Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Yes, Sir!"

Playroom--January, 2012

If I ever owed anyone another fuck, it was Ed. We both had to put up with the super rude host when I first met him. He wanted to meet while I was in Washington, DC. But today, our schedules meshed. This graying bear arrived five minutes early--and was on the playroom floor in no time.

He’s looking up at me as I enter the playroom. Kneeling. Waiting. I push my yellow jock into his face. He sighs as he inhales, savoring the aroma of all the sex smells caught in the mesh. His tongue and mouth are first on my balls. Then move on up to my only beginning to erect cock. Once I’m hard, I pause, collect the wrist restraints from where they hang on the sling chains, stick my cock back in his mouth and buckle one on each of his wrists as he continues to suck.

I’m dripping now. I pull out. My cock slaps him across the face. I have so much heft in my dick that it makes a dull smack sound on his cheek. “Stand for me.” He does. I unhook the feet chains and let the sling hang only by the arm chains. I position him under the frame and attach his arms to the top of the sling stand. His body makes a pleasing X pattern as he stands, spread-eagled. I work his nipples, big as the proverbial erasers. I bite, soothe, rub, twist. My hand strays down to his erect cock, bulging out of his orange jock. I slap lightly at his balls, knowing they are sensitive.

Soon I turn him. I have a ring dead center on the top cross of the sling stand. I raise his arms again, fasten both wrists there, and pull his hips back towards me so his back arches. I get his feet apart. And dive into his ass with my tongue. He moans--then tells me how good it feels. I am lubing myself as I eat and fuck him with my tongue. I rise and enter roughly.

“FUCK me, Sir.”

I do. It’s not a great angle--but it’s more about claiming his ass. I fuck, using only two thirds of my length.

“You’re mine?” I am holding him from behind, my cock slowly slipping out of his hole. “For the next few hours?”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Good.” And I mark him. Piss cascades down the crack of his ass. The shock of surprise makes him gasp. I kneel and clean him up with my mouth. Lingeringly.

I soon unlock him from the frame and tell him to lie under the rimseat. As he gets positioned, I hook the sling up to the standard position. He’s lying there expectantly. His face framed by the tubing of the stand. I lower the seat, straddle it and sit slowly--well aware of the open mouth and hungry eyes below me.

Damn. I wonder if I’ve made a mistake. His tongue feels great, but his goatee is such stubble it is irritating my sensitive hole. I hit the poppers, and soon forget about it. He loves to eat my ass. He revels in how I smell when my pheromones get working. He licks my hole, my taint, my thighs, and back again. I don’t know how long I let him go, but quite a time as I don’t get this attention very often. Finally I rise, help him up and get him on all fours on the bed.

The fuck here is brief--just enough to remind him that his hole is mine. He groans, take a hit of poppers and begins his fuck mantra. Mostly nonsense--though I can make out the word “fuck” and “Sir” occasionally.

I move him to the sling. I eat his hole. I fuck. Now it’s in earnest. I fuck long, deep strokes. Then short and hard. Then pulling the sling to me. I force myself to slow, pull out and catch my breath.

I find a red bandana. Blindfold time. I also snap the clips into the wrist restraints so he can’t move his arms. I pull out the forceps and place one on each nipple. Right then left. I squeeze them, pinching the reddish-brown skin white, listening for the ‘click’ that means they are locked in place. I play with the exposed bits of nipples. I tongue his hole. He never knows where I’ll be next. I clean his pits. Spit in his mouth. Give him a few seconds of my mouth grazing over the head of his penis.

Then I fuck him. “Take it,” I bark. He thinks I’m cumming….but it’s piss. White hot, and inflaming his canal. When he recognizes it for what it is he starts to babble. I fuck my cock into the pints of piss up his guts. I could cum. But I don’t. I stop. Ease the nipple clamps off him---rubbing the area to bring the blood back. And send him to expel the piss and do a touch up.

When he gets back, I’m lying in the sling. I lock eyes with him. “You can eat my hole, suck my cock and balls, chew on my nipples, clean my pits--if you spit that in my mouth. You can piss on me if you want. Just no fingers and no fucking. Get to work.” He’s in heaven. He works everything I’ve named. I am huffing poppers. My cock looks huge in the mirror above me as I stroke.

When my legs get tired from being in the stirrups, I’m out.

He’s back in the sling.

I fuck.

I stop and slowly, deliberately, put on black latex gloves.

I use the small egg headed dildo on his over lubed man-cunt.

I twist the speculum open. Wider this time then the last. My finger strokes his prostate. I insert my cock in with it. Cool steel to my right and left, hot flesh above and below.

Once the speculum is cranked shut and pulled out, it’s two fingers instead of my cock. Then three. Four.

Then eight fingers doing a lateral stretch.

My cock. Plowing his over worked hole.

My cock and three fingers, inserted above it. I press down and feel my cock moving.

“It’s breeding time.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You want me to breed you?”

“YES, Sir.”

I hit the poppers, never pausing in my stroking---and shoot.

I hold onto the sling frame for support. I can‘t stand. I sink down to look at his hole.
It’s been abused for two and a half hours. It’s puffy, swelling to a rosebud. My cum is slowly dripping out, clinging to the ridges of the rosebuded ass. I lean in to taste…


  1. Your hole is sensitive to stubble? Remind me to let my beard grow out a bit before we ever meet up so I don't cause any problems.


    1. It sure was sensitive to his freshly trimmed stubble, yes. But Jungle Juice Platinum helped me get over it...

    2. Trust me. I'll remember not to trim my beard if we ever meet up. Wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable for a single moment.


    3. "...if we ever meet up..." bite your tongue. It's "WHEN we meet up...."

  2. Replies
    1. He really deserved a good fuck after putting up with that idiot for so long....

  3. Man, even I want you to breed me after that one.

    1. It's such a shame that you weren't in the right head space for doing that when you were (comparitively) down the street. I am just glad you found someone you trusted to re-open that side of your sexuality. You know I was always up for it....

    2. And I would've let you try, in a one-on-one situation.

    3. Well--by the time we started even thinking about it...Spencer was happening...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you. The sling is currently not booked--I'm taking reservations...