Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Steamworks--Part Two

Chicago--January, 2012

More at Steamworks. Immediately after…

David and I are back in my room and lying on the black sheeted bed. Everywhere I look, I can see our reflections. I can lick his ear and see three reflections of my tongue teasing his lobe, as mirror image reflects mirror image. We’ve left the door open, as I’ve promised my readers here and on BBRT. David wiggles out from under me, gets on top and pins my arms above my head.

“You know what I’m going to do you?”

I grunt a no.

“Sit on your face.”

And he lowers, his hairy, cum moist ass onto my mouth. My cock, which had softened a little, is instantly hard. I stroke and I work my tongue into his abused hole. He is squirming and moaning. I can hear guys in the corridor, but none are brave enough to join us.

Until I feel a strange mouth on my cock. The angle is bad as he leans over the bed to get to me. David soon dismounts and I can see the cocksucker. He’s Mexican, late 30’s, with the kind of pock marked skin that can be kind of sexy.

He looks at me. “Fuck me.”

I look at David. Not even a moment of hesitation. “Do it,” he says. I’ve never seen it go into anyone else.”
I get up; the Mexican bends over. David swings around so his cock can easily go in the Mexican’s mouth. My cock is still wet with his spit. I just enter him. No rimming. He’s more than ready. He grunts and starts fucking back on me. David slaps his cock across his face. The man takes the hint and, coming out of his reverie, starts slurping noisily. I fuck, finding that I’m mindlessly in rhythm with the music blasting from the corridor. His bucking back has slowed, with his needing to concentrate on the cock in his mouth. Suddenly he stands up, pulling me out of his ass. He murmurs a thanks and takes off. I look at David, enquiringly. He shrugs. Then I see the floor. He’s dumped a nice load--one he gave no clue to shooting.

The corridor is now packed.

Two particularly hot guys are lounging against the wall. One is direct from the Steamworks’ gym. His regulation cock is sticking out of the bottom of his gym shorts. His muscled chest glistens. He keeps adjusting the sweat band on his right hand, if it isn’t groping his crotch. A lithe, hairy man is standing next to him. His towel covers his loins, but you can see his cock pushing it out. He has tennis shoes on, one foot on the floor, the other on the wall where he leans. David ventures out and uncovers the gym rat, going down on him at once. I let the lithe guy play with my dick, and I knead his bulge. Soon my other hand squirms between him and the wall. My middle finger finds his hole. It opens easily and envelops most of my finger. He makes no protest.

Without warning the gym rat leaves. Lithe guy follows David and I into the room. I reach for the lube to get ready to really open the lithe guy up--but he‘s already got his cock into David‘s ass. David stands, bent in two over the mattress and the lithe guy is ramming him hard. I kneel and lick the top’s hole on the back stroke. The lithe guy pushes him forward. David crawls up onto the mattress--his top follows, never disconnecting. It’s my turn to sit and watch.

The top groans. David eggs him on. “Shoot in me. Load me again.”

So that’s where the mysterious load had come from….

I wait. I watch the lithe guy shudder, pause and slowly withdraw. I’m all over his cock. He gasps all over again--then pushes me into David’s hole. It’s creamy--not shot very deep. I lick, and rim, swallowing every drop. He’s out the door, grabbing for his towel.

David gets up. “Damn, his cock was hitting my bladder. I have to piss.”

I kneel. Fuck, I’ve been hydrating, but have nowhere near enough to piss--and here he is giving me a second load of piss. I take his cock inside my mouth. No sucking, it just rests on my tongue. And he pisses. Sweet. Hot. Huge load.

As he finishes, hot younger man, with dark blond hair walks in. David reaches under his towel for his cock. He is conditioned, not muscular. Quite short. He reaches up to kiss me as David sucks his cock. Shit, I just drank piss--but I kiss him, and he either likes it or has no idea what he’s tasting.

“Do you want to fuck him?” I ask.

“No,” he sighs, “I want to get fucked.” My hand flits over his ass, finding his hole. “I just prefer condoms.” My Magnums are lying right there. “But you guys don’t use them, do you?”

“No,” David says, before I can get out my answer about it being his choice.

“Well, you guys are so hot, I can be convinced.” I rub his hole. “Yeah, fuck me.”

I eat his hole as he sucks David. Soon, I’m up him--but very, very slowly. He’s taking it well. He’s stopped sucking and is telling me to fuck him hard. I do. The sound of my hips slapping against his ass echoes through the room. A short man, with a big cock appears at the door. He won’t come in, he just strokes.

“Let me sit on it.”

I lie down, my legs still on the floor, my crotch right at the edge of the bed. The young man sinks onto my cock.

“Fuck you feel good.” He’s bouncing hard on me. David puts a hand on his back and pushes him over. Jesus. He’s going to stick his cock in with mine. He does. We are in classic double penetration position. David slides in. I stay in place. And it feels good--where it so often doesn’t. I let David take control. He fucks in. The undersides of our cocks rub against each other inside his hole. It’s incredible. The boy is in heaven.

“Two raw cocks--fuck, you guys.” I think he might shoot--but he holds off. Just as suddenly, my cock flops out and the moment is over. We all stand up.

“I gotta cum.” The young man is close and stroking.

“Do you want to fuck David? Give it to him?”


“Then shoot on my cock as I fuck him.”

“You mean…?”

“Yeah.” David has gotten on all fours by the edge of the bed. I enter him, pulling all but out of his hole on each stroke. “Shoot on my dick and I’ll fuck it into him.”

“Oh, yeah.” He get around to the side and in no time is covering my cock with a thick, gooey load. I fuck it into David. I watch it disappear--then look at the young man. He’s panting, eyes wide. I fuck a few more strokes and pull out. David swings around and cleans my cock. I pull him back around to eat his hole.

“Oh, man. Eat my cum out of him.”

And I do. Thick and salty…
More to come
We fuck separately--and I finally need to piss…

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Let's Meet at Steamworks"

Chicago--January, 2012

Meeting David, my piss trick from MAL, at Steamworks was five hours of sexual heat. We had great sex together, sometimes adding others, sometimes going our own ways for a bit before meeting back up to fuck again. I will likely break it into at least two parts so it doesn’t become just a list of sexual acts. 

I see myself wherever I look. I have gotten a large room at Steamworks. The double bed has mirrors on three sides of it. The television above the bed is playing bareback porn relentlessly. I am zipping up my chaps as I hear a knock on the door. It’s David. We embrace. I’m taken aback all over again how handsome he is: dark hair, olive skin, his muscular body and a bigger than average cock. He kneels and starts to zip me into my chaps. I add the harness.

“You know you’ll be the only one in leather tonight.”

“And?” I ask.

He smiles. “Nothing. I love a self confident man”

He tells me there is a new fuck bench here on the third floor. It’s just to the left of our room, tucked behind the slurp ramp maze of gloryholes. I get him kneeling and bent over on it. I drop behind him and taste his hole.


He’s got himself loaded before I got here. I dig in. I lick. He moans. And a couple of guys stop above us on the slurp ramp to watch. I can feel more behind us. I rise and slip in.

“Damn,” he grunts, “I’d forgotten how big you are.”

The guys behind me press in. One of them reaches down to feel my cock. I am thrusting deep. A guy I can barely see moves in front of David. I assume he is going to stick his cock in David‘s mouth, but he only gropes himself through his towel. David rears up after a few more thrusts. We disengage. The bench is pressing right into his bladder.

“Piss,” he gasps next to my ear. I kneel and he gives me a nice, sweet load down the gullet. The crowd has dispersed--most not having a clue why the top suddenly knelt and didn’t seem to really be sucking his cock….

I tell him we are going downstairs to the major slurp ramp. We find the room. I go up onto the platform behind the half wall and stick my cock through the gloryhole. A grizzled, uncut construction-type moves next to me. I lean over and direct David’s head towards his nice sized dick. He goes back and forth between our two cocks, pulling long strands of spittle as he goes from one to the other. Soon there is an annoying guy dry humping David down below us. I tell the bear to follow us. We wind through the second floor rooms and find the public sling. I get him in. It’s low and there is no way to adjust it. I taste his hole again. Construction guy watches and strokes. He’s eager. I rise. And slap my cock on David’s balls, showing it off to the crowd. I slip in. But I have to do deep knee bends to get low enough. I can’t hold the position for long. I let construction guy take his turn. He fucks in quick short strokes. A crowd has gathered here, too. A couple of guys suck each other as they watch us. I notice a hot broad shouldered Latino. He’s as hung as I am. I go over to him and ask if me wants to be the next guy up David. He eagerly agrees.

Construction guy looks like he cums. He pulls out, but as I kneel to felch, I notice a condom on him. I still lick David’s hole. Slip in for few strokes--then signal the Latino. He fucks him with abandon. Almost instantly he shoots a load. I expect him to pull out---but he just keeps going. David reaches for one of his nipples as do I. I also put my cock into David’s mouth. The Latino works a long time for a second load--but he delivers. He shoots, falls on David, then pulls himself together and slips out of his hole. I am right there. I clean his cock. He is startled, but loves it. I work a last drop out of his foreskin, then dive for David’s hole.

“You really gonna eat my cum out of there?”

I don’t answer. I just start licking and sucking at his hole. David is moaning. He knows how to squeeze and feed me. It’s a great copious load. I am there for long moments. The Latino never takes his eyes off of me. I finally rise--and tell him our room number--saying he can drop by any time.

I slip my cock in, but with having to do knee bends to get in, I’m fucking at a terrible angle. I stop, make him clean my cock of Latino cum, then get him out of the sling. We walk to the other end of the play room. There another fuck bench. I bend him over and slip in. Finally I am in his hole properly. I fuck. David has a very young cock in his left hand. I ask if he wants to fuck David. The twink just looks at me and then runs away.

I pause for a taste of his hole. David uses the moment to get up and turn. I get up and we embrace. We kiss. And kiss. The crowd empties from the room--they just want to see the fucking. David kneels and takes my dripping cock into his mouth. His tongue swirls around the head and shaft. He gets some precum of mine and some residual cum from the Latino and whoever fucked him before. Once he has a mouthful, he rises and kisses me again. We block out the relentless house music, the other men shuffling through the area and the noise of the cock sucking around us. And get lost in just each other.

