thursday. And every one of them cancelled. The one from San Francisco actually rescheduled (And I know him--SWEET ass.) So I continued to rest up on Monday. I also went to the Department of Health and had them run the full battery of tests after that all out rout in Wisconsin. On Tuesday the one from Chicago had car problems. I believed him until he never made his promised follow up call. The one from NYC just stopped answering emails. After so much sex on Saturday--I was even randier than usual. I needed to do something. So I jumped at meeting my local procurer top friend, who wrote that he “was fucking a guy at the bookstore. Did I care to join him?” Off I went…. 

I’m half an hour late what with holiday traffic and a line at another porn store where I had to buy new lube (I love H20-Anal. And only one store in my area carries it at a price I choose to afford…) It has all taken more time then I expected. I park and head into the “gay” lounge of the bookstore. Cam, the top, is naked but for socks and shirt. The bottom, Jerry, who had topped the cute boy the last time I was here, is totally nude and sucking the Cam’s cock. The young top, who was also at The Wedding Band Fuckfest with all of us, is stroking. It was obvious he’d just finished fucking Jerry. I move straight for the young top, kneel and start sucking his cock. Yeah, it has ass lube on it. And in no time, cum. He shoots down my throat before I have even settled in to work on it. He pushes me off his overly sensitive cock. He’s out the door moments later.

I take off my coat and toss it in the corner. Jerry is still bending over Cam’s cock. I kneel behind him and start eating his used ass. He sighs. Cam reaches around him and grabs his ass, spreading it apart for my eager tongue. I unbutton my camo’s with one hand and get my cock out. I stroke and eat. I really want to plow him. I grease my cock as I eat. I feel a slight twinge but work through it. I rise. I put the head of my cock in his hole. He tightens down on me. Damn. It hurts. My cock, abused for all those hours in Madison, is telling me to stop. I knew it was still red this morning, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I withdraw. And sit on the couch. Cam, not sure what just happened, turns Jerry around and has him sit on his cock.

I go over and get down on the floor. I can get between Jerry’s legs and lick Cam’s balls. And a little of the shaft as it enters his ass. I hear the curtain open. A cheating husband, in his late 40’s enters. I am told later by Cam, he walks through the curtain, freezes in his tracks and just watches us, occasionally groping himself.

Finally, I get up, button up and go to the rest room to look at my cock. It all seems fine, save for some redness on the head. I run my fingertip over it. I can feel the rougher skin on the red patch. I put it away for the day and decide I should just suck cock. When I return to the gay lounge, Jerry and Cam are packing it up. I’m told about the other guy--I guess after I left he was in Cam’s mouth for about 10 seconds and then bolted when nerves got the best of him. Both guys eventually take off.

I hang out in the big cinema. It’s decent straight porn. No one is around.

I leave for lunch. My cock is feeling better, but I don’t do more than look at it in the restaurant men’s room.

I go back. I sit in the straight theatre. Lo and behold, small world and all that. The older gentleman from A Moment In the Dark walks in. We greet each other. I suck him off. The whole scene is remarkably how I described it the first time. Except he cums even faster. And I don’t shoot.

A new guy has come in mid blow job. He is mid 30’s, and muscled under the flannel shirt and jeans. He watches me work on the older gentleman for a bit, then leaves the room. When I’m done, I find him in one of the cubicles. I look enquiringly at him.

“Not me, guy. Work on your own kind.”

I have had guys not want sex from me here, but I have never had a refusal with this edge of contempt. I back away and leave him alone. I check the other booths and go back to the straight porn.

Fifteen minutes or so later the guy comes into the theatre. “What are you doing in here? You don’t like straight porn.”

“Actually I do.”

“You’re not straight. Are you gay or bi?”

I start to answer when the door swings open. A guy I recognize from the rest area is there. He’s good looking, hairy and loves to suck big cock. He glances at us and steps right back out.

“Now there’s your kind. Go get him.”

I sit there and watch the screen.

He is not happy with me. He finally walks out himself, muttering something about fags.

Now, I leave. I find the handsome guy in the gay room. His cock is out. It’s thick, hairy and rather stubby. I go down on it. He let’s me suck. Just as I think I have him, he pulls me off and up, and starts to open my pants. I shake my head.

He strokes for a minute. “Well, if you want it…” I dive for his cock, and get there just in time. He spurts and spurts down my throat. My cock heaves in my jock, but doesn’t spit any cum.

I wait around, watching the bad gay porn. Finally I walk one last time into the booths area. There is the straight guy sitting in a cubicle with the cheating husband’s crotch in his face. They hear me and the husband pulls out and elaborately turns away as he zips up.

The straight guy just looks at me.
Before I leave for home on Thursday I get a call from Public Health. The tests were done in record time--I don’t have to wait until next week for results. “Everything was negative. I didn’t want you worrying over Christmas.”

Sometimes there are advantages to living in a small town.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Ready

I found this picture as I was procrastinating over writing up my most recent encounters.
I thought I would come home today and get right at writing up one of the three things I've done
since Cum-Union. 
But I find I have absolutely no energy after five days with the family.
And, I was so ready to get some ass, I stopped at one of the bookstores I pass driving home--
and spent five hours there--an hour for every day I was home.
I promise after a good night's rest, I'll get at the posts.

And I am getting ready, at least mentally.
Two of my favorite f-buds are throwing a New Year's Eve Sex Party.
Back to Chicago I go...

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays

So--I promise you, no pictures of me in leather
and a Santa hat placed strategically between my legs...
Just a quick wish to all my readers for a Happy Holiday.

I hope each of you have a great day--
how ever they choose to celebrate it--
with family, friends
...or in a sling.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Cum-Union in Madison--Rimseat Overload (Part Four)

Madison, WI--December, 2011

The saga continues…“Where have you been? I’ve got something for you.” The most popular bottom of the night is settling onto my face before I can open my eyes. The hair around Daniel’s hole is damp with cum. I clean all around it before my tongue ventures into his hole. I love the idea that I have no idea whose semen I’m swallowing. Daniel finally stands up as he starts talking to a very cute, very young, quite short top man with a faux hawk and a dick that is way out of proportion to his diminutive frame. They head for the sling. I’ve seen the top in action throughout the night. Daniel is going to love this.

“Hey, guy.” It’s a big bear of a man with a full beard and not much on top of his head. He’s in leather. And was like the first person who spoke to me when I arrived. He takes my arm, helps me up and then pulls me into an embrace. “Come with me.”

He leads me into the blackest part of the dark area. “I’ve wanted this cock since I saw you undress.” He kneels, pulls back my jock and lovingly takes me into his mouth. He is a master. Tongue action. Varying suction. No hands. An effortless deep throat. After all the fucking I’ve done, it is sheer bliss to stand and let someone else do all the work. And do it so well. Eventually another man joins him on his knees. I can’t see anything about him. My bear is more than willing to share. One takes my balls, swirling them in his mouth. The other works his way down my hard shaft. They reverse. I let them go on and on. When it’s obvious they aren’t going to get my load, they fade away in the dark. I sit down on a chair.

Hands reach out of the dark. Whoever it is takes hold of my cock and strokes it. He leans forward to spit on it. It’s a silver haired daddy I’ve seen vers/bottom boy Juan fucking. He sits on me in the dark. He glides down my full length, his back to me. My head rolls back and I sigh loudly. He uses that moment to squeeze down on my cock. Fuck, yes! He’s in control. He slides and milks. There are actually a couple of moments I think I’m going to blow, but he slowly gets off me. I stand and pull him around the corner to the mattresses. I have him get down on all fours right next to where my first pig of the night is getting fucked hard by my usually bottom boy Juan. He and I match tempo as we plow the hole in front of us. His ass feels every bit as good in this position. I move him to the sling, only to give some fisters, also on the mattress, more play room.

He eagerly gets in the sling. I can see him now. Taut body. Huge nipples. I’ve been told he’s sixty something, but he has a body that looks 15 years younger. And the talent from all those years of being a hungry bottom. I line up my cock.

“Drive it home. Fuck me.”

I do. And fuck the cum right out of him. He scoops it up with his be-ringed hand and eats it all.

I am looking for Daniel. I find him and the short top with the big dick watching porn in the TV lounge. “There you are, my man.” Daniel bounds up and embraces me. “I have more for you.” He is leading me to the rimseat. The top follows, curious. I get down under. Daniel lowers the seat and sits, saying “He came a lot.” His ass is less than an inch from my face. The seat has his hole open. Hot cum starts to drip on my face. I gulp it down. He contracts his ass muscles. More semen starts to slide out of his ass. It’s rich and ropy. He contracts again. And an avalanche of cum flows from his hole. I can’t catch it all in my mouth. It can’t be all from the boy, I am finally getting all the loads I could only taste before. There is so much it slops onto my neck and shoulders. I swallow and swallow. I moan in the back of my throat. I run my tongue one final time around and into his hole.

