Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Eve Free For All

Chicago--December, 2011

New Year’s Eve. I’m not sure where to begin. It was a party that was so satisfying I didn’t want sex for two full days. It was 16 guys who were there to have a great time. And to have a great time with as many of the guys as they possibly could. I knew about half of them from previous Chicago events. Juan, my load collecting Hispanic bottom who went with me to Cum-Union, was there with his boyfriend. The gorgeous Hispanic with the large shoulder tattoo, who was at the December piss party, was one of the first to arrive. A fist and cum whore I’d worked over during other trips was the first to get a cock up his butt. My f-bud Mark, the piss addict from Michigan, arrived early. I have detailed how he got fucked by Rod, one of the hosts, at the December piss party. Rod’s partner, Brice, is mostly bottom, at least at these kind of events. He is a one time Leather title holder and it shows. They are both nice guys and fucking animals in the playroom. Also in attendance were two mixed race couples who all started the night as tops and became versatile as the evening progressed. I think there were 5 of us who were top only and the other 11 were versatile. Truly versatile. Everyone fucked someone at some time or another. There was no linear progression to the evening. Perhaps the way to begin are a few snapshots of moments throughout the night. 

I get there early. Four hours before the guests arrive at 10:00 pm. I’ve brought the sling and the rim seat. The hosts have two slings already up. We set up my stand so it’s at a ninety degree angle to one of the others, so tops can go back and forth easily between bottoms. The rim seat goes right next to it. Seeing mine, Rod gets his out of the cupboard. The room is dominated ay a double bed pulled into the center of the room so we can fuck from all four sides. A large screen TV is prepped and ready for porn.

I nap.

About 9:15 I get up, wash up and dress in leather. It’s that kind of night. And it’s still a little cold in the basement playroom. I hear Mark arrive as I’m zipping up the inseam of my chaps. I make my way downstairs. We’ve started. I find the fist pig slurping on a broad shouldered (and thick cocked) top. I pull out my cock, stroke it to hardness and present it to the bottom. He happily goes back and forth between the two of us. Mark is soon there and adding his big cock--so the bottom is ringed by three extra large cocks, all slapping at his ears or the back of his head if we aren’t being serviced. Soon I push him forward onto the floor. He waits there, ass in the air, as I tell the top to fuck him. With a little spit applied to his cock, the top pushes on home. Mark and I kiss deeply as we continue to have our cocks sucked by someone new. When the top pulls out of fist pig, I get him up and have him lean on a table. It’s Mark’s turn up him. He fucks. But not for long, then I slip in. No one is cumming. There are no minute men here. It’s all about moving to the next hole, the next mouth.

The bed has become a focal point. We have fours bottoms, one on each side. Each is getting plowed hard. Juan never gets off his knees for the first hour. He takes every man but two in the room. In rotation. I eat hole and prep it for the next cock, moving around the circle of hot, moist flesh. The tops move from ass to ass. I rise and shove home into Rod, the host. Then the Hispanic, then Juan, then his boyfriend. These guys know each other, and many sandwich the versatile guys while they fuck. The Hispanic loves to fuck as he has his ass full. When he slips into Juan, I leave Rod to a new arrival and insert my thick cock up that hot Hispanic ass. I stand still and let him piston into Juan and get my cock on the back stroke. After awhile I push him forward a little and fuck him hard enough that it sends him driving into Juan as well. The fist pig is down under my legs, licking my balls. I pull out and let him clean my cock. Then he clean the Hispanic’s cock. And finally Juan’s hole. I lean down and kiss him, tasting us all on his tongue.

Someone tells the new guys my screen name. At different points in the night, two or three of them tap me on the shoulder and save a trip to the urinal. In turn, I recycle it all and make sure the fist pig has an extra long drink before midnight. He slurps noisily and attracts a small crowd. The buff black top lets fly with a piss load the moment mine is done. It lands squarely in his mouth. Pig gasps, but he takes it all.

Holes are being eaten.

Cocks are sucked or milked by hot asses.

A fist disappears up Brice, the co-host.

The first load is shot by a balding man who has stroked all night. He’s been following the action, but not doing anything else. When he‘s close he finds Rod, puts him in my sling and fucks him for three minutes and delivers a gusher. I am eating black ass on the couch and hear him shoot. Rod gets out of the sling takes me by the arm and leads me to the rim seat.

“Get under.”

I do. He sits.

It’s a huge load. Three days worth, I’m told later by the proud top. And he can do it two more times that night--Stroke, then fuel inject Rod.

At some point, the shorter black top pulls me aside and says he wants to see me fuck his boyfriend. I find him fucking Juan. I tell him I’ve been sent to open his hole. He is cute, younger than many in the room and has been fucking up a storm. He looks at me. He looks over at his Boy Friend. “Sling,” he says. He looks down at my hard cock. “And poppers.”

I get him into the sling. I eat his hole as I hear the hosts pop a champagne cork. Glasses are being passed.
Rod says that old chestnut about what ever you are doing at midnight, you’ll be doing the rest of the year. I look down at the cute man in the sling. I smile. And push my big fat cock into top ass…

More to cum…


  1. Sounds like a great party! Wish I had been there. I am never much for being around other people on New Years Eve/Day, but for something like that, I think I could make an exception.


  2. Sounds like an excellent way to bring in the New Year.

  3. Ace--This was my second NYE there. This one might have been better than the first. I have worked so many NYE's that I enjoyed doing just a quiet thing for a few years--but the last four--well, it's been good to go out and do something.

  4. VRPBottom--It was a great way to celebrate. I have really only touched on all the play--there was so much and so fluid as partners changed and changed again...

  5. Yeah, work didn't help my desire to go out at all that night. I worked a ten hour day with no break and constant waves of customers. We were a little short handed, and probably would have been fine with just one more person, but as it was, I had no time for anything. Hence my slow, uneventful night. But very happy for you having a fun and frolicking night.


  6. Ace--The four NYEs I've spent out having sex have been a mixed bag. The two with the couple in Chicago have been wonderful. I spent one in the Indy bathhouse. It was ok though odd--guys REALLY couldn't settle down to play anywhere near midnight. And one disasterous NYE hookup--that truly merits a blog bost.