More to come

The room gets busy--with even a DP…

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Finding That Secret Spot

Ah--he's found it.

Now, just work your tongue between my balls and my cockring...

Friday, January 27, 2012

MAL Postscripts and an Invite

I received a note on BBRT from HotCumLoads, my dependable and hot bottom at MAL who took care of me so often as others wore out:

“Hey stud!
It was great to see you again at MAL this year!
Always have fun playing with you!
Load count for the weekend (thurs thru tues morning) 72”

Now, that is impressive. That’s more than 10 a day…even with his staying one more day than I did.


When I was fucking Gary during the Erosion post, I had an experience I didn’t include. When he arrived, I grabbed a Dick Wadd DVD without looking at which one it was. I popped it into the machine, hit the play button and pulled Gary’s face into my jock. I wanted the groans and splashing as background noise. Some time in the course of our play, my eye caught what was happening on the screen. There was J, the porn star, I fucked, in a sling. I had an amazing moment of sense memory. I could feel his hard arms. Taste his incredible hole. Feel him on top me as he woke me up that morning in DC. It was so strong, I actually had to sit down on the bed for a moment. It was fleeting--and gone. I took a deep breath--and got Gary into the sling…


Today I’m traveling to Chicago to meet David, the piss bottom from MAL--Day Three. We really wanted to play again--and to completion this time.

So here’s the invite part: to any and all of my Chicagoland readers--we will be at Steamworks tonight (Friday, Jan. 27) at 9pm. (You will also see us listed on BBRT). We’ll be easy to find. I’ll be the tall, bald one in leather. We will be playing in the communal sling and fuck bench areas. We’ll never shut the door to our room if we decide to be there. He is looking for loads (of course), and I will be looking for others to fuck while he’s busy. We’re hoping for a felching feast…

Can you think of a nicer way to meet your blogger?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Kalamazoo--March, 2006

This happened quite a few years ago. In 2006, I think, from the few emails left in an old yahoo account. I am pretty sure I met him through squirt.org, the very first hook-up site I used--when I knew next to nothing about using the internet for finding men. His profile was an ass shot--one of those bubble butts that tops dream about. He was in his early 30’s, extremely fit--just how fit I was soon to find out. He asked if I wanted to come over for a scotch. He had desires he thought I might be able to satisfy…

He lived in one of those clusters of apartments that I always associate with student housing, thought this was on the East edge of town, not near the university at all. But they were perfect for singles. I found him on the second floor of the seventh building. The man who opened the door reeked masculinity. He was only a few years out of the Marines. His dark hair was still cut to reflect his years in the service, though it was now slightly longer on the sides. Aquiline, handsome features maybe 5’ 10”, and ripped. He obviously had a gym membership to build on his basic training.

He welcomed me in as if I’d come for the game and a pizza. I sat at his dining room table while he poured scotch over ice out in the kitchen. His computer was up, and displayed on his desktop a gorgeous half naked brunette with large (but real) breasts. He came back to the table and handed me my drink. It was at least a double. He sat, looking at his drink. Then at me. And back to his drink. Finally he spoke.

“Nobody will do it.”

I just looked at him.

“I have a girlfriend, but there’s this part of me…” He stopped, twirled his ice and looked back at me. “During basic training something happened to me. These three guys caught me coming out of the shower. They put a gas mask on me.” He stopped, took a long swig of his scotch. “They took turns fucking me and pissing down the air hose of the mask…”

I said nothing. But I could see in my mind a picture of this butch guy, left lying on the floor of the shower, cum oozing out of his ass and choking on the forced piss.

He was looking at me. “Will you piss on me like that?”

A beat. “And?”

“Yeah, you can fuck me if you’ll do the piss thing.”

“Sure. When?”

“Now. Drink up.”

We stripped and went to the bathroom. It was then I found our how great a body he had. He dropped his jeans in a pile and the t-shirt followed. He was commando, and flashed a big cock. I stripped and threw my clothes on top of his jeans. On the toilet tank sat a regulation issue gas mask. The long hose swayed as he picked it up. He pulled it on over his head, working the chin in last. His breathing became audible as he knelt in the tub.

I grabbed the end of the hose out of his hand and pushed him lower so the hose no longer a U bend to it. With him lower it was a straight shot to his face. I’d had a cup of tea on the way and the huge scotch while here, so I was tanked.

“Come on, Faggot,” I snarled. “Take my piss.”

I rarely think of piss play as humiliation. But this scene was loaded with it. My cock sputtered to life with a trickle of piss down the hose. The Marine whimpered as it hit him. Then the flow began in earnest. It was a huge piss. Even for me. It literally took all the air out of him. He was choking, gagging and was suddenly totally hard. I kept pissing. Rank piss made from the scotch. His hands flailed up, wanting to remove the mask. I slapped the closest one down. I pissed and pissed. As I reached the end, his hands came up again and ripped the mask off. He was beet red. Cover in piss and sweat. Gasping for air.

He rose, shakily. I helped him step out of the tub and guided him to his unmade bed. I pushed him down. He landed face first with a grunt. I was hard. I spit on his hole and entered him. He literally screamed. I slowed for a minute--before I knew that scream was part of the scene. He began begging for me to stop.

“I can’t take it. Please.”

I pushed his head into a dingy pillow. And held it there. He continued pleading, but I just fucked him harder. No position changes. Just a battering of his ass. Long and deep. His muffled words spurred me on.

“I’m gonna breed your faggot ass.”

He pulled up from the pillow. “Don’t cum in me.”

Was this part of the scene, too? Unsure, I pulled out and moved around to his side.

“Look at me.” He did. And I shot all over his tear and piss wet face. He opened his mouth to protest and got a blast deep into his gullet. He looked like he was about to puke. He rolled away and stayed huddled in a semi fetal position on the far side of the bed.

I dressed in silence. I’d gone too far. Shit.

As I was tying my tennis shoe, he rolled over, towards me.

“That was great,” he said. “When can we do it next week?”

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Yes, Sir!"

Playroom--January, 2012

If I ever owed anyone another fuck, it was Ed. We both had to put up with the super rude host when I first met him. He wanted to meet while I was in Washington, DC. But today, our schedules meshed. This graying bear arrived five minutes early--and was on the playroom floor in no time.

He’s looking up at me as I enter the playroom. Kneeling. Waiting. I push my yellow jock into his face. He sighs as he inhales, savoring the aroma of all the sex smells caught in the mesh. His tongue and mouth are first on my balls. Then move on up to my only beginning to erect cock. Once I’m hard, I pause, collect the wrist restraints from where they hang on the sling chains, stick my cock back in his mouth and buckle one on each of his wrists as he continues to suck.

I’m dripping now. I pull out. My cock slaps him across the face. I have so much heft in my dick that it makes a dull smack sound on his cheek. “Stand for me.” He does. I unhook the feet chains and let the sling hang only by the arm chains. I position him under the frame and attach his arms to the top of the sling stand. His body makes a pleasing X pattern as he stands, spread-eagled. I work his nipples, big as the proverbial erasers. I bite, soothe, rub, twist. My hand strays down to his erect cock, bulging out of his orange jock. I slap lightly at his balls, knowing they are sensitive.

Soon I turn him. I have a ring dead center on the top cross of the sling stand. I raise his arms again, fasten both wrists there, and pull his hips back towards me so his back arches. I get his feet apart. And dive into his ass with my tongue. He moans--then tells me how good it feels. I am lubing myself as I eat and fuck him with my tongue. I rise and enter roughly.

“FUCK me, Sir.”

I do. It’s not a great angle--but it’s more about claiming his ass. I fuck, using only two thirds of my length.

“You’re mine?” I am holding him from behind, my cock slowly slipping out of his hole. “For the next few hours?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good.” And I mark him. Piss cascades down the crack of his ass. The shock of surprise makes him gasp. I kneel and clean him up with my mouth. Lingeringly.

I soon unlock him from the frame and tell him to lie under the rimseat. As he gets positioned, I hook the sling up to the standard position. He’s lying there expectantly. His face framed by the tubing of the stand. I lower the seat, straddle it and sit slowly--well aware of the open mouth and hungry eyes below me.

Damn. I wonder if I’ve made a mistake. His tongue feels great, but his goatee is such stubble it is irritating my sensitive hole. I hit the poppers, and soon forget about it. He loves to eat my ass. He revels in how I smell when my pheromones get working. He licks my hole, my taint, my thighs, and back again. I don’t know how long I let him go, but quite a time as I don’t get this attention very often. Finally I rise, help him up and get him on all fours on the bed.

The fuck here is brief--just enough to remind him that his hole is mine. He groans, take a hit of poppers and begins his fuck mantra. Mostly nonsense--though I can make out the word “fuck” and “Sir” occasionally.

I move him to the sling. I eat his hole. I fuck. Now it’s in earnest. I fuck long, deep strokes. Then short and hard. Then pulling the sling to me. I force myself to slow, pull out and catch my breath.

I find a red bandana. Blindfold time. I also snap the clips into the wrist restraints so he can’t move his arms. I pull out the forceps and place one on each nipple. Right then left. I squeeze them, pinching the reddish-brown skin white, listening for the ‘click’ that means they are locked in place. I play with the exposed bits of nipples. I tongue his hole. He never knows where I’ll be next. I clean his pits. Spit in his mouth. Give him a few seconds of my mouth grazing over the head of his penis.

Then I fuck him. “Take it,” I bark. He thinks I’m cumming….but it’s piss. White hot, and inflaming his canal. When he recognizes it for what it is he starts to babble. I fuck my cock into the pints of piss up his guts. I could cum. But I don’t. I stop. Ease the nipple clamps off him---rubbing the area to bring the blood back. And send him to expel the piss and do a touch up.

When he gets back, I’m lying in the sling. I lock eyes with him. “You can eat my hole, suck my cock and balls, chew on my nipples, clean my pits--if you spit that in my mouth. You can piss on me if you want. Just no fingers and no fucking. Get to work.” He’s in heaven. He works everything I’ve named. I am huffing poppers. My cock looks huge in the mirror above me as I stroke.

When my legs get tired from being in the stirrups, I’m out.

He’s back in the sling.

I fuck.

I stop and slowly, deliberately, put on black latex gloves.

I use the small egg headed dildo on his over lubed man-cunt.