Daniel stands and embraces the young top. I raise shakily and join their kiss Daniel revels in the taste of the jizz, but the top seems fine with it, too. I break the kiss. I need ass. I need to get off and it looks like Daniel is done for the night. I go hunting for Karl. He’s in the entrance to the dark area.

“I need to breed.”

He follows me to the now vacant mattresses. I get him on all fours. “Wait. The boyfriend.” He goes to find him. He loves to watch his boy get loaded. He’s back almost instantly.

I’ve stretched out, waiting. And stroking. Karl just clambers on my cock as the boyfriend sits next to me. “Breed him good.”

Karl is riding me. I feel the cum rising in my cock. Fuck. It’s almost there.

“FUCK.” I shoot in his hole. It is frothing out of his ass as he continues to ride me. He stands. He guesses I want to felch. I pull him down to all fours. I lean in to taste my load. It’s sweet. I love the texture of my cum.

And I know I could blow again. Right now. I shove it into his ass. He is as surprised as I am. It may not be much more cum, but the feeling is intense. I collapse on the mattress. Karl is all over my cock. I will myself to let him clean me off. He does.

“Kiss him,” I hear from behind me.

Karl leans forward and sticks his cum flavored tongue in my mouth. I sink back into the mattress and just hold on to him…

Juan and I are dressing. I look at my phone to check the time. We’d arrived at 10:40pm. It was now 4:15am. Quite a night indeed.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Writing It vs Doing It

I'm sorry that the last post (at least I think I can fit the rest in one more) of the Madison, WI Cum-Union party did not get written tonight.  I realized this was the last night I was likely to get ass until after the holidays.  Being the over-achiever that I am, I got two asses--and stopped in at the Breeder's (former) favorite rest area on the way home and helped out a nice young man. 

You'll have to make do with this picture of a jock that looks damn new.  I'm sure I stained it pretty fast after this was taken...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cum-Union in Madison--"Fuck My Boyfriend" (Part Three)

Madison, WI--December, 2011

The saga continues…

Sometime while Daniel is being fucked by the dozen or so guys, and I’m busy on his hole after each one, a buff, bald headed man appears at Daniel’s side. He plays with his tits. He watches the proceeding, occasionally whispering things in Daniel’s ear. He makes no move to add his cock to Daniel’s hole. I can tell he wants to be in that sling.

Finally, Daniel takes a break. I get him out of the sling and hug him. He’s slightly unsteady from having his feet in the air for the last hour. He kisses me, and then says in that hot accent that he needs to take a break, “but while I am gone, would you please fuck my friend Jason, please.” It’s the buff bald boy. I smile and look at my cock. I was thinking I’d take a break, too, but my dick seems eager to try a new hole. Jason is getting in the sling, when Daniel says the magic words: “He has a load up there for you.” Daniel kisses me again and goes off to stretch. I instantly kneel before this muscle ass. It is indeed gooey to the touch. I spread his ass with my hands and dive in. He loves that.

“Eat my hole.” I do. And fuck it hard.

I am just getting into full fuck mode when Daniel appears. “I have one load for you.”

Jason is still in the sling. I pull out and Daniel lays on top of Jason. They kiss as I eat the freshly planted load he got some where ‘on break.’ It’s one of those moments where I have no idea how long I tongue his ass.
“Come.” Daniel stands and drags me away. I feel bad for Jason until I see the another leather top enter him--setting the chains to vibrating. Daniel is pulling me to the rim seat. I get under it. He near drops the seat on my head before I am lying down. He sits. My tongue snakes out and Daniel exhales. Some man is playing with my cock. I barely notice I am so entranced by the cum working slowly out of his ass and being caught in all that dark hair. I thought I’d gotten most of it at the sling, but I was wrong. I lap and swallow. I dig more with my tongue. And swallow. It’s a nice big load. Very creamy.

My cock aches. I bat the unknown hand away. It’s break time for me. I sit for a bit in the TV lounge. I actually put my cock away for maybe ten minutes. I am considering getting up and seeing what is happening as two guys approach me. Both late 20’s. Gym built. The bottom has a shaved head. The top has a nice marine cut of his dark hair--and is the man who loaded Daniel back to back. Both in the regulation Timoteo open back underwear. They walk right up to me.

“We talked to you online“ says the top. He mentions their screen names on BBRT. I act like I can remember them instantly but far too many local profiles have flashed before my eyes. “I want you to fuck my Boyfriend.”

We go off to some seating near the sling. I note Daniel is back in it and always has two or three guys around him. I get Karl up on all fours in the low bench. I kneel and taste his hole.

“Felchingpisser, right?” says the Top. “Eat him out. I put a load up there for you.”

“Two, babe,” says his boyfriend.

The load is thin--he’s dropped a lot of them this evening. But it tastes great. And is an even better mind fuck. I eventually stand up, spit on my cock and slide in. He’s another bottom that knows how to work his ass. I am fucking slow and deep. The top moves around and sticks his cock in Karl’s mouth. We fuck both holes. Kissing each other over Karl’s head. I ask if he wants to switch.

“It’s all yours.”

I fuck. I am really slamming him now and he all but loses his balance off the low bench.

I stop. We move under the cross. Karl kneels and holds on to the rim seat, pressing his chest against it. His boyfriend is behind us, watching and stroking. I kneel behind him. And re-enter. I slide home in one long stroke. He squeezes me repeatedly. It’s no wonder that his boy friend cums so frequently. I think that this might actually be my (hopefully) first load.

“Hey, you.” I look up. It’s a bearish acquaintance from the Chicago piss party. John ambles over to us, hunkers down and sticks his sizable cock in Karl’s mouth. It’s good to see him, but he’s totally taken away my potential shooting. John doesn’t like the odd squat he’s doing with Karl’s mouth, so he stands up and shoves it in my mine. “I got something for you.”

And he let’s loose a stream of piss. I swallow it all…but it takes concentration and I all but stop fucking. Karl figures out what‘s happening. He pulls off my cock and wriggles around to lick the man’s balls. And gets a little piss in the process. John has saved this for me all night. It goes on forever. He strokes my shaved head the entire time he’s feeding me. When he finishes, he pats me lightly as to say ‘good boy,’ and leaves. Karl and I kiss. His boyfriend comes over, kneels and joins in the kiss. We trade tongues in each other’s mouths. Licking, sucking and tasting the piss, maybe some of the cum, our spit. The boys hold on to me.

I actually feel light headed. I sink down on the mat, face up. The boys say something, but I don’t really hear them. I lay there for a bit. I think about getting up.

“There you are, handsome man.” It’s Daniel.

Before I can open my eyes, he sits on my face grinding his cummy hole on my mouth…
Coming up: The conclusion to the party

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cum-Union in Madison--Daniel Takes on the Room (Part Two)

Madison, WI--December, 2011

The saga continues… 
I walk over towards the cub who is opening the Crisco. A top, about my age with long hair and a cock just as big as mine, approaches him at the same time. He helps the boy into the sling, then reaches over to slather his big cock with Crisco. It’s then I notice his heavy looking PA. He looks into the cub’s eyes--and just shoves his cock into the hole in front of him. The boy cries out. The top reaches behind him, where I‘m standing, and grabs me by the neck and pushes me toward the boy‘s head. My cock is dripping now. I slap his face with it. The cub turns in surprise. I push into his ovaled mouth. For a second, I think he’s going to gag, but he recovers and gives good head--considering it’s coming at him from the side. He is moaning, well aware of the size of the two cocks in his holes. Soon PA slows and pulls out. I stoop and clean his cock. The sheer weight of the PA in my mouth is daunting. He grunts his approval, pulls me off his cock, and pushes my face into the well fucked, greasy hole. I get lost in the taste of the just fucked ass. I eat and lick, and spit deep in his hole. I rise, and enter slowly--trying to be just the opposite of how he was entered before. It feels like I am just sucked in. I look at him and smile. The cub smiles back--and is whacked in the face with the PA-ed dick. He ovals his mouth in self defense. I can hear the PA click on teeth. But soon I’m just concentrating on fucking him hard. The chains begin to rattle. The Top withdraws, comes around behind me and starts pinching my nipples. I can feel his thick cock pressing at the base of my ass crack and hitting the back of my balls. Oh, shit…

The cub signals he needs a breather. I pull out and dip to taste his ass. PA holds me there, then pulls me up, and we both help the boy out of the sling. PA slaps his ass and pulls me into the dark area. I just know he thinks he’s going to fuck me--rip me-- with that PA .

