Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MAL Checklist

The Playroom--January, 2012
Chaps?                  Check.

Vest?                     Yeah.

Harness?                Of course.

3 cloth jocks

Leather Cod piece

Leather shirt



Wear the boots on the plane





Cockring in my left pocket…
I am packed and ready to hit the road to the airport tomorrow morning. It’s time for Mid-Atlantic Leather. I hope Washington DC is ready for this influx of horny leather men. I have made a couple of dates and left lots of time to decide who to play with as I go. I am particularly pleased that my first event is with the man who was the first and last guy I played with last year. He asked me to be the felcher at his Thursday “Welcome to MAL” gangbang. Now that’s a true fuck-bud.

I have one hookup still from this week to record--maybe I’ll get a chance to write it up at the airport. If not, it will wait until I get home. I will try to post updates from MAL daily-- and before they all blend in to one mass sexploit…

If you are reading this and going yourself to DC--I’d love for you to say hello in the vendor mart or online.


  1. I recently (meaning just a few minutes ago) learned of a leather weekend in Provincetown next September, starting the 27th. Wondering if I could coax the Hot Paladin out to New England for a bit of that fun...


    1. Ace---h'mmmmm.....that might be VERY interesting.

  2. Replies
    1. VRPBottom--It's going VERY nicely, thank you!