I twist the speculum open. Wider this time then the last. My finger strokes his prostate. I insert my cock in with it. Cool steel to my right and left, hot flesh above and below.

Once the speculum is cranked shut and pulled out, it’s two fingers instead of my cock. Then three. Four.

Then eight fingers doing a lateral stretch.

My cock. Plowing his over worked hole.

My cock and three fingers, inserted above it. I press down and feel my cock moving.

“It’s breeding time.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You want me to breed you?”

“YES, Sir.”

I hit the poppers, never pausing in my stroking---and shoot.

I hold onto the sling frame for support. I can‘t stand. I sink down to look at his hole.
It’s been abused for two and a half hours. It’s puffy, swelling to a rosebud. My cum is slowly dripping out, clinging to the ridges of the rosebuded ass. I lean in to taste…

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The Playroom--January, 2012

It was all planned. The cum I’d collected was in the freezer. The Cum Hound would be here. He was bringing another top. I had asked Stan to come fuck him, too. Then Gary, the jock thief wanted to play. I told him what was happening, and asked if he was feeling versatile. He told me yes, as long as he got fucked at some point. They were all due in the playroom at noon this Monday. By 9:00am it began falling apart. Stan had stomach trouble from bad fish the night before. By 10:00 the Cum Hound cancelled with a business appointment change. I sent a quick text to Gary--telling him he’d be the main course. That suited him just fine… 

Gary is looking trimmer than the last time he was here. I am not sure I’d describe him as a cub anymore--much more of an otter if I stick to those gay body types. He’s telling me, though, he feels bigger. He’s looking hot in his designer underwear. He’s kneeling on the tarp under the sling. I have a clean black jock on, along with my boots. He is ready to dig into the pouch.

I run a hand over his furry chest. He puts his mouth on the jock, inhales and pulls out my balls. He sucks them--working one then the other. Both finally fit in his mouth. My erecting cock is pushing the fabric into an obscene bulge. He uncovers it. My dick springs out, almost hitting him in the eye. He takes it into his mouth--and soon down to the root. The look of pleasure on his face makes my cock head swell in the back of his throat.

He comes up for air. His mouth finds mine. I’m surprised, but pleased. Kissing has not been high on his agenda in the past. My tongue pushes in. I hold the back of his neck and pull him to me. I slowly release and sink to my knees. I’m not there long, but long enough to get rid of the underwear, wet his balls, and take his decidedly shorter cock into my mouth. He’s buried to the hilt. I look to my left. There’s his camera.
“Do you care if I take some video of you sucking my dick?”

I grunt a negative and keep deep throating his cock. He holds the camera out a ways, even with his crotch. I pull off his dick, and slowly make it disappear for the camera. He’s beginning to precum quite a bit. Sticky and sweet. I lick more and swallow.

Soon we reverse. I hold the camera and let him show off for it. It turns him on. He deep throats me and gives a lot of attention to my cock head. When he stands up, we kiss once more. Deep and wet.

Rimseat. Poppers. And I’m under. His ass tastes incredible. It’s full enough, that with my head on the pillow, I am pressed right into his ass crack. I lick and eat until I have that moment of not quite being able to catch my breath. I hold onto that feeling as long as I dare, then I pull back just enough to get more air in my lungs. And begin again, with renewed vigor.

On the bed, he sits on my cock. I don’t remember if he’s ever done that before. I’m deeper in him, than usual. At least, deeper than at first. He’s set up the camera on the bureau. He records good footage of him riding my oversized dick.

He pulls off. And sucks me. I don’t think he’s ever done ass to mouth. And he likes it. I can hear it in the self satisfied grunt. And how he won’t pull off it. He sits back on me, rides it, pulls off, licks it and kisses me with the taste of his ass still on his tongue. Limits are eroding away. And I couldn’t be happier…

It’s sling time. We are there a long time. I just have to brush his nipples with my finger tips and his ass opens for me. I fuck. I piss on the hole. I lick it off. I insert and fuck him as hard and deep as I ever have. Soon I have to back off a little. But I play with his nipples again, coating them with lube, and he’s right back open.
I break for a moment. He asks for piss on his face. I don’t have any to give--and the moment passes, but I make a note for the next meet. I huff poppers and drill his ass with my tongue. The mix of sweet lube, his ass, my piss and precum is amazingly heady. My cock hurts it’s so hard. I guide it into his hole. He starts bucking back, fucking himself onto it.

He’s close. I can tell. He motions me around to the side of the sling.

“Stick your dick in my mouth.”

I know what he needs. “Yeah, straight from your ass. Clean it. Come on.”

He’s beating furiously. And shoots. Hitting his ear.

I move around, jerking hard. I dip to taste his hole. I bend and lick some of his cum off the messy treasure trail. I touch my tongue to his hole--rise and shoot my load over his ass, cock and balls.

I have to grab the uprights of the sling stand. I balance myself and, as my head clears, look down at him. His eyes are closed, his fingers idly mixing our cum on his stomach. I bend to kiss him. He lets me, but it’s more the old Gary, limits back in place. But now I know--I can keep washing them away, to help find his inner pig.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Married Men

Jackson--January, 2012

MAL left me not wanting sex for four days. Let me repeat that--FOUR days. That is pretty incredible for me. So by Friday I had recovered and was horned and ready. I needed to visit family in Metro Detroit so I thought I could just go to the bathhouse after I was done. I hadn’t counted on the snow. Or to be exact, how many fewer salt trucks would be on the road with all the budget cuts in Detroit. The roads became treacherous. I didn’t chance it--since likely few others would either. I stayed in. I awoke rampant and ready. I went home, but stopped by the bookstore, the one an hour away from my house--hoping I might get to fuck Manny on a Saturday late afternoon and night. The lot was quite full. No cute ass. Bu lots of married men… 

“Take it. Fuck, yeah.”

The load is ropey and thick. Not much flavor, but there is a lot of it.

It’s true, I guess. All things come to those who wait….

There are five or six men in the lounge when I first go in. All jacking to the straight porn, with occasional glances at the gay stuff happening on the screen next door. I settle in and haul out my cock. One of the married men is a guy I’ve played with before. He is down on me before I’m hard. He gets me hard, with some nice juicy head. He stands up though, just as it’s getting good, and tells me to take his cock. He shoots a tiny, tiny load. And leaves.

I wander and find a very tall man jerking. He’s at least 6’4”. His cock is thick and stubby. The big hand jerking it has a wedding band on it as thick as any I’ve ever seen. He refuses my offer of a blow job. He wants to watch me jerk. And he does. But soon the idea of blowing in a mouth is too much. I take him. He blows. He is complimentary of my 30 seconds of work and takes off fast.

And nothing. Lots of men. But all keeping to themselves.

It’s close to an hour later. He walks into the straight room--all eyes look to him. He is graying at the temples. A handsome profile, nice clothes for a bookstore. He sits in the far chair. He pays no attention to any of the stroking. No casual glances at the other guys. His hand digs into the waistband of his pants. He is kneading himself under the fabric. We jerk. We knead. We stroke. Guys discreetly blow a load in the paper towel provided by the management.

I’m bored and amble off to the transgendered porn. When I return I see the result of a furtive blow job. My distinguished guy’s eyes are riveted on a man who was obviously just straightening up from sucking the cock next to him on the sofa. They see me and all eyes go back to the screen. Nothing happened, man.

I wait. Guys leave. A few arrive. I travel to all four viewing areas. In the transgendered area, I find the graying gentleman. His cock is out now. Long and thin. And no attempt to hide it from me. I sit far enough away to not crowd him.

And wait. And watch the screen.

“Cocksucker?” It’s loud in the alcove.

I nod my head. His only answer is to spread his legs.

I go to him and kneel. He opens the waist band wider. I see all of it now. He’s long and thin. Cut. Drooling. I take just the head in my mouth.

He hisses a long intake of air.

I slowly sink down on it. My tongue is over active, my right hand kneads his balls.

It’s going to take no time.

“Take it. Fuck, yeah.”

The load is ropey and thick. Not much flavor, but there is a lot of it.

I clean him up. No need for that paper towel when you are in my mouth.

“Fuck, I needed that.” He’s suddenly loquacious. “My wife’s away on business these last three weeks. A guy told me bout this place--but I don’t know. I almost didn’t come in--a cop was right behind me on the street.”

I am nursing the last drip of jizz out of his softening cock.

“Damn, you know how to suck. Thanks.” A moment of silence. “I don’t usually do this…”

I smile up at him. “Hey,” I offer, “it’s just guy’s helping each other out. That’s all.”

He looks reassured--and starts to do up his trousers.

“Damn, you sure do know how to make a man happy…”

He is buttoned up, zipped up and tucked.

And gone.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Tops and a Rimseat

I think I mentioned there was one encounter that I had not gotten around to detailing before I left for MAL. The week before MAL I’d been load collecting for the Cum Hound who then had to cancel. The next day I was online talking to a fellow top. He and I have teamed up for a number of bottoms who love to have both holes used at the same time. He’s just a bit younger than me, a muscular bear, with a receding hairline. What’s left of his dark hair is buzzed. Stan sports a mustache, like I do my beard, more for what it feels like when we rim, then any fashion sense. I told him about what I’d been planning and how I’d had to cancel. I also mentioned how just thinking about the coming weekend kept me perpetually horned. Finally he suggested that I come over. “Look,” he said, “we’ve always talked about an all oral session--just suck and rim. Why don’t we do it?” Who was I to disagree?

It’s a nice, mid century house. Half of a duplex--so long and narrow, but perfect for one person. I cart in the rimseat in a garbage bag that is more holes now than cover. We strip in his bedroom at the back of the house. An old oak bed dominates the small room. A bureau and stacks of clothes (most clean) lie on a low chest, and some for the laundry on the floor are the only other things that fit in the room. There is just space enough for me to set up the seat by the side of the bed. I toss the garbage bag remains on the stack of our clothes on the floor at the foot of the bed, where we’ve left them in a tangle.

Stan is hungry. He gently pushes me down on the bed so I’m sitting, with my feet still on the floor. He kneels on the hardwood floor and takes me into his mouth. I’ve been in his mouth before--but in our group play it’s always been sort of in passing. Now he’s there in earnest. He has to work a little at ovaling his mouth to get me in with comfort. But he’s determined, and it feels great. He concentrates on the head. Tons of spit is already flowing. It helps me inch down his throat. Soon, he has me all. His eyes are watering a little, but he holds it. Then slowly backs off of my dick.