We stop by one of the chairs careful not to step on any of the guys on their knees giving head. His mouth is next to my ear. “Let me taste his ass.” I turn and we kiss. It’s deep--and like everything else he’s done--very forceful. Finally, he pulls out. “Now,” he whispers, “you are going to fuck me.” He grabs the back of a chair and arches his back towards me. I fall to my knees. His ass is wet with fresh sweat from the fuck. I swab it up. Then zero in on his hole. “Eat Daddy’s hole, boy” he says. He’s loud now that he’s cracked open some poppers. “Fuck me like you did that whore in the sling.” I stand. My cock head rests right on his pucker. I flare the head. He can feel it expand. “Push it in, Fucker.”

I do. His hole is tight and warm. So tight I can only inch it in. “Come on, man, fuck me hard.” I start to withdraw. I get about half way out and slam it home. “Yeah, fuck me like you did that whore boy.” I am giving it to him loudly. My hips are smacking against his full ass. The whore boy appears. I’m sure he’s heard. He comes over and stands at the PA’s head--and reaches out to hold him as he is getting pounded. I suddenly realize, that they are partners. I redouble my efforts to make sure PA’s hole takes as much abuse as he dished out. Finally, I slow. Pull out. Whore boy leans over and cleans my cock. Then kisses his Daddy. I feel like I might as well be on another planet--they go at it so completely and passionately. I go off and piss on a guy in the tub dressed in torn underwear.

As I finish a tall lanky man comes up and kisses me.

“I want you to fuck me, please,” he says in the sexiest accent but one I can’t place. He’s olive skinned. His jet black hair is closely cropped. His aquiline nose dominates his gorgeous face. He kisses me again. “Please.”

I nod. The canvas sling is free. We start towards it. He’s chatty. “You are very, very handsome. Do you know where I’m from?”

I shrug. “Madison?”

“No, Milwaukee, but I mean home. I’m from Israel. I’m Daniel.” He is getting in and leaning back. I pull his ass towards me. He’s very, very hairy. I rim and braid his hair with my tongue. He’s telling me how great it feels. Soon he stops talking and I realize he’s ringed by about six men. He is sucking each in turn. Everyone wants a piece of this hot, hot man. I rise and enter slowly. Instantly his talented ass is milking my cock on each stroke. I am soon pounding his ass hard.

I eat his hole. Then one of the men goes into him--bearish, with a nice cock. He fucks. I clean his cock and Daniel’s hole.

I fuck him.

I pull out and a young twink with spiked hair and not much cock fucks him.

I clean his cock when he’s done and lick Daniel’s hole again.

I fuck him.

Next up is an older black man with a great cock. He fucks Daniel hard and fast. I think he’ll be the first one to cum. But he stops on the edge. I can taste the strings of precum he’s left behind.

I fuck him.

Easily twelve men fuck him just this first time in the sling. Finally a cute twenty something guy with dark hair and a Timoteo jock fucks him hard. He shouts as he cums. Daniel is panting.

“Here it is again!” He’s shot a second load into Daniel without ever stopping.

I clean his dripping cock. His cum is very sweet. I dive into the hole with my tongue. It tastes great, but I can not really pull out any cum.

I fuck him, letting my cock head bring the load out. I get a little--but it wants to stay in Daniel’s gorgeous ass.

And I can’t blame it. So do I.
Coming up:

Daniel introduces me to his friend.

The owner catches up with me.

I have to choose who to load….

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cum-Union in Madison--Getting Started. (Part One)

Madison, WI--December, 2011

Juan, the hot boy who acted as cum collector for me in Cleveland, had asked if I would like to accompany him (and his partner) to Madison for the first Cum-Union party, sponsored by BBRT, in that city. I went as far as their condo in Chicago on Friday night. And we were good--we slept--no sex. We lazed around all morning: sipping coffee, reading books and stroking cats. Juan did a little work and then we were on the road after lunch. A cheap motel. Dinner. A nap. They got out the Stream-Master and we set off…

It’s a warehouse district, all right. But the new kind. Buildings that are storage units on steroids. We find the number easily.  Twenty cars or so are in the lot. Doors have opened at 10:00. We had wanted to time it a half hour or so into it. And we have. We enter, pay our $20 and start stripping down. I have put my flight suit over my chaps, harness and boots. The men I see as I undress are in all stages of attire: Naked, but for boots. Full leather. Jocks and boots. Timoteo underwear or jocks is the dress of choice for those under 40. It’s dark, but with a good amount of light to see. Once I’ve checked my clothes and they have scrawled the check number on the back of my hand with a Sharpie, I start to explore. Juan and his boyfriend are off already--and frankly, I barely see them throughout the night.

Dead ahead are steps up to a slurp ramp. Five or six gloryholes connect to the lounge on the other side of the wall. I go across the platform and down a couple of steps. Two slings are in front of me. One is a canvas web sling on a frame, the other, all leather, is attached to a balcony over the entire area. I love it that they are set up so the tops face each other as they fuck. Right now they are empty. I walk past the web sling and go behind a row of shelving. Mannequins and large ornamental urns from his business are high above me on the topmost shelves. There is plenty of room for a couple of chairs in the gloom back there. It is the dark area. It will serve as the area for all the people who can’t bring themselves to fuck in public. I circle around through it and come out by the leather sling. Before I get there, I pass a tub for a small piss station and two mattresses under a screen showing porn. If I had not gone into the dark corridor, I could have turned, in front of the slings, and found a large couch, a cross, a rim seat and eventually the lounge where the service side of the gloryholes are located. There is also another couch and a TV showing porn.

And guys milling. We’ve swollen to almost 40 guys in attendance while I did the tour.

I piss. Two guys crane around to catch my cock size.

I take a swig from my water bottle.

We all eye each other.

A guy tries to get things going by grabbing for my cock. He pulls me, hard, towards him. There is always one at every group. I disengage and walk away. How can they think that feels good?

Two older guys get on all fours, side by side, on the mattresses under the TV. One is naked but for cowboy boots. His short erection is constant throughout the night. The other has a blue jock and combat boots. Both are big and beefy.

Now we’re talking. A silver haired top enters one then the other. It looks like he doesn’t trust himself fucking in front of us all. I wait until he enters the second guy, then fall to my knees behind cowboy boots and lick his hole. He hisses his pleasure. I lick and chew on his hole. He’s been fucked by someone else before I got here and not just the silver haired top. His hole is puffy and ready. I slide in.

“Fuck,” he groans.

I am showing off. I pull out until I’m barely in his hole. Then plow forward. He is matching me, thrusting backward onto my hips. The silver top is gone. I pull out and enter Blue Jock. His hole is tight. I thrust more slowly. He is a squeezer. He milks my cock as I just rock it in. Then I’m out and back into Cowboy Boots. I take him by surprise. He grunts again. And announces to the room how good I feel in him. I thrust long and fast. Then switch back to be milked. A cute boy has been inspired. He climbs on the mattress and presents his cock to Cowboy Boots to suck. Another man in full leather goes up Boot’s ass. I stay put for a long while, being milked and fucking Blue Jock with a steady slow rhythm. At one point the other top and I switch off.

When I slow for a breather, I look around. We’ve ignited the party. Guys are crowding into the dark room so that oral is spilling out on both side sides of that corridor. A Hot young man is in the sling getting plowed by a rough looking top. Another bottom is at the leather sling, opening cans of Crisco. A thirty-something cub, dressed in torn underwear, is in the piss tub, being hosed down.

Fuck yeah….and it’s just 11’oclock. I’ve got another 6 hours….

Coming up:

The Boy from Israel with the highest load count


“We talked to you online--so fuck my Boyfriend”


I find the rim seat…..

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Linking Mania

I have had a number of readers ask me about the pieces I wrote up about various leather weekends for The Breeder’s Journal. Some seemed to have trouble hitting “felchingpisser” in his label cloud, so Rob has graciously allowed me to link to them. You will find the links toward the bottom of the sidebar to the right. As a bonus, I also included Rob’s report of my gangbang, before he knew I was a follower of his blog. Thanks again, Rob. I knew you were a gentleman…

By the time you are reading this--if I set up the publishing time correctly--I will be in the middle of the BBRT Cum-Union party in Madison, Wisconsin. I am traveling there with the hot Hispanic boy, Juan, from the October post “Control” on here. He’s the one who load collects for me--and has such a great ass that often guys give up their load to him even if they don’t mean to--and then lets me felch them out. It has the potential of being a wild night. We shall see….and I will post it soon.

