Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve Cum...and a coda

Chicago--January, 2012

By 1:00am guys are getting off and leaving. They have been going at it for three hours. I am busy cleaning up many holes--as dripping cocks are pulling out of creamed asses. Brice, the former title holder, keeps beckoning me over to lick him clean. His hairy ass is currently matted with fresh cum from the pierced Black top. Mark, my piss pig friend and the oldest guy there, is in an amazing dog pile on the bed. Guys are standing in line to use him. He constantly has a cock in his mouth. Rod, the big dicked host is up him. Juan, my load collector, has flipped into top mode and is fucking Rod as Rod fucks Mark. It sends Rod over the edge. I watch Juan pull out, and clean Rod’s cock and felch his load. But not for long. He rises and is up Mark’s slippery chute. I want to be there. But the short black top has other ideas.

He pulls me into the shower area, away from everyone else.

“I don’t think I can drink much more piss.”

He shakes his head. “Suck me off.”

I start to. His cock is fresh from some hole. I clean it. I milk it. My tongue constantly moving around his dripping piss slit.

But he’s not as ready as he thought. I work and work at it.

He’s trying too hard. I switch to licking his balls as he jerks. They have pulled up. I think this might be it. But no.

He pulls me up. “Stick your cock in my ass.” He has not taken cock all night. He bends, holding onto the sink. I kneel and spit on his hole. I stuff some of it in with my tongue. I rise, put m cock head on it, and start to apply pressure.

He shoots.

With just the idea of me up there…

He grabs a towel, so I can’t even clean him off. Though the white cum on his ebony cock is gorgeous.

I go out to the main area, leaving him to wash up. Brice is in my sling. The gorgeous Hispanic with the massive shoulder tat is fucking him. I stand and watch. Carlos is pulling excess cum out of Brice on every stroke. I work myself under the sling so my face is inches from his pistoning cock. I lick the underside on the out strokes. I lick the lower edge of Brice‘s puffy hole. It’s great, but cramped and I can’t linger for long. I roll out, stand and stick my cock up Carlos. I think he loves to be sandwiched like this more than anything. It gives him the best of both sensations. I let him control the strokes. I stand rigid. He fucks into Brice and pulls back onto me. He is breathing heavy after a couple minutes of this.

“Load me.” It’s Brice. “Fill me up, stud.”

Carlos shoots. He bends forward. Brice’s arms hold him. I pull out. I lick the hole I just fucked. Carlos is shaky, but rises and eases his dick out of Brice. I lick it clean, concentrating on getting under the foreskin. He pats me on the head, then turns it toward Brice’s hole. Jeez. There is cum, clinging to his hairy ass, everywhere. I lick all around his hole, not knowing who’s cum I’m swallowing. I dive into the hole. Now Brice is vocal as I ram my tongue into his abused ass. He pushes a wad of it out onto my waiting tongue. Fuck!

I stand and enter him roughly. I think I yell “Fuck” as I unload into him. It’s my turn to pitch forward. Brice holds on to me. And holds. His arms stay in place for long minutes, keeping my cock marinating in his hole. But I’m in no hurry to go anywhere…


I’m in bed in the guest room/office. I have made regular trips to the bathroom to piss, (surprising the recently adopted cat) but have slept soundly even for the interruptions. I have my leather blindfold on to cut out the light and ear plugs jammed in my ears. It’s still early. I feel weight on the bed. Then arms holding me. A semi erect cock is in my ass crack as he cradles me from behind. I’m sure it’s Rod. I don’t feel much chest hair on my back.

He’s talking in a low voice but I can’t hear. I dig out a plug. “I said I wanted to thank you for the load you left up Brice. We went to sleep as soon as we hit the bed, but 30 minutes later I was awake and eating your load out of him. Then I fucked one of my own up him.” He squeezes me. It’s been so long since I’ve been held like this--but I get rid of that thought fast.

He goes on to ask if the cat joined me in any of my piss runs last night. I guess the cat often pisses right along with the guys in his litter box next to the toilet. Now I know why the cat bears my first name…and I’m honored...


  1. What a delightful blog post to read right before I go to bed. I have to be honest with you: reading the part where you sandwiched Carlos got me really hot, and the small percentage of me that loves bottoming reared its head at the thought of getting sandwiched between the Hot Paladin FelchingPisser and a sexy bottom. Something to think about as I drift off to sleep, I think.


  2. Amazing as always FP. I have noticed that when Ace, Rob, and you write I feel like I am right there witnessing the action. Of course I would be participating in the action than witnessing it. I am looking forward to the orgy I am attending on the 14th. Hopefully I will have my hole abused, gaping, puffy and full of cum by the end of the night.

  3. Ace--I hope I sent you into pleasant dreams. I may, though, be thinking about sandwiches all day...

  4. VRPBottom--That's high praise--thanks. (And certainly the "right there" aspect is what I strive for.) I can't wait to read about your orgy--I'm at MAL that weekend and will hopefully be having one of my own.

  5. I could go for a sandwich right now, actually (if you get my drift). Also, have a ton of fun at MAL. Wish I could go, but that weekend I have a sexy leather boy coming to visit me all the way from Seattle for some hot play.


  6. Hi FP, this is Beto, the latin guy with the shoulder tattoo. I feel honored when you mention me in your postings :@)

  7. Ace--That sounds like the perfect reason to skip MAL.

  8. Anon/Beto--And here I was giving you a slight veil of anonymity. Shall I call you by name now? Make one up? I'm glad you approve...and I believe "gorgeous" is almost always in my description of you. And you are, you know--not just on the outside. I loved the note you dropped me on BBRT. Thank you.

  9. He and I would love to go, but we're going to have other stuff to do in the privacy of my apartment. Maybe I will make the trip next year (and maybe have more money for it too). I'm also planning to miss CLAW, for obvious reasons.


  10. Ace--You two certainly need to get to know each other before you venture out to a big group like MAL. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

  11. You are very welcome FP :)