I lean forward. We kiss. But barely. I don’t think that’s in his playbook with another top, though I’ve seen him get lost in a passionate kiss as he’s fucking a cute bottom. He stands and sticks his dripping cock into my mouth. He’s a traffic cone. It has a smaller head, but just keeps getting thicker and thicker the lower you go on it. I can only imagine how it would open a hot hole. He is dumping a ton of precum into my mouth. I use it to coat his cock, swirl it over the helmet head, then swallow.

All too soon he pulls out of my mouth. He gets under the rimseat. I lower the seat and make myself comfortable. A hit of poppers….

And his tongue is attacking my hole. His style is aggressive. And hot. He licks at my ass, the surrounding furry area and then starts to open my tight pucker. I sit back and let him go at it. His cock is rock hard. He’s often told me how much he’d love to fuck me--see if he couldn’t be the one to make me like getting fucked. His hand reaches up and jerks my cock a little. He smears some of my precum on his fingers. He licks them, and works it up my hole. I relax, and revel in sensation. Not many guys I play with eat ass. They expect it--but won’t do it.

Stan reaches up again for more pre-cum. He gets a large drip. His hand snakes back down below me. And his finger starts to invade me. I tense. I try to relax and let him…but I can’t. I get up. Apologizing.
He looks slightly sheepish. “I keep forgetting.”

I suggest we switch. I’m under. He sits. His fuller ass fills my view. A tangle of hair--and the slightly spread hole. I taste, just running my tongue over it. And again. More pressure this time. Soon I’m burrowing in. I’ve been here before. He loves to have me eat his ass on the back stroke as he fucks some boy. I hear him panting. He reaches to the bed for lube. He’s stroking madly. Oh, fuck. Don’t shoot now. He tastes great, all Dial and fresh sweat. He is sweating now. I can’t tell if the drops I feel on my torso are droplets of sweat or precum. Likely a mixture.

Stan reaches for the lube again. He coats my cock and leans forward in order to stroke it. It feels good, but it’s harder to eat his hole. I pull him back, and with my left arm, push him upright. Yeah. I’m deeper, now that he’s re-settled. He moans and strokes vigorously. All too soon he leans forward to stroke me again. This time he’s off the rimseat. He rises, turns toward me. And starts to sit on my rampant cock. Slowly, he is inching the big head into his ass.

I am surprised. And not. I can watch how deep I am in him by watching his face. It contorts--and then relaxes. I am in. To the hilt. Stan settles for a second. Then begins bouncing on me-- and jerking his cock like crazy.

“Shit.” I know what’s coming. Literally. He shoots a major load all over my chest. He pulls off and stands quickly, a little weak in the knees and sits down hard on the bed. It becomes all about towels and a quick wash for me. He stays on the bed. I join him there.

We talk about one of the boys we have shared. We both missed him this Christmas when he was visiting from San Francisco. Stan reaches over and idly strokes me as we talk about sharing this boy’s ass. I’m hard again. He rolls onto his back, guiding me back into him.

“Cum in me.”

I twist around so I’m on my knees, enter and slowly pump into him. I am nowhere close. Stan is hard again, but I can see he’s hurting. I will myself to let go and shoot. It works. I gasp it out. And Stan shoots again--this time covering himself.

“I can’t believe I took you,” he blurts out.

“But you did. Twice.”

He lowers his voice, and all but whispers, “I wanted your cum inside me.”

I smile, a rather crooked smile.

Ah, yes. Oral only….

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Recovery

A picture of my cock.  Soft.  Yes, it is soft sometimes.  Actually a lot since MAL.  I had no idea how exhausted I was when I flew home, but I have had four lazy days--and four sexless days in a row-- which is all but unheard of....

I have been dreaming of the sex I had on the trip.  Something I rarely do--or at least, rarely remember. 

I was also chatting with the Silver Fox--a Detroit top-- today on BBRT.  We shared a number of guys at MAL without knowing it--our tastes are so similar.  We are so in tune that our impressions of the three
guys were almost exactly alike.

I think my recovering sex drive has also led me to not racing
back to posting.  But while on BBRT, I also talked to the
Cum Hound for who I collected the loads at the bookstore.

We have a date for Monday. 

It should be a nice cummy fuck....

And you know I'll be posting about that.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I don’t think I realized what an “epic saga” my MAL reporting had become until last night as I was scrolling through it all. Jeez---I was busy…But of course, I have a few final thoughts about it all.
My living room is covered with plastic, where my freshly conditioned leather is drying. (There was so much dried lube and cum caked on it, it was amazing.) The smell of it is fantastic, for those who love leather. If I hadn’t played as hard as I did, I’d be hard right now.

I had three blog reader interactions at the hotel:

A) I seemingly pissed off a reader. He was being funny online--and I thought my response was, too--but I have never used smiley faces or the dreadful “LOL“ after statements I type. I was deluged at times on BBRT and, looking back at the exchange, I realize my word choice was not good enough to show I was being humorous. If you read this, sir--I wasn’t being an ass on purpose….I was just typing fast…Sorry.

B) I met Ken in the lobby after he dropped me an email. We had a really pleasant talk about the blog, MAL, the DC gay scene, etc…And I would have boned him in a heartbeat if I hadn’t dropped a load 30 minutes before we met. And Ken, if you see this, get rid of that picture you sent me. You are so much handsomer than that photo…

C) And on the very first day, in the Vendor Mart, packed with guys in hides, I passed a couple and heard: “That’s the guy that writes that blog…” Ah, fame after all these years…

I noticed it in the airport--I was still looking at everyone as a potential sex partner. Well, of course, I kind of live my life that way anyway. But when you’ve just been at an hotel filled with potential sex 24 hours a day for four days, I had to really remind myself that the guy in front of me on the escalator with a hot ass, might actually be straight…

On the way home from Detroit Metro Airport, I did stop by the Breeder’s favorite rest area in Michigan. It was mid day, so I only saw the one man who I have seen there every time I have ever been there…I told him my cock was exhausted.

And lastly, Bad Seed Media has the promo up for the porn scene I filmed at MAL last year. When I first saw it it had a heading like “Jayson’s MAL Bang“ But it‘s been re-edited and the title is no longer there...

Ah, Jayson--I miss your ass….

Monday, January 16, 2012

MAL--Day Four

I make myself take a lazy morning. My cock was beginning to feel all the play.

I read.

I write.

I doze.

I get online.

I decide to look up a young man who I played with last year. He is pretty much a no limits cum whore. And gorgeous--muscled, tatted, dark hair and electric blue eyes. He videos all his encounters to show his Master how much dick, fist and piss he has taken during the weekend. My time with peeboy is short. There are two men already with him. A couple I think. A big dicked top and a regulation sized vers--both late 30’s and very good looking. Pissboi2 is giving them head, but I don’t think they fuck bareback. So they wave me over to enter him. I do. His ass is velvety. But not cum lined. Pissboi2 lets me fuck, but he keeps standing up to show himself off to the camera, pulling me out in the process. I push him over and re-enter--just to have him do it again. After the third time of this, the other top turns him around. I wonder if the thick uncut cock is going to disappear, but no. He works his fist up him. Pissboi2 hangs on to me and starts furiously jerking. The vers guy raises his shirt in case he gets sprayed. And does he ever. A huge load of cum bursts from Pissboi2. He tells us it’s his first cum of the weekend. And I almost believe him--even though his door has been open 18 hours a day. While the couple wash up, he chats me up telling me he remembers me from last year. And he does remember what we did…Flattering, considering the number of men he goes through in a weekend. (My laundry list of ass makes me look like a virgin next to his nonstop indulgence.) I say I’ll come back later, but he hosts a closed door party that night, so I don’t see him again.

I talk for a moment with HotCumLoads outside his door. The blindfold sessions are really increasing his numbers. He’s thrilled.

I go down to Vendor Mart for one last time. I buy some poppers, say good-bye to the Leather Man crew--and find David, last night’s piss play man, massaging a vendor. We hug. We talk. He really wants to go play, but he has no time to get to my room on the 9th floor. Well, the public toilet in the lobby will work. We go into a stall. He sits and gets me hard instantly. He asks for piss--but I’ve pissed before I knew he was here.
“Well, I have to go,” he announces. I think he means to go meet his ride home, but no. He wants to feed me. I crack open the new poppers, take a huge hit and he lets loose a torrent of piss down my gullet. Almost at the same time, a guy gets off noisily in the handicapped stall. It seems we weren’t the only ones playing…..David gets dressed for outside. We agree to try to meet on his next trip to Chicago. We both want to play at Steamworks with each other and show off……

I go up to the room and get online. Almost immediately I get a message from a tatted skinhead type. He’s in the hotel across the street. He’s worked the Vendor Mart all weekend and needs to be fucked. Hard. I throw on my jacket and am out the door.

It’s literally across the street. I get up to his room and he opens the door, all but naked. His body is covered in art of all sorts. Symbols, words, pictures, a smattering of tribal. It doesn’t quite goes to together--but he looks straight out of one of those Brit punk videos. His shaved head glistens, as he turns off a few lights and I start to strip. I’m down to the yellow jock--it’s strong with all the piss play last night. He’s on his knees mouthing it, before I can say anything--getting the scent all over his chinstrap beard. I realize at that moment we are a perfect match. I bend down, shove two fingers in his mouth, make him open wide and I spit. His eyes shine. Now he knows, too…

He gets me hard. I order him up the bed. He gets on all fours. The bed is high, but the perfect height for me to kneel and taste his hole with no bending. The room decorator has thoughtfully provided a full length mirror across from him. He watches me kneel behind him.

“I want to taste you hole, boy.”

His hole. It’s a work of art. He’s stretched it and worked it. He can squeeze so fucking hard on my tongue it hurts. He can push out the inner ring so it starts out, but not to the point of a rose bud--extending his ass into my waiting mouth. He huffs poppers and moans. I lube just a bit, I rise and press my cock against the ring. He resists on purpose, then relaxes and I glide home.

“Oh, fuck, Sir. That is so good. You have the perfect cock.”