Happy reading to all. FP

Friday, December 16, 2011

Late Night on Lake Shore Drive

Chicago--December, 2011

This picks up instantly after yesterday’s installment about the piss party. After that rather dry event, I’d been invited to spend the night with a couple on Lake Shore Drive. I had known the sub boy for a couple of years. He was one of those boys to who I could do absolutely anything :

Whore him out at a bathhouse for my felching pleasure.

Have him naked, ready and panting, to relax me after a long drive to the city.

Make him suck me off in a crowded bar.

Or give me his ass in the back corridor of that same bar.

Or his favorite--having him lick cum off the floor of the bathhouse when he’d dripped some.

But lately one of his string of tops had become a boyfriend. Marvin, the top, is ten years younger than I, with a shaved head and pronounced features. The boy is good looking enough, dark hair and mid 40’s. I’d played with them together once. It had been fine--though it had ended with them arguing. But not wanting to drive home, I had taken them up on the offer to play a little and spend the night....

 He opens the door naked, save for his collar and boots. I’m shown in. Marvin is sitting in the living room with a vodka and something. “Make him comfortable,” he says to the boy. My jacket disappears, as does my sweater. Suddenly the boy is crawling around my chair. He begins to inhale the soles of my boots, then proceeds to lick the tops. His tongue presses hard enough I can feel it through the thick leather. Slowly he undoes them and lovingly does my feet. He’s impatient though, and the socks come off very fast. He sucks my toes, but soon we are all in the bedroom.

I eat his hole, kneeling on the floor by the bed. The boy is on all fours so he can suck Marvin’s cock. I eat, and rise and fuck. It pushes the boy forward onto Marvin’s cock. His average sized dick never quite gets hard. He leaves us soon to go find another bottom on line. I fuck. I eat. I fuck. I make the boy clean my cock. Soon we hear the front door open and a chattering blond walks in. He’s our age, in decent shape and will not shut up. Marvin tries to silence him by sticking his cock in the guy’s mouth. I stand next to Marvin and let the boy suck mine. That works for while, but soon the blond is trying to stuff Marvin’s softening cock in his ass. When that doesn’t work, the blond takes Marvin to the far side of the bed to orally work him over to hardness. But sucking Marvin’s cock does not shut him up. Marvin just has more vodka.

I dig in my bag and pull out a speculum. I warm it in my hands, grease it, then slowly insert it in the boy’s ass. He’s on all fours and is thrilled as he feels the metal glide into his hole. I give the key a slight turn. Inside him it opens. I crank again. Another crank. And another. Soon his hole is being stretched, side to side. My finger goes in and strokes his prostate. This sends him into a whimpering ball. It piques the blond’s interest. He comes around the bed, looks, shudders theatrically and beats a hasty retreat back to Marvin. I give it one more crank, finger his prostate and lean over to spit into his hole. Slowly I crank it closed, careful to not pinch any of the delicate pink flesh.

I’m back in my bag. I slip on two black latex gloves. I dip into the Elbow Grease and smear it on both hands. The boy looks over his shoulder.

“I want it all this time, Sir.”

I have two fingers in him easily, with the stretching I’d given him with the speculum. I add another. Then three fingers of the other hand alternate in a circular motion to continue opening him. Before I know it, I have four fingers. A little pressure and my right hand is fully up him. This sends the blond for his clothes, saying he’s come to the wrong party. Marvin lets him out the door as I begin alternating full fists up the boy.

Marvin returns with a fresh drink, watches us, then disappears.

I pull out, stroke myself to hardness and fuck the freshly fisted hole.

“Please, Sir, give me your cum.”

I am so close. I want to shoot. I really need to get off. Suddenly, I’m there. I explode. I collapse on his back.

We get ready for bed.

Marvin comes in and says he’s going out.

The argument starts. I screw my earplugs in as tightly as I can and strap my blindfold over my eyes. Amazingly they cut out almost all the noise. I sleep. Aware of movement around me. Mostly the boy on the bed.

Early in the morning I wake up. I remove the plugs and the blindfold. The boy is talking in his sleep. I touch him with a careful caress. He stirs. Then fully wakes. He looks around blinking.

“He’s gone, Sir. Forever.”

“It was a fight. He’ll be back.”

“No, Sir. He’s gone for good.”

“You think so?”

The boy looks at me. There is a hint of moisture around the eyes. “Yes, Sir. I know he‘s gone. I hit him.”

Thursday, December 15, 2011

An "Almost" Piss Party

Chicago--December, 2011

A smaller crowd gathered for the piss party. The December group is often smaller--there are all sorts of other things to be doing--and all those Christmas parties on a Saturday afternoon. Not only was it smaller, but it was also the driest piss party I’ve ever attended. Guys used the inflatable pool as just about the only place to unload piss. I think I only drank once from the tap--and only because I was bemoaning the fact that I was totally dry… 

I am in the back corner, near the TV screen playing continuous piss videos. A lot more piss is up there, than anywhere in our space. I am watching a hung young man receive what looks like an excellent blow job from a muscle bear with a shaved head. They keep to themselves during the entire four hours. A hot, young Hispanic, with huge shoulder/upper arm tattoos and spiky hair moves towards me. We have played on and off for years, but never at this party. He drops to suck me to hardness. I return the favor. He moves around in front of me--he knows what I love--and sticks his ass in my face. He has a great butt, big and round, no hair anywhere except in the crack. I moan and lick slowly up and down the entire length before I concentrate on his hole. As soon as I start opening him up, he bends over so I can really go deep. It also puts his face onto a nameless hard cock in front of him. I eventually rise and slap my cock against his ass. I run the head of it up and down the entire length of his ass crack. It leaves some precum around his hole. I start to push in. I stop myself. I feel like I could cum. He is that fucking hot and I haven’t gotten off in the three days. I am in shock. I feel like I’m 18 again. I slow down, twist my balls and start in again. He rises before I’m in, turns and kisses me and moves away.

I am soon joined by the best bottom there. He must be at least 50, has iron grey hair, an almost gym built body and is the biggest pig in the room. His ass is incredible. I have fucked him at the last four parties and felched numerous loads out of his ass. He has been sitting on dick the entire time I was playing with the boy. I saw him with at least two up him, and I had had my face buried for a long time. Now he is giving me a hug. His hand feels up my cock. He doesn’t care much about head--I think he sucks me for less than a minute before he turns around and bends over. I squat to rim. His ass is delightfully different--a mass of hair that has thankfully never seen clippers. I pull his cheeks apart and taste the tell-tale precum and ass juice of the well fucked man. My cock drools. I reach down, swipe the pearl off my cock with my index finger and add it to his hole.

“Fuck me, man. Fuck me good.”

I stand up and start to enter. I’m doing it again. I feel like I could shoot right then. I back out and twist my balls savagely. That seems to do the trick. I glide into his well lubed hole. It’s velvety and hot. I fuck slowly--watching the panorama of men playing throughout the bar--men in twos, men in threes and fours--most having sex, some just drinking. Before I know it my cock is telling me I’m going to shoot. I start to back out. But it would be too late. I slam in home and tell him I’m seeding him. He makes all the right sounds as I shoot--with almost no feeling at all. It’s like a sloughing off of semen. It feels good, but nothing like my usual climax. I stay in him awhile, pull out, and push his head down on my dripping dick. He cleans me. He kisses me. He tells me he’s honored to take my load--the first I’ve ever shot in him. And he’s as surprised as I am--he knows I can fuck for hours.

And as it turns out, I still can. I barely go down. My big ol’ cock hangs slightly soft for a few minutes, but then stands right up after I piss on an ass I’d been rimming--while judging what dick would do. The man in question was someone new to me--sandy colored hair, good build, lithe and sinewy. Good sized cock and a flattish ass. Once I’d pissed on his ass, I knelt back down to tongue him dry. My cock erected as if I hadn’t shot a load 15 minutes earlier. I could easily have slid into this man, but I don’t think he was looking for that. He was very happy to eventually pull away, bring me up for a kiss and fall to his knees when he saw that my cock was now standing upright.

The Hispanic boy comes over. He plays with us. He adds his cock to the suckers mouth. Our cock heads vie for attention. Soon the Hispanic kneels alongside the other man and they share me. First one then the other. Then one on my cock and one on my balls. Reverse. Then simultaneous lips on either side, stroking me with their tongues and lips. Eventually I replace the Hispanic on the floor and we do all the dual oral things to him. Soon I turn him around and taste his ass. I know that he’s been fucked by both halves of a couple who really only cum to bareback, rarely piss. I eat away, quite happy with my face and tongue buried in his full, used ass.

I rise up. He grabs onto the bar, arching his back and waiting for me to insert. I enter slowly. And fuck. Staying shallow. Short strokes. A man I’d pissed on at some point crawls under us to lick my cock on the back stroke. I am in full control now. I start to go deeper. When I finally give him my full length, he rise up. I push him back down and go as deep again. I am loving the totally length of my cock disappearing in this hot butt. Finally he stops me. It’s too much for him right now. The man under me gleefully cleans my cock. I give him some piss down his throat, too.

I sit and drink. I’ve drunk enough water that I am pissing quite regularly. About every 15 minutes. There are now three men in the pool. They are pissing on each other, eating ass, sucking cock, wallowing in the piss. I go over and coat them all. It’s a great long piss that surprises even me.

I look around. I would really like to fuck the bottom I seeded. See how many loads he now has up that grasping butt. But he’s gone. Matter of fact, half the men seem to have vanished as I was fucking the Hispanic.

I go back to the far corner I started in. A cute short guy is there stroking. I suck cock. I get sucked. I get the one load of piss down my throat. When the giver is done, we both realize the party might as well be over. The crowd has drifted away. It is so dry in the back area that I can put on my clothes with no fear of getting them wet.

I really want to get off. But that’s ok. A couple I have played with on earlier trips has asked me to stay over at their Lake Shore Drive apartment. I will just have to wait and seed one of them…

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Playroom--The Rim Seat

Today we are going to continue with my occasional series about furniture and other articles in my play room.

I love to rim. (If you have read just about any entry on here, you already know that.) The rim seat, then, is one of my favorite things. It supplies a whole different feel to the act. Sitting on the seat spreads the ass open so it is just that much easier to lick deeper. And it feels quite different than any other way you can eat an ass. I love a guy to sit on my face, but the weight can tire you during a long session. With the seat, you have full range to eat and no weight on you at all.

I have a plastic encased pillow under the seat for me (or the occasional boy who believes he should worship his Sir’s ass.)

It’s tricky to get into this one. You raise the seat and lie back, but you have to do it carefully so you don’t hit your head on the supports. I understand the new Fort Troff model has been redesigned to make it easier.
I only have the one set of short legs. But the height is right for me to eat with out straining my neck. I think it’s easier to add another pillow if necessary, than change the legs.

The Dick Wadd people also have the Joy Rider--which is the seat suspended by springs in a metal frame. So the man on top has some movement up and down--and it can be used to bounce on a cock as well…

They are not cheap--true of most kink hardware--but worth it if you love to eat ass.

Mine was the perfect price--a birthday gift from my brother….

(I forgot to thank the sub in the pictures for allowing me to use them.  You should recognize my cock, in the picture of me sitting on the rim seat.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Welcome Home' Motel Orgy

My home town--December, 2011

I arrived home with considerably drained balls after shooting down the Latino boy’s throat on Sunday. But I had 24 hours off to rebuild. On Tuesday morning I was expected to show up at the sleazy motel in town for what I liked to think of as a Welcome Home orgy. I’m sure the men would have played without me, but Cam, the married top who likes to pimp me out, had waited to hold it until I could be there…

10am. What a stupid hour to have sex. I am chugging tea as I mentally grumble. Who wants to get off before lunch? I park in the lot of the only sleazy motel in this small town. It has rooms full of construction types, young mothers who have left their abusive husbands, and women camping out to be near their man in prison. Today it has a man looking to take as many loads as he can get. I find the note on Cam’s dashboard telling us to go to Room 37. It is an outside entrance motel. I go up some weathered, peeling stairs, and turn to the left. It’s the penultimate room in that direction. When the naked and erect Cam lets me in, the next thing I see is a big boned younger man on all fours sucking the cock of slight redhead. The bottom looks at me and grins. Before I take off anything, I kneel and rim his ass. He sighs. And I do, too. He’s already had cock up his hole.

As I strip down to nothing but socks and jock, Cam enters Paul, fucking him as Paul sucks the redhead. I watch and stroke for a moment, then go stick my hardening cock in the redhead’s mouth. I know I know him, but I can’t think from where. He sucks for awhile. I pull him from out from under Paul--who has stopped sucking him, since he’s concentrating on the pounding he’s taking. I pull the redhead around, flip him and eat his very tight hole. His hole is hairless and opens instantly under my tongue. I eat and slurp, making appreciative noises. I am just about to get up and slap my cock on his hole when he scrambles away across the bed and replaces Cam in Paul’s hole.

I watch Paul’s face as the redhead’s slender dick enters him. I’ve been there ten minutes and he’s already had two of the three of us, a banner day for any bottom. His eyes have closed. His face is all concentration as he reacts to every thrust. I slide into place to let Paul suck me as he’s getting fucked.

Cam comes around to the side of the bed. “I know what you want,” he says to me, obscenely wagging his hard cock at my face, the one just pulled from Paul‘s hole. I nod. He stands near my head, and I crane around to taste Paul’s ass on his cock. It makes me forget I am having morning sex. My cock goes from erect to iron poker. I need to fuck. It looks like the redhead is slowing, so I get out from under and go around behind Paul.

The redhead pulls out. He reaches for a towel on the floor. I grab his cock and guide it into my mouth. He looks surprised--but very pleased. I clean it. I then taste Paul’s hole directly. The precum level is rising. I rise and slip in.


I thought I’d been careful to go slow. But not slow enough, it seems. I back off a little. I fuck short strokes, barely rocking into him. Soon he’s telling me to pound him. I do. I’m just hitting my stride as two more guys arrive.

I know both of them. I think. One is the local top who has moved away, but is back for the holiday’s. He is fun, stocky and with no endurance. He loves to watch me felch his load--something no one else does for him. The other man is very good looking. I’m sure I’ve met him--maybe fucked him--but I can’t place him. Dark, six foot, with a hairy chest of my dreams…

I continue fucking as the new guys strip. Ted, the top, is naked first. He gives me a hug from behind and puts his dick in the mouth of the redhead. Mr. Hairy Chest joins the redhead on his knees and is sucking Cam. Damn. And it’s not even 11 o’clock yet…

I soon pull out and get Ted up Paul’s ass--where he is still on all fours--in the same position as when I came in. Hairy Chest reaches right for my fresh-from-Paul’s-ass cock. I let him have at it. He sucks it. Savoring it. Cam is off in a corner stroking and the redhead has gotten in front of Paul, pressing his ass into Paul’s face. Ted’s strokes push Paul’s head right into the redhead’s ass. I eventually eat Hairy Chest’s ass having put him on all fours right next to Paul. I eat and eat. He pushes back. He moans. He reaches back and spreads his cheeks. Oh, yeah, we’ll all be up his ass, too. As a matter of fact, Ted sort of pushes me out of the way and goes right from Paul’s ass to Hairy Chest’s butt. I move around and feed the hot man my cock. In no time Ted grunts out his orgasm. He holds forever up the pretty man. I move around, kneel and Ted inches out of the overflowing ass. I lick Ted clean. He can barely stand it. I give up on him and dive into the ass. A long stream of cum is hanging there. Ted hasn’t moved. He watches me get slightly under the drip and eat it. I am soon plastered to the cummy ass. I am reaming deep, getting as much cum out of him as I can. Soon I rise and slip my cock into the gooey remains. Fuck, yes. This is fucking. I soon remember others are present, and pull out. My cock is covered with Ted’s cum. I take it to Paul….since it’s the only way he’ll get any of Ted’s cum. He cleans me gratefully.

Ted dresses and goes. Soon the redhead blows a load down Paul’s throat. He goes, too.

Cam and I alternate between the two bottoms. It’s now long after noon. On a break, Paul starts sucking Hairy Chest. HC is lying there, he hasn’t been hard since the first moments after his arrival. Paul has him up and dripping. Having taken all the rest of us, he clambers across HC and sits on his cock. Cam is stroking HC’s chest. I am down on the floor, watching the cock slide home. I lean in. HC is big enough that I can lick the shaft on the back stroke. The tart/sweet taste of ass juices and precum is totally intoxicating. I think about a DP, but decide against it. I bury my face under the rising and lowering ass. HC grunts and shoots his load. Pearls of cum seep out around Paul’s extended ass lips. I lick them up before they slide down the shaft. Paul is marinating on the cock, not going anywhere. I don’t need him too. I lick HC’s balls, the exposed shaft and as he softens, more and more of his cock. Finally Paul pulls off him, I engulf the entire cock.