I grunt and fuck him hard. My balls are slapping his ass. Eventually I slow. I flip him over. I want to see his eyes as I fuck him. I’m not disappointed. They go from lust to bliss and back again. My cock is in a state of constant drool--almost like I’ve had no sex all weekend.

I take a moment, clamber up on the high bed and lean against the pillows. He knows what I want. He get between my legs and savors the taste of his hole on my cock. I tell him to go for my balls--squeezing them together so he can get both in his mouth.

“Now lower,” I instruct him. “Try to get your tongue between the cockring and my balls. It’s a struggle, but he does. It’s one of a couple secret places on my body that can send me close to over the edge. I take a hit of my new poppers and let him work and work.

Soon I lie down and he’s riding my cock. He clamps down on. Hard.

“Christ,” I bark, “you’re as tight as a bad condom.” And we both laugh. He collapses forward and stops up my mouth his tongue.

We fuck. I get off the bed and get his head hanging off to bed and skull fuck him. Spit. Fuck. Slow, slow, to the hilt. Gag. Pull those long strands of spittle out. Kiss.

I swing him around, still on his back. “Now take a hit of poppers.” He does. I want to watch the ripple through his expressive face. We fuck. Slow, but with full on strokes that shake the bed. I catch myself in the mirror, and for a moment I’m convinced I look hot.

Eventually we stop. I spin him around again, his head towards me, but still supported by the bed this time. I bend over him so my left armpit is in his face as I nuzzle and lick his rightt pit. We are both scent pigs. We lick and chew and kiss, long and slow. And repeat with the other side. The kiss this time is long and lingering. Hot and tender combined.

Too soon I have to breed. He’s expecting the roommate anytime. I eat hole, thrust in. Eat. Thrust and spew. I cum and cum. I collapse on his chest. I love watching his face as I shoot. Totally fulfilled. We kiss again. I pull out. He swings around to catch the drips from my cock. I lick around his hole, teasing a little of my load out of him.

“Please let me keep it, Sir.” How can you say no to that?

I am beat. I make it to my room and doze. I eat a little. Four hours later I’m ready again. I check in on HotCumLoads. He has two guys--one in each hole. And a bottom who is trying to steal cock from him. The couple gives way to me, and surprisingly leave as I eat and fuck. He’s been busy. But I decide to wait a bit.

A hot versatile Puerto Rican wants to play. He tells me he has a 9 X 6 cock. I remind him I’m not vers, and he says that’s fine. I go to his room, we suck each other--but it’s not right. We both need a hungry bottom--and they all seem to have gone to the closing dance. (And some how his “9 X 6 fits perfectly on top of my 8.5 X 6 cock. With mine just a little longer…those Caribbean rulers….)

I go back to HCL. The couple has returned. They fuck him. They watch me eat his ass---and cum one last time up his now pleasantly familiar hole. A fitting way to end MAL 2012.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

MAL Day Three

A day of connections...not just friction…

I get up earlier than I want to, but I’m ravenous.



Typing the blog.

Which makes me ready to fuck.

I dress: Yellow jock, combat boots, leather wrist bands, and cover it all with the Air Force flight suit for walking the halls.

The Event: A top has got two bottom boys in one room. The guest list is impressive. It is to start at 1pm. I leave my room at 1:30pm--so there will be cum in their holes.

I knock. The host opens the door. He’s graying, 50+ and fully dressed.

Everyone else in the room is naked.

There are maybe 15 guys. There seems to be only the one bottom, but he’s hot as hell. Latino, maybe 25 in a red jock, dark hair matted with sweat. He wears a bottle of poppers around his neck on a chain. He’s on all fours, on one of the two beds, taking a cock every bit as big as mine. The top is a muscled guy I know socially from last year’s MAL. Everyone else is watching and jacking, or watching and jacking their neighbor. I strip. I toss the coverall behind the chair. The top pulls out. I kneel and lick his hole. A murmur goes around the room. My cock is still waking up, so a thick cocked top with no length takes his turn. He’s the first to cum in his hole in my presence. I remove my cock from somebody’s mouth and felch the load.
An eager black top steps up to take his turn.

I am pulled toward the sling by a cute otter. The invite had stated others could bottom, so I start rimming his furry hole as soon as he’s in place. He’s tight. And he tells me so. I apply extra lube to my cock, rise and inch my way in. He’s a good fuck, though you can tell he doesn’t bottom with my size often. He finally asks me for a break.

I’m in the zone. I go directly to the center of attention, and insert my dick. He moans and says something in Spanish I don’t understand--but I get the general idea--so I fuck him harder. The dark, untrimmed hair on his ass is matted and used-- and so plainly visible against my white dick on each backstroke. I stop and taste what I’ve pulled out of him. A good mix of load…

He’s one of those boys made to be fucked. He takes everyone in the room who can get it up. Even the other bottoms. I go back to the otter on the other bed. He rides me. Nest up is a hairy, tattooed, Hollywood handsome, thirty-something in a harness. He is sucking and getting fucked, prepping all the men to enter the Latino. I eventually get Harness in the sling. My cock makes him see something miles above me. He starts talking dirty. Loud. He has two other men working his chest and, eventually another in his mouth. He finally stops me, only because he wants his own turn up the boy.

The room is emptying. A guy who looks 18 and is likely 21 has come in. He pulls out a thin long cock and begins slapping it on the cummy ass of the Latino. We all watch. I finally go over and taste the now well used hole. I lick. Spit it back in. This drives the young one crazy. I get out of the way and he plunges in. He fucks him hard. Soon he pulls out and makes the bottom clean his cock, which the Latino does with delight. I taste the hole again.

Harness all but pushes me aside he’s so ready to bust a nut. He gets his cock just inside the hole and shoots. I clean him, clean the hole, and look enquiringly at the young top.

“You fuck in that load.”

I do. Then I pull out and take it to the Latino’s mouth as the young top enters him. We play with this rotation for a long time.

A few guys are sucking each other now. The host has a great looking cock down his throat. Other guys fuck and load the boy. I have one other ass, hardly worth mentioning as he couldn’t take me for more than a couple of strokes….

The young top and I move the Latino to the sling. We take turns there. The young top still hasn’t shot. He has me lie down on the bed. He wants to see the Latino ride me. Once he’s mounted, he kneels between my legs. His face is just inches from my cock entering him. I so hope he’ll lick my balls, but no such luck. He could have seen me cum if he had done that…

The Latino, who has been very vocal during most of the event, is quieter now. He’s focused on my eyes. He slows his bouncing enough to bend and kiss me. We’re good. We kiss, barely grinding cock and ass together.

When we come up for air we realize, people are thinning fast. I don’t know where or when the young top went--I know he didn’t shoot. A new, handsome 40 something blond has walked in. He just pulls his cock out. I see him out of the corner of my eye and whisper to the bottom he needs to greet his new guest. He disengages and goes to kneel in front of the new comer. I watch and stroke. Soon the Latino rises and bends over in front of the blond. He enters. In less than ten strokes he’s shooting. The Latino turns and cleans his cock.

“Come here,” I say. He starts to sit on my cock again. “No. Up here.” He sits on my face. The recent load pours out. I hungrily swallow. The bottom groans. Gravity works. I get more and more. He finally can’t take it any longer. He slides off my face, and down my chest just enough to kiss me. He swabs out everything I haven’t swallowed. He calls me Daddy and settles in my arms. I feel his ass drip on my thigh. We become the only two people in the room.

The host calls a break. We disengage. I get dressed. With balls still loaded. I go up one flight to 475 the room of J, the porn star who had stayed in my room. He’d been online earlier--and recovered. I’m hoping his door might be cracked. It is. I knock and enter. The maid is making the bed. No sling, no luggage, nothing. He’s gone.

I drop him a line of BBRT saying I must have written the room down wrong. No response. I go out to grab a sandwich. And come back. There’s a flashing response. He’s moved to a suite. Come down--he’s loaded….

The door is cracked, a hanger wedged in it so it can’t shut. I knock and enter. A built Black man is fucking J. I go over, kiss him, tweak a nipple and see the thickest cock I have ever seen in my life on the man fucking him. And J is taking like it’s pretzel. I strip out of the coverall. J and I kiss again. I beat his mouth with my cock. I spit in it, turn his head and fuck his face. The Top reaches up and hangs from the sling frame. He never misses a beat in fucking that hairy hole. Finally he slows and pulls out. I try to take him in my mouth. I can’t. I feel totally inadequate. My eye teeth scrape him, and I’m not even close to taking in the head. He pats my head and pushes me towards Jake’s hole. He busies himself around the room--prepping it for more people. He dresses, kisses J goodbye and leaves me to fuck.

I finally enter him. I feel tiny after the width of the other. But J’s hole responds and clasps me tightly. I fuck. I make him suck his ass juice/earlier loads off my cock. We kiss, we spit…We are both totally into letting me take charge of this hot, tatted man.

The door opens. Two white bread young men wander in--in regular street clothes. They both fuck him briefly, one even cums. I think they can feel the vibe in the room is not for them and take off.

I fuck in the load. Soon J is out of the sling and sitting on my face. He revels in my tongue cleaning him. He stays in place, his full ass all but smothering me. Finally he gets off me and we kiss. We explore each others mouths. Ears. Necks. Armpits. We can’t get enough of each other’s scent in our beards. Then mixing those scents on our tongues. We stay on the floor, holding caressing and licking.

And a prissy queen walks in, sees J and wants him in full top mode. It’s not happening now--after we had gone to some totally different place…The queen natters on about J’s films--and I finally say we are calling it quits to get rid of him. He wanders off. I shut the door. But what ever we‘d created is lost. We both feel more tired than anything else. I leave him to crash--as do I.

When I awake, I have two insistent men online. Neither are in the hotel. One I talked to last year--and eventually find out I met at a Chicago piss party. He wants my piss. The other, a decent looking older blond, wants my fist. He’s coming to the hotel to a party the host had asked me to. I suggest to both, we meet there.

David, the pissee, arrives at the room while I’m still getting into chaps and harness. He looks so much hotter than his pictures: strong, chiseled features, nice hairy body and in full gear. We go down a few flights. The suite is laid out with slings and fuck bench. The blond is there--older than his pics. David greases up and start to fuck the blond. He soon stops and gives way to me. I slip in and fuck. I realize I’m cover in shit. This man who wants to be fisted has not even started to clean out. I wash. As I come out of the bathroom, I see a guy filling a syringe in the far corner. David and I make our excuses and get the fuck out of there.