Soon I am lying on the bed, my head right at the foot. Paul is standing on the floor and slowly squats on my face. It’s an amazing felch. I open his ass gently with my tongue. With a smaller cock, the load is right there. At least half of it slips down my throat. I am beating my meat like crazy. I work a little more out with my tongue. I bring up my hands and spread his ass cheeks. The last bit of cum leaks into my mouth.

I have to cum. I swing around, barking at him to get on all fours. I enter him roughly. I am there in maybe five strokes.

“Cum in me. Piss my hole.!” Paul moans.

I shoot, and shoot big from all the felching. I collapse on his back and just hold on. Without even thinking about it, I start to piss. And piss. Rinsing my cum from the sides of his ass….

Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture #8

I was at the piss party in Chicago this weekend.
Those who are squeamish about piss will be relieved to hear
that this month, the piss gathering was more like a slightly wet
sex party.  I came home dry and will be reporting on that in a couple of days.
But first, I have to write up a group motel fuck that welcomed me home.

I am all about travel in the next few months:
I am very excited that I will be going to my first BBRT Cum-Union Party in Madison,WI this weekend.
A hopefully wetter piss group in Chicago in January.
My second MAL in Washington, DC also in the middle of the month.
Work takes me to several different cities in February.
And Cleveland for CLAW in April.

Maybe I'll find time to actually get someone up to the playroom, too...

And are there readers in any of those cities?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Put It In My Ass"

Louisville--December, 2011

With the taste of the good ol’ boy’s cum in my throat, I headed north. Well, not until I had to say good bye to my co-workers (with all those good-bye kisses--if they only knew…) and a late lunch with my boss. The first two hours on the road was perfect for driving. But the start of the third was all about rain and the early setting sun of Winter and Central time. Given all the truck traffic, the rain and little light, I stopped in Louisville for the night. I checked into a fifties style motel. I tried to read. Who was I kidding--I knew I’d end up at the Adult Bookstore…

A Sunday night. I knew it might be slow….but no one is here. Well, one person in each theatre. And both seem to be about the movies. As the night progresses, more men arrive, but just a few. I think I’ve sucked, briefly, one cock before he walks in. The door buzzes. He might be 30. He might be a very well preserved 40. Latino, dark hair, chiseled features, expensive wardrobe--even here. He leans against the door he’s just entered. He looks at the three or four men in the room--all of whom have turned to look at him on his entrance. He stands. He looks at the screen. Eventually he deigns to look at the rest of us. He saunters to the back wall and leans against it.

Almost immediately the door buzzes again. A young dad type, looking great in a sweat shirt and jeans. He goes to the back wall, several feet away from the Latino. Over my shoulder I can see the dad pulls out his dick and start stroking to the straight porn. It soon becomes evident he has a very big cock. The Latino is on his knees as soon as he sees it. Horny dad is right there, letting him take it deep into his mouth. I stand. I move to the two of them and unbutton. My hard cock slaps the back of the head of the cock sucker. He looks up. He smiles and goes down on me. Damn. Dad reaches for my nipples, so I do the same to him. The Latino continues to suck the twin cocks.

Suddenly dad pulls out of his mouth. He’s one of those who is so sensitive he can’t stay in the mouth to cum. He turns and shoots all over the wall as the Latino dives for it, but comes up empty. Dad smiles at him, zips up and leaves. I pull the young man up. We kiss. “I want to taste you,” he whispers in my ear. I let him try. He’s good but it’s not going to happen. His active tongue can’t keep out of my dripping piss slit. This only makes me pull him up and kiss him again so I can taste it, too. I sink to my knees and suck his average sized cock for a bit…but we both know it should be the other way around. He sinks back to his knees. His mouth must be getting tired. He’s relentless now, succumbing to using his hand to jerk me into his mouth. My hand strays down from kneading his shoulders to leaning over and feeling his ass. I work between his soft skin and underwear. I find his hole. My finger slips right in. I stay bent over, getting sucked, and fingering his furry hole.

Finally I pull him up. I bend him over the seat, pull the trousers down and look at the full, hard ass in front of me. I pull the cheeks apart slightly and bury my face in his hole. Oh, Fuck. I want this ass. I have to fuck him. I rim for a long time, loving the flavor of his freshly showered hole. He’s trying to keep from moaning out load. I finally come up for air. He wants to kiss again.

“I want to taste your load,” he says again as we break apart.

“I want to fuck your ass,” I say, against his ear.

“Not here.”

“I understand.”

I don’t want to cum yet, so we separate, promising to meet up later.

Right. I know I’ll never see him again.

I don’t think I play at all; I just watch the movies.

But in about an hour’s time, he’s found me in the straight cinema.

He sucks me for awhile, standing right where we first played. Finally he says, “Come with me.” He takes me into the arcade--for which I haven’t paid. No one questions me as we find a room in the back of the arcade. As soon as the door has closed, he takes off his jacket and shirt. Then my shirt. Then his pants. All hanging on the doorknob. He gets down on the sticky floor, sucks me and jerks on his cock. Finally he stands, bracing himself against the wall. “Put it in my ass.”

I squat, and lube up his ass again with my spit--my tongue pushing it deep into his hole. I stand and slide in. Oh, he’s not just a cocksucker. He knows how to squeeze my cock as it inches into his canal. I hold. I have to or I’ll cum right there. I slowly start rocking into him. Soon I’m pulling it almost all the way out and bouncing my hips against his firm bubble butt. He’s panting. Someone out in the hall tries the door, hoping to find out what the noise is all about. He cranes his neck around so we can kiss. Wet and sloppy.

“Where do you want my cum?” I gasp.

“Here.” He touches his mouth.

It takes every ounce of concentration for me not to cum. I pull out and he just gets it into his mouth as I explode. I can barely stand it, it is so intense. His tongue is all over my super sensitive cock head. But he cleans it. And slowly lets go of it.

We dress. He puts my number in his phone. He leaves. I repair to the bathroom and wash up a little.

I get into my car and instantly my phone lights up. A text. From him. “Next time I want you in my bed. And your cum in my ass.”

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Good-bye to Nashville

Nashville--December, 2011

The Professor and I tried to meet up again on my last night in Nashville. Unfortunately, it did not work out. Having had the two men the night before, I just stayed home on my last Saturday. Sunday morning I packed the car, and took my cup of hot tea to read in the park. I love symmetry. I wanted my last moments of Nashville to end as they began. And they did…
It has been cold. Unseasonably cold for Nashville. But Sunday is warming right back up. The previous gray days are giving way to one last sunny one. It’s somewhere in the high 50’s just in time for me to drive back to the frozen North. It’s early in the park. A few runners go by on the nearby track. An elderly couple walking two cocker spaniels wave at me. The hillside in front of me is a mass of gray trees, with an evergreen peeking through here and there. I have some green Chai tea and am reading an odd play by Christopher Fry until it’s time for Says You! on the local NPR station.

I am answering most of the questions right along with today’s panelists as a rather beat up car turns the corner, pauses and then heads straight for me. It’s not going the cruising speed, so I expect another dog owner. But it’s a lone man, who parks right next to me. A good country boy with flannel shirt and a John Deere baseball cap. He looks right at me. His window goes down.

I lower mine.

He stares.

I wait.

I turn the radio down.

He looks away.

I stare at him.

He looks at me.

I hold his gaze.

Then return to my book.

“Do you suck cock?”

I turn to him. I just smile.

“I want to get off.”

I get out of my car and walk to the woods edge. I take the path that has the most vegetation left on the branches. I hear him open and close his car door. Soon he’s coming down the same path. He’s undoing his pants as he appears in the clearing. He is semi hard just at the thought of it. It’s a thick dick, with a lot of foreskin covering half the head.

“Make me feel good.” He strokes it twice, pulling the foreskin back and exposing the deep red of the helmet.
I kneel. He’s freshly washed, but I can smell the musky scent that, after all these years, still makes my cock stir. I take him in my mouth. My tongue works around his cock head. My left hand goes to his thick shaft and forces some of the foreskin back in place. My tongue works between it and the cock head. He loves this. I can also sense he’s almost there.

He likely was ready to shoot when he rounded the corner in his car.

He grunts.

I deep throat him.

I come up slowly. I want to taste his seed. Two more swirls of my tongue across his flaring cock head and he’s shooting. More sweet than salty. I still am gripping his cock with my left hand. I don’t let go until I’ve milked and swallowed every drop of cum out of his spasming dick.