We are back in my room. He asks for piss up his ass eventually. He keeps feeding me his piss so my load will be huge. We suck, we fuck, we drink piss. Finally, as I’m fucking him doggy style, I fill his ass and fuck in it. He tells me he could cum, hands free, as I do that.

We play more. But I never cum. He is holding his for a play party off site I have no interest in. We kiss--and he starts rubbing my back. I so need it. I melt. And he has great hands. Strong. He did things with his forearms like no one has ever done to me. We lay content and sighing…and all the roomies arrive.

David leaves. I eat a salad I’ve bought earlier. The food perks me up.

And my cock needs release.

I go down two floors to HotCumLoads. His door is cracked. He’s alone and blindfolded again. I taste his over flowing hole. Insert. Fuck. Explode. I collapse and clutch his furry back, wishing I could sleep right there, still inserted in his clenching hole.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

MAL Day Two

“I heard you pissing. I thought I should get up…”

J, the porn star who crashed in my room until he could check in to his own this morning, is propped up on one elbow, looking at me as I return from the shower. As I towel myself, he rises and kneels at my feet. Soon he has me all the way down his throat. He’s making contented sighs.

We move to the bed. He sucks. We kiss--strong and deep. He sucks. We kiss--lightly. He licks my balls. He is into my pits. He licks and licks. I do the same. Now our kisses taste even more of each other. He sucks my cock. I hold him in place, pushing against the back of his head. I finally let him up for air. He’s murmuring “Thank you, Sir.” I’m now on top of him. My hand is around his throat. His mouth inches from mine. I spit in it. A shiver runs through him. We look deeply in each other’s eyes. We kiss, tasting my pre-cum and spittle. He runs his beard in and around my left armpit--so he can keep my scent with him. I want to eat his hole--but we agree to save it for the meet later. Reluctantly we get up. He checks in--to get cleaned out and loaded.


I write up Thursday. Which makes me want to play some more….I see who is online.

I check in with J. He’s taken two loads, but needed to do another clean out. We decide to wait until he gets the sling after 5pm.

A hot young man is taking loads. Imagine. I write the top who’s organizing. He answers quickly: I can come load him if I can get there right now. I walk down the two flights. The room is directly below mine. The door is ajar. I enter. A ripped African American is fucking the bottom. He’s the top in charge--early 30‘s, cropped hair, and muscles everywhere. He smiles. I strip. The sight this thick meat entering a white bubble butt gets me hard instantly. The bottom is younger yet, classically good looking, hairy and in heat. The top nods in approval at the size of my cock. He pulls out. And tells me to fuck him.

I kneel on the floor, pull the bottom over and taste his hole. He has load. I spend a little time there, but I know the top wants to see me fuck. I rise and slide in. Velvety ass. And wet. It clings to my cock. I fuck slow. Another boy walks in. He’s the youngest of the three--lithe and blond--and shows off a just bigger than average cock. He’s hard watching us work the boy. I offer him a turn. He slides in and fucks. I don’t think he’s used to an audience. He turns slightly self-conscious, going slightly soft. The black guy goes back in. I can now see, just before it disappears up the ass, that he’s uncut. The bottom is not about sucking cock. It’s all about his hole. I move to the floor to watch the black cock spread him wide.

When he pulls out, I reach over and guide that thick uncut beauty into my mouth. He’s surprised and pleased. The boy is up the bottom again. The top in charge is still pumping my mouth. He actually reaches down and feels my hole. I pull off his cock and shake my head. We are diverted by the youngest vocalizing his cum. He pumps his load, holds himself in place for a bit and slowly pulls out. As he stand up, I swallow his drooling cock. He shivers, but lets me suckle on it. I’m not there for long--his load is leaking out of the hole. I dive in. This impresses the two tops and makes the bottom mumble incoherently. It’s a copious load--and was shot so shallowly into his hole, I’m able to lick out large amounts of cum.

I stand and slip in. His walls are silky smooth. His top comes around the bed to stroke his head and tell he he’s a good cum whore. The spent top watches me fuck. I’m picking up speed.

“Shoot in my boy.”

I pull out, taste the frothy hole, and slip in again.

“Here, man,” I choke out. “Take my load.”

His ass convulses around my cock. He hasn’t been this tight the entire fuck. He milks and milks me.
I pull out. The young top is gone. The main top is all about whispering in the bottom’s ear. I get dressed. I catch the top’s eye. He smiles and gives me a thumbs up.

And I go off to a late lunch.

I let it digest awhile, then check in with my porn star. Does he want to play? The answer is not what I want to hear. He’s played with a PA’ed big cock who has made him bleed-- bleed so much that he’s not bottoming any more that day. I suggest we get a boy to share as tops, but that doesn’t seem to be of interest.
I go off and explore the Vendor’s Mart.

Roommates arrive. Matt, from last year, who lives the leather life, part of an extended leahter family. And a cute FF bottom.


My late night pleasure is a Persian boy. He’s late 30’s, lovely cinnamon colored skin, and jet black hair. He’s brought his own sling. Once again, he’s down on the 7th floor. Did the Hyatt know somehow to put all the hungry bottoms together? I arrive with a blond top, about my age. We go in together. Sandor looks at us hungrily, and shuts the door, locking out a bear of a man who wanted to join. The blond top, early 40’s and scrubbed pink, is out of clothes in no time. I’m still untying my boots and his cock is in Sandor’s mouth. He lays down on the bed and Sandor climbs on top of him, sinking his ass down on this regulation sized cock. He grunts and groans as if it’s the biggest dick he’s ever taken. I get between the splayed legs of the top and lick his balls. Sandor pulls off. His eyes pop as he sees the size of my cock. It’s in his mouth, but we all agree, the other top should fuck him for a bit before I enter.

We move to the sling. The blond fucks--and he’s good. Varied attacks and tempos. I move in to take my turn. I slip in easier than we thought. His hole has been abused all day and just opens wide to accommodate me. He’s hot and wet. I fuck slow. The blond sits on the corner of the bed and strokes. His eyes are right about at entry level. They can’t seem to get enough of the sight of my cock disappearing.

We rotate again. And again. The fourth time up him, the blond cums. But denies he did. As if Sandor didn’t want cum up his hole--please. The blond sits and strokes, but his cock is softening. He looks at me. “You’ve been fucking him for over half and hour and you haven’t cum.”

“It’s why bottoms either love me or hate me.”

He dresses and leaves. And the good sex starts. Sandor is suddenly all mine and subs out. He sucks. We fuck. On the bed where he rides me, then back in the sling. I am without my restraints, but tell him he most hold on to the chains above his head. I grab a towel and cover his eyes--telling he will never know where I’ll be next. I work his nipples which are poking out of this mass of jet black fur. I spit in his open mouth. I lick the slashes of dark fur in his pits--and spit that heady flavor in his mouth. I work a finger up his ass as I keep chewing on them. Sandor is bucking and telling me he’s never had anything like this done to him. My mouth grazes the head of his cock. It lengthens, but never hardens. Soon I’m up him again. We fuck and fuck…..
I look in his eyes. I’m now hurting him. He’s been fucking fairly non-stop for 10 hours that day he tells me. His hole has had it. I reluctantly pull out. I kiss his hole. Kiss him. And leave.

Fucking blue balled.

I am on the same floor as HotCumLoads. I wonder if he’s still up. I wander through the maze of an oddly laid out hotel and finally get to his room. The door is ajar. I can hear sex sounds inside. I push in.

He’s there. Blindfolded. On all fours on the bed with two pillows tucked under him. Four guys are taking turns on his ass. I unzip. None of us have stripped. We are there to just use him to be our cum receptacle for the night. An overweight guy is plowing into him, telling him how wet his hole is. Three others stroke, then take turns. A short Latin guy cums. It’s my turn. I taste. Some one pushes my face into his frothy hole. I rear up and shove it home. HCL bucks back. I think he knows it’s me--he knows my tongue too well.

“Give it to him,” says someone in the crowd. I fuck. His hole is fantastically wet and slick.

I shoot the load that has been building for the last three hours.

A guy cleans my cock. I mumble a thanks and hear the overweight guy slip back in to fuck in my fresh load.

I can’t get my cock back into my tight jeans. I just cover myself with the flaps of my leather shirt and stumble up the two flights to my bed…

Friday, January 13, 2012

MAL Day One

Thursday, January 2012

I am in the air, flying to DC, just beating the winter storm sweeping across Lake Michigan. It’s a bumpy, baby wailing, flight, but I don’t care. I land at the Baltimore/DC airport this time and figure out the train to Union Station with ease.

I have the room to myself tonight. It will be flooded with roomies tomorrow.

An early dinner.

Read a little.

Check in to BBRT to see what room HotCumLoads is in. This tall, good looking, furry man was my first and last partner last year. He’s here, and throwing a door cracked open gangbang tonight. He’s sent a party posting--door opens at 7:30. I give him an hour to get lubed up. Then head down two flights to his room.
The door is cracked. The room is dark, save for a lamp with a red bulb. I enter. He is sprawled on the bed, furry cheeks toward the door. He smiles over his shoulder at me. I kneel, fully dressed, and taste his hole. The fur in his crack is damp. He tells me he has maybe two up there. I probe deeper with my tongue. I can taste some cum, but just barely. I strip down quickly and give him my cock to suck. He is getting me hard as the door opens. A young black man comes in and watches us. He pull his jeans down around his thighs and strokes as I get up, get HCL onto all fours and enter him. I am fucking him slow and easy. The young man pulls up his pants and leaves. I shrug and plow HCL a little harder.

Soon the door is opened again. It’s a hot daddy, barrel chested, with a high n’ tight haircut. He strips down. I turn HCL so he can suck the new comer. I eat HCL’s hole. Yeah, I’ve churned some and pulled it out with my big cock head. I lap it up and then re-enter him. I fuck him hard enough that it pushes him into Daddy. I have him turn around and present that hole to daddy. HCL stands and bends over the bed onto my cock and Daddy goes up him. He fucks fast and hard.

The door opens. A faux hawked guy, early 40’s, with a slight gut and a bulging pair of 501’s enters. He strips. Daddy lets the new man taste the hole. Faux Hawk is up HCL in a flash. I pull out of his mouth and line up for my turn back in the hole. Faux Hawk grabs my cock as he’s fucking, says “Shit?!” and gives way to me. He watches intently as I enter. Daddy moves around and is getting his cock sucked as I plow the boy. Soon Faux Hawk is sitting on Daddy’s face.

We all take another turn up his hole.

The door opens. The young man is back. He strips, sits in a chair and watches us, stroking.

I am fucking HCL again. He’s still standing on the floor, bent over the bed. Faux Hawk is getting sucked by him--suddenly he grunts and shoots in HCL’s mouth. HCL takes it, spits it into his hand. I know what he wants. I pull out and he fingers it into his hole. This makes the young guy in the chair stand up and enter him. He thrusts hard and cums quickly. I clean his cock, and dive for the hole. People are dressing, but I’m lost in licking him clean. When I surface the room is empty. I have HCL sit on my face. He opens his furry hole to my probing tongue, but I don’t get much--I’ve cleaned him too well.

I fuck a little more. Then suggest I let him have some more fun--and I’ll check back in an hour.

I do just that. When I walk back into the room, a fuck is in process. It’s an older Black man. I watch and strip. He cums up HCL loudly. I ask to clean his cock. He lets me--giving me that surprised look many tops do when I suggest it. But he’s glad I like it. He groans as I take him to the root. His cock is still leaking jizz. I swab it up--and deliver it to HCL overflowing hole. His hole is running freely now. I taste the mix of cum. My tongue goes deep. He tells me he’s up to nine loads.

It’s like a switch. I need to fuck. Now. I plunge into him. He watches me in the full length mirror across the room. I look up. I catch his eye in the mirror and I empty load ten up his grasping, velvety hole…


I wake up at 3:00 am. He’s still not here. I had agreed to let a handsome pig, who is one of my favorite porn stars, crash in my room as his flight was so late. With the weather, it’s even later now.

I slowly fall back asleep.

A knock on the door sits me bolt upright.

He’s here. We greet each other. He’s beat. He heads straight for the other bed. The chain tattoo that entwines his body, is even hotter on his spectacular arms in person. He kneels by my bed, pulls back the covers and sucks me to hardness.

“Oh, yeah. I’m gonna want you in me.”

We talk a little more. He turns out the light. In the half light from the curtained windows I can just make out his muscular body lying face down on the bed next to me.

A man who’s videos I use in my playroom; a man who I’ve jerked off to thinking about pissing up his hole; this same man is going to be bred by someone--then welcome me into his ass on Friday. And with that thought, I drift to sleep…

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MAL Checklist

The Playroom--January, 2012
Chaps?                  Check.

Vest?                     Yeah.

Harness?                Of course.

3 cloth jocks

Leather Cod piece

Leather shirt



Wear the boots on the plane





Cockring in my left pocket…
I am packed and ready to hit the road to the airport tomorrow morning. It’s time for Mid-Atlantic Leather. I hope Washington DC is ready for this influx of horny leather men. I have made a couple of dates and left lots of time to decide who to play with as I go. I am particularly pleased that my first event is with the man who was the first and last guy I played with last year. He asked me to be the felcher at his Thursday “Welcome to MAL” gangbang. Now that’s a true fuck-bud.

I have one hookup still from this week to record--maybe I’ll get a chance to write it up at the airport. If not, it will wait until I get home. I will try to post updates from MAL daily-- and before they all blend in to one mass sexploit…

If you are reading this and going yourself to DC--I’d love for you to say hello in the vendor mart or online.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Good Ass and A Bad Host

Lansing--January, 2012

I’d been there once before. A self proclaimed dominant top had asked me up to play with a friend of his who was a sub cub. I went and had a decent time with the cub, though the other top was nowhere in evidence after he had introduced us. Fair enough, maybe he won’t play with a friend. Well, this time he’d gotten a small group together, so I made the journey to Lansing. I should have known something was up when I learned on the way that the same cub had gotten to the group and decided to go home… 

I am running late. I hate being late. And I rarely am. But today--well, fuck. And the “shorter route” on Google maps has taken me through some back roads. I call the cub to tell him I’m ten minutes late. He tells me he’s home due to lack of sleep. But he’ll call the host and tell him. I finally pull into the parking lot of the apartment complex. I stride up the steps to the second floor. The door is opened before I can knock. I am ushered in. A scrawny guy, late 40’s and mostly grey, is seated on the couch. A furry bear is seated next to him in nothing but an orange jockstrap. He’s my age and looks eager to see me. The top is fully dressed in jeans and a sweat shirt.

“Hey,” the host says loudly. “Glad you got here. This is your birthday present. Ed.” He’s pointing to the orange jockstrap clad guy. He laughs with no mirth.

“I--” I’m about to say my birthday was three weeks ago (and he wouldn’t know that anyway…)

“This one’s mine.” He points to the scrawny guy. “You play in here--we’re in there.” He points to door down the hall.

I start to ask about the other cub, as the host pushes the other guy out. “Fuck him good,” he says over his shoulder, making the simple phrase sound like I couldn’t possibly do that. My whole body tenses. I sigh as the door closes down the hall--and I guess I mutter under my breath, louder than I mean to.

“Shake it off,” says Ed. I nod and head to the kitchen sink for some water, but I can’t bring myself to fill my bottle from the tap with all the dirty dishes.

He’s right. Shake it off. I smile at him as I come back. And start to unlace my boots. “At least we get the sling,” I say as I pull them off. A web sling in a frame sits in the middle of this living room.

“It was left by the bottom who took off.”

I shake my head and slip out of my pants. He kneads my cock through my boxer briefs. I grab for the cock ring in my pocket and get it on quickly before it will be impossible. I sit down on the couch.

“Forget the asshole,” he murmurs. And begins working in earnest on my lengthening penis. He’s good, not the best, but I’m sure he’s all about his hole. He goes deep and pulls off. My cock is dripping with that deep throat saliva.

It makes me want to shove it up his ass.

I rise and bend him forward so his chest is supported on the seat of the couch. He reaches back and spreads his ass cheeks. I kneel, spit on his hole and my cock slides right to the base.

“Fuck, you’re big.” I’m pumping. Hard. Taking out a little aggression on his butt. And he’s more than happy about it. “I’m yours, Stud. Fuck me deep.” I am fucking full strength, long dicking him. Almost all out and back in. The bear is grunting a little--not loud at all.

The door opens from down the hall. “Just remember the neighbors, boys,” brays the host--making more sound than we just did. “No noise.”

I sigh again. And pull out. The big test is here--and my partner passes it with relish--he spins around and cleans my cock.

“Let’s get into the sling.” I help Ed up and get him situated. No stirrups for him. I spit on his hole and slide right in. I am deep again.

Ed huffs poppers. His eyes roll back in his head. “Second hole,” he mutters. “Fuck yes, Sir.” I slow my thrusts, staying deep and work on battering his second sphincter. “There, right there,” he chokes out. “I haven’t had that since I moved here.”

Our eyes lock. My mouth turns up in a twisted grin.

The bedroom door opens again. I fleetingly see the scrawny guy naked. “You having fun, boys?” The host, out of site, has broken the connection. I thrust deep. An end of chain hits the frame--sounding a chime. “Ha!” he brays from the bedroom. “Another pig has gotten his wings.” This tickles his partner no end and the door swings shut.

I fuck, varying strokes as much as I can for another few minutes. Surprise, surprise, the door swings open. They seem to be done after their big 15 minutes back there. They come along side the sling. “I told you he had a big cock. See.”

“I’d like to try that out,” the scrawny guy says. But it looks like they are just getting started.” I nod. They make small talk about me, football and the 90 year old woman downstairs--lucky that she can‘t hear all the noise--not that we are making any. I ring the chain chime again with a hard thrust in frustration. “Another pig, another pig” the host guffaws.

Finally the man leaves and the host moves into his study--cautioning us once again about noise--and flipping on the radio. Formless, raucous jazz blasts out. I stop fucking. I get out the speculum. No noise that way. I insert the cold metal into him, without telling him what I am doing. He knows, though, exactly. Ed grabs his eraser shaped nipples and twists. And they are huge from years of abuse.

I am cranking the speculum slowly open. It’s spreading his ass. My finger snakes in and touches his prostate at the same time as he squeezes his left nipple. He groans. I crank the key slightly. It tugs his ass open a millimeter more. And again. One more twist and my finger is back in stroking. He is totally getting off on this. Another twist. Another. And it’s wide enough that I can put the head of cock into him. There is metal to the left and right of my dick, and flesh above and below.

“Fuck, Sir. Yes.”

I fuck for a bit. I pull out and slap his ass with two fingers all around the speculum. It shakes the device in his gut. He groans quietly. I stick my cock back in, wishing I could piss--but I’m mindful of the beige carpet.
He asks for pictures. I take some of his spread ass, one with my cock in it as well. I move my dick up to his mouth. A picture of the head in his mouth. Then half way in. Then laying across his face so he can see the size of it.

I crank the speculum shut. Slowly. With my finger in his hole as it closes.

I get him out of the sling. We move back to the couch for some oral. It seems to be a cue for the host to pop in. He watches us for long minutes. “I asked you to keep the noise down.”

“What did we do that was noisy?” I snap.

“There were groans. I got neighbors.” He disappears.

We go back to the sling. Ed gets the idea of wrapping the loose chain with the cheap Velcro restraints so they can’t hit the frame. I get him in and enter him.

The study door opens and the host marches into the kitchen and starts to do the dirty dishes that have been standing in day old water. I try to block it out. He noisily rattles them into the crusty drain rack.

I’ve had it. “Do you want us to leave?”

“Well, I have just had a phone call about the noise,” he lies.

I start to say something and Ed quickly puts a hand up. I stop, help him out and we troop to the bathroom. His hands find my shoulders as I am washing my cock in the sink. “Breathe,” he whispers in my ear and works the knots in my neck.

Five minutes later we are dressed and out the door, by our vehicles. We are out of time to take it anywhere else--and both way too far from home.

“Thanks, Sir. You know, you’re a born top. This is the best sex I’ve had since San Francisco. I’d given up on Michigan.”