He zips and is gone. I stay in the woods a moment. I hear his car start up and retreat.

I love symmetry. The first thing I did in town and now the last.

Hello Nashville--and Good-bye.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Late Night in East Nashville

Nashville--December, 2011

The next night, the Professor and I had hoped to meet, but he ended up with family commitments. I talked online to a gentleman I’d met two years ago, when he‘d thrown an orgy I‘d attended. He wanted to do the same thing. We had some interest on BBRT, but we’d started looking very late. It ended up a lopsided three-way… 
I am on the far east side of Nashville. It’s late. About 11:15pm as I ring his bell. We’d told the other five guys about 11:30. I just have time to get the sling up. Bruce answers the door. He’s even better looking than I remembered. A good 6 foot, with meat on his bones and reddish blond thinning hair. And a full, round ass that loves to be fucked. I get the sling up in his cramped living room. There are art objects everywhere. Some that he’s made, some that he’s acquired. There are photos, musical instruments, a fireplace mantle crowded with ceramics and more photos and a dripping candle. There is just room to get the sling up between the couch--and a nest of pillows he’s made in front of the couch on a throw--and a wall full of tribal drums.

Bruce starts reeling off the guest list. He knows most of them. And knows that most of them will not show. We don’t wait. I strip down, just keeping on my socks. No fancy role play tonight. No leather. Just some good mutually fulfilling sex.

He’s done the same. And is on his knees. He sucks my cock. He’s actually a little rough, so I pull back, and suck him for a moment before the doorbell rings. It’s the first and only guy to appear. Jim is a true bear. Tall, big, hairy where it counts. I remember his profile from the site. I am hoping he’ll be showing me those anal skills he mentioned there.

Jim strips down as we continue stroking each other and watching some porn. Bruce is soon on his knees between us. He goes from my hard cock to Jim’s. Jim is either shy or it’s not doing it for him. As Bruce tires, I slip down and have a go at Jim, and Bruce, once he stands. This is all fine, but I can see Bruce eyeing the sling. I get him over there. He literally hops in, as Jim moves around to work his nipples. I spend just a little time rimming. He’s pre lubed with something I don’t need to taste and I soon rise and slip right in. His ass feels great. He’s a clencher and knows how to milk me. Jim is working Bruce’s nipples hard. I fuck slowly. I fuck hard. I make the chains rattle. I make the sling swing enough, I almost send him crashing into one of the tom toms.

We break when I notice a little blood mixing with the lube. I wash and Bruce goes to check it out. When I come back from the kitchen sink, Jim is in the sling. Well, kind of. He’s lying so far back in it I would need another 8 inches of cock to reach his hole.

“I’ve never actually been in one.”

I move him down so his ass is out over the sling sides--perfectly framed. I kneel. I lick his pucker. It flowers open and instantly allows me in. I probe him deeply. He pants. I don’t think he get a rim job very often. He is now muttering things. I can’t tell what he’s saying, but it all sounds good. Eventually I stand up and slip in. Or try to. He clamps down with the thought of my sized cock about to go up him. That beautifully open hole now all but refuses me entry. I work a fingertip in. Then up to the knuckle. Smear some precum on his hole. Work it a little more. Smear some more. Slip it in. I hold what seems an eon as he adjusts. Finally, I start to move. He relaxes. His ass is smooth and slick. My narrow hips slap against his full ass, making incredibly sexy smacking sounds. The sound brings Bruce back from the bathroom. He watches me plow, occasionally running a hand over Jim’s chest.

Suddenly Jim really relaxes. I go that extra half inch up him. He grunts and is now making sounds like when I was rimming him. Bruce comes around behind me and twists my nipples as I fuck. Jim is working my cock. I don’t think he is doing it consciously, since he seems to be off in his own head space. But his ass knows what to do. I finally have to stop so I don’t cum too fast.

We re-group on the floor. I put the two bottoms, side by side, doggy style. First I slide into Bruce. I fuck him, slowly and nice. I pull out, slide over behind Jim and enter him. His ass is ready for me this time. Once again the room is filled with the sounds of slapping flesh. Then back to Bruce, then Jim. From ass to ass. One hole then the other….

Jim stops me after the fourth rotation.

“My ass has had it.” We both look at him in surprise. “I haven’t been a bottom all the long.”

“Really?”  I stop pumping my dick.

“I used to be all top. But my diabetes won’t let me get hard anymore.” He’s dressing now. “Which is why I couldn’t get hard as you sucked me. I mean, it felt good….” He is tying his Nikes. “But my ass just can’t take much that size.” He’s at the door. “Thanks. It’s been fun.” And he’s gone.

We take a moment.

We stroke. I enter Bruce once more. But his ass has had it too, there’s more blood. We stroke. He shoots on his chest. I rise and send an arc across his face and hit a bottle of poppers on the coffee table. The next spurt lands where he wants it.

In his mouth.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Everything is Dirtier in the South

Nashville--December, 2011

I took a few days off after the group that went to hell. Work necessitated it, but I just didn’t feel the need to play. But by the first of December, I was more than ready. It had to be in the afternoon, which cut down options. (All those Vandy boys were in class.) Than a guy popped up on my screen who had written me on one of my first days in the city. His photo showed a guy about my age, decent shape, with dark hair, and a face aged beyond it’s years with the Southern sun. And a t-shirt that caught my eye. It read “Everything is Dirtier in the South.” So I asked Stewart if it was true. He countered by asking what I considered dirty. I listed my usual obsessions. He was all for them. I got in my car and drove across town.

Dogs are barking. Big dogs. The door is between us. A cute man is holding two German Shepherds by the collar as Stewart lets me in. Stewart point upstairs. I go up the stairs of the condo. It’s fairly new, but seems to be filled to overflowing with family antiques. Everywhere. I’m afraid to put my bottle of water down on the dresser. I finally find a small plate to keep it off the aged wood. He’s stripping down on the far side of the bed. His body is every bit as good as in his pictures, and frankly, right now, it wouldn’t matter. All I want to do is do what he asked for in his last email. To use him hard. And leave him wet. I strip completely, but for my athletic socks. And jock.

“Come here.” I point to the floor in front of me. He’s there. Fast. His mouth is on my pouch. “Get me hard.” He pulls my cock out and slides it into his mouth. It hardens down his throat. He goes from tonguing the underside to all but choking. I pull out, give him a chance to recover and start fucking his face. A hold-by-the-ears-and-oval-your- damn-mouth face fuck. His cock becomes instantly erect. I quickly sense how deep I can go, and occasionally thrust it a little farther. After one particularly deep one I wonder if he’s going to lose it. But he just gurgles for a moment, then says, “Damn!”

I tell him to get up on all fours on his bed. I eat his hole for just a moment. I’m in no mood to commune with his pucker. I stand and slip my cock in.

“Jesus Fuck.”

But he adjusts fast. He is thrusting back to meet every stroke. His hole is nice. He’s a great self luber. I ask if he has a load up there, but he swears he doesn’t, it’s all him. I glide all the way home. Soon, I flip him on to his back. I lick his hole. He tastes great. I slide in easily now. And deeper. He grunts. I hold still. Just clenching my ass cheeks to make my already full cockhead swell up in size.

“You feel the cock head, boy? It’s gonna cream you good.”

I start slowly and begin a long slow fuck. He begs me to fuck harder. I increase the speed. The ancient bed is creaking. His Grandmother’s hairset on the bureau next to the bed, begins to shake and rattle, with the fuck strokes. He thinks I must be close to cumming. But he doesn’t know me. I stop. I start slow again. And build the thrusts, so it's all bed creaks, ball slapping and knick-knacks jiggling.

I pull out. And sigh. I send him to the adjoining shower to clean up a little.

He’s back fast. He start to get up on the bed, but I get off and lead him back into the bathroom.

“Bend over.” Stewart’s hands are on the edge of the faux marble vanity, bent over, ass in the air. I pull his towel off the shower bar and toss it between his legs. And piss on his ass crack. He exhales swiftly. I fall to my knees and clean it off his ass crack with my tongue. And spit it on his back. I do another spurt. Lick and this time spit it on his hole.

“Are you…”

“Am I what?” I ask, standing up.

He never says. For I am in him. And pissing. And fucking. The temperature of his ass climbs higher. It excites both of us.

“No one pisses me hard. Fuck me!“ I fuck harder. The sloshing sound is extremely pronounced and rhythmic. As it starts to cool, I slow and tell him to expel it, and I rinse off my cock.