I look at him in wonder…and promise we’ll do it right some time soon.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cum Hound

Near Home--January 2012

The New Year’s Eve party was so good that I did nothing--nor wanted to--for the next two days. Sometimes good sex makes me crave it that much more, but that group had been so satisfying that I really didn‘t feel like doing anything else. Well, not until I was writing up the last little bit about getting off--and suddenly I was ready for some action. On Wednesday, a particularly nasty (in a good way) sub was coming to the house. He loves to take loads. I love to fuck in them, not to mention felch them. I’d looked into having someone else breed him, but the man who I particularly wanted to breed this boy was unavailable that day. But I knew the boy would want more cum in his ass, so on Tuesday I set out to rectify that situation…

The metallic buzz of the door sounds. I push forward and walk into the theatre section of the closest (and busiest) adult bookstore. As always, its pitch black after the light of the shop. I stand stock still inside the doorway, allowing it to snap shut behind me. I try to focus my eyes. There seems to be no one behind me. I step back and soon am leaning against the back wall, not having stepped on any cocksuckers. There seem to about five guys in the seats. I can see nothing more than shadowy backs of heads. There is also a tall, beefy African American lounging against the side wall.

As my eyes adjust I can see a little more. In the cocksucker seat (the aisle seat in the back row) sits a man I recognize from the rest area. He will be looking for any and every man who walks through the door. The usual mix of married men in their late 40’s or early 50’s are scattered around the room--careful not to be too close to anyone else. A young man is in the second row, is nervously glancing around at the others--trying not to look like he‘s scoping out the guy to his left who I assume must be stroking. When the Black man notices the young one looking, he unzips and pulls out his meat.

I step in a little. And pull out my hardening cock. On one of his turns, the young guy sees both our dicks and hunkers down in his seat and makes no more eye contact with anyone. The guy in the cocksucker seat start making those annoying licking of his lips sounds. Something that turns me off really fast. Oh, and he’s whispering now. “Give me your juice. Come on, man, put that in my mouth.” This goes on for several minutes. Finally the Black man walks five steps over to him and shuts him up by sticking a nice sized dick in his annoying mouth.

There is a general movement by all in the theatre. The young guy crouches down even more. Several guys turn to watch. A guy in the front row, only partially puts his cock away, and makes for the back wall. I step back and join him there. He’s beefy, looks older than me, but is likely younger. His cock is stubby and short. He reaches for mine and strokes it, murmuring his appreciation. I don’t waste time. I’m on my knees and take his cock fully in my mouth. He grunts in surprise. And lasts about two minutes at the most. One too many swirls of my tongue over his head and he explodes. While he digs for a handkerchief, I turn away from him and fumble in my left breast pocket. I pull out the first condom, ripping open the package. And spit his load into it. I knot it and put it in the right breast pocket of my army shirt.

The man I’ve gotten off leaves. I stand. The Black guy, who’d watched me kneel, gestures for me to come to him. I do. He wants me to share the mouth of the cocksucker. I do. And immediately remember why I never let him do me at the park. He’s all sandpaper and teeth. I pull out quickly before he can do damage. The Black guy must be feeling it too. He pulls away from the cocksucker and pushes past him into the farthest end of the back row. I move down the seats of the row in front. He’s presenting his cock across the back of the seats. I am there. I kneel on the seat, holding on to the back. His cock is instantly in my mouth. It’s actually smaller around than the first. I do my tricks. He makes me work for it. He fucks my face hard. He is precumming like crazy. He shoots with a grunt that makes the cocksucker realize he is not going to get anymore--so he exits the theatre in a mild huff. The black guy leaves fast, thanking me. I hold his load in my mouth, smiling at him. As soon as he’s gone, I rip open a new package and let his massive load spill into the rubber.

Then nothing. But not for long. A few guys leave. The young guy moves into the cocksucker seat. I jump the seats and settle in the front row. We are alone, the two of us, and watch the straight porn. Then two good looking, thirty something guys come in. They are feeling themselves up the moment they lean against the far wall. One guy must recognize the young guy now in the back row. He walks over and shoves his cock in the willing mouth. I take a hit of poppers and kneel in front of the other. He unzips and pulls out a decidedly small cock--but I couldn’t care less. My man never takes his eyes off his fuck-bud/lover/boyfriend. They cum easily and almost at the same time. I can’t see if the boy is a swallower or a spitter. The guys leave together and I move to the back wall, out of the line of vision of the back row to dump the load into a third condom. I don’t tie this one, I’m running low. More guys come in. Some settle. A hot gray haired gentleman stands next to me. He instantly pulls out a long, thin uncut cock. He knows just what I want. I need no encouragement. I work his foreskin, getting my tongue under it all. I lick the exposed head. I take it to the root. I lick his balls. He is murmuring. I know he’s gonna blow. He does. Thick, ropy, and delightfully tangy. He lingers in my mouth, reluctant to pull out. I keep working, getting every drop. He strokes my bald head with a soft warm hand.

I have been so busy I don’t even notice that the young boy has someone new in his mouth. My older gentleman is still hovering around me--I can’t get rid of his load without his seeing. Finally I just turn slightly away from him and spit it on top of the other load in the untied condom. I get a quizzical look from him, but he zips up and departs.

There is a noisy cum shot. I see the boy stroking furiously as he takes the load. The guy moves down front to pull himself together. The cocksucker stands, jerking furiously. I dip down and get load number five shot into my mouth. Huge. Sweet. The boy looks surprised but pleased. I wait for them both to leave before I dump it in with the last two loads. I tie it tight. It bulges as I place it in my pocket with the others.

No one else seems to be playing. Certainly no one to take my load. I pack it away and head home. Once there I tape the condoms to an index card. I make notes on who gave them up. It’s easy to tell the three apart. The first small load from the big guy. The large load I got right after. And three loads in one. I put the card, with the condoms hanging off it, in my freezer. They look right at home on top of the bratwurst.

I was now more than ready on Wednesday to slip frozen anonymous loads up my cum hound’s chute as I told him all about the guys from who I collected them. The kicker? He cancelled. So I have mini devil’s dicks waiting for someone… 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

In the Basement

Now look what you made me do...

I had high hopes of getting a post up tonight, but I started a new job today--and have had no time to write at all. 

So you'll have to make do with a picture.

Shall we:    

Have a caption contest?

Vote on which reader would have enjoyed being under me?

Get me hard?

Make me stop nattering on about a picture????

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve Cum...and a coda

Chicago--January, 2012

By 1:00am guys are getting off and leaving. They have been going at it for three hours. I am busy cleaning up many holes--as dripping cocks are pulling out of creamed asses. Brice, the former title holder, keeps beckoning me over to lick him clean. His hairy ass is currently matted with fresh cum from the pierced Black top. Mark, my piss pig friend and the oldest guy there, is in an amazing dog pile on the bed. Guys are standing in line to use him. He constantly has a cock in his mouth. Rod, the big dicked host is up him. Juan, my load collector, has flipped into top mode and is fucking Rod as Rod fucks Mark. It sends Rod over the edge. I watch Juan pull out, and clean Rod’s cock and felch his load. But not for long. He rises and is up Mark’s slippery chute. I want to be there. But the short black top has other ideas.

He pulls me into the shower area, away from everyone else.

“I don’t think I can drink much more piss.”

He shakes his head. “Suck me off.”

I start to. His cock is fresh from some hole. I clean it. I milk it. My tongue constantly moving around his dripping piss slit.

But he’s not as ready as he thought. I work and work at it.

He’s trying too hard. I switch to licking his balls as he jerks. They have pulled up. I think this might be it. But no.

He pulls me up. “Stick your cock in my ass.” He has not taken cock all night. He bends, holding onto the sink. I kneel and spit on his hole. I stuff some of it in with my tongue. I rise, put m cock head on it, and start to apply pressure.

He shoots.

With just the idea of me up there…

He grabs a towel, so I can’t even clean him off. Though the white cum on his ebony cock is gorgeous.

I go out to the main area, leaving him to wash up. Brice is in my sling. The gorgeous Hispanic with the massive shoulder tat is fucking him. I stand and watch. Carlos is pulling excess cum out of Brice on every stroke. I work myself under the sling so my face is inches from his pistoning cock. I lick the underside on the out strokes. I lick the lower edge of Brice‘s puffy hole. It’s great, but cramped and I can’t linger for long. I roll out, stand and stick my cock up Carlos. I think he loves to be sandwiched like this more than anything. It gives him the best of both sensations. I let him control the strokes. I stand rigid. He fucks into Brice and pulls back onto me. He is breathing heavy after a couple minutes of this.

“Load me.” It’s Brice. “Fill me up, stud.”

Carlos shoots. He bends forward. Brice’s arms hold him. I pull out. I lick the hole I just fucked. Carlos is shaky, but rises and eases his dick out of Brice. I lick it clean, concentrating on getting under the foreskin. He pats me on the head, then turns it toward Brice’s hole. Jeez. There is cum, clinging to his hairy ass, everywhere. I lick all around his hole, not knowing who’s cum I’m swallowing. I dive into the hole. Now Brice is vocal as I ram my tongue into his abused ass. He pushes a wad of it out onto my waiting tongue. Fuck!

I stand and enter him roughly. I think I yell “Fuck” as I unload into him. It’s my turn to pitch forward. Brice holds on to me. And holds. His arms stay in place for long minutes, keeping my cock marinating in his hole. But I’m in no hurry to go anywhere…


I’m in bed in the guest room/office. I have made regular trips to the bathroom to piss, (surprising the recently adopted cat) but have slept soundly even for the interruptions. I have my leather blindfold on to cut out the light and ear plugs jammed in my ears. It’s still early. I feel weight on the bed. Then arms holding me. A semi erect cock is in my ass crack as he cradles me from behind. I’m sure it’s Rod. I don’t feel much chest hair on my back.

He’s talking in a low voice but I can’t hear. I dig out a plug. “I said I wanted to thank you for the load you left up Brice. We went to sleep as soon as we hit the bed, but 30 minutes later I was awake and eating your load out of him. Then I fucked one of my own up him.” He squeezes me. It’s been so long since I’ve been held like this--but I get rid of that thought fast.

He goes on to ask if the cat joined me in any of my piss runs last night. I guess the cat often pisses right along with the guys in his litter box next to the toilet. Now I know why the cat bears my first name…and I’m honored...