Back in the bedroom, I fuck him bent over, clutching the quilt on the bed.

I fuck him lying flat on his stomach. But I can’t get deep enough to please me.

I lie down and let him straddle me. This works well. And his ass has re-lubed since the piss. Once again we set the room shaking. To the point the dogs are at the door. I hear the cute boy start up the stairs for them. I time saying “Take my big cock, man,” just as he must be at the door, pulling them away. It’d be fine with me if he joined us….

I realize, it’s been over an hour and I need to get to work. I’ll only cum if I’m in charge of the thrusting. He gets off me. I have him bend over again, feet on the floor, his face in the damp quilt we were just on. I enter him fast. Yeah, this should do it. I fuck, lick, fuck, lick. Each time I go a little deeper with my cock. Soon I’m panting.

“You want my cum?”


“Where? Tell me where…”

“In my ass, man. Deep as you can.”

I unload. It’s a four day load. It gushes out and around my cock as I keep fucking. I am letting the boy downstairs know I just got off. I’m loud. And don’t care. Stewart reaches under him with his left hand and swipes some of the cum, churned and dripping, from his butt. It goes to his mouth, and he heaves a deep sigh.

We are dressing. I ask how we hadn’t met before….that he looks familiar--did he attend an orgy I went to two years ago down here? I name the place.

He say no….he’s sure he’d remember my cock.

But your rommate, I say, looks familiar, too.

Well, he should, he says. You were his birthday present from his Boy Friend last year.

Oh, yeah…small world.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Picture #7

I'm home in Michigan.
I have a number of Nashville stories to tell.
Far happier than the last.
I just ran out of time today.
So I'm hoping my cock will do...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Hey, I got some guys coming over...."

Nashville--November, 2011

It was Saturday night. And my last time in Nashville to play at a reasonable hour, as work would be switching me to evenings for the final week . I wanted something really good. As luck would have, a guy who’d been talking to me all week, told me he had a couple coming over, who wanted a few additional guys--would I bring the sling. I got over there fast... 

It’s a residence hotel. I can’t find the room. They are all outside entries, but the room numbers are minuscule. I finally find it and knock. I am maybe 4 minutes late. Three guys are already there. The host is naked, and 50 lbs or so heavier than his already large picture. The two men (also naked) don’t look at all like the couple from Mississippi. Because they aren’t. The couple we did all this for is fighting somewhere across town and not coming.

I say I’ll get the sling. No one offers to help, but they are all naked. I go out to the car to get the duffel bag full of sling and a tarp wrapped around the poles. I stagger in. There is an odd vibe in the air. The man around my age, is getting his dick sucked by the host. A shaved head man sits on the bed and watches. I put up the sling. Some one else arrives. He’s the youngest of the bunch. He says he’s leaving. Then he sees my dick and decides to stay. The bed sitter has not moved. I try to mingle with the men. I kneel to suck the older guy--and am pushed out of the way by the host. The young, cute one sucks my dick. The host leaves the older man, and pushes the cute one out of the way to go down on me. The cute one is pissed and leaves after all.

I pull out and lick the hole of the man who has done nothing but sit there. He’s a bottom--they’ve told me. He seems to enjoy the rim job, I rise to impale him. The host comes over and pours so much lube down his crack we have to stop. The bottom heads for the bathroom and emerges half dressed. He’s gone as fast as he can throw on his clothes. In the meantime, the guy my age has cum and is putting on his jeans and tee. Elapsed time: 25 minutes.

I am left with the host. He asks if I want his ass….I shrug. He’s in the sling, it’s feeling pretty good--and, you guessed it, no prep--I hand him towel after towel….

He goes off to clean up, all apologies--but it was the final straw. I wash at the kitchenette sink and have half the sling down before he comes out of the bathroom. It’s decidedly chilly as I head out into the warm night air. Elapsed time: 40 minutes.

Nashville has been having a lovely warm spell. In frustration I drive straight to the park--if nothing else, to calm myself down before I head home. It‘s dark, so far away from any light but the moon and stars. Trees arch over the road, skeletal in the late Autumn. Almost instantly a car is beside me. His dome light reveals a cute country boy who wants to suck some cock. We get lost in the dark, finding a picnic pavilion. I unbutton and he is down on me instantly. He knows what he’s doing. I pull him off me to sample his large and uncut cock he‘s been stroking. He lets me for a time, but soon he kneels and gets me back in his mouth--and shoots. He stops sucking. I stroke as he buckles his belt and zips up. I blow a load on the concrete. He smiles. Elapsed time since I entered the park: 15 minutes.

I go home and watch Ronald Coleman in Her Night of Romance (1924). It is better than anything else I’ve done that night.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Pump and Dump

Nashville--November, 2011
It seems to be every bottoms fantasy: The lights are off, you find him in a darkened room, wearing a jockstrap, ass up and lubed. I’m supposed to just slip in, get off and leave. I guess they sound hot, but I rarely make the connection to do one. Matter of fact, I think I have done exactly one. He was a guy who was visiting in my small town. It started just fine--Instant boner on seeing the ass. I slipped in and he began pleading for me to cum on the second stroke. I had barely gotten fully hard. Needless to say, that since my average session is 90 minutes to 2 hours, I was nowhere near cumming. So I couldn’t give him what he wanted fast enough, and he had no interest in extending it into a real fuck session. I think I masturbated to finally give him something….but not an experience I needed to repeat. Until now. After being slightly blueballed the night before, when a really hot man asked if I was interested in doing a pump and dump, I got in my car… 

I arrive at the town house (in one of the expensive suburbs of Nashville) faster than I expected. He’s house sitting. He’s asked for the classic recipe of ass up, etc, but he also wants some nasty talk. He is the most trendy, young man I’ve played with this trip. Mid 30’s, nicely muscled, gorgeous bubble butt, and all about hair product. He seems to have a nice, highly trimmed hair pattern on his chest in his pics--something I’ll never see…

I wait until the appointed time. The front door is open. The house is dark, except for a low light on the on the second floor landing. A dog barks somewhere upstairs. I go up the carpeted stairs noiselessly. He’s in a bedroom to the right. The dog barks from the room next door. There is one candle flickering on a expensive looking highboy. He’s there. On all fours, with one arm thrown over his face. His ass is gorgeous. The candle gives his tanned body a lovely patina.

“Hey, boy. Daddy’s here to give you what you want.”

I’m out of my coat and shirt. I have deliberately worn shoes instead of my boots to get out of them faster. The jeans come off and the underwear. I’m still telling him what I’m going to do to him. But I don’t mention my tongue will go up him first. I walk over to the bedside. I slap my cock against his ass. He whimpers as I kneel. My tongue hits home. It’s a tight, hairy hole. I don’t think guys usually rim him. He’s going crazy.

“Eat my hole. Please, Daddy.”

I grunt and spit into it. My two index fingers slide in and do a little side to side stretch.

“You are gonna be tight on Daddy’s dick.”

I spit again. Stand and slap his hole with the length of my cock.

“Say it.”


“I want you in my hole.” I slap my dick head against it.

“I want you, Daddy.”

“You want what, fag boy?”

“I want you to fuck me, Sir.”

And I’m in him. Rather a swift entry that makes him pant. He’s soft and hot. Wet and tight.

“Oh, yeah. You are just what I need tonight.” I am fucking him with long deep strokes. “You can’t wait for me to unload, can you boy?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m gonna cum when I want to. And you are gonna take it right up your hole. Right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You like taking nameless guys up this ass?”

“Yes, Sir.” He pushes back hard on me. He is matching my strokes now. I pull out, taste his hole, and spit on his back. My right hand smears the slippery mess across the small of his back and his ass. Then slaps the upturned cheeks.

“Fuck me,” he mutters. I am back in and pushing deep into his guts.

I feel like I’m going to shoot. I obviously need to get off.

“You want my load?” I’m pile driving into his ass, now.


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Here boy. It’s yours.”

I shoot. And shoot. It feels like it goes on forever. I shudder. I let it marinate in his ass for a moment before I slowly pull it out. I stand there. My cock dripping.

With a swift movement, he turns around and licks my cock clean. I can almost see his handsome face in the flickering light. When he’s done, I push him off me, face down so he can't really see me.

The dog barks again as I get dressed. He starts to look up, then thinks better of it.

“Turn around. Let me see your ass again.”

He moves around as I tie my shoes. I go over. I’m dripping out of his hole, a long stalactite of cum. I bend over, catching all the external cum on my tongue. And spit it on his back. He’s reaching around for my cum as I’m down the stairs and out the door.